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James Holmes: Mentally Ill Or Faking It?

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While gunning down a packed theater full of excited movie-goers is indicative of insanity, some experts believe Dark Knight Rises gunman James Holmes could actually be suffering from a mental illness such as schizophrenia, which can begin to manifest during the early twenties.

Here's what we know:

Reports claim that upon his arrest, James Holmes' hands were covered by evidence bags to preserve gun-shot residue, which he then proceeded to pretend were puppets.

In his first court appearance Monday, Holmes appeared dazed, his eyes kept bulging and remained unfocused throughout the hearing.

Many speculated he was heavily medicated, however a worker at the Arapahoe County Detention Center where Holmes is being held, states:

"We don’t just hand out meds. It just doesn’t work like that. If he was acting sleepy, he was faking it. I heard he’s not cooperating. He’s trying to act crazy. I know the people here believe it’s an act, but only he knows for sure."

BUT, University of Virginia criminologist Dr. Joan Neff explains how Holmes' actions are consistent with someone suffering a mental illness such as schizophrenia.

Neff explains:

"We know that certain types of psychoses tend to have an onset in the early 20s; if that's the case he may be in the midst of coping with that. He may not know what's going on."

Others involved with the Arapahoe County Detention Center have shared their own bizarre experiences with Holmes. One released inmate states:

"He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards. He’s spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy."

Holmes' jailers have also expressed how the gunman believes he is in a movie.

It has also come to light that Holmes' mother Arlene has supposedly feared for her son for years and urged him to seek counseling.

But could someone suffering such mental ills orchestrate such an elaborate, calculated attack? Is his strange behavior a result of something crippling like schizophrenia or is it all just some sick, f*cked up act?

And… will Holmes plead insanity?

Hopefully, every motive and cause of this horrific incident will be revealed during the trial, which could take up to a year according to Colorado DA Carol Chambers.

We can't even wrap our minds around this twisted, fatal, senseless escapade.

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49 comments to “James Holmes: Mentally Ill Or Faking It?”

  1. LANALANA says – reply to this


    The thing about people that are mentally ill is that many are often very very intelligent so him being able to orchestrate this attack does not mean that he can not be ill… I think he will always be a risk to society and should never be released from prison or a high security mental facility but I am not so sure that he should be put to death. Beyond the fact that he might be ill, I also think that would be too quick and easy for someone who has caused so much pain and suffering.

  2. 2

    I thought when prisoners were incarcerated they had their hair shaved off
    why is he allowed to be in court with that orange hair
    it just makes him look like a scary clown and attractive to other maniacs wanting the same notoriety

  3. lydia says – reply to this


    he is a sociopath, not schizophrenic. he is faking this, guaranteed. Edmund Kemper, a serial killer, would go to therapy sessions with body parts in his trunk and the therapist was none the wiser. In fact, they thought he was getting better. Sociopaths are masters of manipulation.

  4. 4

    It looked extremely fake to me. It's to boost his mental illness claim. just pull the switch already

  5. 5

    It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the public are. Holmes can be a bushel of mental illness he can be ALL SORTS OF MENTALLY ILL. In this country we can execute the mentally ill, no worries. "Insanity"(Very DIFFERENT THAN MENTALLY ILL) is a defense that works less than any other defense and you have to be "mcnaughton rule insane" there is a tough measuring stick. Hearing voices and being the joker won't cut it. If the prosecutor can find ONE instance during his planning of or during the crime(or that he tried to cover his tracks) where Mr. Holmes shows he knew right from wrong, under the law he will be deemed sane.

  6. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    thats why this shit keeps happening….every single killer and mass murderer these days is being labled "mentally ill" and these evil pricks know they can use that defence and get away with it…string his ass up.

  7. GANG BANG SHOOT 2DEAD says – reply to this


    Ok…he is mental illl. Is obious !! He is a hot sexy young man that did have everything ..so one day he just want to kill 12 people & shoot manny Moore ??? He is absolute mental illl . And I feel for him . Cuzz if he was looking for love I will give him all the lovin he wants

  8. 8

    Re: ta da!!! – They don't shave their heads. He hasn"t been convicted yet.

  9. GANG BANG SHOOT 2DEAD says – reply to this


    All you stupid assholes that says he deserve the dead penalty needs to shut up u idiots ., he is only 24 hot beautiful man .. He just was looking for some love and the world was a bith with him and now ??? Look at what happen !

