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49 comments to “Windy City Says No To Chick-Fil-A's Homophobic Waffle Fries!”

  1. 1

    eat at chic-fil-a if you hate a gay

  2. olivia says – reply to this


    I love Chick fil-a, I've grown up with its deliciousness and I will continue eating it because it's fucking delicious. They have every right to have their own beliefs, the founders and owners agree on traditional marriage, but they do not discriminate gays, they serve them food and they hire them. It is fact. There is no discrimination, just personal belief, and by mayors putting words into entire city's mouths is not right. I believe in gay marriage, I am christian, I believe in equal rights, but you CANNOT assume everyone believes the same you do. That mayor is wrong for labeling all of Chicago and he is wrong for assuming chick fil-a discriminates when it just states its personal beliefs, the same ones as millions of people in the world. And for Roseanne who I thought was hilarious should be horribly shamed to curse people for eating there. Kids eat their all the time. That was fucked up and uncalled for Roseanne.

  3. 3

    Re: support_ChickFilA – and YOU are a stupid a$$face.

  4. Chick Fil A says – reply to this


    Just like how I stop purchasing "Oreos" primarily because they support homosexuality and they are a Christian-phobia and Christian Hater! See what I did there Perez? I fought hate with HATE! It doesn't work.


    How would you feel if there was a mayor in your area that banned a fast food chain supporting homosexual marriage. YOu'd feel betrayed and angered huh? Well that's how we feel. It's unconstitutional and unfair. This is a two way street not ONE. WELCOME TO AMERICA!

  5. 5

    Re: olivia – Well said.

  6. 6

    I wholeheartedly believe in gays marrying. My best friend of 20 + years is gay, and she should be able to get married. However, if everyone had the same damn opinion, there would be world peace. News Flash: There will NEVER be world peace because everyone is DIFFERENT and has their own opinion. GET OVER IT MARIO.

  7. 7

    you lying sack of shit. you're getting more and more like hitler and goebbels "'tell the big lie enough and eventually people will believe you". Chi didn't say shit, one corrupt alderman trying to get votes blew off his mouth. Here is a FACT,,, there are at least 6 CFA's in chicago area one at 30 E Chicago Ave at the corner of wabash 6 blocks or so from the lake. So you lying sack of shit, comment on this.

  8. 8

    I am 100% supporter of gay rights. But discriminating against the chain and not them operate in your city seems unconstitutional. If Chick fil a would not hire a gay person, that person could sue. If people don't like the views of the chains they can refuse to patronize and put them out of business. But isn't refusing a person the right to set up shop wherever they want, as long as they don't actively discriminate, the American way. Wasn't this country founded on freedom of religion as stupid as those religious beliefs may be?

  9. 9

    THIS is a clear violation of freedom of speech. The alderman is a government official and is basing his action on an expressed opinion. That is wrong. I am gay and I don't eat at Chick-fil-A. That's fine, that is my choice. If Chick-fil-A follows the process and meets all requirements, they should be treated the same as any other business. To do otherwise is unAmerican (capital A is intentional). I dislike what they say, but they have a right to say and the alderman should do his job and NOT make decisions based on agreement with protected speech.

  10. Uruha says – reply to this


    I think it's hard to be in Cathy's position because if he were to say he supports gay rights, he'd get hate from just as many people as he is getting it from now. There are two sides to every issue, and while I think gay rights are totally fine, since they don't impact my life in any way, I'm also not going to take away another person's freedom of expression, so long as they don't take away my own. And also, Boston, Chicago, and any other city who does not want this franchise to exist in their city has a right to do this. It isn't complicated.

    As far as Chik-fil-a's quality goes, I will admit it is actually one of the few "healthy" fast food places, which is saying something. I've only eaten there once, since in my hometown there is only about one of them. I wasn't particularly impressed or disappointed, so while I will never go there specifically, I'll also never deny it if I'm hungry and it's free (at whatever given moment).

