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Lil' Wayne's Newest Video Creates Controversy By Featuring Skeletons In A Movie Theater

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Talk about poor timing!

Just days before the tragic Colorado shooting during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, Lil' Wayne released a music video for My Homies Still (above) which features skeletons inside a movie theater!

Obvi, it's just an unfortunate coincidence, but commenter's on YouTube's VEVO channel did not waste any time to point it out. In fact, the video has since garnered 16,566 dislikes, compared to the 35,625 likes.

So either fans were upset by what they perceived as an insensitivity to the shooting that just rocked the nation or, more simply, weren't big fans of the song. Judging by a handful of the comments that appear beneath the video, we're assuming the amount of dislikes had a lot to do with the former.

In one particular shot (3:42) , there are actually 12 skeletons shown sitting in the seats, which is the same number of people killed in the massacre. However, another angle displays as many as 24, so let's go ahead and put that conspiracy theory to rest.

NO ONE could have foreseen the horrific actions allegedly committed by James Holmes last Friday, so we don't think it's fair to accuse the rapper of making light of the situation. However, it might be in his best interest to remove the video and re-edit the footage.

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25 comments to “Lil' Wayne's Newest Video Creates Controversy By Featuring Skeletons In A Movie Theater”

  1. 1

    I don't even like Lil Wayne, but obviously people should've glanced at the date the video was posted before reacting. Perhaps, Wayne should even release a disclaimer? It was just an unfortunate coincidence.

  2. Frank Black says – reply to this


    People are quick to overreact and point fingers in the wrong direction. It's just misdirected anger as people try to come to terms with what happened. Obviously the video doesn't insinuate violence and in the context of the video the scene fits.

  3. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    He shouldn't change a thing, Idon't like him or his music but he had nothing to do with the shootings. All this goddamn sensitivity and political correctness is going way too far.

  4. David says – reply to this


    Shit song,shit rapper and stupid video.All this guy raps about is drugs and crap like that.I'm glad I don't live in America because I couldn't bare listening to his crap on the radio.Can't believe people actually buy his music,what a waste of money.Doesn't he use autotune when he tries to sing aswel? For me Lil Wayne represents everything that is wrong with rap today.

  5. 5

    are you all serious? if you pause the video and count how many skeletons are actually in the video… its 15. not 12. stop trying to make something out of nothing. k thanks

  6. 6

    They're skeletons, not corpses.

  7. 7

    It's been about a week now, and yes the situation is tragic. But we need to mourn and move on. People are now overreacting over anything that has to do with movie theaters, and guns. The media and politicians have turned this tragedy into gun control arguments. Obviously Holmes wanted to make a name for himself, and the media, politicians and society as a whole are making it happen by constantly talking about it or revamping the situation. Give it a rest already and let those who lost lives, mourn. The more you talk, the more we remember, the more we are filled with anger. It's a trick.

  8. 8

    He released the video way before the shooting, people just like to overreact..

  9. Anni says – reply to this


    Lil' Wayne is a freemason to the Illuminati. They incorporated this hidden message into the music video along with the trailer for Gangster Squad that was removed from the DKR trailers because it featured men deliberately shooting up a movie theater. The illuminati is all about hiding their messages in plain site. So these definitely both played a role in them in them letting others know what was going to happen in the Aurora massacre. Why would the illuminati be responsible for the shooting you may ask? The UN is voting on a gun control act that could ban civilians from owning small fire arms is being voted on next week. This terrorist attack was used to scare the public into being for gun control. It's just another way that the illuminati is using the media to control the masses.

  10. 10

    Re: Anni – you are really funny. "The UN is voting on a gun control act that could ban civilians from owning small fire arms" even if true, and i'm not going to waste my time checking, a resolution by a powerless irrelavent organization is just a further joke.

  11. H says – reply to this


    The point is.. That the real incident must've been an illuminati/free mason set up ting, sign wud have been lil wayne's music video. The entire music/media industry is illuminati based!!

  12. 12

    Re: iTaLiAnaPriNcess – your english/grammar is poor

  13. 13

    So there are 16,000-plus idiot douche bags out there, huh? In addition to the douche bag who owns this site. The United States has become a country full of ignorant, reactionary, retarded assholes. This is NOT the country I grew up in, and I'm starting to understand why citizens are starting to move to other countries. And before you liberal ass-lickers tell me that if I don't like it I can leave, I got that far without you worthless twats. You guys are what's wrong with this country, and if I wanted your opinions or advice, I'd ask. Please note that I have not; this is because I think you're idiots and you're not worthy of notice.

  14. Evie says – reply to this


    Ok, people are acting fucking dumb over this whole thing. They just want to point fingers at anyone.

  15. Adriana says – reply to this


    Im not saying lil Wayne had something to do with the shooting but I think he knew…I think this shooting was planned by the government for a reason and the reason is to give an excuse to take our guns away like they are planning to do… Don't believe it?? Look it up…they are trying to get Obama to sign a document that says that all Americans are to hand over all weapons (handguns) and that the only people that can have firearms atre the army and police men…they are trying to take away our 2nd amendment. And supposably it's suppose to happen within the next couple months… So I do think he and others who are part of the illuminati knew this was going to happen

  16. Grey says – reply to this


    Well, the video was released before the shooting, so this is either mere coincidence or good conspiracy material.

  17. 17

    Who the hell cares? It's just a music video anyway.

  18. 18

    Re: plumcocco – English should have a capital letter… YOUR English/grammar is poor.

  19. 19

    Re: David – And this is relevant because…? Seriously, dude. We're probably glad you don't live in America. Peace.

  20. 20

    Re: Anni – You're an idiot. The "Illuminati" hasn't been in force since the late 1700s. There is no such thing as a modern Illuminati, and there never will be. That being said, Lil Wayne has openly confessed to believing in Jesus Christ. Stop trying to make this Illuminati shit happen. This video was a coincidence, and nothing more. It was aired before the shooting occurred. Just shut up and think before you spew idiocy from your mouth (or your fingers, in this case).

  21. 21

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – You're blaming the entire nation's fuck ups on liberals? Really, jackass? Last time I checked, the Colorado shooting was not about liberals and conservatives. THIS VIDEO ain't about liberals and conservatives. It's about coincidental similarities between two separate events. So, either stick to the topic at hand, or shut the fuck up, you twat!

  22. Mariah says – reply to this


    Re: Anni – -___- You have got to be kidding me right?! So you're telling me that Lil wayne, Big Sean, and everyone involved in this video are all a part of the illuminati and that the man who shot up that theater is also a part of the illuminati and they planned the shooting together??????? Wow. Seriously, lay off the pipe.

    It's obvious that it was an "unfortunate coincidence" as Perez stated, and that people are looking to much in to the video. GOSH!!! People can never just give these artists a darn break, huh? Everyone and everything always has to be a part of some "big conspiracy…" SMH. Just say your prayers for the victims of the event and let them be at rest. Blaming a rapper and his video for the shooting is unfair and BS.

  23. webby says – reply to this


    The video came out way before that happened. Now stfu

  24. AnthonyT says – reply to this


    Well there are 12 skeletons in the very first shot; the number of those who lost their lives. And in the zoomed out shot, there are 24 skeletons;the murder count the shooter was charged with.

  25. Paul says – reply to this


    how is it an unfortunate incident when this exact type eof stuff happened with 911 in the Simpsons and numerous movies?
    There is enough evidence suggesting that hollywood, and big media businesses know about world events before they happen.

    The fact Bilderberg was exposed this year for the first time in history only proves that secret elites and royalty are meeting in secret, as well as media monguls, so why should we believe media that is controlled, and not assume events are staged or known about in advance?