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Mariah Carey's New Single Will Be Triumphant!

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mariah carey triumphant new single

You ready for all this glitter??

We've been hearing some exciting whispers throughout Tinsel Town regarding Mariah Carey's upcoming musical endeavors…

Not only is she reportedly thisclose to signing her $17M+ American Idol deal, but her new single will supposedly be titled Triumphant.

Hoowwww perfect!

So when's this baby gonna drop?? We've heard we can start dancing in early August!

Fantastic! Let's pop the low-cal bubbly now!

UPDATE: Mariah Carey has officially revealed her new single WILL be called Triumphant! In a personal statement to fans via her website, Mariah announced:

"I can finally announce to you that my new single is coming out early August! It's called TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em) ft. Rick Ross & Meek Mill.

I wrote TRIUMPHANT when I was going through a difficult time & it helped me get through it. When you hear it, pay attention to the message and the lyrics. #WIN"

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Mariah Carey's New Single Will Be Triumphant!”

  1. TJG89 says – reply to this


    I must say I am quite intrigued yet a bit nervous to hear what this song is going to sound like. I'm really hoping for something along the lines of the Butterfly and Rainbow c.d.'s. I could definitely go for some of that Honey sound. But im this is Mariah we are talking about. Girl has given us so many different and unique sounds and beats through the years. I've learned that I need not try to guess cause it'll be something totally different..I just hope its a good kind of different. Knowing Mariah it's gonna be a stone grove smash hit

  2. 2

    B O R I N G.

  3. 3

    dream on. itll be as boring as always…

  4. 4

    She went from one control freak husband to the next. She is weak.

  5. Tibbs says – reply to this


    God she's ugly….

  6. Anon says – reply to this


    Why is this 40-something year old woman still inclined to wear hair extensions so often? Is she really that insecure with her natural looks? Who cares if her hair is a little shorter I don't get these women. BTW I was once told from someone in the industry that she covers her face with big hair to hide that chimpanzee face (especially her left side).

  7. 7

    Why does she always seem to have that blank look on her face? Like she's waiting for someone to tell her what day it is and how to use a fork. Wha? Huh? Woman, your're in your 40s, have kids and a husband. Quit trying to look like a teen. Sheesh.

  8. TJG89 says – reply to this


    I believe the only insecure people here are those who feel the need to judge others. Its pretty said when one must judge others so they, on their own sick way, can feel better about themselves. I wonder what is so wrong with these people that they can't be content with themselves and not have to worry about choices that others make for themselves..I don't know how you people can stand to look in the mirror and not be totally disgusted with their actions and judgements..I bet the majority of you are Obama supporters..so tell me this how can you sit up on your high horses and commit these crimes of judgement on others and then use that very argument against those who do not support Obama. You all need to take a good long looked in the mirror and worry about who it is looking back at you and not everyone else. That's the problem in this country. Everyone is so busy worrying and putting the blame on others and not taking some accountability for their own actions

  9. MariahLamb327 says – reply to this


    Re: Tibbs – Mariah Carey is probably the most beautiful person ever. This may not be an attractive picture of her, however look at her at the BET Awards just a few weeks ago STUNNING! she can look how ever she wants! I can't wait for this new single, she will get another # 1. Haters gonna hate.

  10. boston61 says – reply to this


    Mariah Carey always looks like a street walker. The woman cannot dress herself. Like a low class prostitute.

  11. 11

    I'm a huge Xtina fan. Mariah and Xtina will release a single early next month and will release albums at the same time. How exciting!! Battle of the egoistic divas! Lol.

  12. 12

    Can't wait! She looks beautiful as usual. The haters on here are probably Granmadonna fans who are used to ladies looking like skeletons or men. Mimi is super hot just like her new single will be.

  13. jargoun says – reply to this


    I'm taking the bar exam in a few days–I need this message of triumph NOW Mariah! Don't make me wait till August, PLEASE!!!

  14. 14


  15. 15

    How many rappers is it going to feature this time? Mariah hasn't released anything worthwhile since before she went all ghetto in the late 90's. She always seems so fake and I find her annoying. Go away Mariah and take your unearned "payola hits' with you.

  16. MCisthebest34 says – reply to this


    Re: MrRaum. – Well someone is a hater.. "unearned" HA PLEASE! she earned 1's on all her song, & she writes all her songs. He songs are the most inspiring songs ever.Not to mention her voice, no one can compete with her and ever will. artists today are nothing compared to Mariah. they can't even sing without autotune. so please come back when you have a better explanation of why she's "fake" and her songs are "unearned"

  17. Carlos says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – eeh she alrady did, she is married to Nick Cannon and has twins who just turned 1 year old.

  18. mc says – reply to this


    dunno how song is, but she looks nice in this pic, great smile! hello, ugly? u need glasses. Now jlo may have better sex appeal cuz of her curves and back, but to me mariah has aprettier face! whatever!

  19. mc says – reply to this


    Re: Tibbs – yeah..right! oh let me guess jlo is so much prettier! well mariah is not as ugly as her without makeup. i don't care what anyone else says! lol