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Madonna's MDNA Tour: Highest Grossing Of All Time??

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Madonna's MDNA Is Breaking Record$!

All hail the Queen!!!!

In just 3 weeks, Madonna's MDNA tour has grossed a $50 million! Aaaand she still has 70 shows left!

At this rate, Madge's current tour will end up being one of the highest grossing tours of ALL TIME.

A concert promoter explains:

"She is playing some of the biggest venues around the world and selling them out … It’s putting other summer tours, including J.Lo's first tour, to shame. What is so impressive about these numbers is she’s playing far fewer shows than previous tours by the Rolling Stones, Cher and Lady Gaga, and grossing more."

As of now, the top grossing tour of all is U2's 360° tour, which racked up $736,421,586. The Stones' Bigger Bang tour is #2 with $558,255,524 bucks earned, and a gross of $441,121,000 puts AC/DC at the #3 spot.

Madonna last tour, the Sticky & Sweet Tour, raked in $407,713,266 — putting her at #4!

As of now MDNA, is projected to break her own records and a couple others!

Way to go Material Girl!

[Image via WENN.]

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68 comments to “Madonna's MDNA Tour: Highest Grossing Of All Time??”

  1. Mell says – reply to this


    yet she still cnt come to AUSTRALIA.

  2. 2

    Get money bitch@!

  3. 3

    How is it she sells out these shows but her album sales are poor??

  4. 4

    I'd pay money for Madonna queef dust not to fly in my face.

  5. 5

    Re: SlaveMeh – She sings all her old songs so its kinda like the same tour just a different background

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Re: SlaveMeh – stupid fuck of course she is not selling cd because everyone get them ilegal download lol and im 1 of them lol

  8. 8

    She actually only sings a few old songs, her tour is composed of mostly new material. 8 new songs to be exact.

  9. Meltz911 says – reply to this


    Are you insane? Bitch please, it's the worst grosing tour in history.

  10. HERA says – reply to this


    Re: Meltz911 – no your tour here on perez's blog is the worst, buwhahahahahahaha

  11. 11

    Just checked and tickets for my local show (in California) start at $84 and go to $1310 per seat, not including service charge. So, yeah, highest grossing because highest ticket prices.

  12. Marc says – reply to this


    She works hard and deserves the success. She's not the best singer at all and she's older now and she's kicking everyones ass. To me that deserves even more credit. Album sales are no longer important because of downloads and things like spotify that let you listen free. You have to be dumb to buy an album when you can get it free. The true test of a star's caliber is how many hard tickets one can sell. She has proven that again and again and someone said it's because of her high prices. Yes but doesn't that validate her even more? She's able to get away with $1300 tickets, sell out most places and outsell everyone in less time? You can like Madonna or hate her, frankly I don't even care if it's about madonna or someone else. Appreciate the hard work it takes to be on top year after year. She earned it and not one person can give me a valid reason why she's not talented? Anyone? Something has to keep us interested to even write spiteful comments 2.5 decades later.

  13. 13

    I've heard her concerts smell like desperation, fleeting youth, and icy hot.

  14. someonehad2 says – reply to this


    Have you seen the concert videos on YouTube? Bitch has no pitch. She literally can't sing her own songs.

  15. 15

    Very impressive Long Live The Queen Empress of Pop

  16. David says – reply to this


    All that money obviously means she can afford to reject her Australian fans yet again. Actually….I'm happy. Happy that I won't have to agonize over whether or not to pay bazillions to see this wrinkled old bag of expired cat turd lip-sync her way, breathlessly, through mediocre tracks and watch cringe-worthy attempts to grab one more controversy before her need for a walking frame kicks in. Yup…..it's over, you talentless old cow. Kiss my ass you sad old restylane loving bucket of monkey vomit !

  17. JC says – reply to this


    Highest grossing doesn't mean shit if you're not going to be able to even net at least half of that. Her shows are lavish and expensive productions. Most of that money she's grossing from the tour goes right back into it. Sometimes is less is more.

