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American Astronaut Sally Ride Was A Lesbian … In Space!

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sally ride lesbian astronaut arnold schwarzenegger

She was the first American woman in space.

Come to find out, she was also the first American lesbian in space!

Sally Ride died of pancreatic cancer Monday. With 61 years of inspiring life under her belt, the brave astronaut's obituary revealed her sexuality.

The announcement, made by Sally Ride Science, declared that Sally was survived by "Tam O'Shaughnessy, her partner of 27 years."

Yesterday, Mitt Romney (who stands against gay marriage), tweeted:

"Sally Ride ranks among the greatest of pioneers. I count myself among the millions of Americans she inspired with her travels to space."

…but an inspiration who wouldn't be allowed the equal rights of marriage!

We're assuming Mitt wasn't aware of her sexuality like the rest of us. And that's because Sally chose to keep her personal life personal. But while she didn't broadcast the news, she didn't hide it from family or friends either.

Though Sally and Dr. O'Shaughnessy knew each other from childhood, they didn't become romantic partners until 1985 — when Sally and astronaut hubby Steven Hawley were still together. They divorced in 1987.

Our thoughts are with you Dr. Tammy. We hope you can find as much peace as possible after your loss.

[Image via WENN.]

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30 comments to “American Astronaut Sally Ride Was A Lesbian … In Space!”

  1. 1

    OK regardless of her obituary why should we care whether she was a lesbian or not? Is it really that relevant at all to her accomplishments. NO. I could give a shit less. It doesn't and shouldn't make her more or less notable of a person. She was a brilliant individual who held her own to the end. Nuff said. Stop trying to politicize the situation like every other little thing. FUCK.

  2. Mercine says – reply to this


    I hate that what Sally wanted to keep private wasn't kept private at all. She was brilliant indeed. Perhaps she didn't want the circus that comes with the media feasting frenzy.

  3. 3

    You know … using someone's death to promote a political agenda is really low. This is a time to mourn her passing, not to use her grave as a grandstanding platform.

  4. dana says – reply to this


    way to make her death all about your platform Perez. She can be an inspiration to ANYONE regardless of beliefs. Hmmmmmm, seems like you are getting might close to that picking at/bullying/not being open minded Perez you used to be. Back up and re-evaluate. I hope all who loved her find some peace right now.

  5. 5

    Re: Tnorris – In an ideal world it shouldn't matter. But in her personal life, she was a second class citizen - unable to marry the person of her choice due to her sexual orientation.

  6. krissy312 says – reply to this


    Would you like EVERYONE to be gay or lesbian?? our civilization would be wiped out..you bullying close minded iddiot

  7. 7

    Re: Tnorris – It's not politicizing it, you ass. It is a point to make that it SHOULD NOT matter. But it does. TO keep it invisible makes it easier for people to continue to discriminate. It is a teaching moment to show that gay people contribute greatly to our society. For too long they have been characterized as noncontributing sleazeballs best left in the corner. I am sure she approved her obit before she passed. RIP Sally

  8. Mindy says – reply to this


    Just because Mitt Romney is against gay marriage, doesn't mean he can't be inspired by a woman who was a lesbian.This was an all around insensitive post.

  9. 9

    Re: Tnorris – I couldnt agree more!! Why should any persons accomplishments be prefaced by their sexuality - we didnt hear that Neil Armstrong was the first STRAIGHT man on the moon!! Gays are begging for equality yet the second they have a chance to flaunt the fact they are different sexually they totally do it!!

  10. 10

    Oh thats nice. A woman who clearly kept her life private is now being used to bash Mitt Romney.
    And i like how you say " We're assuming Mitt wasn't aware of her sexuality like the rest of us." Yet the beginning of the article you say "come to find out she was the first lesbian in space". Sounds like you didn't know either. And why would this assume he didn't know she was a lesbian? Because he was sorry for her loss? That literally makes no sense.

  11. 11

    "Sally Ride ranks among the greatest of second class citizens. I count myself among the millions of Americans whom if she were still alive would do all I can to keep her from achieving equal rights."
    Mitt Romney

  12. 12

    Dr. Ride and Dr. O'Shaughnessy were partners for 27+ years…. which is a lot longer than most "straight' couples. Gay marriage isn't a threat to heterosexual marriage… divorce is the real threat!! So I say let everyone marry who they want.. or let no one marry.. it's that simple.

  13. 13

    there is something terribly wrong with using her death to make your point. if she wanted to make a point, she would have done it when she was alive…but she, like many people, chose to keep her private life, private…she didn't even let on she was dying of pancreatic cancer…
    please, please, please perez, let her rest in peace.

  14. 14

    Re: FrankieLA

    Ya really need to read between the lines you twat. Tying in someones death and relating it to the current election and the supposed "bigot" Mitt Romney is I would think classify as politicizing it. And besides, there is a time and place for EVERYTHING when it comes to everyone's little soapbox moments. A celebrity gossip website? I think fucking not.

