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8 comments to “facebook-added-a-new-photo”

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    Boy Scouts is a private organization, they are allowed to discriminate. It's the same reason some country clubs still don't let Jews join, but I guess since it has nothing to do with gays it doesn't matter to you.

  2. 2

    I support the Boy Scouts of America and their right to reject the idea that homosexuality is normal. I'm sure you must hate it that they are basically telling you gay bullies to fuck off, but they're within their rights to do so. It's called equality, ass clown. Since you think you have the right to force the issue, they have the right to tell you to suck it. And I fucking love it.

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    Just like the Catholic church, the Boy Scouts condemn gays, yet try to sweep the serious problem of child predators under the rug. Sad. Backwards. Ignorant.

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    Re: rosebud99 – My first homosexual experience happened on an Eagle Scout camp out. Our off-duty policeman Den father joked about it the next day and said he'd check to see if there was a merit badge for it.

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    Re: ViewFromHere – Not sure what to make of that story. Was is with another child or an adult? Big difference there. Do you think that banning gays would have prevented the occurrence?

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    Of course companies have the right to reject who they want, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. BTW you idiots, equality is one of the causes that perez stands for, like bullying, so of course he will blog it, and it will be thrown in your faces. It's so funny how you people twist and turn when you get challenged :) Can't handle it huh?

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    Good for the Boy Scouts. If there's anything that can be learned for the sex scandal at Penn State it's that perverts and sexual deviates like gays need to be kept away from children.

  8. 8

    Everyone knows that gays want to join the Scouts just to molest young boys. They especially like teaching them all about knots and then tying them up.