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More Photos! Kristen Stewart In Rupert's Loving Embrace — And There's KISSING!

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If you are within earshot of a Robsten fan, you might want to cover your ears.

Out on newsstands today is the photographic EVIDENCE that Kristen Stewart has been cheating on her Twilight lover Robert Pattinson with her Snow White director Rupert Sanders.

Previously, we got a glimpse of Kristen and Rupert's affections from the cover of US Weekly – but just take a look at the spread INSIDE!

Tousled hair! GIGGLING! And do our eyes deceive us, or is that Rupert's LIPS on Kristen's SHOULDER! And are they leaning in for the REAL DEAL in Kristen's car?!

Such a moment of tenderness between … lovers? Friends? Certainly more than just co-workers!

Oh, KStew! We just feel inclined to bite our bottom lip and sigh in your direction.

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223 comments to “More Photos! Kristen Stewart In Rupert's Loving Embrace — And There's KISSING!”

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  1. 1

    Uh oh…tsk tsk

  2. 2


  3. Geo says – reply to this


    I'm not a fan of her or Rob but it seemed like he always deserved better from the start, after all, she left her ex for Rob in the first place.

  4. Tttm says – reply to this


    At first I felt bad for Kristen…it must be awful to have your private life displayed for everyone to see. But then I remembered that i've spent my time and money watching that horrible excuse for a movie that was Snow white and the huntsman, and now I don't feel so bad.

  5. 5

    Omg …

  6. VAnne says – reply to this


    There is a reason why so many people in the fandom never liked her. There never any genuine care from her for Rob or her job, seeing how many times she acted so cold towards fans and press. The way she swore all the time, all those trashy clothes. Why were people so dead set against accepting her obvious flaws? Why were fans so set into making her seem nice? She never was. She never seemed as into Rob as he was into her. Not accepting that you're with someone is not a privacy thing. Is a commitment thing. She was never that committed and to publicly disgrace him like that? Wow.

  7. Dee says – reply to this


    Looks real to me…
    She is done

  8. 8

    well, fuck her

  9. V.V says – reply to this


    Whoop there it is. I guess they were all photoshopped huh twihards.. Clearly not. Please note, her attire is the same, outside and inside the car where she is clearly sucking his face.

  10. V.V says – reply to this


    Even the hat in the hand is the same as the one she's wearing on her head as she makes her get away.

  11. 11

    Anyone else think that these pictures are photoshopped because the first picture with Kristen looks jacked up because of er nose. Don't think that's what her actually nose looks like so I am thinking fake for those pictures.

  12. V.V says – reply to this


    P.S. she looks none to guilty in ANY of these. She looks rather comfortable with the "public" affection which indicates that it was not the first time.

  13. Dee says – reply to this


    Re: V.V – Also looks like he is sucking her on the bottom left pic haha :D

  14. 14

    Re: Geo – If thats true, you know what they say…once a cheater, always a cheater. Wow. I'm shocked.

  15. ttutu says – reply to this


    They're both scumbags! Hope Rob already dumped her ass and his wife!

  16. 16

    That picture of them kissing in the car is gonna be VERY hard to explain. There's NO EXCUSE why their faces needed to be that close, if not to kiss. Poor Rob. He can do much better, though, so I'm glad this is opening that door of opportunity for him.

  17. 17

    That's something else but seriously, how many stories have to be posted about this?

  18. me says – reply to this


    maybe now RPatz will reconsider the whole "don't like washing my hair" thing.

  19. rt says – reply to this


    Rob always deserved better anyways. Come to my arms Rob you babe…

  20. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    can i just say….perez, you always say you have changed and want to help people and make the world a better place….so why do you take such delight in ripping people down….even if they have done something wrong….to publicly humiliate them and point and laugh is not being the kind person you claim to be…just saying….i think if you truely want to change and help people….."gossiping" and writing trash is not the way to do it. Yes people like to read this stuff, me included, but maybe lead it to people who dont care who they hurt, cause if you want to help the world….this isn't how to do it

  21. V.V says – reply to this


    Re: Dee – rofl that too. I hear there were more …of..uuh..lower..sucking

  22. V.V says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – Yeah its true they don't publicize that a lot because ehr ex wasn't famous. But they were together for years and she broke up with him for Rob.

