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Real Housewives Of O.C.: Vicki & Alexis Getting Kicked Off??

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Real Housewives Of O.C.

Bravo is giving the Real Housewives Of O.C. a make-over!

As we speak, the network is sharpening their scalpels in preparation to cut some dead weight off the cast … and the end result may not be so pretty!

An show insider tells us:

"Bravo execs are looking to refresh the cast the same way that it revamped the cast of its New York City franchise this season, adding three new women.

This means the casting call we saw a couple weeks ago was legit!

Our insider indicates that executives are looking for wealthier more dramatic people to shake up the show — and Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino are the closest to the chopping block!!

You'd NEVER guess who Bravo is looking to place Vicki with! According to our source:

"Producers had considered asking Gunvalson’s pregnant 24-year-old daughter Brianna Wolfsmith to join the cast, given that she eloped with her boyfriend last year and is already known to Orange County viewers."

Replaced by her own daughter! Now THAT is some dramaz!

Howeves, we're not counting on that outcome. If the network is looking for richer crazier housewives, Brianna won't do.

From what we've seen of her throughout the years, her mom's coo-coo gene skipped a generation. Plus, she's a nurse and her new husband serves in the military. Respect points out the wazoo — but not copious amounts of ca$h.

We have a feeling Vicki, the longest serving O.C. Housewife is going to be forced to retire.

As for Alexis… we hope she stays! Her outrageous claims and ridiculous reactions make for some fan-tas-tic TV!

[Image via Bravo]

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15 comments to “Real Housewives Of O.C.: Vicki & Alexis Getting Kicked Off??”

  1. 1

    I really don't want Vicki to go until all the cons come out of Brooks. He is conning her so bad and she just can't see it. I want to see how stupid she is when it comes to Brooks's BS. He's not even good looking. The teeth job she paid for didn't do a thing for him. Alexis is a pain. I can't believe anyone can be that dumb but then again I can. Wouldn't miss her at all. Let her husband go out and get a real job. Seems like no one in these reality shows have real jobs.

  2. 2

    They're all quite annoying and I don't watch them anymore. I prefer the BH Housewives. I'd rather watch them. The OC Housewives aren't reality. Not all women in OC dress and act like them. I want to see real women, at their jobs (real jobs) not just "Entrepeneurial" jobs. I want tot see the gorgeous homes and cars and lifestyles that are paid for with real, sustained, constant, professional work. Less of the plastic surgery and fake trips/weddings and more on their actual lives. The fripperies are much better with the BH Housewives. The reality should be the OC wives. Also, the only two shows in the franchise that are even remotely interesting are these two. Who cares about the East Coast and Atlanta etc. Waste of time. It's always about California as it should be. I agree, it's time for Vicki to retire. I would be interested in watching more on the daughter and her hubby. I'm tired of Gretchen and Tamra and their over made up hair and faces. Alexis too. Maybe it's time to revamp that whole show. And the new girl is an annoying East coast whiner with her creepy accent and all. Move them all out and start with a fresh slate.

  3. 3

    These women need real jobs

  4. Kaycie says – reply to this


    I like the housewives shows but these women act worse then children. Vickie is a sick woman anymore. I use to think she was ok as she worked, knew her stuff well, has great kids and Don never seemed a bad sort, but Brooks What the world is she thinking. He is an oportunist as everyone said. He says jump and she says how high. Grow up Vicky, your 50 yrs old. You had great friends but I think you have lost them. I hope you have to pay Don support.

  5. raven3658 says – reply to this


    Alexis is young, fresh and giddy…I like her kookyness. Vickie has outgrown the show. She was the strong successful business woman who melts like jello to a smooth talking con man who fills her love tank. Gretchen and Slade story line is played out and Tamara is just a plain old B@#ch trying to stay relevant.

  6. 6

    I'm still hoping Bravo will choose Ayda Field. She's a real Beverly Hills housewife married to a handsome and successful man. Both are funny amd both have been in front of the camara. Right RW fans? Google her. She was on Back to You with Kelsey Grammer so if Camille comes back…..maybe Ayda could reveal some spicy stories. Anyway, she'd be a great choice. JMO.