  10. jt99 says – reply to this


    I think schizo could be an explanation towards his behavior. One of the best way to determine would be getting statements from those closest to him regarding his behavior. I would like how had came to the theater..etc.. Either way, his future is pretty bleak. He'll be heavily medicated. Staying in a mental institute will be torture enough. So I don't think he's pretending much

  11. GANG BANG SHOOT 2 DEAD says – reply to this


    I Think James is hot sexy young man !!! He was very despress cuzz the world is a bith sometimes .. And he just was looking for someone who love & care for him . Unlike everybody wants him to died . I want to have sex with him cuzz she is hot and his ayes are the most beautiful ayes I have ever seens ..those red lips are Soo sexy.

  12. GANG BANG SHOOT 2DEAD says – reply to this


    Perez I know you are in lOve with James just like I am !!! Cuzz you also love white , skinny , hot ayes sexy man like James the joker is .. If he needs some love , sex , and compation I can give him all that cuzz at the end we all humans . And we all made misstakes . .

  13. 13


  14. A says – reply to this


    I saw this on tv news. He was under medication, that's why he acted so strange.

  15. 15

    He probably wanted the fame. And in that sense he's mentally ill. Because what sane person shoots up a theatre to get their 15 minutes?

  16. Ron says – reply to this


    He's got Nancy Pelosi "bug eyes"

  17. 17

    give him the fucking needle and get it over with

  18. 18

    Okay so he was getting his PhD in Neuroscience, so a psych major knows the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia by heart.. so just because his actions are in line with schizophrenia, that doesn't mean he wasn't purposely doing that. If anything, he probably has anti-social personality disorder.

  19. 19

    wtf! if anyone thinks this man is hot, and he needs someone to love him is extremely stupid. This isn't a actor playing a role as either a vampire,bad villain, etc. This man KILLED people, real human beings just like yourselves. How can anyone find what he did attractive? Yes, I agree this man needs help but also this fucker needs to pay for what he did.

  20. 20

    Have u seen someone who plays games all night day after day on the net get up in the morning , they look like that cant stay awake… NOTHING TO DO WITH INSANITY… hes faking big time but spitting is explainable he doesnt talk much so spitting is like him talking with his body , he spits its like yelling but without the words ..now reports that he was some kind of genuis have been debunked reason being he failed his tests droped out his course lost his unit and his gf apprently, now anyone who wasnt a selfentitled lazy little gamer would of got a life and a job not go around shootting people and living out some sick fantasy where they are glorius by the pain of others…
    again not mentally ill just very entitled to think everything should be laid out for him

    other people have failed tests lost their houses their partners everything and didnt go on a shooting rampage

    not mentally ill just a self entitled little bastard with a low developed left side to his brain

  21. Psych Info says – reply to this


    So, people with schizophrenia, especially paranoid schizophrenia, can be VERY high functioning, even when psychotic, and could very well be capable of the types of actions seen here. Also, the disease itself can cause a "blunted affect" (the sedated look), so he doesn't have to be medicated or faking to have that.

    I'm not saying he is schizophrenic…that's impossible to determine with examining him and much more info than we have…but the above actions are consistent with that disease…which also often begins around the early 20's.

  22. 22

    If a Muslim man had carried out this exact same scenario, it would have been considered an act of pure terrorism, ok? Insanity and mental illness wouldn't even be a part the conversation. When a person plots and schemes and plans and carries out something of this magnitude his ass know WTF he is doing! Period!

  23. Florence says – reply to this


    he very well could be suffering from schizo. If you look at a case similar to this, not to the extent, but content, the murder case of Gregory Despres, he claimed to be schizophrenic as well. Sadly, he got away with the murder of two wonderful people.

  24. Feedback says – reply to this


    Why do people keep saying that INSANE people can't PLAN?

    Someone who is nuts can plan a calculated attack. Their mental disease makes them crazy, not dumb.

  25. moronfifty says – reply to this


    He failed his first semester. He withdrew from the program because he failed. HE FAILED. Most students in neuroscientists don't study mental illness. Most neuroscientists are not involved in mental illness, only a fraction of them are. He is hearing and seeing things that are not there. Once he is evaluated and under medication I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to kill himself after he finds out what he has done.

  26. 26

    Its a shame such a good looking young american boy is a mass murderer This whole thing is just so very sad I so sorry for everyone involved.

