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James Holmes Revealed! Appears In Court With BRIGHT Red Head!

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The first court appearance for 'suspected' Dark Knight shooter James Holmes took place this morning in a Colorado court, presided over by honorable Judge William B. Sylvester.

As was rumored, James' hair IS dyed orange-red, in similar fashion to the acid-green locks of the Joker character from Batman fame.

After reading James his rights, the judge told the unresponsive Holmes he will likely be charged with first degree murder for killing 12 people, which could result in the death penalty.

James is being held without possibility of bail and has been told he cannot contact the victims of the fatal, movie theater shooting that took place early Friday morning.

James will OFFICIALLY be charged at a court hearing held Monday, July 30 at 9:30am.

The former PhD student was dressed in a maroon jumpsuit, and sat next to a member of his defense team. Arapahoe County public defender James O'Connor has been assigned to the case.

Throughout the appearance, James' eyelids fluttered, his eyes kept bulging, and he seemed extremely incoherent.

From just looking at James during the hearing, it's obvious he is a disturbed individual.

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32 comments to “James Holmes Revealed! Appears In Court With BRIGHT Red Head!”

  1. KyleBryanMoore says – reply to this


    This man obviously needs psychiatric care… and my school of thought is like this : The most severe needs the most help. I am sympathetic to this man. I tell you this because the article is about him. Ask me how I feel about the victims and their family and I'll talk about them too. God bless everyone, no exceptions.

  2. katelily says – reply to this


    He is clearly sedated.

  3. fwermine says – reply to this


    disturbed um ya think… everyone who kills is disturbed…fry his mother fucking ass immediately

  4. 4

    Ya think? Disturbed individual? How observant of you. Of course he's disturbed. That sentence is not even worth posting.

  5. 5

    It looked like Mr. Holmes was all medicated into a ZOMBIE; just like he was when he went on his movie theater rampage…….

  6. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: KyleBryanMoore – this is exactly how I feel, you just put it in exactly the right words. god bless all x

  7. demetria says – reply to this


    This man is troubled and needs help…therefore a death penalty should be out of the question. He knows what he did was wrong. I understand the pain that these families are.feeling, but America needs to have the power to forgive…that is who we are and what we stand for as a Christian nation.

  8. 8

    Re: fwermine – Instead of frying him immediately, it might be better to fully explore his mental state and learn from it? Then fry him.

  9. 9

    He looks like you use to Mario, back when you dyed your hair all kinds of fruity colors.

  10. 10

    "has been told he cannot contact the victims of the fatal, movie theater shooting" ??? I guess not . . they are dead!

  11. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Holms looks a lot like Kathy Griffith to me,
    but just more attractive

  12. Sandy says – reply to this


    Having worked in a mental hospital for over 5 years I can clearly see this young man is suffering from some form of mental illness. Childhood mental illness like bipolar and autism can manifest into other mental illness in a adulthood if left untreated. I have come across a few highly intelligent mentally ill patients. from air traffic control personal, to actual physicians. I blame the parents hands down for not monitoring this young man and getting him the proper treatment that he had probably needed his entire life. They are his responsibility. From my observation I see a young man who has lost control of his illness and was left alone in his illness. My heart goes out to the poor lad and for everyone else involved, just a very sad situation.

  13. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: demetria – Too bad we aren't a Christian nation. We have a little thing called separation of church and state, remember?

  14. MrsL says – reply to this


    F**K all the talk about this evil jerk being "metally ill" HE'S EVIL, point blank. He PLANNED this out FOR MONTHS. He WANTED to do this, for no other reason but a sick thrill. I can't believe that people actually "feel sorry" for this scumbag. The death penatly should NOT be thrown out, I don't even believe this as*hole deserves a trial!! He stole the lives of those people, those CHILDREN. He deserves to fry and rot in hell!!

  15. Keri says – reply to this


    You and him are obviously confused Perez. The Joker has green hair. The riddler has red hair.

    Still a crazy person. But has obviously not seen the movies or comics or cartoons.

  16. Roxanne says – reply to this


    James is being held without possibility of bail and has been told he cannot contact the victims of the fatal, movie theater shooting that took place early Friday morning.

    Uh yeah, Perez, because the shootings were fatal. It would be a bit odd if James contacted them, no?

  17. 17

    Re: Sandy – You're a stupid twat. You can tell, just by looking, that he has mental issues? You're qualified to make this idiotic statement because you've worked in a mental hospital for five years as what, a janitor? Lunch lady? No responsible, qualified mental-health professional would say that crazy has a specific look. Yet here you are trying to make yourself look and feel important no matter how unqualified and stupid you are. Why not just diagnose and treat him here too, you moron?

