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11 comments to “Jennifer Lopez: The Filly That Mounts The World!”

  1. 1

    Fox has confirm on the other day that Jlo was only receiving $12 plus millions per year not 20 Million like she and her management claim, she and her management claims this story just to build up her image, you see that's why when she is given a chance to get her career back she screw it up, especially like back in 2010, when she was fired from Sony Records for failure to live up to her contract (she was a failure in providing an hit albums), her Clothing Line "Sweetface" went bankrupt, and her movie career was at slump, her career was at a all time slump, Jlo is just one big failure in the music, movie, and her own fashion line, and now you can add failure in the TV Reality industry, history has proven her life story.

  2. 2

    JLo's fake!! I never liked her. She's playing safe on everything!! She should be thankful that she landed a job on idol for the past 2seasons. The most powerful celebrity?? That was stupid!!! She's not a big influence!!!

  3. 3

    JHO IF i were you i would save everyy penny see you are 42 soon enough no one will give a fuck about you cause girl you are getting old . see Madonna is 53 and she still tour and people talk about her because she is a real star . you are not and when you get to be 50 no one will give a flying fuck about you .

  4. Huh? says – reply to this


    Who are the people who make celebrities? The press, of course. Too many reporters and journalists chasing too few stories.

  5. 5

    she's a joke and Dance again was a fcking FLOP! Pathetic attempt at recreating on the floor. Hideous mess.

    and now she doesnt have Idol to keep her in the spotlight whats she gonna do? Disappear again thats what! Her film career and music are dead in the water. Bye bye fat ass, enjoy that midlife crisis with your latest boytoy dancer.

  6. 6

    she's a flop!!!! 6 mos from now no one cares. she will be broke yet again from spending all that paper. watch….

  7. 7

    i love j la and all, but with out american idol, radio is over her, look at her last singles and her latest music, radio is ageist, they don't play old people any more, unfortunately even madonna, and j la's movies are only doing average, not including her cartoon movie

  8. 8

    She's SO fake. It would be different if she was as "real" and "nice" as she seems, but she Knows how to Work the public into falling for her nice act. Hopefully now that she doesn't have Idol to play her videos and provide a stage for her to perform on, she'll disappear once her tour is over and done with. Her movies have really sucked lately. The only thing she can do is Dance. She can Dance her way out the public eye :)

  9. Notorious O.L.B says – reply to this


    Lmao. Numbers dont lie. The haters are mad cause J.Lo made more than your fav. Get em Queen J.Lo.

  10. Sweetness says – reply to this


    Re: Notorious O.L.B – The only thing Jlo is queen about is her effort to stay relevant. With her gone from Idol, watch her steady decline in 3,2,1… :)

    Ps. Only b/c she has $$ doesnt mean she has talent, just look at Kim K ;-)

  11. damelo todo says – reply to this


    "The most POWERFUL celebrity in the WORLD!LOL right..girl cant sing, she cant act the dancing is okay for her age but come on???MAdonna hands down with the title but Jho LOL!!!! the world must be coming to an END!….