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Kristen Stewart's Certain Robert Pattinson Will Forgive & Forget … Because He's "P***y-Whipped"

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Forgive

Oh, Kristen. Girl, we have sooooo many problems with you right now.

After rumors of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with her married director, Rupert Sanders, proved to be true, there’s NO turning back the hands of time!

Will Rob forgive her or will he call it quits and move on???

Well, reportedly, according to Kristen, she thinks he’ll let bygones be bygones and run back into her cheating loving arms!

A source revealed:

“Kristen knew she could get away with something like this…based on Rob being p***y-whipped.”

Oh is that right???

There’s really never a good excuse for cheating on someone — especially if you think that person will be oh SO willing to forgive and forget!

The source went on to say:

“The only person he really trusts is Kristen. He was, and is, her cheerleader.”

Wow! Guess we’ll have to see how much he trusts her now…especially after he had to find out about her cheating the way we all did! OUCH!

The insider explained how while it seems Kristen has always put her career first, Rob made Kristen his priority, because he’s “uncomfortable with superstardom.”

Well, that could somewhat explain his transition from the Twilight saga into more indie roles!

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Rob actually takes her back…or if he chooses to close the KStew chapter of his life!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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40 comments to “Kristen Stewart's Certain Robert Pattinson Will Forgive & Forget … Because He's "P***y-Whipped"”

  1. evenforyouperez says – reply to this


    even for you perez this is going far! how much attention does this need? leave the poor guy alone, it's almost as if you're trying to force him to break up with her. no matter what, he is never going to be with you babe. give it a break already. if you have that big of a crush take a step back. imagine the agony he is going through on top of the situation at hand because of all the negative attention you and other media outlets are shining onto this thing. seriously dude, enough is enough.

  2. 2

    Re: evenforyouperez – I agree with you PEREZ IS A FUCKING MORON..you´ll never have him dumbass besides why didn´t you throw shit to angelina jolie when she stole brad from jennifer aniston?? you just hate her like i fucking hate you pig!!

  3. boom says – reply to this


    Yeah, he worship her, so I think he will forgive her and still be together and if he's not well they probably need to pretend to be together, at least until the release of breaking dawn part 2, that movie need those two to be a couple

  4. 4

    I doubt Robert Pattinson is at home weeping as he is glued to Perez Hilton!

  5. panita says – reply to this


    they never publicly adimitted to be dating. So, why break-up? just saying…

  6. 6

    Leave the poor guy alone. Most people I talk with theorize he is gay anyways, so this should not really matter to him. They'll be hand in hand by next week if that's the case. But who knows if he is or not.

  7. mary says – reply to this


    Re: eicarr – He is not gay. He genuinely loved her. But hopefully Rob will realize what Kristen really is now, and dump her sorry a$$.

  8. mary says – reply to this


    i'd been reading this story since yesterday I'm not really a fan of these people but Perez this comments are beyond tasteless, does it really deserve all the coverage this side it's giving it?, I don't think so, and don't think this guy deserve to be name calling, because he's going to do, whatever the fuck he wants to do and nobody should care about it

  9. 9

    I only skimmed this article, but for all the "sources" and "close pals" you are reporting on. Kristen must be talking non stop and then her "pals" going to the toilet and calling the tabs and then running back in the room and getting more info….. You are getting so lazy, you don't even try to "fake try anymore, Not all your followers are DUMBa$$e$

  10. 10

    Fake story people. Fake story.
    Invented sources, etc.

  11. 11

    Please. Kristen and Rob have a publicity relationship- to help them both progress in the industry without the hindrance of the other crap that always follows- sexual innuendo etc. Kristen was free to be with who she wants. A married man, well, no, not so much, her bad- wrong choice. It's only a matter of time in those relationships till it's not enough and one wants a Real relationship. If Rob has anything to be upset about, it's that now he has to find another publicity relationship to sit in while he goes about his career. Those are hard to find! On the other hand, no more gay rumors for Kristen! Unintentional bonus to the chaos? hmmmm

  12. Andreia says – reply to this


    Leave the poor guy alone.. He genuinely loved her. But hopefully Rob will realize what Kristen really is now, and dump her .

    STAY STRONG ROBERT, you are amazing!!!! Deserves better!!

  13. Beans says – reply to this


    Crap like this happens all the time we should just leave them alone besides their just ordinary people like us who make mistakes I'm pretty sure a couple who was married 50 years made out with some one other than their spouse. But anywhoo doesn't mean I'm going to stop watching stewarts movies

  14. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ Perez…..

    Are you kidding me right now?
    ARE YOU disgusted with Kristen Stewart? I'm sure she is cutting herself right now as we speak because you are disgusted with a situation you don't even know the details to.