  27. 27

    if this FUCK gets away with the insanity plea I will find him and kill him myself. That is the biggest and most used excuse in the book and the main issue is its near impossible to tell if someone is acting schizophrenic or not, despite some evidence of an enlarged Frontal Lobe that has less activity in it than a normal healthy individual. A scan of his brain would be the only colpable solution and that still could prove next to nothing. BUT if someone IS schizophrenic enough to go through with such a thing there is NO WAY they would be able to exercise such an intricate plan as he had for months on end. The frontal lobe controls calculated movements and events and this area of the brain does not work properly in a schizophrenic individual.. it also severely effects memory and his hallucinations and thought process would never allow for such planning. Go to jail and DIE YOU FREAK

  28. 28

    Re: ox13dani – Exactly I'm a psych major myself thats why I know so much about it they drill it into your brian I swear… honestly I doubt hes mentally ill he took 100 mg of Vicodin when he shot those people and smoked pot and did drugs daily.. that could explain some things I suppose

  29. 29

    Re: Feedback – Okay seriously lets end this whole argument. IF YOU ARE A SOCIOPATH which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM SCHIZOPHRENIA then you are VERY GOOD at getting what you want, calculating, lying, and generally care not one bit for any life other than your own. One can kill mercilessly and not care one bit. If he IS in fact ill then this is what he would have, count on it. Also called ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER look it up

  30. 30

    Perez, i doubt you have time to read the comments here but please, I'm pleading with you to refrain from using the Killer's photo. If possible, please stop with updates on the case. I understand that you post news that concerns your readers, I much appreciated (although it made my heart break, tears) the young people who have taken their lives as it serves a greater cause- to push the impact of how deadly bullying can be.

    However, I really don't see a higher purpose in posting this Killer's photo. I refer to him as Killer because like others, I have chosen to refrain from talking about this horrific massacre. I also choose as this massacre had a rippled effect, my fiance's younger sister, a recent college grad, was in that theatre, by the Grace of God she was at the snack vendors. Pure luck. Although the severity of her is considerably less than others the pain is there.

    the pain is with everyone. it doesn't serve a higher purpose with these updates on a celebrity gossip blog. Please, just this once? Just please make an exception for this one time. Why do I care? My fiance and I, friends LOVE your site, we're here every single day! it's a chance to LAUGH hard!!!! It's hard to laugh when you scroll down to this evil entity. Please.

    If there are others who agree, please comment and say so. Please Perez. Pretty Please? with million dollar milkshakes and kim kardashian whip cream on top???

  31. 31

    He is a psycho. I feel so sad for the families of the murdered victims.

  32. 32

    I imagine he thought he would be gunned down, i.e. the Vicodin. Looks like the Phd. candidate will now play the court system like a violin…

  33. Misty says – reply to this


    I think it is all fake. He knew what he was going to do and what he did. If you want to know what I think should happen to him. I think we should skip all the court dates and interviews. Because that is what he wants. We should take him out back and do to him as he did to the people that lost their lives that day.

  34. fullofcyn says – reply to this


    All I know is if he was of any other ethnicity, we wouldn't be talking about how he is in court or jail. The cops would of shot him onsite. But since he is white he gets a labled as being a schizophrenic and crazy and gets a chance to live.

  35. fid says – reply to this


    Middle Class Caucasian male plans attack for months and shoots and kills 12 individuals and wounds many others = Was bullied at some point, Mentally Ill, What went wrong? Middle Eastern/Indian Male = Must be a terrorist, Black Male = His mother was probably a crack head and he got into gangs. Give me a break America, this guy knew exactly what he was doing and you guys are just looking for ways to give him an excuse to walk away from this. Mental illness is a real thing but at the same time, it's so easily FAKED. You can read a text book, and mimic those tell-tale signs and some a-hole in a suit will say "oh definitely insane!". You then go to a mental institution for a year and then act like you're "cured" and walk away scot free. If you are mentally ill and commit a violent crime, fine go to a mental insitution, but you should still have to do a specified amount of time.

  36. Stephany says – reply to this


    Well James Holmes was studying temporal Illusions, or the Ability to Change, in the university. I bet he was studying the behaviours of some one who is mentallyy ill. I mean he has a PhD is neuroscience, but he cant stand to be in court? I say this guy is extremely intelligent, I think its fake, and I really think this guy planned this whole attack including his arrest. He just wants to plead insanity to avoid the death sentence.. he knows what hes doing. I think hes trying to fool all of us.

