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Tom Cruise's Plan For Suri's Life Revealed!

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And here's a shocker — it has NOTHING to do with Scientology!

There's been a lot of talk hovering over Tom Cruise and his future with daughter Suri, but a super close source just laid it all out there.

According to this insider:

"He's going to try, despite all the attention, to have things be as normal as possible. It's going to be challenging. But he's going to have a meaningful relationship with her, as he always has. [Suri will] visit him on movie sets when she's not in school. He'll call her all the time."

Yes, we double-checked. There's no code for Xenu in there.

They actually just enjoyed a fabulous helicopter ride over New York City.

Her parents may now be divorced, but she's still the the most spoiled lil' kiddo in the big apple! With material goods AND love… how presh!

[Image via Eric Gonzalez/WENN.]

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9 comments to “Tom Cruise's Plan For Suri's Life Revealed!”

  1. 1

    I bet he's gonna rap her in a red hoodie, put her in the front of his bicycle basket and try and cycle it over the moon with her….

  2. 2

    *sigh* another made-up story. There are no "insiders" !

  3. teri says – reply to this


    Don't u believe it for one minute Pereztito. Scientologist do this maneuver all the time…..lay low for awhile to prevent scrutiny then back to biz as usual…..I know cuz I was in the cult….

  4. 4

    Re: teri – Sounds about right. I think he will try to win her over with bribes and by spoiling her, to get her to want to live with him. Then if she lives with him it will be intense indoctrination.

  5. Johnny Appleseed says – reply to this


    Normal upbringing for a Scientologist child
    Scientologist make the worst parents, there Is no normal about it..
    Normal in Toms world Is daily ritual of exorcising Space alien parasites from his thetan meat body.
    and sees it as Suri's only salvation

    Scientology Routine Pathological Public Relations nonsense ..hey guise! were Normal and stuff too!

  6. david says – reply to this


    as i was reading this story, in my head was calling: "BULLSHIT!". i see many have already beat me to the punch. cool! :)

    the more research i do on Co$, the freakier and more hurtful they appear to be. they are bat-shit crazy.

    and ill bet you a billion dollars (the same number in years these scientoloZOMBIES sign on with Co$ for) that because these folks have convinced the IRS that they are a 'church', and are tax exempt, as are the fees for auditing, tomZOMBIE's auditing fee$, let me guess…add up to his annual salary….nice bookkeeping, david miscavige. you will be brought down, and likely by cruise himself….

    and tomZOMBIE wants suri. this is a smokescreen, a stall, till the heat is off the Co$.

    BULLSHIT! oh right, i said that already. doh!

    keep scientology in the news. write the FBI for them to open an investigation. i did, just today.

  7. 7

    How are we sure he's not going to talk about Xenu when they're together? When they talk on phone? On Skype? She may have Katie's bodyguards when Tom takes Suri out but they're just in the backgrounds. They cant hear what he says 24/7. That's impossible. And Tom would be annoyed if the bodyguard will stick close to Suri. So sorry Katie, this wont work. You may have gotten your freedom from Scientology but Suri isnt safe. Not as long as Tom Cruise is in her life. He is too far gone and cant be saved anymore.

  8. 8

    Pink Teacup!

  9. 9

    I don't care for Cuise but what a snarky bitchy article. Did he turn down all your offers for a bj or something, P?