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Kristen Stewart Penning Apology Letter To Rupert Sanders' Wife!

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kristen stewart liberty ross affair apology letter

Oh, this is turning into a real life soap opera! Someone's gonna get a glass of champagne thrown in their face FOR SURE!

A lot of you noticed Kristen Stewart didn't mention Liberty Ross or her children when she released her statement apologizing for her affair with Rupert Sanders.

But sources say that's because she's focused on saving her relationship with Robert Pattinson first! They also say she thought it would be more appropriate to write the wife a private letter instead of approach her publicly.

The source explains:

"Kristen didn't feel it was appropriate to issue a public apology to Liberty once the story of her affair with Rupert broke. Instead, she's going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter expressing her deepest regret for her actions. She was thinking of including Liberty, Rupert and the kids in her public apology – but Kristen was so desperate to save her relationship with Rob she decided to concentrate on that first. Kristen feels she made a terribly naïve mistake and will do anything to make amends. The fact that Liberty and Rupert have two kids has now dawned on her and she feels awful for what she did."

Yeah… doesn't seem like sleeping with a married man who's also the father of children never turns out well! And yet somehow people still do it. Imagine that!

Maybe she'll send some flowers with her letter. That would be a nice touch.

Then again, if Liberty's still feeling anything like her supposed Instagram shows, those flowers might be dead before they even come to the door!

[Image via Ian Wilson/Zibi/WENN.]

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63 comments to “Kristen Stewart Penning Apology Letter To Rupert Sanders' Wife!”

  1. 1

    once a cheating whore always a cheating whore. Man or woman.

  2. Jamilla says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart no matter how many times you apologize you CHEATED. Don't think your apology makes you a better person. Not only did you hurt and embarrass yourself you hurt and embarrassed a stranger, her children and your boyfriend. Kristen's only apologizing so people feel obligated to forgive her… but I don't think she should be forgiven, she knew exactly what she was doing.

  3. SouthernJezebel says – reply to this


    I feel a little sorry for K-Stew. I dunno. What she did was wrong, no question. But I hate to see anyone grovel. Rob's mad at her? So what. She's 22 and has been with him all of her adult life. I'm sure when she's older she'll look back at this and 1. Wish she never engaged with a married man that's old enough to be her dad. 2. She would cut her losses with Rob now. She doesn't love him even though I'm sure she wished she did. That's life in a cage for ya, folks. (or celebrity bubble) Sometimes you come out swinging even when you don't have to.

  4. PinkSlip says – reply to this


    This is definitely a downside affair, when the wife is FAR more beautiful and interesting than the piece on the side. What kinda dipsh*t is this guy???!!

  5. 5

    "Oh, this is turning into a real life soap opera!" No, it's NOT. You're just milking the shit out of it by posting about the same thing multiple times. This approach does NOT make it fresh or interesting. And the fact is that other, better sites are posting the same information HOURS before YOU do, which is making you look like the lazy outsider you are. You're just a pathetic fool.

  6. 6

    She should dump rob… she's better than him. And Rupert is ugly.

  7. 7

    Re: flergasfsdfasdf – I don't believe that. I think some people really learn from their mistakes.

  8. sarah says – reply to this


    leave her alone. she didnt mean to hurt anybody, things happen. SHE KISSED THE GUY SO WHAT! people are blowing this out of proportion, rob and kristen kiss people in every movie they do.

  9. Leanne says – reply to this


    Actions Speaks Louder Than Words!!!

    You Cheated. That's fact!

  10. 10

    Re: rosebud99 – She cheated on Michael Arangano to be with Rob while they started filming Twilight. I was waiting for this to happen again.

  11. 11

    Am not a fan of Kristen or her acting but it seems like women usually are labeled as the villains an the guys not so much. I can only imagine the countless affairs people have in Hollywood it's probably more common than not these two had the misfortune of getting caught. I don't condone cheating but it is what is people cheat often and it really is none of my business.