  18. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: pie107 – are you stupid?? 2+2=5?? damn I'll never understand why some people are so stupid and yet they're the ones who love to talk about things they don't even know a shit about!! lol

  19. 19

    Re: David – Can you say SOUR GRAPES!?!?

  20. 20

    The only thing I don't understand is, why is anybody surprised by this? She always sells out, no matter what venue it is! If you have never seen her show, I suggest you do. Nobody puts on a show like Madonna! I have seen her live 6 times! I will continue to see her live as long as she tours! Long Live the QUEEN!!!!!!

  21. deb says – reply to this


    She may be the Queen to you guys but she doesn't give a shit about her Australian fans!
    20 years we have been waiting for her to come back. After announcing she would tour here and that tickets would go on sale soon, today came the news that she has decided to ditch Australia once again and finish up her World tour ( except it's not the WORLD ) in South America. Shame on Madonna to treat her fans so poorly!

  22. 22

    terrible woman, don't forget to telle that during a London concert hundreds of people walked away because of her insulting ( greetings to Poland) and bad performance.

  23. LEo says – reply to this


    Funny how Gaga's tour made over 71 million so far and all shows sold out, arenas and stadiums! Madge sells her tickets double Gaga's price which is why she has 50 mill but Gaga's tour is by Rolling stone the highest grossing tour of 2012 and will beat Madonnas tour and become the 3rd highest grossing of all time….. Sorry perez your being reductive!
    ps Gaga's tour is doesn't end until next year and she has Europe and north America and south America and Africa to do still so and shes still 25 million over Madonna. report that bitch… ur just mad Gaga dropped you like hot potato

  24. 24

    To everyone with stupid remarks about Madonna: It is best to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  25. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: Mimosa45 – actually it's been said they left because of the poor sound, which is London's fault itself! Hyde Park has a rule of a volume limit which is bullocks for a concert with so many people…. get your facts right

  26. 26

    Re: monkeyhateclean

    Have you ever heard of supply and demand? Her tours sell because everyone buys the tickets. I really hope you weren't a business major

  27. Lucka says – reply to this


    Re: SlaveMeh – Why the hell americans think everything in the world depends on what they think or like…Pllease, just look at the world charts to check it out how great she´s doing in the WHOLE world.. yes, there´s more then one country other then USA as surprisely as that sounds… and she´s doing a WORLD tour, not a AMERICAN tour…

  28. Lucka says – reply to this


    Re: pie107 – Oh my god, you couldnt be more wrong!!!! It´s the MDNA tour Idiot! The majority of the songs, like 80%, played at the concert are from the new album.. I can´t believe how stupid you are.

  29. Lucka says – reply to this


    Re: monkeyhateclean – And because she is worth paying that amount of money, you bought it, I did and every one else who likes to watch a preaty fucking great concert!

  30. Lucka says – reply to this


    Re: Marc – You said It all.. THANK YOU!

  31. MichJB says – reply to this


    When you overcharge for tickets it means you don't have to sell as many. I went to see Led Zeppelin on their last tour before Bonham died - my ticket cost $15. Can't compare today's mediocre, over priced tours against truly outstanding tours of the past.

    I noticed Perez has pulled the story of Madonna pointing the gun at her head - too many people telling her to pull the trigger?

  32. Lucka says – reply to this


    Re: David – HAHHAHAHAHAHA.. BITTER MUCH??? I know, I know.. I would be really pissed off too if she didn´t come to Brazil..

  33. Lucka says – reply to this


    Re: Mimosa45 – Ohh Gosh.. This Poland shit again.. SHE SAID THAT BECAUSE THERE WERE POLISH PEOPLE AT THE CONCERT HOLDING THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY FLAG IN FRONT OF HER.. got it??????????????????????????????

