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Bomb Scares & Law Suits: Dark Knight Shooting Aftermath

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The Dark Knight Rises mass-murder orchestrated by former neuroscience student James Holmes has gone down as the most excessive shooting in recent American History.

After such a disturbing and tragic incident, anxiety across the nation is at a peak, and ANYTHING that could lead to residual violence is being taken VERY seriously.

Yesterday, two 'suspicious' parcels elicited a bomb scare at the University of Colorado Anschutz medical school, instigating hysteria and immediate police action. The campus was evacuated, and haz-mat experts, along with a specialized bomb-disarming robot, inspected the packages - one slipped under a professor's door, the other in the school's mail system. Thankfully, it was discovered that both packages were harmless.

Neither package is believed to be connected to Holmes, who was in the process of withdrawing from the school at the time he chose to open-fire on a packed movie-theater, killing 12 and wounding 59.

Now, Torrence Brown, an unharmed eye-witness who watched his best friend get fatally shot in the chest by Holmes, is seeking compensation for the extreme trauma he suffered early Friday morning.

Torrence has quickly gotten legal aide and is targeting the Aurora, CO Century 16 Movie Theater where the shootings occurred, claiming it was negligent for not having more secure exit-doors.

He is also suing Homes' doctors, as Holmes was allegedly on a cocktail of prescribed drugs during his rampage.

Lastly, Torrence is turning his sue-happy gaze on to Warner Bros. because of the excessive, violent nature of The Dark Knight Rises, which his lawyer is claiming fooled the audience into thinking Holmes was simply part of the show.


We're sorry, but how can Torrence believe that by suing all three of the aforementioned parties, it will somehow rectify, or prevent happenings of this nature…

There is one man and ONE man only who deserves blame here, and his name is James Holmes.

[Image via Splash News.]

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8 comments to “Bomb Scares & Law Suits: Dark Knight Shooting Aftermath”

  1. dm says – reply to this


    I understand he lost his friend but this seems more like a free pass for easy money… i am sorry for your loss but the guy who shot your friend is in jail already you can sue him, and the theather for lack of security but the movie? you've got to be kidding the movie didnt make this guy more crazy than he already is. Getting money from a tragedy is not something to be proud of either, im sure you are suffering from trauma then go to a psychologist cause i higlhy doubt money will make your mind right after what you experience

  2. crawfoan says – reply to this


    I work for the University of Colorado Denver. The campus was not evacuated. Just 2 buildings on the medical campus were evacuated. It is a very large campus and your article suggesting the entire campus was evacuated makes it seem much worse than it was.

  3. 3

    I get suing the theater — but I have no idea if the emergency exits are required to be alarmed or not. Not sure how he knows what meds Holmes was on — that sounds like purely a fishing expedition at this point. With Warner Brothers — he is going for the deep pockets. I don't know how the theater can anticipate that some mentally deranged nut case would sneak guns in. But that seems to be about the only possible case. I predict that Warner Bros will be summarily dismissed from the suit.

  4. 4

    Re: crawfoan – Thats liberal reporting for you :P

  5. 5

    So this guy was willing to watch the "excessively violent" movie, but now he wants to sue. It's not the movie's fault. It's not the movie maker's fault. It's not WBs fault. It's James Holmes fault. He was crazy before TDKR, he didn't all of a sudden get a murdering epiphany. A movie doesn't make sane people kill.
    If you happen to be in a restaurant and it gets shot up, people wouldnt blame the restaurant they would blame the shooter. It jist sounds ridiculous when people try to put blame onto something else. It's really sad that he saw his friend die, but everyone in that theater saw someone die and you don't see themm all trying to get a pay out.

  6. fid says – reply to this


    Someone saw dollar signs once he walked away with no injuries. It was just a matter of time before someone tried to sue, I'm sure others will follow suit. I really hope your judicial system doesn't fall for this one. You guys are so sue happy as it is, which in turn has really made your society a joke because no one will help another person because they may get sued. It's ridiculous. If he wants to sue anyone, sue the guy who did the shooting.

  7. Scoobylvr72 says – reply to this


    I know the kid doing the suing and he is just that, a kid. He just graduated high school. I am pretty sure that his family or others are influencing him to sue. It's just sad his name is being dragged through the mud after being in the middle of the such a horrific act.

  8. Dyana says – reply to this


    Um… Why not just sue Holmes? That would be the most logical lawsuit.