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Gunman Opens Fire In Colorado Movie Theater, Kills 12 During Dark Knight Showing!

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This is just horrific.

According to the latest reports, 12 people were killed and dozens more injured in a shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre last night.

The suspect supposedly entered the theatre which was showing the newly released Dark Knight Rises film, ejected some type of tear gas and then proceeded to open fire on the audience.

The alleged shooter has now been identified as 24 year old James Holmes, and it is believed he acted alone.

Holmes is currently in police custody, and reportedly, his only previous interaction with the law was a 2011 traffic ticket.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this disturbing ordeal.

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19 comments to “Gunman Opens Fire In Colorado Movie Theater, Kills 12 During Dark Knight Showing!”

  1. 1

    Really? Gee, I hadn't heard. I'll be sure to check your site every five minutes to get the latest details.

  2. 2

    Oh god, queue all of the libtards crying to ban guns..One nut job goes on a killing spree and thats when people become hellbent on their illogical "gun control"

    Dear nut jobs, if you're going to go on a killing spree please use a car or bomb instead. So law abiding gun owners that shoot for sport and hobby don't have the cops kicking down your door taking all of them without any compensation.

  3. 3

    Nice of you to FINALLY notice what's been posted on other sites for HOURS, loser. Were you having a difficult time picking which sites to steal details from?

  4. 4

    Re: NookiesWA – THANK YOU!

  5. Katkins says – reply to this


    wow you really quick off the mark this has been reported ages ago dumbass

  6. Jeff says – reply to this


    This is heart breaking although there weren't a lot of kids at this time you can just imagine being there with friends or a loved one to have a good time. All of a sudden you life ends, truly sad.

  7. 4lyfe says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Wait one fucking mnute, this is a serious situation and you ignorant ass had the balls to bring politics in????? Lord help us, besides why the hell is REPUBLICANS ON A "GAY" , "LIBERAL" man's blog???? This is just fucking pathetic, you bring politics in such a horrible thing and want to fucking deffend "gun laws"??? I hope a nut job right winger shoots you in the face lol …………..hmmm sounbds familar? You worthless ignorant teabagger

  8. mktb says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – 12 People are dead & all you care about is other people who have guns? THIS is exactly why there should be gun control! Ignorance at it's best! Very selfish!

  9. 9

    Re: 4lyfe – I'm a libertarian not a teabagger, republican or liberal, the aftermath has already started. You have fear mongering by the media. (France cancelling their premier) This occurance will cause AMC to put in more metal detectors resulting in higher ticket prices. You already have people going "zomg ban guns"..You're simply a moron and not worth my time. The second he used a firearm in a liberal dominated country that literally wants guns banned it became a political issue. Within the next 24 hours after they go over why he did it, who he was and how many were injured you will start seeing news reports about the gun he used, if it was extended magazines you will notice the media focuses on the whole "extended mags" issue. By constantly mentioning it. You're simply a brain dead sheep.

  10. 10

    Re: 4lyfe – How the ever living shit can you call me "ignorant" what I said was not ignorant. Just because you're idiotic ass learned a new word and see everyone else saying it doesn't mean you should too. Especially since you got it wrong.

    EVERY..SINGLE..TIME this happens, you have libtards crying to either ban guns or stricter gun laws. Every..time. This has already started "politics" as comments on other sites already proven. Had I of said "We need better gun control" you wouldn't of replied to me, you would of been "yay" nookies..Don't even attempt to deny that. So its ok if someone brings "politics" in when its inevitable as long as it favors your stance. STFU IDIOT.

  11. 11

    every time you see things like this happening, Nookie, you see people like you. People who've mastered talking like a knob and looking like a dick at the same time, all while pouting about "gun control". Guns cause senseless violence and enable otherwise feeble individuals to act out violently period… I'm neither for or against the second amendment when viewed in a responsible and safe not extremist fashion- but seems to me, it's always the twats that feel the need to overcompensate for some sort of short comings. And always the hot metal hidden away with a full clip of low intellect to boot.

  12. chrisd says – reply to this


    I'm with nookie. Were not degrading the deaths of these people because its very sad what happened and sad that theyre people sick like hiim to do this but the fact is everyones gonna start blammkng this on the gun laws and want to ban guns. It's already all over the news about banning guns and that's silly talk. Because if guns were banned and he wanted to still do this he could easily purchase a gun. It's sad this had to happen but its sad to see this idiots try and think they can change the laws when all it will do it cause problems and take the guns away from the good innocent people like me. Nookie by no means was being a asshole. its true what she said and. I agree. RIP all the people who died and ill pray for you and there familys and anyone else who was injured.

  13. 13

    Re: Secret77 – Guns do not cause senseless violence. Idiots cause senseless violence.

    A gun is an inanimate object that cannot magically kill people by itself. The dumb ass pulling the trigger is the one causing senseless violence. How come if some idiot gets hammered on alcohol than hits and kills a child, you never have anyone going "ban cars, make cars slower"? Every single time this happens, you have the media over blowing it, if he used extended mags..then well, that will suck because rest assured the media will constantly focus and mention that. It's fear mongering. As said, reading comments on other sites basically backs up my claims. Once this blows over a little bit you'll instantly see the media talking about gun control.

    What you won't see mentioned is how 149,999 other firearms did not kill a mass group of people, and what you will not see is how the media mentions that 349,999,999 other Americans did not go on a shooting spree. This is logical, irrefutable, common sense shit iam preaching. The fact im getting called out and people are attempting to even remotely argue with me shows just HOW STUPID human beings are these days..Hell we need more shooting sprees at this point.

  14. Amanda says – reply to this


    You know, I find it very sad that with a terrible tragedy like this all you people can do is criticize Perez. I live in Colorado, this was 10 minutes from my house and 1 minute away from my job! I have been to this theater numerous times and could have been there last night. Have some compassion for the people who lost their lives, who are injured in the hospital and who's families are grieving! This is not about you or Perez. This is about them. Have some respect.

  15. 15

    another day, another shooting, another mesmerizing news! i refuse to see absolutely anything about it! the more we watch, the more we read about the shootings, the more we feed the obssessions of the crazy.

  16. 16

    Re: NookiesWA – Maybe if someone else had a gun to shoot this nut case more people would be alive today.

  17. 17

    Re: Amanda – Well said Amanda!

  18. 18

    Re: Amanda – Exactly my thoughts. Perez isn't a news site, he is a celebrity gossip site. People who come here just to hate on Perez for not knowing about it first should keep to themselves. I'm pretty sure they didn't know about it the second it happened. And I am sure that Perez doesn't spend every waking moment of his life at his computer. RIP to those who lost their lives

  19. 19

    Re: Snookietoes – Indeed, no one exercises their 2nd amendment right. Every time this has happened theres never been an armed law abiding citizen to save the day. :(