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Colorado Shooting Victims Miraculously Find Marital Bliss Amid Unspeakable Tragedy

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Aurora Colorado Shooting Victims Vigil Marriage Happy Silver Lining The Dark Knight Rises

We're so grateful to finally report good news from Aurora, Colorado!

Jamie Rohrs and his girlfriend Patricia Legarreta attended the ill-fated Friday morning screening of The Dark Knight Rises when the gunman opened fire.

The couple summoned every last bit of their courage and know-how to help their infant son and 4 year-old daughter safely escape the theater.

Patricia was thankful to suffer only a minor bullet wound but more good news would quickly seep into her day.

Describing what happened when Jamie rushed into her room, she said:

"He just looked at me and he said, 'I know this is not the time and place, but will you marry me?' And I said, 'Yes.'"


After barely escaping a deadly situation, we bet life's priorities quickly came into stark focus!

Jamie explained the panic he faced trying to find his girlfriend fiancée immediately after the chaos at the movie theater.

"I got to my truck and I drove across the mall.. I'm going to call 911 and trying to call Patricia and it's just ringing, and every time it rings I'm like they're dead, they're dead, your whole family is dead."

How horrifying!

We know there was an unparalleled amount of tragedy in Aurora that morning, thank heavens there were a few silver linings as well!

[Image via AP Images.]

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38 comments to “Colorado Shooting Victims Miraculously Find Marital Bliss Amid Unspeakable Tragedy”

  1. lynn says – reply to this


    this guy left his girlfriend and children to die in the theatre! this guy is a coward. this woman needs to leave him now!

  2. Ellen says – reply to this


    This guy is horrible! He DROPPED his baby, causing the baby's head to get stuck between seats, and RAN. Leaving his girlfriend and children behind. He then took their only form of transportation and split, driving around and leaving them stranded. Marital bliss my a$$.

  3. Megan says – reply to this


    I think it's wonderful that they are getting married, but why in the HELL did they bring an infant child and a 4 year old to a MIDNIGHT screening of 3 hour long violent movie? If you can't find a babysitter, stay home!

  4. katie says – reply to this


    he dropped his baby and ran for cover leaving the movie and his children behind! there is nothing wonderful about this guy …he is a coward who is trying to cover his unthinkable behavior with a ring!!!! drop him girfriend and run!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sara says – reply to this


    Perez do more research. This man dropped his 4 month old on the ground of a chaotic crowded theatre and ran away from his girlfriend and children. Another young man saved this man's girlfriend, 4 year old and 4 month old baby and was shot in the thigh for his efforts, while Jaime Rorhrs ran away to safety then called back to check on his family. Why would you give any public support to this cowardice?

  6. 6

    Thank goodness others have pointed out what a terrible person this man is. he should NOT be getting any recognition other than shame for what he did. I hope his girlfriend wakes from her fog and realizes this man is a disgusting coward and leaves him ASAP. When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM. This man has shown exactly who is number one in his life…HIMSELF.

    PEREZ…retract this story or do some research for yourself and print the TRUTH…do NOT give this man any accolades…that belongs to the other young man who risked his life for strangers, while this guy ran away.

  7. Lisa says – reply to this


    Yea, this is the same guy who left his children and gf in theater while some other stranger shielded them from the bullets! Way to go douchebag.

  8. 8

    Re: Megan – yes yes yes!! mte, like how is this even allowed??

  9. Wynn says – reply to this


    Perez, Perez, Perez…..why do you keep posting about this guy like he is a saint? He left the baby on the floor, left his girlfriend and 4 year old in the theater and drove away. A stranger, and good Samaritan, helped them get out of the theater. Not the boyfriend and father. She is a dumb ass for wanting to marry someone who left their infant on the floor of a chaotic theater and drove away from where she was fighting to survive and keep her kids alive. Stop acting like he did something good by proposing.

  10. Jackie says – reply to this


    Nope! This man absolutely did not "summon every last bit of their courage and know-how to help their infant son and 4 year-old daughter safely escape the theater." What really happened is that he dropped the baby and left it — and the mother and their other child, 4 years old — in the theater. He jumped a rail, ran out, and drove away in his car. The guy only came back because she called him on his cell. A 19-year-old stranger is the one who actually shielded the mother and children — taking a bullet for that mother.

  11. lea says – reply to this


    SERIOUSLY PEREZ?????? Check your facts before making this person a saint! He left his family behind!

  12. TY says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,

    It's just like you to praise an a**hole. This guy left his wife and 2 children behind while he jumped over the balcony to run to safety. He's a coward. Meanwhile, a 19 year old guy put his life on the line to make sure the wife and kids got out of that theater, he was shot as result. Maybe you need to spend less time kissing these celebrity asses and actually do some fact checking.