  18. 18

    If it weren't for the fact of how vile and sick these crimes are I would have to laugh out loud at the religions comments on here talking about being Christian and forgiveness. Christianity is directly responsible for millions and millions of murders over the years in the name of retribution. In fact, Christians use "the Lord's will ALL the time" to kill in his name. The most Christian thing that could be done here according to the bible's own teachings would be to drag this man into the middle of town and stone him to death. Where's all this forgiveness when we talk about lgbt youth or women having abortions? But we can't "forgive" a deranged murderer fast enough! Then there's the person who blames the parents. The man is 24 and a genius science student! but yep, somehow the parent should have known ALL about this. Don't you think if they had the slightest clue they would have stopped him? This mental illness bullshit doesn't fly with me. My aunt had a mental illness but she didn't make any sense and was incapable of taking care of herself without medication. Anyone who plans a violent crime over a period of months, learns to use weapons, obtains tear gas, and then leaves bombs behind to cause more damage knows EXACTLY what they are doing.

  19. Adam says – reply to this


    Re: KyleBryanMoore

    lose a child in the gunfire, lets see how SYMPATHETIC you still are. Your comments are disgusting and a slap in the face for anyone who lost anyone in the tragedy. The only justice is to watch this guy burn.

  20. 20

    Re: KyleBryanMoore – um, why should this man get equal sympathy as the victims. they didn't cause his "illness", but he sure as hell caused their deaths. and if he's so ill, how do you explain the months of planning, buying and learning to use weapons, obtaining tear gas, picking a time and place, all while being a genius? I'm a smart girl but I couldn't pull off any of those things, I wouldn't even know where to begin. And you know why? Because I'm not evil and my brain can't process these actions or what the next step would be. If you're so keen on giving him the benefit of the doubt, why not ask the court to release him into your custody, along with your family members in the home. I'm sure of he kills them all you and him can sit around and talk about how you forgive him.

  21. 21

    Re: SashaSkye – Well said.

  22. 22

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Thank You.

  23. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    this term…."mentally ill"….attached to everyone who does something horrific…..he planned for months….no mentally ill person spends months planning….it is possible for people to just be plain evil….simple as that!…..and as for the death penalty, when he surrendered, they simply should have taken his gun and shot him right there and we wouldnt have to now be put through endless months of info about him that nobody gives a shit about and in the end wont explain shit……he's an evil prick and he should have been put down like the animal he is and rid the world of a human devil!

  24. Joey says – reply to this


    I wish that all those people talking about "christianity" and "forgiveness" had one of their love ones killed in the tragedy. I doubt then they would even dare going on the internet spewing nonsense crap about mental illnesses and the such.

    Who the hell cares if that subhuman is mentally ill or not… the fact is that he terminated 12 innocent lives and negatively affected thousands of others, directly and indirectly. No person, sick or not, has the right and not even the slightest justification to do that. He deserves to be punished to the greatest and most painful extent of the law, and that might not be giving him the easy way out with a death sentence, but rather have his worthless life rot away in solitary confinement as long as he is alive.

  25. GottaLuvKesha says – reply to this


    Re: MrsL – THANK YOU! I agree with you fully!

  26. GottaLuvKesha says – reply to this


    Re: Joey – Exactly!!

  27. me says – reply to this

  28. me says – reply to this


    Re: demetria – He doesn't know what he did was wrong. They said they wouldn't be surprised if he was medicated due to the fact that he was laughing, calling himself the joker, and spitting at police after he was arrested. The guy didn't just shoot either. He designed his apartment to kill more innocent people. Im all for forgiveness, but to an extent. I can't even begin to understand how someone can forgive someone who took 12 peoples lives, a 6 year olds especially. I'll be a bad christian if forgiving that is what makes a good christian.

  29. badnfluenz says – reply to this


    Re: demetria – America is NOT a Christian Nation, it was NOT founded on Religious Beliefs!!!

  30. Kelly says – reply to this


    It's more like he tried looking like the Madhatter, get it? Because he has gone completely mad. The joker is green. I wish 99% of the internet would realize this.

  31. 31

    hes a expert at neuroscience which makes faking being mentally ill a walk in the park but reality tells us a mentally ill person couldnt plan this all out with precision to murder a room full of people a mentally ill person would be at home with delusions unable to carry it out…

    hes worse than mentally ill hes in some fantasy world of his own making where he gets off the charge because hes mentally ill well hes NOT mentally ill…hes not talking on purpose so they cant figure things out hes prob got more bombs somewhere etc..

    shoot him in the head end the misery…

  32. 32

    Re: Mad Dog – omg that made me laugh lol yah the pink hair hah