  23. asdfghjkl says – reply to this


    she was bound to get caught in the first place. is she really that stupid to actually think she won't get caught? srsly, she's a celebrity and is surrounded by paps. i guess this is her way of breaking up with him. now i wonder who she will be frolicking with next in her upcoming movie. poor rob. i don't like Kstew anyway. she doesn't have any special talents at all. you don't go WOOOOOWWWWWW every time she acts. she's cold and an ungrateful little b*tch. i always wonder why twihards go nuts over her. she doesn't even like twilight in the first place.

  24. Soul says – reply to this


    Now I know why Kristen acted in this movie hahahaha lol! And about Robsten it has never existed, it was just a circus to sell twilight to idiots like those who manipulated photos. I'm sorry people, true sucks right? LMFAO

  25. naira says – reply to this


    he's 44..10 yrs older than his wife whose 33 10 yrs older than miss Stewart…hmm so 40+ year old men actually want 22 year olds??? sick i'm staying single

  26. V.V says – reply to this


    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Its a GOSSIP site for celebrities. This is the hottest story of the entire year probably, you expect him not to report on it?? His followers would crucify him if he didn't. Its kind of his job. o.O Get over it.

  27. jojo says – reply to this


    wow, she has rob's hat. what a slimy btch, and rupert i hope your wife takes you to the cleaners.

  28. Zapinez says – reply to this


    Don't think it's photoshop and never thought Kristen was as nice as some twilight fans told, but well, I'm on Kristen's side on this one. Actually, I'm on no one's side, neither wih or against her. Nobody but her know the real story. She may be a whore who wanted to break this man's marriage but he also could the one flirting and seducing her for days before she gave up. Plus she may even have already explained herself with Rob days ago. These are photos, we don't have the whole story and we shouldn't have to need it. If you don't like her acting skills, it's your choice. Isn't it forbidden to fire someone because of personal reasons? It's not cause your an actor or actress that it's different..

  29. faith says – reply to this


    Oh man. I'm really disappointed in KStew. But hey, who am I to cast the first stone? We all make mistakes. It's just too unfortunate that their indiscretion had to be thrust in the limelight.

  30. Sia says – reply to this


    And I actually liked her ! PATHETIC !

  31. ellen says – reply to this


    i'm not a fan of either of kristen or rob, but there is always a chance that they broke up and she isn't cheating at all.

  32. notsofast says – reply to this


    Am I the only one that thinks these pictures don't look THAT bad? Obviously friendly, yes. Smoking gun, no.

  33. Robsten Lover says – reply to this


    Re: Tttm – It's the other way around… Michael Cheated on Kristen, she was left heart broken, Rob was the one who picks her up.

  34. faith says – reply to this


    Re: ellen – Yeah that's a possibility.

  35. 35

    Looks like he's going down on her in the bottom left picture.

  36. Vic says – reply to this


    Re: Zapinez – He could have been seducing her for days?? ….and?! The movie has been wrapped, they don't work together anymore, the most they would have to see each other is at casual events. It wasn't as though she was single and she gave in. She has a boyfriend of like 4 years. They BOTH wrong and both horrible to have done this regarldess. He is a married man with 2 children, she was aware of this as well as in a comitted relationship. Even if he did lie and tell her his marriage was over or end or in trouble or that he would make her the fucking queen of Sheba, what about Rob?

  37. GoAwayPerez says – reply to this


    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Amen, whoever you are. A-fucking-men… I mean, he;s such a damn hypocrite. And honestly, I dont know what to make of this. Nor do I particularly care because honestly, we don't know whats going on in twisted hollywood bullshit lives.