  15. 15

    Re: rosebud99

    No arguing that. Though thankfully (and mind you I'm a pretty conservative guy with some liberal social beliefs) more states are slowly but surely adopting marriage for all. So it's a start I suppose.

  16. 16

    you dick it as all about gay to you. I have NEVER read anything anywhere that screams he/she was hetro. you are suck a freak, talking about your teeny dick getting hard over 100 straight guys, and shitting in beibers underage mouth. NO ONE gives any credence to anything you say. your credibility pool has been poisoned by your own mouth.

  17. 17

    I'm gonna avoid the political issue on this particular article.
    (And yeah… trust Perez to make it political, the flaming piece of shit.)

    Speaking very personally:
    As a gay woman who kept herself in the closet all through highschool, and several years beyond, all I want to express on this topic is that Sally Ride was an enormous inspiration to me when I was young. She LITERALLY changed my world.
    I was a shy chubby kid with a very high IQ, (in the "Sheldon" range, which isn't all it's cracked up to be, trust me) and I wasn't fully aware that as a girl, I could focus on my academics, and be PROUD of my smarts the way I wanted to until she came along.
    I had an avid interest in space, and flight, and physics. I wanted to study law, I wanted to study psychology, I wanted to be a judge, I wanted to be a writer… I had so many dreams as a teenager! But until Sally Ride came along, I had no idea it was even possible.
    (My father favoured my brothers, and wouldn't even TRY to understand me. And all my mother wanted to do was marry me off and get my freaky precocious ass out of her hair. She thought I was nuts. I could remember details on subjects she had told me months prior, and it pissed her off to no end in arguments.)

    Imagine - being 13 years old, and seeing a woman fly into space!
    Imagine - being a happily "out" lesbian, and finding out your hero was a lesbian, too!

    RIP Sally!

  18. 18

    Re: raypearson
    amen, brother.

  19. 19

    And it didn't matter one single but what her sexuality was. You however would have made her wear a neon sign over herself saying "I AM GAY AND AN ASTRONAUT" which would have made her more about her sexuality than her job. This is why you gay advocates fail. WE DON'T CARE. Just do your fucking jobs and shut up

  20. 20

    so u can go to the moon but u cant marry…

    what a fucked up world we live in

  21. 21

    Have some respect for the dead, especially someone that obviously wanted to keep their private life private.

  22. 22

    Re: rosebud99 – And if that bothered her, Madam Liberal, she'd have done something about it. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you didn't know her, and so you don't know whether or not your own issues were also hers. The fact is that you don't know anything about her or how she felt about her homosexuality and issues related to it. It's not for YOU to interpret or to try to speak for her. She was perfectly capable of doing so, but chose not to. If she wanted her gay out there, she'd have put it out there. That she did not does NOT mean that she "hid" it out of shame or anything negative. She was a notoriously private person, and perhaps she felt that her lesbianism was totally beside the point; perhaps she didn't want that to be the focus instead of her many accomplishments. There ARE those people out there who don't need to trumpet their sexuality because they have so much more than that to offer. I'm going to guess that you and Perez are on the list of people who have nothing else.

  23. 23

    Perez, is it possible that you get more stupid with each post?
    Who cares if she is a lesbian, she obviously hasn't thought in the last 61 yrs to mention it why you?
    We should focus on the accomplishments of Sally and what we know is fact. K thanks

  24. Sophia says – reply to this


    Omg seriously you guys are dumb. It's news from a gay advocate blogger.. Why wouldn't he mention her sexuality… Ah check another news site then dumb dumbs.

  25. 25

    We should know about when sha was there!R.I.P.!

  26. 26

    Who cares if she was a lesbian? Oh Perez does, else he wouldn't have cared about putting her on his site.

  27. 27

    I don't understand why you keep coming to this sight if you are offended by Perez, it's his site hence his opinion…just saying TNorris…by the way what you say, you are right it shouldn't matter but it does, she was brilliant and all kinds of people are brilliant regardless of their sexuality, you are right she should be memorialized for her brilliance, but you see asshole there are people out there who still believe that someone else's sexuality is their own stupid choice…the fact that we all know this women is brilliant should amplify that she didn't make stupid choices. By the way it is notable that a women of this caliber kept her life and sexuality private, because she knew that there was a great possibility she would be ostrisized for it and not be able to fulfill her dreams of being an astronaut…or marriage.

  28. 28

    Re: renxr7

    Offended isn't the right word at all. Frustrated yes, Offended? Pull your head out of your ass. And a side note, learn how to spell. Site, not "sight" lol.

  29. 29

    Re: Tnorris – Profanity and pettiness…yup your are one of those people the rest of us just don't like. RIP Sally the greatness of your noble character will be forever be remembered as an American hero, a lesbian American hero

  30. 30

    Re: renxr7

    Ha. Nothing left to say that carries any actual weight huh? Believe the majority of those commenting on this story anyways agree with me on using her death as a political tool (kinda tacky just sayin') so what was that last bit, but yea. Keep clinging to that raft.

    And give me a break on the swearing. Not like I riddle my posts from beginning to end with four letter words. And sorry baby ears, next time I'll warn you.