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Re: LEo – YEAH! It will be the highest grossing tour, because MADONNA FANS PAY WHATEVER MADONNA ASKS of them to see her…
    Gaga in the other hand, with her 99 cents singles and cheap shows cant charge what a queen should charge.

  36. YmaSumac says – reply to this


    Re: Marc
    "You have to be dumb to buy an album when you can get it free."
    Typical attitude of someone who thinks they should get everything for free. You have to be even more dumb to rely on shitty sounding, compressed mp3s and music streams as your main source of music. Keep not paying for music. Soon artists won't be able to put out shit.

  37. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: LEo – actually you are redcutive… get your facts right, I went to see Gaga back in 2010 in Barcelona and the tickets were 72 euros each, I went to see Madonna at the same venue last month, my tickets were 80 euros each, same zone in the arena…. so… I don't see how Madonna's tickets are the DOUBLE! and anyways of course they would be more expensive, it's Madonna, 30 years of career and people see her as a legend (at least those who go to her concerts), Lady Gaga only has 4 years in the industry, u can't compare

  38. 38

    Even if she wasn't selling big as usual, she's one of the baddest ass bitches ever. Even all her haters are really on riding her coattails. they'd not even have anything to talk about if people like her weren't doing their thing. Her actions speak louder than all her haters words.

    It's more interesting to be a fan of someone like her than to fall into line of the lame messages of most of her haters. I think a lot of limited and boring people are threatened by her in that so many things she does through her work and music wakes people up to a lot of the b.s in the world we live in. like ageism or homophobia or women being just as powerful as men.

    In the end, you end up being able to tell more about the world by a lot of the ways people try and attack her. You can end up seeing how limiting of a world those people would rather have us stay in. And I think they hate that Madonna is showing people how to see through a lot of that bullshit.

  39. alec haas says – reply to this


    Re: David – ya no wonder she stays away from down under.. it's filled with vile

  40. 40

    that must a lot of people trying to cling to their youth/glory days or gays…

  41. Ren says – reply to this


    Re: fuck the haters
    Girl, please spare us with all that psychobabble! You lost me at "haters." It's just as ageist to say, "Madonna looks good…for her AGE" as it to make disparaging remarks about her age. But I seriously doubt Madonna is qualified to be some martyr for the aging or elderly, as much as you and your ilk want to make her out to be. Not by a long shot. And we're all ageist in our own way, probably even you in your own personal life. I'm not attracted to guys more than 10 years older than me, but then again, I'm not attracted to guy 10 years younger, either. I don't see Madonna dating guys her age. Does that make her ageist, too?

  42. ThesPNation says – reply to this


    Re: David – and the minute she comes to australia, your gay ass will pay whatever she says. girl please! LOL

  43. TD says – reply to this


    Australia, NZ…we get bumped again by Madonna! I saw her when she did her one and only tour her in 1993 and she was great - one of the best shows I have seen perhaps. but unlike Gaga, Katy Perry even Prince, we don't seem to be important enough to be on her tour schedule again!

  44. lydia says – reply to this


    nice piece of propoganda perez, unfortunately that's not how it works and lady gaga is far ahead of her ticket sales anyways AND only having performed at 12 arenas.

  45. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: lydia – lol where are you getting your facts?? Sesame Street?? Gaga has already done like 30 concerts, Madonna with not only but 14 sold out concerts on Arenas (not even stadiums) has earned 50M, I love Lady Gaga but I'm not gonna lie and make up facts just to make her look good… that's sad and pathetic

  46. dtsjguy says – reply to this


    Re: pie107 – Do your homework. She barely sings any old songs in this concert. It's all new material from her new album MDNA. That's why it's called MDNA tour. Duh!!

  47. isak says – reply to this


    30 years later still the best female entertainer there is !!! you don have to like madonna but respect the hard work this women puts into her shows no female at any age can compre , and by the way the way artist really make money is on tour not record sales , she is the prime entertiner of not one but 3 generations luv madonna !!!

