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Twilight's Biggest Fan Tells The World To Leave Britney Robsten ALONE!

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It's official, folks.

This is the (self-acknowledged) Chris Crocker "Leave Britney Alone!" of the Twilight generation!


Our poor, beloved Nutty Madam is absolutely DEVASTATED by the news that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, and in a very timely fashion, posted an INCREDIBLE video response to the entire scandal!

That's really all we can say. Some things are better left just watched (above) to be appreciated!

Poor thing! Her heart is BROKEN!

If it makes you feel any better, gurl, we LOVED our shout-out!


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126 comments to “Twilight's Biggest Fan Tells The World To Leave Britney Robsten ALONE!”

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  1. janine says – reply to this


    Hmm.. Anyone think Snow white and the huntsman II (sequel) that they are raving about will be CANCEL… any thoughts?

  2. 2

    LOL Oh good lord - the shit has hit the fan! LOL!

  3. 3

    This girl should have played Bella in the series…. WAY BETTER ACTRESS HAHAHA

  4. Daily says – reply to this


    Looking at her tell you why Robsten's are so gullible and naive. Who the hell wants to be part of that crowd of people.

  5. 5

    Twihards or whatever the fuck they call themselves just creep me out

  6. 6


  7. Eve says – reply to this


    I'm actually more concerned about this girl than Robsten…she definitely needs to get a life!

  8. MMM says – reply to this


    She's fan of Lady Gaga too right?

  9. 9

    Damn, what a sad sack of shit. Grow the fuck up.

  10. Twi-hards says – reply to this


    This girl is freaking right!!! Leave Kristen, Robert and rupert and is family ALONE!! And also give Robsten and twilight fans a break!! Dont go teasing us for caring about our two favorit celebs OK!!! Show you care, suport them in this hard time and let them make ther own dessisions on if they will stay together or not BUT ITS NOT YOU BUISNESS SO STAY OUT OF IT!! (leave us fans alone)

  11. sammie says – reply to this


    ooomg how can someone get upset over a celebrety couple that shes never gunna meet.. i fink she needs to get over herself, i mean its not like the twilight couple are gunna watch and go awww someone cares!!! seriously girl GET A LIFE!!!

  12. moronica says – reply to this


    she needs emotions of her own, not live the life of others…I hope one day she realizes..

  13. 13

    Stupid fat jajajajajajajajaja

  14. Carly says – reply to this


    Haha shes kind of acting like she was the one that has been cheated on

  15. 15

    Re: Lady Who? – Perez would drop to his knees, in public, to receive Rob's scepter in his mouth, and still be talking about it years later on this joke of a site. Thank god Pattinson has more sense and better taste than that. Even stinky Stewart is higher up the food chain than Perez.

  16. 16

    Shut up, u tub of l*rd. I dont understand how you could still support your idol and not think about the wife and the 2 kids who are hurting right now. The woman played her mother in her movie. She knew her and yet still dared to cheat with her husband. I always thought that KStew was a slut and im proven right. Im going to celebrate right now. Im so happy that this happened to them. And no, im not a fan of no-shower Pattinson either.

  17. kyra says – reply to this


    she does know that photo was photoshopped…right??
    & even ruperts wife said it was all fake

  18. jen k says – reply to this


    You tell it girrfran!

  19. G says – reply to this


    People are far from leaving them alone, they decided to have an acting career, so this is what they signed up for ;)

  20. Victoria says – reply to this


    Re: sammie – she has actually meet them, and someone of the actors in Twilight has watch her and talked about her in interviews. Just saying that, nothing else.

  21. 21

    Honey………..GET A LIFE.

  22. David says – reply to this


    Ahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahha some sad,sad people in this world

  23. asya says – reply to this


    on. my. god.
    what is wrong with people?
    these are just celebrities. people you don't know. people you have never met. and you're crying your eyes out because they.. wow.

  24. Victoria says – reply to this


    Re: Venus914 – I think it's more bad from his side, takes two to tango and he didn't just cheat is wife but children as well which is unforgivable. Not saying she did the right thing but if you want to blame anyone for breaking up his family you should blame him the most.

  25. Reesa says – reply to this


    Hahahahaha, oh god this was funny. She is making her comments about her opinion, then says to leave them alone? She read all of the gossip and says "why did Kristen cheat on Robert Pattinson?" the starts blabbing. Seriously you need to not record it and keep silent, if you really wanted this to be left alone.

  26. Kristen supporteR says – reply to this



  27. matt says – reply to this


    no life.

  28. dafuck says – reply to this


    Re: moronica – -_- she has met them lots of times don't be stupid………… how the fuck do u not know who she is?

  29. Tammy says – reply to this


    Bottom line Kristen Is an idiot but at the same time who gives a shit

  30. nydia says – reply to this


    i think i love more kristen now then before :)

  31. 31

    You tell em, gurl!