  13. Melissa says – reply to this


    Look at this logically. These people thought it was appropriate to take a 4 month old and 4 year old to a midnight screening to an almost 3-hour, violent movie. When shots were fired, daddy set his 4 month old down and took off. Mom is trying to shield the 4 year old when she sees her baby near the stairs, ready to fall down or be trampled. Dad not only leaves his girlfriend and children to die in the theater, he LEAVES in his vehicle. As a mother myself, my first instinct is to protect my children, not leave them. These people are both morons. The fact that this woman knows what happened and still agreed to marry him is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I would never speak to this man again if I was her. This is why you should have to take a test before breeding. Common sense people.

  14. hope says – reply to this


    This guy abandoned his girlfriend and kids, jumped off a balcony and ran away. now they are trying to fame whore. The real hero here is Jarell Brooks who took a bullet sheilding the woman and her children.

  15. be strong says – reply to this


    Is this really true? Did this guy really leave his family to save his own skin and then a teen-aged boy is the one to help his fiance, child, and God help us, newborn baby? He didn't even wait for them? He got in his truck and drove off! You don't really know what you would do under certain circumstances but I would hope I would save my own children or go down trying. There are worse things than death. Losing your entire family while you are too afraid to help them is one. He is fortunate they were all right. The parents of the teen-ager must be so proud. He must have been terrified too, but he still saved that family. Wow! I take back negative things I've said about teens. This boy proved there are great kids out there!

  16. Haley says – reply to this


    Perez, I'm sick to my stomach after reading this. Absolutely disgusting giving him such glory.

  17. Katherine Anne says – reply to this


    HA! This woman might consider the complete stranger who helped her and her children to safety over the shitty-in-his-diapee coaward boyfriend who left them all to fend for themselves. She must be one desperate girl!

  18. 18

    I still think it was shameful that children that young were there with their parents in the first place, regardless of the tragedy that followed. The children aren't going to get anything out of such a movie, not to mention the violence that takes place on the film is too much for the child, and don't infants get upset and start crying? Not to mention that that's too late for a child that young to be up. Responsible parents should've been at home in the bed while their children were asleep in their beds. The parents could've waited until the next day to see the movie during the day when the children could be watched by the grandparents or even a babysitter. It's horrible what happened that night, but the very young victims of this tragedy shouldn't have been there in the first place if their parents had had any commonsense.

  19. be strong says – reply to this


    You know, the more I think about it, the worse it is. If what you are saying is factual, this guy puts his baby down(unheard of) runs for the hills and then wants to get to safety as fast as he can so abandons them there. Where were they supposed to go when they eventually got out with the shooter chasing out with them. They would have been open targets. They couldn't even crouch down in the truck. They couldn't even get home until it was all over and he finally came back for them but only after she called and told him to high tail it back.

  20. Karina says – reply to this


    OH. THANK. THE GODS that Perez is the only clueless person about what REALLY happened. I was RELIEVED to read everyone's comments here praising the TRUE HERO JARRELL BROOKS (a teenager) and brandishing this D-BAG COWARD JAMIE ROHRS for leaving behind his FAMILY, his BABIES, while running to his own safety. I watched the most pathetic interview with this coward tripping over his words and trying to explain how he put his 4-month old down on the FLOOR because the baby was crying and he didn't want the crying to draw attention to him. He also said that he had to run for his life because he didn't want his children to be orphans. HOnestly, I think they'd be better off as orphans raised by ANYONE other than Jamie Rohrs.

  21. 21

    LOL perez you are so ridiculous!! do you not know that this Jamie Rohrs is the SAME man who LEFT HIS FAMILY to save himself! And here you are praising him! you are such a failure at life Perez.

  22. suckitracistscum says – reply to this


    Of course the whole situation is incredibly tragic and I don't want to take away from that when I agree with some of the above posters who ask what the Hell small children were doing at a midnight screening of ANY movie but especially of one so VIOLENT? Could these parents not get a sitter or wait a little longer to see the movie? As the mother of small children, I screen what they watch very carefully. I would NEVER let them see this movie and I'd NEVER take them to a midnight screening of anything.
    Common sense seems to be absent but of course the scale of the tragedy overshadows all that and probably rightly so.

  23. ER says – reply to this


    After reading this post I am officially done with Perez. not only are you DAYS late on this story, you have everything factually wrong and are praising a coward of a man for abandoning his girlfriend, infant and 4 year old to protect himself, then DROVE away taking their only means of transportation to get away after escaping the theater.