  48. 48

    Re: Lucka – Seek Help Bitch! Your fucking delusional!!

  49. 49

    Re: lukeworrallishot – The only stupid fuck is you! And if you support an artist you should buy there album. And if your stealing music you need to be in prison!

  50. rodrigo says – reply to this


    She's the Queen, simple as that. The original, the best.

  51. 51

    Re: SlaveMeh – luke is one of US!!!! i love luke!!!!

  52. 52

    Re: rodrigo – yep! them is the facts!! M is queen bitch!! XO

  53. Ajsajsjs says – reply to this


    Re: Saint Thomas

    Scroll to the bottom you piece of shit, read it, count it. Only twelve venues thus far. Do your research before you go piping off bullshit on an online forum.

  54. asjasjasjasj says – reply to this


    Re: Saint Thomas
    Also you ignorant clown, Notice the numbers next to arenas and stadiums, notice which one's made the MOST money for GaGa, it's the arenas. So your little comment about "OH MADONNA HAS ONLY DONE ARENAS BLAH BLAH DURHURR" is just fucking stupid.

  55. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: Ajsajsjs – OMG what are you talking about?!!! they were not 12 venues! but 12 cities, and actually around 30 something shows!!! and u call urself a little monster…. btw if u're making more money on arenas than with stadiums it is a bad sign…. it means u can't sell out Stadiums dumb ass….

  56. 56

    Re: Ren – sounds like you need sum dick. lol! #drone

  57. 57

    She can't fucking sing! LOL! Holy shit she fucking sucks! MDNA, biggest flop in chart history. ROFL!!!

  58. 58

    She doesn't want to go to Australia because then her tour won't be high grossing. LOL! What a calculating old talentless SKANK!

  59. asjasjasjasj says – reply to this


    Re: Saint Thomas

    I'm guessing you didn't even go to the link then, and see that EVERY SINGLE SHOW sold out. Fucking moron. YES THEY WERE ONLY 12 CONCERTS, NOT 30 SHOWS. You don't go to 1 city and do multiple shows fucking idiot.

  60. Marc says – reply to this


    Re: pie107

    HAHA I wish she sang her old songs. How about you take a look at the MDNA set list and then make a comment?

  61. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: asjasjasjasj – you don't go to a city and make multiple shows?? damn you are way more stupid with every comment you make…. how about NY? London? Barcelona? Paris?? are you stupid?? or you like to play stupid?

  62. asjasjasjasj says – reply to this


    Re: Saint Thomas

    The few rare cities that get more than 1 show, almost always only get 2 shows, so your point is still ridiculously irrelevant. Considering the fact that madonna has been to HIGH grossing areas already, while gaga has not been to her highest grossing areas yet, says a lot about shitdonna.

  63. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: asjasjasjasj – says what about Madonna?? that she's selling out everywhere she's going?? LOL u prove to be more stupid with every post…. and again get your facts right, I'm a Lady Gaga but fans llike make me feel ashamed of admitting that…
    PD: NY and Paris sometimes get more than 3 shows… just saying… asshole

  64. 64

    intimate venues?
    guess NOT
    mostly soccer stadiums etc over seas
    guess thats where all her sales…oops meant "fans" are
    the more paying customers crammed into huge stadiums with poor vision & sound

  65. LeoFameMonster says – reply to this


    Re: SlaveMeh – Because she plays a lot of her old stuff because this might be her last show before she drops dead lol….. and she charges a shit load of money for her concert and her die heart fans pay it….

  66. 66

    Actually gaga took the thrown… its top 5 with 63 million with only like 7 shows… o_O

  67. Saint Thomas says – reply to this


    Re: tunnelvision – actually most of the venues have been arenas…. and what exactly is your point?? xD the bigger the venue the bigger the star!!! u sure are ignorant!

  68. 68

    Re: lilkidrobby – Ha,ha,ha-u sooo dumb! Did your mama drop you?