  37. 37

    36 posts so far, some say he's ill and needs help. some say fry the bastard. none say RIP to the victims of this horrible tragedy. Who care's if he's "crazy" or not. When a dog viciously attacks someone, do we say it has rabies and then debate it's place in society, or do we put it down because whether is meant to or not it WILL attack again and again? If he does have a mental illness, who cares? Doesn't bring back the dead. Did his so called illness care that a man was there with his kids, or that another young man was to celebrate his 1st wedding anniversary? Did it care as it gunned down children who now have no future? We live in a SICK society which bends over backwards to excuse criminals all the while letting the victims just be an unfortunate by-product of this "poor, poor" man. RIP to all the lives lost, I say we bring back the firing squad and let the families do to him what he did to their loved ones.

  38. PsychMajor says – reply to this


    Re: moronfifty – I am actually in a neuroscience program at a university and we do study psychological disorders and are very familiar with the symptoms and criterion of schizophrenia. It can look as if he is "insane" to the untrained eye, all the mappings of how to act "crazy" are all listed in the DSM.

  39. 39

    Fake. Fake. Fake.

  40. TeeNa says – reply to this


    Didn't he study all these mentall illnesses in school, which includes schizophrenia…he could easily fake, or maybe he really is a schizo. Hard to tell…I think he is just a really good faker though…

  41. 41

    Either way he deserves to die….

  42. phil says – reply to this


    Re: lydia – Lydia, I would have to agree with you. As a therapist accustomed to reading body language I can tell you by looking at the expressions in the photos I have seen of him, HE IS FAKING IT. If you look at his eyebrows and how he is overarching them it gives you an indication that these are purposeful and deliberate to make him seem crazy. This guy is definitely a sociopath and could care less about anyone he is simply trying to get out of a death sentence or greater charge. He may have been planning this for months, but his fantasies of killing were conceived very likely many, many months and possibly years ago. He is a typical sociopath high IQ and he is trying to "beat the system". The stupid "expert" chiming in that he may be schizophrenic…these are not symptoms of that disorder since they do not make elaborate plans and schematics. He is a sociopath which is in the DSM as antisocial personality disorder.

  43. 43

    Re: phil – TOTALLY AGREE 100%!!!!!

  44. Probewarrior says – reply to this


    He's clearly crazy, given that there's no history on motive discovered. The failure is in the teachers/peers for not seeing this. Who in their right mind thinks the past can be altered?

    One of my workmates sons died from a vicious knife attack because the guy was a schizophrenic. The problem here is giving a crazy guy, access to guns. Everyone including reporters is playing spin doctor, and is making the American system look like Salem.

  45. mmoney says – reply to this


    I have personal experience in this… My mom was a successful RN and business owner for years. Around 97 she started acting bat sh*t crazy and seeing and doing strange stuff. She always thought people were out to get her and she had to be institutionalized for a week. When people are bipolar and schizo they randomnly go off and are impossible to control with meds and the meds sometimes take a couple weeks to kick in unless they are heavily medicated like how james was in court. My mom also planned and plotted against my brother for months. She filed to take custody of his kids because she thought in her crazy mind that he was going to "abandon them in Arkansas at an orphanage because the world was going to find out he molested them." This dude wasn't faking it… he really thought he was the Joker. These sick people can really plot for months without someone knowing it or it coming to light… they are private in their thoughts.

  46. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I agree with GANG BANG SHOOT 2DEAD

  47. stephanie says – reply to this

  48. Elle says – reply to this


    This guy doesn't seem to look anything like the James in the student ID pic. Probably was a creeper that offed the real James Holmes, and took his ID on. Makes since that he dropped out of school, b/c no one can just jump into that schooling! Guy is prob dead somewhere and this joker stole his identity. Why wouldn't police call the freaking parents in the beginning after arrest?! ABC journalist did?!? WTF?! Something fishy going on here..

  49. 49

    I am an actress and just watching some of his facial expressions it is my opinion this guy is absolutely faking it. He may be schizophrenic but he is faking this poor little confused me act in the courtroom. And as far as I can tell from reports he was never a fast cycling schizophrenic and so therefore he would not have had a break and killed all those people and then, when it came time to face the music, all of a sudden be poor little James Holmes wouldn't hurt anyone. Please… this guy studied the brain, studied breaks with reality, he knows how to fake it.