    I'm really sure this is a reliable source you're using….
    Want me to give you a "scoop"? I'm Robert Pattinson's sister he doesn't know about - he told me that he hates you. Legit, yes?

  15. Jade says – reply to this


    I guess Kristen Stewart wasn't team Edward after all.

  16. shelly says – reply to this


    LOL… I luv u Perez!!!!…

  17. 17

    did she do something personally to you perez? you are like a crazy obsessed fan, you should focus more on your own relationships … or lack of rather than some celebrity who will be forgotten about soon enough

  18. vmuny says – reply to this


    you know, branding kristen with a scarlet letter is completely unfair. like one of your readers said "you didn't throw shit to angelina" when she "stole" brad from jennifer. you've shown your distaste for kristen in the past, and it seems like your dislike for her is shining through again with your biased story telling. she did something wrong, sure, but the person who you should be throwing metaphorical stones at should be the man who has a wife and kids, not so much the young woman with a boyfriend. i assume the life of a celebrity is quite lonely especially when you are in a relationship with someone just as busy and who travels just as much. have a heart and leave these people alone to deal with their issues, you have no place in it.

  19. kelley says – reply to this


    I love how you're basing all of your updates on what "sources" have said about them. What great journalism skills, Perez. You are just adding fuel to the fire with this bullshit.

  20. jaylen says – reply to this


    leave them alone, How reliable are these sources exactly,? anyone can post anything about them.. So what if they get back together? its none of you're business the only reason you keep posting this is because you HATE HER never liked her, because what she's awkward? don't dress right, have you seen you're clothes? there horrible.. don't care how much the cost..get a little bit of a life and stop bashing here

  21. 21

    problems with her right now? you always had a problem with her! you have bashed her at the start of the twilight series..she doesn't smile enough! the way she dresses..(Have you looked at you're own clothes?) Yeah she made a mistake, everyone has! and btw who are these sources? huh ? close friends yeah right.. Post about something else something I don't know important! And leave them alone, Hopefully they figure it out together..without you bashing her!

  22. jan says – reply to this


    Bella/Kristen is a lil slut in twilight and a lil slut in real life! smh

  23. 23

    Really Perez?! You're such a disappointment! I thought you weren't a bully anymore…
    How about having some empathy for everyone involved and stop exploiting it! You disgust
    me right now!!

  24. 24

    nope he wont stay

    i think the world of my photoshopper but if caught cheating that is it… sometimes u just have to walk so far hes happy just to photoshop dream girls lol…

    thing is like my last bf cheated i found out never spoke again i think 2 times thats it then never again.. something clicks that is it there is no going back

    i dont think hell go back we all saw the pictures she seem to be perfectly happy kissing and into it this wasnt some random thing…

    she betrayed him
    HES GONE …

  25. 25

    perez isnt going too far hes barely started we only just warmed up the entrees… maybe hell get bored and stop but i doubt hell stop out of compassion for her as i feel he has none

    as i see it shes a sub average looking girl with minimal talent except a intense stare thats got her threw thus far and this enrages perez that shes gotten so far and others with true talent like himself didnt …so he frys her and frys her good

  26. Syahirahthecandylover says – reply to this


    I have a feeling that robert is going to forgive kristen for what she had done. Everybody deserve a second chance. Everyone make mistake and if Kristen learn from her lesson then she deserve the second chance. People cheat to find what she or he is lacking in their relationship. Maybe this is what Kristen was trying to do. Cause you can tell by her eyes when she look at Robert that she really love him. Futhermore he also feels the same way for Kristen so just them figure out themselves what is going to happen next. I wish Robert all the best and to Kristen I know you feel sorry.

  27. 27

    i do feel sorry for the guy, i mean, i loved — correction, LOVE RobSten, but really. Kristen Stewart is just being an ungrateful moo. i mean, i know loads of people who would give their right arm, leg and ear to be his girlfriend!! but seriously, no-one really wants to hear that its true, especially many TwiHards and Robsten fans!! and btw, to all of you who are just dissing Perez: if i had his power, i would SO use it!! besides, I couldnt really blame him for wanting R-Patz! you gotta admit he is pretty fit. (i shouldntve said tht, should i?)

  28. lauren says – reply to this


    my biggest gripe with the coverage is the fact she is being labeled a homewrecker, a whore, but everyone is forgetting rupert made a conscious decision, too. he wasn't brainwashed; he is an adult almost twice her age. it's even further disappointing that a majority of these people are adult women. firstly, that an adult would find the love lives of 20-somethings interesting and secondly, that a women would cast such hurtful and unfair aspersions on someone who was only half of the problem while the MAN gets off relatively scot free. we live in a world where a woman is always at fault because she is a woman and we can't even count on other women to take off their blinders and see their hypocrisy.