  38. Vic says – reply to this


    Re: notsofast – They're making out in the bottom left picture… o.o

  39. 39

    Yeah, not cool for the kids involved in this unfortunate situation. How devastating this must be for them and their mother.

  40. 40

    I cannot wait to see what all of her fans have to say. I was looking on other sites yesterday, and they were in disbelief. One even claimed it was Rupert's wife. Ha! Give this photographer photos of the year!

  41. milah says – reply to this


    pictures in the car - her mirror is inside the door on two of the photos and then outside the car in the other

  42. Marie says – reply to this


    Nose looks totally weird, not like hers

  43. 43

    So sorry to hear that about Robsten. They are such an impressive couple. But better Rob finds out she's a cheater now, then after a wedding. And what they heck was Rupert doing? He's a married man! People are crazy.

  44. Melly says – reply to this


    Re: milah – That's the passenger side window you're looking through. It looks like its in the car because its on the other side of the car.

  45. msp says – reply to this


    shame on both of them! especially the guy! I mean you are married with children douchbag.
    As for kristen once a cheater always a cheater like they say

  46. 46

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – Do people like you ever get bored with telling Perez how "bad" he is? Like it or not, this blog is about the inside scoop in the celeb world. This story is nothing different. All of you self-righteous people who are on this site DAILY reading what he puts out there are total hypocrites. I find it ridiculous to constantly attack him. Perez has drastically changed his style, which for a long time made the blog kind of boring. Now, he has found a balance. Do you really think no one else will be showing these pictures? To attack him for doing it is B.S. - especially because you're here checking it out. Hypcrisy!!! Grow up, all you people who like to attack Perez! He's human, and if he says something you don't like, you can leave. And try to do it more respectfully…. like, just LEAVE without all your drama and attacks. Jesus, it's so ridiculous to every effing day have to read these personal attacks on Perez, and yet you are HERE… it's not about what's wrong with Perez - it's what's wrong with YOU!!!

  47. 47

    I still don't believe it…this whole time Rob & Kristen hardly ever hv PDA & now she's outside,in PUBLIC Kissing an Older Man!? & she's all over him?! Not Super Sure….Why? if its true, she must hv wanted to ”get caught” but.. but but,…

    PLEASE GOD if you God REALLY Exist please don't let this be TRU…:(0

  48. Shaz says – reply to this


    Aww i feel so bad for Rob, well she made a mistake, everyone does.

  49. 49

    oh…what about ALL the Press they ALL hv to do together….?
    No WAY this is Tru….Kristen would not be so MEAN & Twilight Fans would turn on her in a second….if she hated to do Press before this?? Noway this is tru…until one moves out or Rob runs home TO LONDON…noway this tru…

  50. truth says – reply to this


    Something about this picture looks quite off even though some pictures has "k-stew" you really can't tell who's in the car w/Kristen. Plus, She came back to her hometown around July 17 so how come papz don't have video of this altercation.

  51. Ange says – reply to this


    Wow what a whore!! I do feel bad for Rob and Liberty though.

  52. lilvanilladrop says – reply to this


    So the lovely Kristen isn't a big old lesbo afterall???

  53. Akinan says – reply to this


    Re: VAnne – Agreed!!!!!

  54. milah says – reply to this


    …The photo of her in the car has side mirrors on the inside of the car…UM…I don't know any car that has mirrors on the inside

  55. stan1234 says – reply to this


    i'm not labeling her as a cheater until she makes a statement. she's a very private person and it look a long time for pictures of her and Rob to surface. So what's weird is that all of a sudden there are photos of rupert and her emerging in like less than a month.. that's strange. Especially since the last Twilight movie still hasn't been released… i'll just wait and see

  56. milah says – reply to this


    The mirror is on the inside of car….that makes no sense. Bad photoshop

    Read more:

  57. 57

    When I read that she was supposedly sorry about having the affair, I figured it was a one time thing, but these pics make it seem more like she was having an affair for quite some time and was just sorry she got caught.

