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Was Katherine Jackson Being Drugged By Her Children In Arizona??

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Katherine Jackson Randy Jackson Drugging

If true, this is downright appalling!

When Paris Jackson had a kiki with grandma on the phone the other day, just before Katherine was eventually returned to El Lay, something was very, very wrong.

In the opinion of some insiders, Katherine was drunk!

One source reported:

"When Paris spoke to Katherine last night she sounded like she was drunk. Paris repeatedly asked her, are you ok, and Mrs. Jackson was slurring her words. I was told that it appears that Katherine was given alcohol during the time she was staying at Miraval.. Katherine is extremely upset and distraught to learn that she lost custody of the children, but is hopeful she will be re-instated as their legal guardian very shortly."

The only problem with that theory?

Katherine is a devout Jehovah's Witness who doesn't drink!!

According to TJ Jackson's statements in court when he was fighting for custody of the kids, drugs may actually have been the culprit!

He testified that Katherine called up the security team at the Calabasas estate — the same one that wouldn't let Janet and Randy force the kids into a car — and fired them in the wee hours of the morning!

And she sounded under the influence of something when she made the phone call!

One source is sure a few of Katherine's kids have been drugging her!

Janet was apparently furious when she learned of the situation!

We're not sure what the other children gave her booze or drugs but the more this dramz unfolds the dirtier we feel!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Was Katherine Jackson Being Drugged By Her Children In Arizona??”

  1. 1

    Why hasn't Child Services stepped in??? I think Michael was a freak but I feel so sorry for these kids. Would someone please get them attorney!

  2. lolipop says – reply to this


    Well im a devout Jehovahs witness.. and i drink… who says that jehovahs witness dont drink????? You got that one wrong! Maybe someone that has been having trouble with drinking in the past wont drink at all… but when someone knows their own limits.. why not???

  3. 3

    Janet is as greedy an asshole as her loser brothers. It's already been made clear on a much better site that Katherine Jackson has lied about having no phone or internet access at the resort she was staying at. I think she was in on the plan to overthrow the trustees of MJ's estate and it's all backfired. If that's true, I think it's fucking hilarious, and hope those involved in the plot get jail time … including Katherine Jackson.

  4. 4

    Some of Michael Jackson's siblings are greedy. I can't imagine Janet is one of them as she's already very rich. Janet has shown her true colors. I guess one just can't have enough money.

  5. 5

    Yes, they are all money hungry vultures - including Katherine - but isn't it possible that she really did need a break from dealing with MJ's kids, and didn't want to talk to them for a few days? She is too old to raise kids. Hopefully they will end up in a household that sets some boundaries.

  6. 6

    mj kids especialy paris is a spoiled brat …those kids need a good ass whipin…

  7. LillySawko says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Then she shouldn't have agreed to be their legal guardian. You can't take a break from parenting OR guardianship. Those kids are minors. She needed to be stripped of guardianship as far as I'm concerned, things are just too unsure with her.

    Praying for peace and resolution for this very troubled family. Even Janet is in on this…I don't wanna live in a world where LaToya's the sane one, y'all.

  8. 8

    Re: lolipop – Yeah my grandparents are Jehovahs Witnesses and they drink too. They don't get plastered but they will have some wine or beer sometimes.

  9. 9

    Re: LillySawko – You're right - she shouldn't have agreed to be their guardian. But I imagine the $70,000/month she gets for doing it helped her make the decision.

  10. 10

    The assumption in this article is absurd!What the hell would drugging her do?The media is out of line!

  11. antony says – reply to this


    i have always been a huge fan of janet's and have been defensive of her when she was criticized. this is so obvious and wrong. whatever her reason for distancing the kids, she has handled this in such an immature, unnecessary way. they have all created the drama and act surprised and insulted when they are accused of what looks quite obvious to many?! such a disappointment.

  12. Steve says Youre Dumb says – reply to this


    you know that jehovahs witnesses ARE allowed to drink, you make stupid stereotypes that make people believe that Jehovahs Witnesses are like menonites and arent allowed to do anytihng but they are, i say you do your research regarding the religion AND THEN coment about it and Lolipop is right im a jehovahs witness too AND i drink aswell

  13. rsvp says – reply to this


    Drugs or no, there's no way the court is going to reinstate her guardianship of the kids. They put the safety of the kids first and she did not remain in communication with them during her "visit." Her age is also a factor.

  14. 14

    I'm always amazed that with all of the "security" (all of) the Jacksons allegedly have how basic things like o.d.ing and disappearing can happen…

  15. 15

    Jehovah's Witnesses aren't forbidden to drink. If Katherine doesn't drink, it's a choice on her part. I always find it funny when something like "devout" practice of a religion is the reason for someone not drinking or doing some "thing" that we want to regard as being naughty!! So much religious CRAP floating around. It has nothing to do with her not drinking. But if I was her, I know I would NEVER want to be less than 100% on my game with THAT family to deal with!!!