  32. 32

    Awwe, the poor thing. Don't pick on her! She seems very sweet!

  33. gaby says – reply to this


    this is the stupidest and funniest thing i've seen in a looong time…poor girl, she must be really heart broken hahaha

  34. 34

    This girl is taking this hard, I actually feel badly for her. Not as badly as I feel for the wife of this man who cheated on her though. Kristen and Rupert are assholes.

  35. 35

    Preach it girl! ;)

  36. Stephen Moore says – reply to this


    maybe by u releasing this video has caused more useless attention towards them? maybe u should leave them alone and get over it! get a fucking life and dont be so stupid crying over people whom you do not know that are only having affairs which one another, not only celebrities sleep around, normal folk to do, u wud know that if u got ur head out of the clouds and back into reality! go out and get a partner for urself, sleep with the neighbour and have someone post a video about u

  37. kim says – reply to this


    kill it with fire.

  38. michelle says – reply to this


    Boo Kristen Stewart Sucks!!!!!!!! I apoligize for thinking perez was being rude and mean to her….. he was Right all along!!!!!!!!!

  39. Madworld430 says – reply to this


    Ths is so sad. This girl needs serious help. I understand that she loves Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison. But to lose it, like she is losing it on this video over their personal business concerns me deeply.

  40. Kieran says – reply to this


    WOW! Cringeeeee

  41. berrymat says – reply to this


    LOL… some ppl sould really get a LIFE!!! live and learn…

  42. icannotbelieveyoukstew says – reply to this


    honestly kristen, that is the most selfish and disgusting thing to do to robert, one of the most nicest people on the planet who loves you. i honestly hope he finds sense and dumps you because if you really loved him that much you wouldnt of thought about doing that to rob, a wife and two children. disgusting. i cannot believe you did that right when robert said he loves you and wants to propose. i hope you career goes downhill fast

  43. Laina says – reply to this


    KStew is a whore. Rupert is a complete arse hole. Rob, The wife & Kids can do way better. Those two deserve each other! If she 'loved' hime, she wouldn't have done it! Jeeze the stupid twats are gamous (her more so) .. Did they not think papz would be hunting her down. I swear Hollywood 'A Listers' have no fucking brains!

  44. Jess says – reply to this


    ahaha I really hope for that girl that she's an actor xD crazy tells us to leave them alone but is constantly judging herself

  45. kdawg says – reply to this


    omg…that's all I have to say. 3:16 on just really scared me.

  46. marcella says – reply to this



  47. 47

    I hate British women with heavy accents! Love them mens, though . . .

  48. 48

    HAHAHAHA For the love of F**K!

  49. WTF says – reply to this


    Twilight fans are so crazy. Get a life! It's none of our business of what celebrities do in their private life.

  50. xoe says – reply to this


    i was reading some of the comments you guys put out and some of them were really mean theres this one comment that was making fun of her calling her fat and that just rude she not fat you can never be to fat or to skinny and it was a guy who said tht and im not suprised so this is what i have to say to him screw you and fans have a right to say how they feel about whats going on sure it might not be any of their bussiness but who cares and at this point it is their business she told the world tht she cheated she let everyone know so they have a right to say how they feel and kristen stewart deserves to hear what the people have to say maybe something good would come out of it like hopefully teach her a lesson about cheating on the man you love maybe she didnt love him at all if she cheated and yes she also right the poperatzze how ever it spelled or whatever you call them they need to leave them alone yet they say they want to show the people the real person their following around but there not they just want a story they want money their invading their personal space their nothing but stalkers just sick pervertive stalkers who just cause troubles cameras werent made to embaress people they were made to rember the beautifull times and memorys not to destroy people

  51. Shanice says – reply to this


    :' this is so sad. i mean i never thought it was true, i thought the pictures were fake and i was hoping that they were.. and then kristen admits to cheating and publicly apologizes… i couldn't believe it.. i cried as well because i'm a twihard and a fan of both kristen and rob. the way they kept their love lives so private, I admired them for it and she is a role model to so many persons, its just really really sad. my heart broke when she said it was true but I hope they work it out and stay together cause I say ROBSTEN 4 EVER

  52. kayla says – reply to this


    oh my… this is the most amazing thing ive ever seen….

  53. Shelly says – reply to this


    oh no honey dont cry for what the stupid Skank did… she is the worlds biggest HOE right now.. and is not worth one single tear!!!

  54. Chantelle says – reply to this


    i find it hilarious that people will believe anything in Gossip magazines..Photos..photoshop is a great tool people…it happened many times…statement..have you ever hear kristen admitting anything to any mags or paps….I mean just a day ago they looked happier then ever..Hell if she was going to cheat..dont you think she hates the paps and wouldnt never do it in public..come on people dont be dumbasses!!!

