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Kristen Stewart Caught In The Act! Details On KStew's Two-Timing & Secret Rendezvous With Rupert!

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This is unraveling faster than a hyper kid's roll of wrapping paper!

Amidst the CRAZY breaking news of Kristen Stewart's affair with her married Snow White director, UsWeekly has unleashed the saucy details behind their cheating scandal!!!

According to the source, the two were "kissing like crazy" immediately! Crazy!! Heat!!!

You see… K-Stew was heading home from the gym that day when she received a call, prompting her to turn around and head to the west side.

When she finally arrived at her destination, the photographer wondered why she'd be so antsy to reach an abandoned building with "FOR LEASE" signs everywhere.

But soon enough, the photog's answer came when Rupert Sanders arrived. Before they knew it, Kristen was pushed up against the inside window while Rupert "kissed her entire body!"


The source continues explaining their dirty romp, saying:

"They'd only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn't get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment."

Eventually, Rupert seemed a little nervous so the two finally left.


Five days later, Kristen went to the Teen Choice Awards with Robert Pattinson… awww… poor R-Patz! Friends had apparently been warning him too. He "thought she was the one."

And poor Liberty Ross!!! And their kids!!!

These two just opened a whole Pandora's Box of hurt!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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115 comments to “Kristen Stewart Caught In The Act! Details On KStew's Two-Timing & Secret Rendezvous With Rupert!”

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  1. 101

    Once a talentless lip biting whore with the emotional range of a turnip, always a talentless lip biting whore with the emotional range of a turnip - not to mention the morality of one.

  2. 102

    Re: sweetpea – She is likely wearing them on both wrists as they never show both arm/wrists at the same time. Good eye though.

  3. gregory edmonds says – reply to this


    I really shutter to think that this doofy Pattinson dude really thought a 22 yearold could be 'the one.' That cracks me up!

  4. jc says – reply to this


    i will believe this if kristen will apologize in the national tv. And admits the cheating thingy. but i hope its not true.

  5. amanda says – reply to this


    i luv twilight rob n kirsten bt ppl keep saying aboot hur hairties changing hands she has them on both hands in 1pic.we are jst going to have to accept kirsten isnt as squeeky clean as we tho she was in my ♥ goes out to rob there is nuffin more humiliating than gettin cheated on by sum1 you luv n respect.keep yer chin up rob x

  6. JoeSchmoe says – reply to this


    Re: sweetpea – She has them on both wrists.

  7. lynn says – reply to this


    she is a pig, skank trash..and that was my opinion of her before the slut wrecked a marriage

  8. Kavita Shahi says – reply to this


    <<<< read this before saying anything against kristen…perez…u lose respect frm me atleast….LOVE U KRISTEN N ROB!

  9. nau says – reply to this


    Now that this issue is confirmed and Twitwats can't blame "photoshop" anymore, they're trying to defend the hoe by saying that she and Pattinson aren't married and therefore it can't be called adultery. Okay, fair enough. So they mean it's okay for her to cheat on him? Pathetic. That's still infidelity. I wonder how many excuses the can come up with? Once a cheater, always a cheater. This may or may not boost her career (after all, publicity is publicity), but she can kiss her integrity goodbye.

  10. es0724 says – reply to this


    Re: Judy o – she has bracelets on both wrists which you can see in the second photo of them hugging.

  11. 111

    Haha shes so screwed, I honestly think shes such a bitch.

  12. 112

    I seriously believe people are making such a big deal out of Kristen's personal life. I mean hasn't anyone tought this is just to get attention since breaking down is premiering in a couple months, it's just so weird to me how she has never wanted to talk about her personal relationships and she has said many times she's not in a relation with robert and now all of the sudden she publicly releases and apology for her affair? it's just so odd, that's not kstew at all in my opinion…

  13. judgehater says – reply to this


    wow we live in a saint world.all the persons dissing kstew have never done anything horrible in their lives.which idiot made the monogamic rule for the whole world.yoou gossipers i hope you get humiliated in your life very badly & that probably will shut your mouths forever.i love cheaters hate the ones who gossip.they cause more damage to the world.

  14. 114

    Isn't it nice how Rupert just let Ksrew know that she is nothing than a quick lay for him, she deserves it , now she can concentrate on Prettface

  15. Karl says – reply to this


    She behaved like the whore she is,stupid empty headed bitch

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