    Sh*t doesn't have to get complicated =/

  11. Jim Q. says – reply to this


    I would rather have a Chic-fil-a sandwich than take it the ass like Perez does! Oh and BTW Roseanne is a piece of crap as well.

  12. 12

    Chick-Fil-A is too tasty for me to care what any employee there thinks. Chicago is missing out if they deny the appilcation.

  13. latincanuck says – reply to this


    Chickfila have a right to operate their business where they want as long as it is legal, what the politicians are doing is a dangerous game in the long run, difference of opinion should not have the government denying anyone or any business the right to do business. However the right to do business does not mean customers have to go there to eat.

  14. 14

    I just ate some waffle fries and chicken sandwich.

    Very tasty!

  15. 15

    Re: PinkSnake – liar

  16. 16

    well, since it illegal to do what these political media whores are doing, i guess nothing will come of it, except an increase in sales. Shut the fuck up…homo!

  17. 17

    Aug 1 st is support Chick-Fil-A day. I'm vegetarian and I will go and find something to buy to show support. NO COMPANY should have to be told they have to support certain things.

    Love the way that turd Rom Emanuel (Obama's buddy) said Chick-Fil-A is not Chicago style. LOL What is Chicago style? Murders and gang attacks? Or maybe he is talking about Chicago style politics.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Re: LiberalsMakeMeSick – They have awesome sweet tea! Their ice cream and yogurt are also great, along with their sweets(brownies and cookies). I'll be on vacation, but I'm definitely visiting the Chick-Fil-A in the area on that day!

  20. 20

    Perez, Did it EVER occur to you that not all of your readers are gay?
    You are so Fucking annoying constantly Pushing you gay agenda down peoples throats. You give a bad name to gay people.

  21. 21

    Re: olivia – That is not true. A huge misconception with this story is that people think Chick-Fil-A has only spoken and worked against gay marriage, but in actuality they have done work against homosexuality in general. Apparently Chick-Fil-A has donated over 2 million dollars to anti-gay groups, such as ones trying to turn gay people straight.

  22. Sasha says – reply to this


    Why is it okay to discriminate against a company that is against same-sex marriage but it is not okay to do the same to companies that do support it? The man was just stating his beliefs.

  23. 23

    ILLINOIS IS DISGUSTING IN GENERAL. Our politicians are shady as f*ck and will do anything to get a vote. "Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values.They disrespect our fellow neighbors and residents. This would be a bad investment, since it would be empty." lol wow I didnt know everyone was gay, or for gay marriage here, If thats the case THEN WHY CANT THEY GET MARRIED HERE? I could care less who gets married, it's not my life. PEOPLE CAN SAY WHAT THEY WANT, THATS WERE THE TERM FREEDOM OF SPEECH COMES IN. I cant help but laugh cause what these idiots are doing is against the law and chick-fil-a WILL WIN…And they'll be here sooner or later.

  24. KK says – reply to this


    PLEASE….. what happened to FREE SPEECH?!

  25. likewhocares says – reply to this


    Free speech only works if you're liberal

  26. Whatever101 says – reply to this


    I seriously don't know even one gay person who will quite eating Chick-Fil-A's food because of their stance on gay marriage. It's just stupid to think that way.

  27. FreedomReign says – reply to this


    The government needs to stay the hell out of things. let the consumer decide if they want to eat there or not. Liberals preach that everyone should be accepting, unless something goes against what they believe in. then everyone else is wrong.

  28. 28

    There are over 40 murders in Chicago each weekend, but Rahm would rather direct his energy toward not having this restaurant, and not adding jobs to the city. If a person doesn't want to eat there then don't. It's disgusting that these politicians are sticking their noses into this…. IT'S PRIVATE OWNERSHIP; FREEDOM OF SPEECH…..The Government should stay out of this!!

  29. 29

    Re: olivia – you're an idiot… I think it's funny how people like you hide behind your online name so that you can say crap like that..

  30. 30

    Re: support_ChickFilA – hey smarty pants… most molesters are men that have lived a heterosexual life… You're another idiot…

  31. 31

    Re: KIKA01 – You probably haven't read the Bible, because God turned his back on many people in the Bible.

