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Katie Holmes & Suri Taxi Around NYC!

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Aww, Suri Cruise is slowly descending from her lofty Scientology space-cloud to join us regular humans here on Earth!

Katie Holmes took the expressive tyke on her FIRST EVER NYC taxi-cab ride Wednesday, sans bodyguards! The darling pair then attempted to beat the steamy Big Apple heat by enjoying some frosty, ice-cream delights.

And this all just days after Momma Kate introduced Suri to the world of commercial flying…

We're SO happy Katie is trying to instill some sense of perspective into her pampered daughter (we're pointing the finger at YOU, Tom Cruise!). If there were a best mother-of-the-year award, Katie would be ALL OVER that sh*t!

And for Suri's next big adventure?

Why, she's gonna go underground subway-style and ride the 6 Train deep into the Bronx, DUH!!

Katie! Take video of that, please!

[Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News.]

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7 comments to “Katie Holmes & Suri Taxi Around NYC!”

  1. 1

    Surely you are just blinded by her bright yellow dress - that's one of her bodyguards holding the door open! So much for going out without her bodyguards. As far as Suri complaining about flying domestic - you have a spy on the plane? Leave the kid alone!

  2. rubyz says – reply to this


    So Holmes’ PR team would have us believe that she is a super-stealth, courageous, hero mother who covertly planned and executed a new life, “blindsided” her husband with divorce, and outsmarted a dangerous cult … but, even with a full security detail she cannot evade the paparazzi for a single day? Something wrong with this picture. Can you say f-a-m-e-w-h-o-r-e? Whatever she chooses to do on her own is one thing, but constantly parading her little girl (clearly disturbed by the frenzy) in front of paps is despicable.

  3. choocho says – reply to this


    rubyz sounds like she's reading the official Scientology statement.

  4. 4

    Re: rubyz
    The paps practically LIVE outside her door, you moron.
    She's got them around her no matter what.
    And the fact that she's attempting to give Suri a "regular" life is pretty fucking admirable, DESPITE the fact the paps are everywhere around her.
    I think not.
    (Let's reserve that for the Madonnas and the Gagas of the world, ok?)
    Katie has apparently been doing what she can to get away from them. In a time when her divorce from Tom Cruise and that ridiculous cult (that's imploding FAST) is big-time news, how many photos of Suri and Katie have actually been released?
    And how many of TOM and Suri?
    And BTW all the amazing stuff you spoke of in your first sentence?
    THAT takes guts, but you play it down simply because she's got Suri here in a photo.

    Which leads me to ask:
    How long have you been a Scientologist?
    You've got the projected double-speak down pat.

  5. 5

    Re: choocho
    LMAO… no doubt, eh?
    I wonder when these people are going to realize just how ridiculous they sound?
    They project all of the bullshit they are unwilling to admit to themselves - ABOUT themselves - onto other people.
    Their lies are so obvious to the rest of us, it's kinda funny.
    But it's also kinda sad.

    Rubyz - you've been brainwashed. Stop projecting.
    You're insulting a woman because the PAPS won't leave her alone.

  6. 6

    this is clearly child abuse..take suri away from her now…

  7. Shelia says – reply to this


    Seriously, why do you keep talking about Suri Cruise not having security. Is your need for a story and readership that important to you? How about focus on Katie and Tom and leave little Surie alone. Irresponsible journalism.