  29. Stacy says – reply to this


    Ok. I don´t know anything abiut this; if it is a publicity strategy, if she/he is gay anyway, whatever, but if you like to mess arround, just don´t do it with married guys, for cheesesakes! And please, I know it is human nature, and it makes us weird, but try to cheat on your wife or your boyfriend with someonea actually better than them, more atractive!
    As for puvlicity strategy goes, who was the moron who planned this? Because he is getting fired, no Robert fan is ever going to watch one of her movies again! And we know there are million´s of those fans out there…

  30. barb says – reply to this


    I don't feel bad for him at all. He was willingly the other man while Kristen was with her ex boyfriend…they both lied to that poor guy and tried to hide their relationship. Apparently, Pattinson is fine with helping with the cheating, as long as he isn't the one being cheated on. Sorry, he deserves as much blame here as Kristen…you don't play the role of the "other man" then expect that person to be faithful to you. Such a double standard with these female fans, and yeah, I'm a woman too.

  31. TRESSE says – reply to this


    All I can say is that many people in Hollywood have done worst and still went on with their lives. Spouses have forgiven each other, these two are not married, so what I feel is that it's better to get it out of the system before you really commit and bring children into the picture? it's more heart breaking…About their lover for each other, only time heals all scars and some are too deep that even with modern medicine, they can't be fixed! Lastly good luck to both and next time KSTEW, don't be so stupid, you know you're always followed by some stupid paparazi…Good Luck as for Mr. Perezhilton I don't think RPAttz is straighter than a sword…Good Luck to you too!

  32. Jellz says – reply to this


    Gotta laugh at all you guys giving perez shit for reporting on this. you are here, reading about it after all. no demand, no market. just saying.

  33. Steph says – reply to this


    My God…It is nice to see Perez is back to his bullying ways…you are so pathetic. You are beyond obsessed with this. And news flash for anyone who is dumb enough to believe the garbage above…do you honestly think anyone who is truly close to Rob,friend or family, is going to call the trash tabloids or Perez himself….I DON"T THINK SO…everyone knows you can't believe these so called "sources"

  34. reasonable says – reply to this


    If she didn't get caught she'd still keep on cheating!! Did you notice the way she's soo sneaky dropping Rupert off his own house then going to Robs&hers house after the affair. As if nothing happened! Little did she know the truth always comes out. And the fact that paparazzi are everywhere.

  35. twilight fan says – reply to this


    If he really loves her he will forgive her. I'm pretty sure he did something behind her back. His movie "Remember me" I think he put to much touchy with his costar. Come on. you guys kiss different people all the time when you make a movie. Get back together to prove that you both truly love each other. I'm pretty sure they do. He was just shock.

  36. Zena says – reply to this


    Re: evenforyouperez – we are all fed up with this - how many non-fans have to tell you that both are not worth the attention AND while at least you are blowing smoke up Rpatz's ass, this girl definitely doesn't deserved being publicly 'killed' by you. Someone should pay an attorney to stop him from talking so much scum about her.

  37. nina says – reply to this


    Re: Jade – Seriously!!!!! RP have some dignity & move on,,,and if KS can cheat when she's NOT married what makes u guys think she won't when she is married. Have some backbone,,,please..? what he cant handle stardom…THAN HE IS IN THE WRONG BUSINESS…and RP should read this article…becuz YES I BELIEVE KS TRULY BELIEVES THAT RP WILL INDEED TAKE HER BACK, SHIT HE'A ALREADY SPEAKING TO HER….IT HASNT EVEN BEEN A WEEK AND THERE SPEAKING….IM DEF A RP FAN…BUT MAN I HATE TO SAY IT, IF HE TAKES HER BACK HE'S A PU$$y……her pu$$yisnt all that im sure. And RP will only get hurt over & over again….so if he indeed enjoys the humiliation, the deceit, KS kissing and doing god knows what with her mouth….then RP….wallow in it!

  38. Katy K says – reply to this


    Dude he is so outta there…………………………….

  39. Enough already! says – reply to this


    I don't believe she would say that about Rob. This is an awful situation,but it's got nothing to do with us.I really believe if the situation was reversed she would forgive him and give him another chance. No matter what happens he'll never be yours Perez.

  40. teachie says – reply to this


    sometimes when people make mistakes is when they realize truly what they have and it can make them stronger. those two need to talk and find a solution to fix the problem and see what is stronger. Love always wins triumphly. Just remember that people make mistakes we are only human.