  24. skipper says – reply to this


    This guy is the biggest POS on the planet! He left his girlfriend, infant and 4 year old behind to be slaughtered! He then got in the car and drove away. He threw his infant son on the ground and ran for crying out loud! He makes me physically ill. I watched the interview where he admitted to doing it. Disgusting.

  25. Moriah says – reply to this


    Glad they are alive and all, but why in the hell would people bring a baby and a 4 yr old to that movie, let alone to a midnight showing. Idiots.

  26. mal says – reply to this


    You MUST start checking your sources better…..the real story is about the hero Jarell….not this dipshit.

    Actions > words.

  27. Red says – reply to this


    Who the hell brings an infant and a 4 year old to a movie in the middle of the night….hmmm, let me guess, oh I know friggin morons!!! If you really want to see a movie that much, get a babysitter. And if u can't afford a babysitter take turns or wait until it comes out on DVD. I swear this world is full of self absorbed aholes. And now I find out the guy leaves everyone in the middle of the shootings and u think he is a hero?

  28. Truthteller says – reply to this


    Completely false story of what happened. Jarell Brooks is a hero…Jamie Rohrs left his family behind, and is a coward.

  29. kelsey says – reply to this


    Why in the world were they taking their 3 month old and 4 year old to the MIDNIGHT showing of a VIOLENT movie? Their children should have been home in bed, and if they couldn't find a sitter, they should have been there with them. These people are morons. Also, the guy then ran out of the theater dropping his baby, saved himself, and then once he was out, called to try and find his girlfriend. Neither one of these people deserves any media attention or accolades.

  30. Mel says – reply to this


    I am so fucking tired of these media whores. These idiots who took an infant to a midnight movie have been all over every tv show covering the shooting. GO HOME.

  31. Mamabrig says – reply to this


    Who would marry such a disgusting coward?

    A woman dumb enough to drag her baby and toddler to a violent midnight movie, that's who!

  32. Wtf says – reply to this


    You guys just keep pumping this idiots ego up.. he's a text book narcissist, and a fucking liar. He put his baby down.. and looses him in the dark of the theater.. while it was crying.. you lost a crying baby 3 feet within proximity. Right. Fuck this asshole, and if his fiancee has a brain she'll leave, as she has better luck depending on strangers. I know you media folks just want to find the miracle within the tragedy; as it could provide for you a heart warming story to sensationalize.. this isn't it. Go find a real hero.. maybe the 19 year old kid who took a bullet saving this guys girlfriend and kids?

  33. wtf says – reply to this


    I like that you guys used an AP image and added your own watermark. .. How did I even get here

  34. Shon says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton and all who think this is a great story … what the f**k are you smoking?! This guy left her and HIS two kids in their to die! And she now knows she will have to depend on herself or a stranger in times of peril or danger … this guy is the definition of coward! WTF! He was the one holding the baby and left the baby on the floor. Read the story he gave in HIS OWN words of what happened. There is no way this woman should marry this man. I know the drugs in the hospital are GOOD and STRONG but DAMN!

  35. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: SaraRe: Sara – I'm with Sara - do you're homework!!! Four days after the shooting, when people are making memes of what a @#$@#$#@ jerk this guy is, you get the story completely wrong! Typical. You and Jamie should get together Perez, and bask in your self-absorption!

  36. rohrsisacoward says – reply to this


    Stop glorifying this coward. Jarell Brooks was the real hero who risked his life and took a bullet for a complete stranger and her family, yet for some reason the media refuses to give him the praise he deserves…

  37. Skyy says – reply to this


    Outstanding? Are you serious Perez? This idiot left his kids and girlfriend in the theater, ran out and drove off before even thinking about them and you think he's a suitable source for marriage. Get out of here. That's insane. Not only should she NOT marry him she needs to get her kids away from him because the role of protector is something he is NOT.

  38. Leslie says – reply to this


    I have been reading stories and watching videos on this guy and I am appalled he is getting any time on TV or the telling of his experience. I am tired of reading posts about people saying "don't judge him you don't know what it must have been like with gunfire and tear gas in that theatre." Well the mom knew what it was like and stayed to protect her children and said "all I could think about was how to protect my kids". And Jarell knew what that kind of situation was and he chose to stop and help a mom with two children. This man or lack of man did make a chose admist the chaos. He didnt have a fight or flight situation. Why? Because he stated he was trying to decide if he could make the jump off the balcony with the baby. He chose he couldnt do it with HIS baby and so left the baby and jumped! That is not immediate fight or flight that was a decision! And a terrible one that we should all thank God that God made up for his lack and sent a real man to help this woman with her children. God does provide!