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Mitt Romney's Wife Reveals He Has No Clue Who His Running Mate Will Be

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Mitt Romney is still undecided on vice presidential candidate

The big election is only months away, but Mitt Romney is STILL undecided on the vice presidential candidate he will pick to be his running mate!

In an interview with Good Morning America that will air on Thursday, Anne Romney said:

"We are certainly talking a lot. This last week, this last weekend, there was a lot of discussion. There was a lot of talk. We're not quite there yet. And we're going to be there soon."

What's the hold up?

The Republican National Convention will he held on August 27 and running mates are usually announced before then. With Mitt leaving the country to tour Europe next week, people think he'll make the big announcement beforehand.

Mrs. Romney wants her hubby to pick someone who shares her values, which could be Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty or Ohio Sen. Rob Portman or anybody else willing to pander to the Republican base.

Anybody out there have any advice for Mitt as he makes the biggest decision of his presidential campaign?

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7 comments to “Mitt Romney's Wife Reveals He Has No Clue Who His Running Mate Will Be”

  1. rkz says – reply to this


    Perez- you always talk about being open minded and respecting other people's point of view. I have always been an avid supporter of you but I have to say it does get tiresome seeing your biased comments regarding politics. You can not perpetually condone open mindedness in all other regards aside from politics and continue to lambast political parties you don't agree with. I think it detracts from the validity of the platforms you do chose to support.

  2. 2

    Doesn't much matter. Thinking people are sick of Obama.

  3. 3

    Re: Time Wasting – but THAT is the problem. Just because you are sick of Obama does not mean you can be an idiot (not saying you, specifically) and just vote for Romney. That is bad. Perez has his opinion. Come now - he is telling the truth. The republican party is so messed up!

  4. 4

    Perez, I respect that you are a democrat but you are not seeing both sides. You report one side which is your side. Everything you stand against you are doing. You are being judgemental and not open. How many negativbe comments did you post against Romney? Any against Obama? I do not think you have a masters in Econ like I do. I am like you …….. a strong supporter for social issues but the Dems do not have a lock on it. What the R's have that the Dems do not is a solid plan to help the economy. Get schooled P or if you do not want to do that, please keep an open mind that others may know more about how to get us out of this hole. Your boy had a chance and he is not cutting it. I can support all the social issues you do and I do, stongly. But we need an economy to even make that relevant. Just be open and try to be fair. I know you can do it.

  5. 5

    One more thing. Obama announced his VP on August 23rd. Today is July 18th. Unusual? I gurantee you that Romney has an idea of who it will be. If you are going to slam one, slam the other. Stop being so biased Perez. There is a strategy as to when you announce. Did you write an article in 2008 on July 18th to slam Obama for not announcing his running mate yet? I could go on and on and on with you P. Just try to be fair and get your facts straigt if you are going to biased.

  6. 6

    Pick Jindal…he's doing more harm than good for Louisiana. If this gets him out of our state early, so be it.

  7. Alia says – reply to this


    Perez I have lost all respect for you. Just because you are a democrat does not mean you are open minded. In fact, I think that you are extremely close minded and its really making me mad. The only reason you are a democrat is because you are a coward gay person. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I think that it is shameful that you are gay. You are a disgrace to many people. Next time you post, please think.