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Did Katherine Jackson's Kids Kidnap Her So She'd Put Them Back In Michael's Will?

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Katherine Jackson And Her Grandkids Including Paris Was Grandma Kidnapped

If these allegations are true, then this situation is absolutely tragic!!

We recently reported Katherine Jackson was found in an Arizona spa hanging with Jermaine. He claims she never disappeared in the first place.

Then why snatch up Katherine in so quickly and quietly that Paris and the other grandkids thought she was missing?

Sadly, it might have to do with money!

See, Michael Jackson's siblings were cut out of his will. Michael was setting up his Mom and his kids for the rest of their lives, but Tito, Jermaine, Rebbie, and Janet were not so fortunate.

His siblings know the only way to get their hooks into his estate is to talk Katherine into joining up with their cause.

Sources suggest Michael's siblings whisked her away to Arizona and left her grandkids wondering where the last link to their father had gone as part of a "concerted effort" to force themselves back into the will.

It's a shame so many family quarrels revolve around money.

We would hope everyone would instead keep the best interests of MJ's children at heart.

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16 comments to “Did Katherine Jackson's Kids Kidnap Her So She'd Put Them Back In Michael's Will?”

  1. yoyo says – reply to this


    I don't think Janet cares about the money, seeing she's extremely loaded.

  2. 2

    Why would Janet want/need Michael's money? Why don't the "non-Michael/Janet" siblings hit up Janet for money? She's rich with no dependants AND can write a check. Michael's money is a little tied up.

  3. 3

    What would Janet need MJ's money for? She's made her own fortune, and I don't see any evidence that she's lived an extravagant life that's drained her of it. Do you ever analyze what you put on here? Or do you just mindlessly copy and paste? If MJ's other siblings want money, then they should get some fucking jobs. And Katherine Jackson can't "add them" to MJ's will. That's not legally possible. You really need to try to think about the crap you post, Perez.

  4. 4

    The Jackson kids all need his money. They didn't make much, and spent what they did make. Michael made it big/HUGE. And they think they are owed. It's simple. I don't know if this story is true, but it would not surprise me in the least. They've been trying to ride on his coat tails for FRICKING EVER and think he owed them. He was more talented and made more. SIMPLE AS THAT. He moved on. He owes them nothing. And thank God for Katherine trying to protect the leeches from scamming on Michael's money. Next they will try to say she's nuts, and get a court over to take over. WE CAN ALL SEE it coming. They're pathetic. I would place a bet right now that that is the next thing we read about.

  5. 5

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Now it’s easy to see how one might disagree with or dislike an article, but what is more bewildering and bears examination is the response of hating the writer’s guts. One would think, reading some of these comments, that the writer has done something to the commenter, that there has been some deep personal transgression. One suspects one thing the writer has done is be the writer, and the commenter feels unfairly ghettoized in the comments section, and feels secretly, well not so secretly, that they should be writing the article, and the writer should be commenting. Like, let her see what it’s like to be tied down and forced to read an article from beginning to end.

  6. 6

    What a pathetic family; just when you think they can't be anymore sicker….THEY ARE!

  7. 7

    Re: AttFinch – Cute. I have also wondered why Yes You Bore Me ends every comment with an attack on Perez. The comments are usually quite good - the insult only takes away from the message.

  8. 8

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – Thank God for Katherine? Seriously? This is the woman who stood by and did nothing while her husband abused her kids. This is also the woman who pimped MJ's kids out to Oprah asap - knowing full well that it was MJ's wish that they stay out of the spotlight until the age of 18. Katherine is the worst of the bunch.

  9. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    The family might be working on getting guardenship of the old lady, saying she is incompetent,than they get to dole out the $$$$
    Does anyone remember how sad it was when Ted Kennedy's kids had thier mother declared incompetent, all because she wanted to sell her house, and they said, no we want that house

  10. 10

    I heard she was abducted by aliens. Then I heard she was a victim at Aurora. Then I heard she was with Lindsay Lohan. I also heard she was in talks with AI to be the next judge, that she had a sex tape about to hit the internet as went into hiding, and that she had run away with Fred Willard. I can't confirm any of these stories, I'm just sharing what I heard.

  11. 11

    Do you invent all those crazy ass stories ?

  12. 12

    Re: AttFinch – I know you enjoy it but maybe you should try removing that sanctimonious broom handle from your @ss sometime.

  13. Ttttssssskkttsssk says – reply to this


    Extremely bothered if Janet has anything to do with this nonsense. There has to be more going on here. Smart kids though.

  14. Brad Watson, Miami says – reply to this


    Janet Jackson is Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. We're not born with 'gifts' - what kind of GOD would that be?! "We take our treasures to heaven". When Marilyn died in 1962, she was an excellent actress, model, singer, dancer. Janet was born 4 years later and was a child prodigee actress, model, singer, dancer. The Jackson Family is Jehovah (Yehowah) Witness, yet Miss Jackson has said in at least two interviews that she believes in reincarnation! (google: 'Reincarnation Theory & its 23 Principles') - reincarnated Albert Einstein

  15. 15

    No, man it wasn't a KIDNAPPING, that's Crazy…It was an INTERVENTION to show her how wrong it is for her not to SHARE.

  16. 16

    Re: Brad Watson, Miami – Send me the link to the article or video where Janet states she believes in reicarnation.I have followed her career very closely and have never heard such a thing.I hate the way this family is lied on constantly.