  32. 32

    I support gay marriage, but find what these city leaders are doing to be absolutely disgusting and is way more dangerous than not supporting gay marriage or being gay friendly. What they're doing is illegal and Chick-Fil-A will likely end up suing both cities. There are legal ways to hurt their business, that's what needs to be done. If it were a much larger corporation with the same views bringing hundreds or thousands of jobs to the city, you can bet they wouldn't say a word. There are PLENTY of big companies out there who have the same views and support the same causes and that is their right. It is not the governments right, however, to tell a business what their values should/should not be.

  33. 33

    WTF is wrong with this country…. I'm really worried for our future when politicians are making this an issue. Freedom for ALL - isn't that what you preach Perez?? You're such a HYPOCRITE.

  34. 34

    Re: steviebeatie – Newsflash, Chickfila is a private company that can spend their profits anyway they like. You're so used to Obama spending your money, you must think it's your business to jump in Chickfila's wallet.

  35. shannon says – reply to this


    chick-fil-a is a christian company. why is everyone so shocked that they don't support gay marriage? they're not even open on Sundays for God's sake. i don't think it's right but it's definitely NOT shocking news….what about the employees? our economy is crappy enough without banning small business owners to start businesses.

  36. Marge says – reply to this


    Cathy isn't homophobic and Chick-fil-A is not a homophobic entity, Perez. He never said anything about being homophobic. His words were taken out of context by the media industry. He wasn't even talking about gay marriage or marriage at all, for that matter. He was talking about his company's belief in the traditional family, and how Chick-fil-A is a family place. Nothing he actually said was bigoted or homophobic in any way.

    As for me, I'm certainly not against gay marriage, however I do support freedom of speech (and to me it seems that some cities in America are choosing not to follow suit). Also I personally like that I can buy an absolutely delicious grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun from Chick-fil-A. Mmm.

  37. 37

    I say hooray! Now Chick fil A can locate their new establishments in my town instead! I have to drive 30 minutes out to enjoy their great food and I will gladly do it anythime that I please! Chicago's loss is our gain! Go Freedom of Religion….the AMERICAN way!!!

  38. 38

    Re: Marge – I have to agree, the Chargtilled Chicken Sandwich is amazing!

  39. kandycane says – reply to this


    Re: Comments off C off – completely agree! Don't care as long as they are clean. That's my type of place with my kids. How would gay like it if we banned pro gay coffee places just bases of their religion? I notice he doesn't call a ban on muslims business and they really hate gays

  40. lg says – reply to this


    Read it!

  41. IamJoyceM says – reply to this


    Mr Cathy would do more to promote family values by donating his money to charities that promote family and community, and do more to support families that want to stay together(daycare centers, foodbanks, or clinics). Donating to make the world better by doing good deeds, and promoting good citizenship would do well for his cause, much more than using tax free donations to sponsor hateful organizations that go against a group of people. The old saying is you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar still rings true. Unmarried families are at an all-time high, and are the minority in this country now. There is no way they can blame that on gays. Family is important. My family includes a gay son. I love him with all my heart and worry that some ignorant person under the guise of religion will hurt him someday, just because he is gay. We are the true modern family, we keep our clothes in the closet not our kids.

  42. Pegado says – reply to this


    Re: olivia – You right! I have a restaurant and just because i donate money to the KKK and the Aryan nation that doesn't mean i don't want Blacks or Jews eating there. It makes me wonder if you that kind of Christian who joins a Country Club that doesn't allowed minorities jus because they serve a good salad?

  43. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    So it's okay for you to share your beliefs, but not okay for someone to share their beliefs if they're different from yours? And if said person's beliefs are different from yours, that allows you the right to call them names? Twisted logic my friend. I 100% support gay marriage, but I also support peoples right to voice their opinion. Not everyone with a difference of opinion is out to get the gay community. In Cathy's case, I believe Voltaire said it best, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

  44. bystander says – reply to this


    You're a bunch of retards. You're talking about free speech and this and that, wondering why they are violating his "rights" but then what about gay marriage? That should be a right that every human being is allowed, yet it's not and that's unfair. Retards.