  58. Léa says – reply to this


    Jolie montages

  59. JustBella92 says – reply to this


    Kristen why u're so stupid… :<<<<

  60. Jennaw says – reply to this


    Why is girl making out in white shirt.. But girl driving in black shirt?!

  61. SM says – reply to this


    How disgusting and pathetic. What a way to hurt people who love you. If this is true, Rob should dump her.

  62. Rin says – reply to this


    The funny thing is. If this is True, K-stew will be fine, just look at Angelina Jolie and how many relationships and/or marriages she busted up. Hollywood eats this up. As for these being photoshopped… they really don't look it and as for the fleeting moment comment from a supposed source close to Kstew, yeah right that doesn't look fleeting, fleeting is a kiss and then startled and rush off, or coming close and rushing off, at least putting some quick distance between them. Ultimately, who's to say she and Rob didn't break up but are just playing it couply bc BreakDawn isn't out yet? The real shame isn't Rob it's Sanders wife and children, obviously neither of them were considering anyone but themselves in this 'fleeting' moment

  63. gross says – reply to this


    He's totally going down on her in that one pic in the car….SO BUSTED!!!

  64. lol says – reply to this


    what a player, she's going down bwahahah

  65. Doodeedoo says – reply to this


    Re: ellen – Umm who cares if SHE isn't cheating on Rob if they did break up, Rupert is STILL married with kids! So she's still guilty of cheating either way.

  66. ANON says – reply to this



  67. Mina says – reply to this


    I have never belived that Kristen and Rob were a couple..

  68. M. says – reply to this


    omg, I'm so mad and sad! this is insane! I loved her.. now I'm so disappointed of her ! poor Rob, he doesn't deserve this..

  69. wortha1000words says – reply to this


    I doubt this is the ONLY time this 'rendevous' has happened. Bet they were hooking up for a while and finally got caught, not a 'momentary indiscretion' she claims it to be in her statement. She is only sorry for getting caught, if you love someone you wouldn't hurt them by being with someone else. I feel bad for his wife and kids. 22 and hooking up with a 41 year old - ewww!

  70. nofar says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – is'nt the guy in her car black??

  71. sa says – reply to this


    Re: ellen – but still she is kissing a married man!!

  72. Gaby says – reply to this


    This is so fake I can't even

  73. LadyBane says – reply to this


    I find the media and commentors double standard appalling. The focus and blame and name calling is all directed at Kristen, a young unmarried woman with no children, with no judgement towards Rupert Sanders, a married man with children. Both their actions were wrong but only one person's violated marital vows the trust of his children.

  74. CT says – reply to this


    Just another ho…Rob deserves better than this fugly stick turned foe.

  75. B says – reply to this


    NO - FU

  76. Hanan says – reply to this


    Now we know how she gets her roles. *smh* I feel so bad for Rob, he deserves way better and hopefully he realizes that.

  77. Hanan says – reply to this


    Re: Dee – So true!

  78. jackie007 says – reply to this


    OH NO! She might have been a bit bored and was longing for something new and exciting…she´s so young..maybe she will appreciate a good relationsship when she´s older…and Mr Pattinson is so shy and introverted…I can´t imagine he´s fond of feeling - let´s say - embarrassed now..Sorry Rob, I would like to hold Your hand and spend some comfort but I´m married…Good luck to You!

  79. sam says – reply to this


    This is why there is rare loyalty in Hollywood. So much seduction. Divorce rate is super high. It's good that her cheating was caught now before marriage. They had a long relationship, time for break-up and this is a good excuse.
    But it's also irony that the whole America culture pushes affair, cheating, sex thru TV, movie, so it's not a big deal that Hollywood people cheat.

  80. melissa says – reply to this


    the picture on the bottom looks photo shopped, like really, how is her hair over the car mirror?

