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X Factor: No Judge Is Safe From The Firing Squad!


Beware the Factor's wrath!

Simon Cowell is notorious for axing/exchanging X Factor judges (ahem Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger), but apparently even Simon isn't safe form the Factor's infamous chopping block!

The reality-television mastermind recently expressed:

"No one has any job security anymore, including myself. We've always made a point on these shows of changing the shows whenever we think it's necessary… we just felt that we needed a change. I don't envisage [the new panel of X Factor judges] changing for a while."

Phew! We can wipe the cartoonish sweat-drop from our brows, anime-style!

But honestly, WHO would Simon replace the legendary Britney Spears with?! She's pretty much the iconic pop-star of the coveted "millennial" market, and while Britney connects with the older half of the youth demographic, Demi Lovato perfectly represents the teens/tweens aspect.

Perhaps it IS rudeboy Simon who should kiss X Factor goodbye. Aside from his generally en-pointe comments, he kind of puts the snooze factor in X Factor

Now, if only he could get Justin Timberlake as his replacement! And then he and BritBrit can reunite and realize they ARE meant for each other and all our pubescent dreams will come true!

And at least Simon said some sugary words concerning the newest judge at his former dream-stomping ground, American Idol!

In regards to Mariah Carey fluttering her butterfly wings over the judges panel, Sisi stated:

"I'm happy for her. I like Mariah. I think she's going to find it difficult to say no… She's sweet."

No, YOU'RE sweet Simon!

As sweet as those maple syrup, lemon juice cleanses that help people poop out their weight!


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