  55. Shanice says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit
    how can you be so mean.. what she is saying has nothing to do with growing up you dick head. she is a fan of not only the twilight franchise but kristen and rob themselves, she is expressing the way a lot of fans around the world feel about the situation. oh and by the way kristen herself knows that what she did affected many persons, and apologizing to everyone is the right thing to do. so shut you dip shit of a mouth and backoff

  56. Ikkk says – reply to this


    WHAT DA FUCK!? I feel so sorry 4 her. Don't you have a life honey? It looks like you DON'T.

  57. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Man I get her point in saying leave them alone because yeah its their marriage and what she did is bad enough without everyone getting in their business lol but man. to cry over it? to get that emotional over people you don't even know and a marriage that wasn't yours. that chick is freakin weird.

  58. ROBSTEN says – reply to this


    hey this is too much and check this out

    She only kissed once and after realizing she didn't even talk to Rupert! and it's just one kiss they did not have SEX and They were rumors that rob cheated on kristen too and media is creating a mess of a small mistake!

  59. Robsten says – reply to this


    She only kissed once and after realizing she didn't even talk to Rupert! and it's just one kiss they did not have SEX and They were rumors that rob cheated on kristen too and media is creating a mess of a small mistake!

  60. Dena says – reply to this


    Do they have dentists in the UK or what?! Holy shit girl… get them teeth fixed! And seriously.. CRYING!? Holy shit you need a life!

  61. 61

    jayus girl……….. he didnt cheat on you!!!! lol!

  62. 62

    I thought kristen stewart was a lesbian ?

  63. ME says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh.haha I cried less when I found out my dad cheated on my mom than this chick!haha Chill out, they don't even know who you are!

  64. Kayzee says – reply to this


    I agree with Eve, this footage is disturbing. To actually realise that there are people in this world that intergrate their lives and emotions so deeply with someone they do not know, except on pages and screens is worrying. Turn off the TV and put down the trashy magazines, get outside and experience the world for yourself.

  65. 65

    i thought i told this nutcase to step away from the twinkies and get a life no guy wants some screeching whiny diva u got the looks lose the weight and get ur own guy..

  66. Robo says – reply to this


    Someone needs to show this to Rob now…I think he'd feel better knowing someone's taking it much harder than he is.

  67. YYZ says – reply to this


    OMG. I cannot believe there are people this affected by this shit. How pathetic. I feel really, really sorry for this girl.

    I get it, I'm reading Perez Hilton, but it's simple entertainment chuckles. I've never been, and cannot imagine ever being like this poor girl.

    Perez - I get why you posted this, and yes, it is all over the internet because she put it there, but maybe someone should reach out and try and help this girl. This is fanaticism to an extreme. She needs serious therapy if celebrities she has, and prob will never meet, have this affect on her. She clearly has major life issues that need to be dealt with. This poor girl needs help.

  68. Carter says – reply to this


    I love how she keeps yelling "Just leave them alone" and then she goes on to reprimand and chastise Kristen hahahahaha

  69. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    i would like to meet this girls parents because there is something wrong with her, and they should invest in some help…..seriously! and the fact that you perez give her a stage to act bat shit crazy on is pathetic.

  70. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    re: xoe….do you have any education?? im pretty sure you are younger than 12…ever heard of punctuation??? at least throw in a dam comma once in a while….

  71. The7thseal says – reply to this


    Sometimes you wonder why the prowl and shootings on whales is a controversial topic of debate.

  72. amy says – reply to this


    She needs to see a psychiatrist. that is just not normal.

  73. Tracie says – reply to this


    I have to admit, I watched this to get a good laugh which I kind’ve did at first, it was more painful and cringeworthy and embarrassing than anything but by the end of the video I just feel bad for her. It wasn’t funny anymore because I can see how Twilight and the characters, the story and the actors by proxy have affected her in the deepest, deepest sense. It’s not funny to laugh at someone’s pain. Now with that said does she need to get a life? YES most def. One can hope that in time she’ll turn her obsession into something productive and use it in other areas of her life worthy of her time and devotion and she’ll one day move on to more relevant, personal things. God, let’s hope so.

  74. Tracie says – reply to this


    Re: WTF – You do realize you’re on perezhilton.com right?

  75. anel says – reply to this


    this girl is ridiculous

  76. trixx says – reply to this


    yeah leave them alone! let them face and solve it! all the bad words coming from you guys will not help

  77. Manofadventure says – reply to this


    God almighty….!

  78. Seriously? says – reply to this


    Get a grip!! Cry about your own bf or ur own issues!

    It must be the drugs, blurring her perception between reality and retardation.