  12. 12

    kStew does not feel sorry for this women or her kids. she is worried about her image. you dont bang married men with children.

    kStew is the most overpaid and overrated actress in hollywood. i have seen her in one film "advertureland" where she spent the majority of the film flippiing her hair from side to side with an expressionless look on her face with her mouth open. i have no idea what the appeal is with this young women.

    i always thought her relationship with robertson was a sham. something created by the studios to broaden the appeal of that horrific "twilight" franchise. now maybe the truth will be revealed.

  13. 13

    I just don't get KStew. She is one of the least talented actors I've ever seen, is a horse face, is sullen and seems unappreciative and aloof. Twilight was one of the worst acted films I've ever seen. I guess this is all about teeny-boppers. They all just need to go away. There is absolutely no talent in any of this, just drivel. It reeks of a poorly designed publicity campaign to gain yet more attention for undeserving people and films.

  14. ughshinshin says – reply to this


    Re: SouthernJezebel – agreeeeeeeeeee

  15. 15

    Jesus Perez, lay off the hate! "Sleeping with a married man never turns out well. Imagine that". She's 22 for God's sake. She's going to make a lot more mistakes as she's growing up. I'm not a Kristen fan but Jesus, the overwhelming hate this girl is getting is ridiculous. Most of it stems from the fact that she cheated on Rob who happens to be this decade's "it" boy. What is that P.O.S. director's excuse?

  16. Kayla says – reply to this


    Its a shame that kristen stewart is getting the brunt of this!! Yea, she was wrong, but so was he!! AND he is 41 & in a position of power, he took some advantage of her, Im not saying that she didn't know what was going on, but the majority of the blame should be on him! AND who gives a damn whether she told his wife shes sorry, Thats not her wife & its not her business!! AND Perez, You were just waiting for Kristen Stewart to mess up!! Its sooo obvious you never liked her its pretty damn sick how you are reporting this, its extremely biased! I bet if it was Kim Kartrashian, You would be saying, "we all make mistakes, & keep your head up!! You preach no bullying, BUT you are FULL OF SHIT!

  17. 17

    damn how bad are the girl's dark circles that even make up artists can't completely hide them for a red carpet event? yikes.

  18. Red says – reply to this


    Re: cKasper – Ditto what u said. And adding: the guy she cheated with was married, why isn't he being ripped apart on the Internet? She is just an immature idiot with zero self esteem. Maybe now she will stop getting great movie parts that should be going to actresses that can act, not just because they can bring in profits due to twilight.

  19. 19

    She's not sorry for cheating, she's only sorry she got caught.

  20. Karma says – reply to this


    Liberty Ross doesn't get the luxury of curling up in bed and crying. She has to put on a happy face and feed her kids breakfast, make sure that they understand that everything is going to be just fine and take them to karate and ballet. Good times, eh? She then has to prepare for the comments that the other kids will make to her kids - hurtful ones. When you're a mom, you don't have the luxury of seflsihness so Liberty Ross has to be strong when she has been made to be the victim. She'll come out stronger for it but the getting there will be very uncomfortable. I wish her the best.

  21. shedidntcheatonmicheal says – reply to this


    Re: bettyC22 – she didnt cheat on Micheal. they broke up and than she started dating Rob. get your facts straight. and i hate people for only getting mad cause kristen cheated, the man is 40 married and has two kids, GET MAD AT HIM

  22. 22

    Not making excuted for Rupert, but at his age if he's done it once he's done it before and his wife knows it. I think Kirsten is young and you make so many STUPID mistakes when you are young. He is older and he should be done with his STUPID mistakes by now espically when he has a family. Everyone who passes judgement on Kirsten can't say they haven't done something stupid when they were in their 20's, but if your still doing in your 40's you have an issue.

  23. 23

    Re: Karma – Very true

  24. 24

    I don't think she will get him back. It clearly wasn't momentary and was a sex fueled affair with a married man and it will be questioned now all the time what she does in order to get movie roles. Rob would be ridiculued for taking her back…yes he was totally smitten with her kitten but that can change fast - it's different than forgiving a cheating spouse. KStews apology to Rob should have been private but I believe why she took the step of making it so public is that Rob changed his phone numbers and blocked her email so she could not reach him. The apology to the wife is really tacky to do at this time. It is too soon. Give it some time and make a real apology not a knee-jerk reaction.