  45. 45

    i am so sick of hearing about this. the personal beliefs of the coo of a company does not mean that everyone at that company feels that way. the company, as a whole, does not gay around gay-bashing. they don't refuse service to people who are gay. they don't refrain from hiring employees because they're gay. don't ban an entire chain just because of the beliefs of one person within the company, that's ridiculous. i guarantee you that every coo of every company in the world has some kind of belief that others don't agree with. and i know others have pointed this out, but i'm going to do it too. if some city mayor banned a chain like this because their coo was pro-gay marriage, everyone would be up in arms and talking about how unfair it is. i really hate the double standards in this country.

  46. 46

    I am absolutely appalled by your closed-mindedness on the big picture of this issue; free speech. Chick-Fil-A never spoke of any homophobic lashings saying "We will not employ or feed any LGBT member or supporter". I do not support gay marriage but I am still respectful and loving to all of God's children, as is CFA. I respect Chick-Fil-A's stance on this issue; faith before profit. CFA states they believe in traditional marriage and they are thankful that the Lord has given them a country to live in where their views and speech can be openly communicated without any backlash from the law. Oh, wait… Some government officials will not allow them to open stores in their cities because of their beliefs? To discriminate against strictly because of their Christian beliefs goes against what our country stands for. Christians are being chastised and 'stoned' for their beliefs. And I thought we were a forward progressing country? Shame on the government and shame on you, Perez. Conservatives are losing their right to speak their mind freely because they do not comply with the liberal agenda. Let us, conservatives, Christians, homosexuals, AMERICANS, speak our minds and respect each other. Remember, our soldiers who are fighting for our right to have free speech are dying for us every day. Let's stand together as Americans and respect each others differing opinions. I will absolutely support this food chain because of their undying stance for Jesus Christ, our Lord!

  47. Big Picture Thinker says – reply to this


    Re: bystander – Retard - The owner of Chick-Fil-A has no control over the legality of gay marriage. That being said, I find it amusing that you think government officials denying Chick-fil-a building permit based on the CEO's personal beliefs is not as big a deal as government officials denying gay couples the right to marry. You see, this is not a pro-gay marriage or anti-gay marriage argument at all, this is an argument that the government has grown so big and powerful they think they have a right to regulate or punish the personal opinions of private citizens. If we could realize that the government has no right to tell any American what they can or cannot do or believe in their own private lives then we would realize that both of these issues; gay marriage and religious beliefs are both issues of personal liberty. To quote the Constitution, "… all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

  48. Big Picture Thinker says – reply to this


    Re: bystander – cont… Christians must abide by these truths and realize that while they don’t agree with the gay lifestyle; gays are still Americans and are guaranteed the same rights under the Constitution. While gays must realize that Christians also have these rights, meaning they can believe whatever the hell they want as long as their beliefs do not infringe on the rights of others. The beauty of this system is in the free market. If you don’t like what the CEO of Chick-Fil-A is saying, then don’t eat there. If enough people don’t like what he is saying then the company will go out of business. If you don’t agree with gay marriage, then don’t marry someone that is the same sex as you! Infringing on another American’s right to Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness, especially by using government force, will defeat the whole point of the Constitution. Retard.

  49. Big Picture Thinker says – reply to this


    Christians must abide by these truths and realize that while they don’t agree with the gay lifestyle; gays are still Americans and are guaranteed the same rights under the Constitution. While gays must realize that Christians also have these rights, meaning they can believe whatever the hell they want as long as their beliefs do not infringe on the rights of others. The beauty of this system is in the free market. If you don’t like what the CEO of Chick-Fil-A is saying, then don’t eat there. If enough people don’t like what he is saying then the company will go out of business. If you don’t agree with gay marriage, then don’t marry someone that is the same sex as you! Infringing on another American’s right to Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness, especially by using government force, will defeat the whole point of the Constitution. Retard.