  81. i love robert says – reply to this


    Kristen is such a whore!!
    Robert is so much better than that old guy!!
    Kristen; go suck his face some more!!

  82. Fergie says – reply to this


    1) is kristen so keen on keeping her lesbian self under wraps so much that she uses a married man as a cover? 2) i'm of the view that she's a lesbain (cannot be emphasized enough) 3) this *happening is a publicity stunt - rupert sanders' name is now on the map, so is his wife liberty, who, i have to say, i never knew anything about. Also, haters will now hate because kristen will forever be in our movies, on the cover of magazines blah blah 4) all in all… i think she's aight…

  83. zaja says – reply to this


    Re: Rin – angelina didnt have much of a image to uphold so there is a difference

  84. thaliany says – reply to this


    shut up. this is fake idiots. robsten forever

  85. Letícia Göss says – reply to this


    It was just Rupert teaching Stewart how to make the movie scene, folks… lol

  86. Emily says – reply to this


    Maybe Her and Rob we're never together, that's why its never really discussed between them
    The went out only for publicity
    and then Kristen had this affair with Rupert (ok so hes still a cheater)
    then the twilight directors and shit realised this will ruin their movies if they're not ”together” so they made kristen go apologise to win back fans

  87. Eliethe says – reply to this



  88. 88

    Congratulations KStew not only are you a shitty actress, you're also a shitty girlfriend!!!

  89. Maureen says – reply to this


    Rob should have put a ring on Kristen's finger a long time ago. Feel sorry for Ruperts wife and children.

  90. Ryan says – reply to this


    lol the mirror "inside the car" is the mirror on the FAR SIDE of the car NOT the INSIDE… lmfao

  91. Debra says – reply to this


    Re: ellen – It's still CHEATING when one is married….WITH KIDS! DUH

  92. lucy says – reply to this


    bad kristen.

  93. Ruby says – reply to this


    Re: V.V – She admitted to doing it so its obviously not fake.

  94. Ila says – reply to this


    Re: Rin

    not the same, Angie was 1) not having an affair with a father of 2 kids, 2) living together with her bf of 3-4 years, 3) and still is, a MUCH better actress, 4) not caught on camera (and pics splashed in tabloids) in broad daylight, getting whatever KStew is getting in that car XD

  95. Vena E. says – reply to this


    Get a grip girls. you dont know them, they certainly dont know you. So they made out. Big freakin' deal. But honestly, when will celebrities realize that everything they do will eventually come to light? In all actuality, she didnt bang him. They just kissed. It hardly anything to get all pissy over. All you Twilight nerds, stepping back into reality isnt going to kill you.

  96. BrillJute says – reply to this


    Rupert was all up in that Pu$$y. No forgiving here. If Pattinson does, he's a coward and a fool.

  97. What a dumb _fill in_ says – reply to this


    What a dumb (fill in the blank); how can they be so stupid to do things in public!
    Even average people gets caught; I don't care about any of them or like their movies but I feel sorry for Rob. He seems like a nice dude and what she did to him is really * ucked up!
    She deserves to get dumped and humiliated for being a cheater!

  98. Kris Brown says – reply to this


    It looks like his head is between her legs in bottom left pic- the one with her back pressed against window! Lol he's kissed more than the lips on her face! Haha

  99. clairecorrigan says – reply to this


    most people do this is their lifetimes. i can't believe the huge deal that the media are making about this. he was the one who was married last time i checked. and yes i know shes with rob

  100. Brittle says – reply to this


    Why…would they choose to do it in a car?? It seems to me they both wanted the public's attention. They're high profile celebs wouldn't they consider that the paparazzi follows them everywhere? Really stupid on their half but also good for the other two to know..it's really crappy that it has to be so public though. Kristen isn't sorry by the way, neither of them are. They're only sorry that they got caught. Kristen is not sorry for the fact that she hurt the man she supposedly loves and helped destroy a marriage that involves kids. Really awful situation.

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