  7. lucy says – reply to this


    Keep Vicki and dump Alexis! Alexis is crazy and fakes having money! Her husband is a loser too! He sells forged sports memorabilia! Why did they even choose her anyway!

  8. 8

    If you seen the OC Housewives reunion show………..you would have seen Vicki tell Andy, after he asked her a question , her reply was "Its none of your business" I said to myself……..self,………if I were Andy……..I would get rid of her!
    I guess Andy felt the same way………..she was very rude to Andy
    Glad to see her go!

  9. 9

    I'm over ALL of them - except the new girl Heather. Tamara is an angry, bitter hag this season who is seriously mean-spirited - and not in a bitchy, guilty-pleasure sort of way. You'd never know that she was happy in her life (or at least pretends to be). It's shocking that Eddie puts up with that type of behavior. Gretchen just isn't interesting anymore. Her and Slade are boring, and it's painful to see how washed-up he is. Alexis brings little to the table. She's not the brightest star in the sky, so she rarely says anything witty or memorable. She's not a modern woman and her relationship with her husband is archaic and lame. Vicki is still somewhat interesting to me - although I wouldn't shed tears if she didn't return. At least she's a multi-faceted character - she's got the career, interesting kids, dramatic personal life, and is very much the every-woman. Heather is what this show was originally meant to be about - peering into the lives of super wealthy, over-the-top people that we would never otherwise encounter. She just happens to be smart, classy, savvy and have an interesting husband on top of that.

  10. Savonna says – reply to this


    Good! I wish they'd just cancel all the RH series of shows. They are played out, so obviously staged, full of no talents & totally irrelevant. People don't care about these bitches anymore. They are not real housewives, they are rich media & fame whores with tons of money & help. I like about 4 of them Melissa, Teresa, Nene & Brandi. That is it.
    People like the reality shows with purpose 80 Plates, Matchmaker shows, Wedding shows not this tired old stupid franchise.

  11. amirtha43 says – reply to this


    Please don't let Vicky go. I want to see what else that Brook will get from Vicky. I think Brook needs hair transplant, he can't afford it. Vicky, when will you fix his hair? O yes, Vicky rent him a condo (I hope she didn't already bought it for him), let him drive her car. Nobody will believe that somebody who doesn't have a car, who let his girlfriend bought him nice outfits, who paid the dentist to fix his ugly teeth can afford to buy his girlfriend a mink coat???? Vicky must be dreaming thinking that her friends will believe it. It's so obvious that Brook is a con man. He said that he never filled for bancruptcy. Big deal, but he was in jail and who was the one to rescue him??? Vicky!!! I thought Vicky is a smart bsiness woman but definitely she is a desperate seeking for love woman, who is lonely and needs man's attention. It's just so happened that Brook is the only one available at that moment who doesn't wait a moment to take advantage on this fulnerable lonely woman.

  12. irma says – reply to this


    I dont want Vicki to go I cant stand Tamara shes a bully she talks about everyone and then there her best friend and she is calling Vickie a hypocrite She has no room to talk she ragged on slade sooo bad and now its Vickie turn so I think if they get rid of Tamara but yall wont because she is soo messy yall will keep her,,,

  13. Myssiecannon says – reply to this


    Yes! Get rid of both of them!!!! Neither of them have anything interesting to offer viewers…breath some new life into the show Bravo.

  14. Elle says – reply to this


    Are you insane?! Alexis sucks! She looks and acts like a dumba$$! No one on any blog site likes this transvestite. She is not rich and acts like she is, she is such a nut job that lies about every single thing known to man. Vicki is just old and gross, so she needs to go. Tamera is getting a bit boring, the same old smart a$$ remarks are so 15 mins ago. Heather is great! But GOD ALMIGHTY GET RID OF ALEXIS!! I fast forward through all her and Vickis story lines!

  15. jo says – reply to this


    Vicki is a sucker Brooks is taking her for a ride on her own Money open your eyes I thought she was an intelligent woma?