  79. 79

    get a life !! … you're sooooo pathetic

  80. Sabrina says – reply to this


    THIS GIRL IS SO SERIOUS IN THIS VIDEO! Kristen Stewart better run for her life if this girl ever meets her in person because it gonna be a BEAT DOWN!!

  81. lol says – reply to this


    hly fuk this is craziest shit ive ever seen

  82. Dina says – reply to this


    Who is she talking too? No one is bothering them and there pr peeps told them to make statements because it is true! Not photoshop. This is what celebrity life is! They knew this when thy signed up for this s#!+ when u become a celeb, u are in the public eye, if u like it or not. If these pics had not come out, rob and ruperts wife would have been still giving all to there cheating partners. At least they know the truth. Celebs do this stuff all the time, they meet new people on set all the time, they develop crushes and stuff all the time. Dont take it so seriously they do not affect your life, they just entertain it. Move on from them. Live you own life,thats what they are doing, so should you. Twilight is just a movie, they are just actors and not the best at it either. Later in life you will see that rob will marry four times and kristen will marry seven. It it just the way in hollywood.

  83. Kathy says – reply to this


    that video just made my day!

  84. Chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Venus914 – Hey hey hey cool your jets. It's the married dude that's actually guilty, not K. He knew he had a wife and two kids but nothing stopped him from sticking his tongue down K's throat. So please get a life and stop judging. Married men, most of them do not care once they got their peckers itching. He knew it was risky business, so what one earth are we talking about. It's his wife you should feel sorry for and pray she has the courage to leave such a dreary husband. He's the one who cheated the worst! AFterall the only person that stands losing everything is K, not the worthless cheater of a husband. Men who are married and still cheat on their wives simply suck!

  85. Chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: G – They signed up for an acting career, not for a total life scan and un privacy. learn to separate both…!

  86. BeckyQ says – reply to this


    It's none of your bussines to … STOOOOOP !! It's pathetic !!! DO you know them ? no !!

  87. Jen says – reply to this



  88. 88

    O M G! I think Kristen needs to pump her breaks before she gets bum-rushed messing around with these crazy people lmao

  89. loren says – reply to this


    She's A much Better actress than K-stew !! Maybe she should take up bella ?? R-Patz Can do so much better than K-stew and anyway that girl Has no expression ! What he sees in her i do not know ! — ** END OF RANT **

  90. jervis says – reply to this


    kill her before she lay eggs!!

  91. 91

    This girl, is going on and on about leaving them alone and telling people to butt out..But she posted a 4 min video literally CRYING that a couple she never met broke up..lmfao LMAO LOL

  92. 92

    Oh she would be British! Here was me thinking the only crazy thing to come to England this week was the Olympics.

    Poor girl, someone needs a hug!

  93. melissab says – reply to this


    Oh dear God. I stumbled upon this by accident and I rarely say my piece, but this is just ridonkulous! I want to help this poor girl but I feel that she is beyond assistance. She is living in all this mayhem as though it were happening to her, and feels like it is her right as a fan to tell others how they should a) take this 'devastating' news, and b) how they should go about dealing with it. The fact of the matter is this: yes, this a personal problem in a relationship that only the people involved can do anything about, but what this girl fails to assimilate is that she is contradicting herself: it has nothing to do with you either love, and nothing you do or say will affect the outcome of it. Live your own life: by all means admire their work as actors, and enjoy the characters of your fave novels that they portray, but don't get so disgruntled over it. Learn how to separate real life (where you get up and shower, maybe leave the house every once in a while, go to the store, meet new 'real' people, wear a bit of makeup, kiss a boy, watch the news and get some perspective in your existence) from the fantastical life of fictitious literature and Hollywood celebrity. Yeeeesh!

  94. melissab says – reply to this


    Re: MMM – Amen Sista!

  95. melissab says – reply to this


    Re: melissab – Also, to all those trying to justify one party's actions over anothers: Cheating is cheating! People get hurt, whether they be grown adults, teens, parents, children, it does not matter. You cannot quantify who is 'more hurt' by cheating, it just sucks all the way round for all involved, even, might I add, the cheaters themselves. Yes, it is their own fault, but to reiterate my previous point, it aint about who is MORE in the wrong, it's simply about it cheating being wrong in and of itself!

  96. Juliet says – reply to this


    Hmmm this girl is acting as if she was the one being cheated on. poor Rob though.. very sad. life is life and everything happens for a reason. Hope they can work it out

  97. Katie says – reply to this


    ha ha. Best thing ever!!

  98. demode says – reply to this


    If they actually make "Snow White and the Huntsman II", they should have her die at the end. Charlize Theron is way sexier.

  99. Laura says – reply to this



  100. ellen says – reply to this


    sheeet…she likes their acting. what has this world come to?

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