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51 comments to “Playboy Model Blasted By Deadmau5 For Tasteless Aurora Gunman Joke”

  1. 1

    Tacky, trashy, and tasteless. Fits her perfectly.

  2. TEMPE says – reply to this


    I'd still do her vs listening to Perez's pontificating gaping hypocritical mouth

  3. Jen says – reply to this


    Nasty, vapid, useless slut. Keep your comments to yourself. All you are is eye candy and contribute nothing else to the world. Those people who lost their lives meant more than you do. Fake tits and bleach is all you are and when your looks fade the outside will finally match the inside. TRASH!

  4. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Plus youre only on this story because it's brought in more views/comments that you haven't seen in months.
    The comment section is dying thus you needed to expand beyond celeb news.
    Ambulance chaser.

  5. REPUB says – reply to this


    come on people it was a damn joke get the FUCK over yourself

  6. 6

    People hide behind the internet like it were a shield. They use it as an excuse to make wild proclamations they would never have the courage to say in a real life public forum


  7. 7

    why are you even posting this!!! you're publicizing her stupid ass remarks.. is this really worthy to post?????? she's a trashy stupid slut.. and she should just suck a dick, prob all she's good at.. honestly

  8. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Re: nikkiroseee – H…something Perez and her have in common huh ?

  9. 9

    horrible people are horrible.

  10. terrence says – reply to this


    ugly whore

  11. 11

    Re: Jen – All you are is eye candy" not really, not by this crappy as pic. looks likes she trying to shit in PEEREX'S mouth

  12. 12

    Re: TEMPE – get a life you worthless freak

  13. 13

    Not that it is cool that she said anything, but it wasn't even close to clever?

  14. 14

    Put the cock back in your mouth, bitch. You're way more useful that way.

  15. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    People should just ignore her and not give her more credit than she deserves. For those who are hating on Perez if you don't like him than stop reading his blog. I swear people just love to hate. <3 you PEREZ

  16. 16

    she's just another dumb whore trying to get attention… she's just trash that should be kicked to the curb.

  17. MissC.Maries says – reply to this


    This absolutely INFURIATES me. This dumb bitch has no idea the amount of pain this tragedy has caused my city. I was born and raised in Aurora, CO and spent MANY nights in that exact theatre. My apartment building is less than a quarter mile away from Century 16. It could have been me that night, it could have been my boyfriend, or any of my friends and family. I am a preschool teacher and one of my studen'ts mother died that night. Karma will get you, you piece of shit. Go back to the trailer park you came from.

  18. 18

    This skank gives whores a bad name. I hope she never works again. She is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  19. 19

    Say that infront of the victims you little bimbo, see what those kind of "controversial" remarks earn you in society.

  20. cary138 says – reply to this



  21. 21


  22. 22

    It was kind of funny

  23. 23

    Re: Ms.Michele – your an asshole…..PEOPLE ARE DEAD.

  24. 24

    I love inappropriate humor, but that was so classless, cruel and tacky. What happened in Colorado is not something to joke about. I'm glad she got called out on it.

  25. TeeNa says – reply to this


    I wonder if @HollywoodTricia would have made that same joke if someone she knew died in that theater that night.

  26. mia says – reply to this


    I hope someone from the families of the servicemen who died corners that cruel idiot and scares the mean out of her.

  27. tater says – reply to this


    Re: Ms.Michele

    Wow, you're just as horrible as her. It wasn't funny in the slightest. You wouldn't find that kind of comment funny if someone in you're family had died such a violent death like that. You'e a fucking piece of shit. Innocent people lost their lives and you think it's FUNNY? A fucking six year old girl died! A man with kids, sons, daughters, mothers, husbands…families were torn apart. Show some fucking respect you dumbass piece of shit.

  28. 28

    HAHAHA!! Hilairious! It's not too soon, it's just right……….people are amazing nowadays…..

  29. 29

    Everyone on here responding is stupid for even responding to whoever that lady was. Why give them that kind of power? They do it to get attention, negative attention is better then no attention. Just mind your business, don't give her any attention.

  30. 30

    That was funny. It was a cliche but funny. People die everyday. People get struck by lighting, hit by drivers under the influence. We have killed THOUSANDS of innocent civilians in the middle east, the LRA has killed millions in Africa..No uproar over that.

  31. 31

    I think its funny how perez calls someone out for saying something for 15 minutes of fame, then turns right around and gives her a headline LOLOLOL. Counter productive. The best course of action would of been to simply IGNORE IT.

  32. Hooligan says – reply to this


    Let's see if she appreciates my joke I just tweeted in response to hers..
    " @HollywoodTricia
    What's the difference beteween Tricia and the Aurora victims?
    In a year people will remember and still care about the CO victims"

  33. Hooligan says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA

    Actually, it was an article giving Deadmau5 respect for calling her out.

  34. REPUB says – reply to this


    the advancement of the homosexual agenda is the degradation of this society and I deplore it

  35. irielove says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – You are ignorant.. yes people die every day by naturally occurring oddities but not at the hand of a derranged gunman @ the movies.. this was a senseless killing spree and you should be ashamed of yourself for comparing this massacure to people being struck by lighning..

