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Colorado Shooting Aftermath Caught On Tape!

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WARNING: Something truly disturbing is happening here.

Moments after the horrific Colorado movie theater shooting, which killed 12 and wounded reportedly up to 50 during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, one movie-goer caught the aftermath on their cell phone.

You can see this taped account for yourself (above).

Screams, police, and a man walking with a blood-stained t-shirt can be seen and heard in this video — giving a small glimpse into the madness that occurred at the Aurora theater.

Our thoughts and love pour for those involved.

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25 comments to “Colorado Shooting Aftermath Caught On Tape!”

  1. 1

    Those DIRTY Warner Brother JEWS will DO ANYTHING to promote their movies….

  2. k says – reply to this


    Whats more disturbing is that a commercial plays before the actual footage. Bad taste.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Great. Now that you've FINALLY noticed this story, you're going to milk the shit out of it by making separate posts for every fucking detail. And you wonder why people think you're an idiot … Christ you're stupid.

  5. Hawtmomma says – reply to this


    Why are people just slowly exiting the building if this just happened? And why is everyone standing around? If I was in a place where some psycho just opened fire on a crowd of people, I would NOT just slowly walk out of the building, I would be running as fast as my legs could carry me and I would run FAR FAR away from the place it was happening. Maybe everone was in shock?? My thoughts go out to those affected by this horrific crime.

  6. 6

    wow did I see Batman himself come out those doors? why the fck did he not take this guy out? useless prick of a superhero.

    and not everyboy there would know exactly what was going on so theyre not all gonna be panicking like crazy. those coming out later may have saw horrible things so theyre screaming more. but most wouldnt have actually seen the gunman or any injured people so theyre just confused about whats happening.

  7. stephanie says – reply to this


    omg i cant believe this happen.. i live no more then 10mins away from here. people were disoriented from the gas bomb the guy threw before opening fire. there is 12 dead and 38 injured. what so horrifying is that the youngest person injured is a 3 month old baby. and there was also a 6 yr old little girl.. i think they really need to shut this place down its not the first time they shoot there.

  8. 8

    Perez, I cannot believe you would say "Our thoughts and love pour for those involved" and then you have a f*cking ad playing to watch this kind of footage? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?! YOU ARE SUCH A PIECE OF SH*T!

    And to this person who was recording this: You see people running for their lives and bleeding and are aware that people have been shot, but yet you are just standing there recording this?! What??? If you are not waiting for anyone, Why would you not run away from the place as soon as you possibly could?

  9. Elizabeth Levine says – reply to this


    Dear Perez-

    As a member of this community and a resident of Colorado, which has already faced so much tragedy this summer, please remove this video. Out of respect for the families of the victims and the survivors themselves. Negative comments like the ones posted below will not help those people at all, and more are certainly to follow. Having this video is not intended as malicious, but it will only prolong the shock and trauma of everyone involved.

  10. wisdom says – reply to this


    Maybe a little bit of widom . Stop selling those damn guns and you can stop this kind of fucked up situations. If you do not sell any guns not every idiot is going to think. Oh my teacher gave me a F lets shoot the teacher . Or some people bullied me or make my life miserable lets not talk to them but shoot them. Because every god damn supermarket you can get guns next to the milk. Briljant country you are having.

  11. Klee says – reply to this


    I agree with K- bad taste to play a commercial before such a horrific video.

  12. dc says – reply to this


    Why do you ALWAYS show commercials before heartbreaking and devastating videos? You pretend that you care but you're just making money and exploiting everyone hurt in this incident. Perez Hilton = terrible person.

  13. vince says – reply to this


    How the hell did he gain entrance dressed like that? Or if he changed inside, where and how did he bring all that crap inside with him?

  14. bk907 says – reply to this


    Re: k – EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. this website is ran by deplorable pigs

  15. B says – reply to this


    Having an ad before this and therefore making money off it is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a long time.

  16. t says – reply to this


    Y'all complain about the ad before this video, when any news station you watch has commercials. This is his job, he has to make money somehow. All the commenters on this site are ridiculous! Don't come to this site if you're just going to complain.

  17. 17

    don't want ads in videos or elsewhere? get adblock and shut the fuck up.

  18. 18

    Re: t – well said.

  19. 19

    Stick to your celeb gossip Perez. Seriously

  20. Mary says – reply to this


    This whole thing is horribly sad and disgusting. I will say though that I kind of feel that it's disrespectful to have a advertisement playing before something that was so tragic and devastating. Prayers to all those that were affected by that terrible situation.

  21. kn333 says – reply to this


    Re: k – fuck you. you are despicable. there is a time for joking, never a time for racial slurs, and you should watch what you say. especially during a time of tragedy like this.

  22. Davon says – reply to this


    wtf is going on in this world. Like is this the end. Like this is some fucking shit people need to learn and open their eyes and see what the fuck is wrong and what the fuck is right. This is fucking pissing me the fuck off.

  23. KT says – reply to this


    This is my home and it saddens me to see another massive shooting here. Colorado is strong and we will over come this like everything else we have had to over come. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

  24. 24

    Re: KT – I live in WV and I dont want to see the movie now beause of what happen , If something like that would happen were I was I would be runing my ass off not walking out I dont understand why them people were just standing around and just walking , run if your free dont wait for him to kill you,????

  25. April says – reply to this


    Re: vince – He bought a ticket, went inside normally. Went out the exit door and went to his car and put everything on and got his weapons and came back on through the exit.