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Caroline Manzo: Teresa & Juicy Joe WILL Divorce!

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Caroline Manzo: Teresa

Say it ain't so!

Caroline Manzo says Teresa Giudice and Juicy Joe are donezo!

The redhead Real Housewives of New Jersey matriarch claims Teresa has pushed her husband to his limit, leaving the couple short on options and doomed to divorce.

According to Caroline:

"Teresa wants it all, and I think that the demands she put on him led him to make decisions that weren't the best. And I think he resents her for it, and he's going to pay the ultimate price for it."

And by "ultimate price," Momma Manzo means Juice Joe is going to prison!

If that DOES happen, Caroline has bleak expectations for his and Teresa marriage:

"Prediction: Something may happen where someone has to go somewhere. Teresa's going to have to pull herself up on her bootstraps and take over. She'll say, 'You know what, I tried. I stood by him, but I have to divorce him now. And I'm gonna show my daughters what it's like to be strong and independent on your own and survive. You heard here first."

Her prediction may be correct!

Even Bravo has low expectations for Joe and Tre's future! We heard the network has offered Teresa a spinoff show — barring that Joe actually is sent to the slammer.

Poor Tre! She's been through so much this year, it would be heartbreaking to see her life fall even further!

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Caroline Manzo: Teresa & Juicy Joe WILL Divorce!”

  1. 1

    I saw the episode from Sunday and you just transcribed and pasted what she said verbatim… uh… well - good try at trying to stay current.

  2. 2

    Used to like her - now is just bitter old hag! Just leave the show, you bring nothing to the table.

  3. 3

    jeez….can't this biatcha afford outfits that don't show the designs of her bra????

  4. 4

    Caroline Manzo knows everything (Bitter mean Lady), and she has a 50/50 shot at being right. They either will divorce or they won't. She is such a hateful person.

  5. 5

    I like Caroline, but she was offended when Teresa said something bad about her son's. How does her comment sound any diffrent?

  6. 6

    i thought that she said "go away somewhere" implying "away" like jail. Wasn't that a big thing earlier in the season? you had to say "away" not "jail?"

  7. 7

    Re: Austin TX – Oh Dear Holy bajeebus. Caroline spouted off what huge social bracket her family were in when she was trying to hang out w/ the Brinkley/Joels but is all behind her kids being lazy. Lauren "I don't like to read" when talking about having to know anything about anything her business. Supporting her son's Stripper car wash get rich quick plan and get to hang out w/ strippers. Class all the way. So messed up Theresa says she wouldn't want her girls working at a strip car wash…Yeah that is just as bad as Caroline horrible mean sick comments

  8. 8

    Evil jealous cow. How rude could she be? Teresa was her friend for 10 years. Shame on her. Teresa has young children.

  9. 9

    Juicy Joe is a pig

  10. 10

    This story is misleading and grasping at straws. Caroline made a comment on the show, and you've somehow managed to turn it into a story? She's right in saying they are doomed, but for you to write, "Caroline Manzo says Teresa Giudice and Juicy Joe are donezo!", is just false.

  11. 11

    i used to love caroline. now i cannot stand her… can't stand how she thinks her & her family are SOOOOOOOO perfect all the time.

  12. gobsmacked says – reply to this


  13. 13

    Caroline has become a desparate, jealous old hag who can't stand that Teresa is working and actually making money. Caroline can't even get her own kids to move out and get jobs. I used to like her, too, but now I can't stand all her negativity. Isn't there enough in this world without her throwing out all this mean spiritedness?

  14. Antonia says – reply to this


    Caroline needs to SHUT IT!
    She swears she knows it all… word around Jersey is
    that Al her husband is stepping out on her,

  15. miranda says – reply to this


    I can't believe that this old woman is so nasty. Predicting something like that is mean. Can she pick better outfits? All she and Jacqueline wore are one sleeved dress. So boring. Caroline's daughter is a nasty mean girl. Her sons has a business selling Black Water. Who wants to drink black water even if it's full of vitamins and minerals? Yuck!!!
    What a stupid idea, selling "Black Water". Teresa worked hard to be able to make the both ends meet. Caroline just shut-up and try to sell your Sauce. I don't think it will sell very good. I can predict too. Both Black Water and your sauce won't be a hit. Maybe they will end as consumptions in the jail house.

  16. 16

    And another divorce hits the NJ courts. How will alimony play out? Follow this link to find out how many men are faring in this recession:

  17. etta says – reply to this


    Yes,Teresa has changed from earlier shows.Those changes were for better.She isn`t the one ripping everyone apart.Hell,there is no space to squeeze her into the fight to rip anyone.The other women on the show will go to extremes to hurt Teresa.Even going as far as to attack Gia.By the way Gia came under attack from Albert about the song she wrote for the b.party along time ago.I do believe his comment was uttered before Teresa`s comments in her book.The Manzo`s play by a different set of rules".I can hate on your family all I want but do leave my babies Albie and Chris alone!"

  18. etta says – reply to this


    Caroline hates Tersesa.Caroline hated Joe.All of a sudden the wicked witch from Jersey is putting all the blame on Teresa.Someone should remind Caroline that when you cut someone out of your life you have nothing more to do with them.How much money do you think she makes by planting her crockpot of hate to the media?