  36. 36

    Re: irielove – Generally, when people call out the most silliest one in someones statement they have a weak ass argument. I love how you ignored the two most major things, one in which is carried out by OUR government.

  37. MissCMaries says – reply to this


    Re: Ms.Michele
    Why don't you come to my class and tell my student you think her mother dying by some idiot coming in and shooting up a movie theatre is funny. I guarantee you you wouldn't say this shit is funny if you came ANYWHERE close to Aurora. GUARANTEE THAT. Dumb Bitch.

  38. 38

    Re: MissCMariesRe: Vampira138Re: tater – Look, the joke was KIND OF funny, not the incident. People die all the time, murdered all the time. If it happens to be the first time something like this happened in your country open your eyes and see the rest the world. I see this incident as tragic but im not going to pretend I care, what use is that? People aren't sad about this, they're scared of what could happen to them. So stay up on your high horse but I hope the next time something happens that isn't in the united states, you'll shed tears too. Because if not, you are nothing but selfish, nationalist, hypocrites.

  39. mattyd says – reply to this


    Different people have different standards. I would not be offended by such a joke if a loved one died. I wouldn't be in the mood for it but I would not be angry at someone who is just joking. Sometimes jokes are just jokes. It does not mean she is insensitive. It might mean this, but it does not have to. If we knew for a fact she was a sociopath, then the joke would be further evidence of this fact, but it would still ultimately be harmless. In such a case we should punish her verbally to discourage people for not caring about others, but the joke itself caused no harm.
    There is no contradiction in being sad about thing and also joking about it. There are those of us who are compassionate but use humor as a way of getting through hard times. Offense is subjective. Do not assume that having no lines that can be crossed is bad. It is just a different way and a different philosopy about humor.

  40. caper says – reply to this


    Nasty ass skank

  41. MissCMaries says – reply to this


    Re: Ms.Michele – it didn't happen just in my country bitch, it happened two blocks away from my house and I know someone who died there that night. And just admitting you don't care WOW bitch COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS YOUR NOT FROM AURORA CUZ I GUARANTEE I WOULD KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS. I'm not going to waste anymore of my time on a heartless piece of shit like you. Wish it was you inside that theatre that night instead of the many innocent people with hearts. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  42. mattyd says – reply to this


    Re: MissCMaries – It doesn't have to mean she doesn't care. She might be part of a subculture that is okay with jokes about anything. Or maybe she is a heartless bitch, but just be aware that there are people like that. I, for example, am the type of person who is okay with a friends making jokes about something tragic I was experiencing, as long as I know it's really just a joke. For me the jokes are sometimes comforting because they remind me that I have someone who I am close enough with and who knows me well enough to know I wouldn't mind. And jokes can be a way of getting through a terrible ordeal without at all diminishing the seriousness of the actual ordeal, but actually helping. Maybe she is promoting this different type of philosophy. We don't know for sure.

  43. mattyd says – reply to this


    Re: mattyd – Oh I see now you were responding to Ms. Michelle not the celebrity. But in Michelle's defense she did say the joke was kind of funny, but not the incident. I think this implies that when she says she doesn't care she means that it doesn't make her very sad. Meaning that she cares as much as when she hears about any people dying in the news. It would be impractical to allow ourselves to get very sad about every death we hear about because we hear about so many. So what I am saying is she cares a little probably, but you care much more, because you actually knew people and that seems right.

  44. Demon X says – reply to this


    REPUB! FUCK YOU stupid ass mega piece of shit!

  45. Demon X says – reply to this


    Ms.Michele - Take a nice bath in acid BITCH!

  46. Demon X says – reply to this


    I have the power to find you Sassahma86 and kick you fucking ass!

  47. Tricia Evans says – reply to this


    Re: Ms.Michele – I feel the exact same way as you. You & MattyD are right.

  48. Tom Baker says – reply to this


    What a classless bimbo. Just apologize, acknowledge that the comment was in bad taste, and move on. Don't throw out the old chestnut of faulty logic that you have the right to say whatever you want and no one can shut me up. You do have the right to say something like that. The point is that you should not say something like that.

  49. mattyd says – reply to this


    Re: Demon X – I think Sassahma is on your side. They were being sarcastic I think.

  50. mattyd says – reply to this


    Re: Tom Baker – I'm pretty sure I would not have been offended by the joke if I were family member to one of the victims because I've had friends make jokes while I was dealing with something potentially tragic and was not offended but comforted that I had people close enough to and that knew me well enough to know I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't be angry by that joke, even if I wouldn't be able to get into it. The joke was not in depth enough to show me that she is definitely mean. If she had somehow tweeted the joke only to people like me, would that have been okay?

  51. Cat says – reply to this


    LOL……….Repub ,jokes are funny obviously you must find some kind of humor in it . Once again a shallow man thinking with his "little head." Such a simple minded creature you are. Can't wait for the joke to be about YOU!!! In that case I'll get over it!!!