  25. 25

    Re: sarah – Did you see the pics of him going down on her in a car? Unless you are from the Bill Clinton school of sex, that is cheating. Emotional affairs are devestating and can be more destructive. But obviously Rob P wasn't meeting her needs so she went elsewhere….tale as old as time for men & women who cheat.

  26. 26

    Re: Kayla – Nobody is blaming the older, seducer man….it is all about the young vixen female who lures men away with her charms. In fact I'd bet he pursued and seduced her. But he is a little know director so it isn't as exciting to bash him.

  27. Amber McIntyre says – reply to this


    Robert, you deserve SO much better than a lying, cheating wench!! You deserve someone who truly loves and respects you. Kristen's actions are not showing you love and respect! Keep a smile on your beautiful face, and find someone more deserving. Once a cheater, always a cheater!

  28. janel says – reply to this


    im shocked and appalled. defr heartbroken i was a robsten supporter all the way. true there are two sides but a married man…? kristen, why did you do it? i hope if you guys are really meant to be <u n rob> it will work itself out. but i dont blame him if he doesnt. he can get just about any girl he wants but he is a gentleman not looking for those desperate whore who are hatching a move on him as we speak. All in all, i hope he does the right thing for him.
    as for Rupert he needs to go home to his wife and save his dignity.

  29. Rachel says – reply to this


    I don't understand why people are defending her. I agree that she made a mistake, but just because she is 22 is NO EXCUSE for it to be alright. Cheating is wrong at any age, and frankly she knows that.

  30. Rae says – reply to this


    I don't understand why people are defending her. I agree that she made a mistake, but just because she is 22 is NO EXCUSE for it to be alright. Cheating is wrong at any age, and frankly she knows that.

  31. Petester says – reply to this


    Perez could you be anymore condescending? Yes she was an idiot and did something stupid but are you a saint who has never done anything wrong? You have been waiting to rake her over the coals for a while. She is 22 and made a stupid choice. The guy also made a ridiculously stupid choice. As someone who has been involved with someone like this, it is not simple and it is not easy. So get off your high horse because I doubt you are perfect.

  32. 32

    Re: PinkSlip – You must need glasses. The wife is an ugly, plastic woman who looks like a drag queen. I would have cheated on her too, just sooner. Yuck!

  33. 33

    Re: Brains of the Operation – Rupert is waaayyyyy better looking than Robert. Robert is disgusting and I have no idea what his appeal is. He looks like a meth addict that never brushes his nasty teeth or brushes his greasy hair…

  34. wake wake says – reply to this


    how old are twilight fans? do they believe in vampires too? Because the " I'm sorry" speech is to save her image and a publicist move, people saying how regretful she is because of a note is hilarious, wake up people there are people in Hollywood specialized in damage control for this. The day after the pictures she was all happy and smiling, she is now sad just because there are pictures but never because her actions.

  35. Damage control says – reply to this


    she is trying to save her ass, only sorry because she was caught. And the fans saying that she is a innocent victim because she is young just show what kind of fan she has, young brats that think they are better and beyond morals, just like her. The director and Kristen Stewart are two morons

  36. jaymarie says – reply to this


    she shouldn't have to apologize to his wife, she's not the one who took vows with her. Rupert's wife should focus on him and and figure out why he decided to betray their family. Writing an apology to his wife is not gonna fix the damaged relationship that Rupert & Liberty have

  37. 37

    Dear Liberty Ross, please ditch the d-bag you're married to. Kristen doesn't know what it is to have a family of her own, HE does, it's not her kids, it's HIS. Ditch him. Dear Kristen, you're an idiot. I hope both Liberty and Robert ditch those cheaters.

  38. Morgan says – reply to this


    I feel so bad for robert. Robert is very attractive, bright kid, and was very loving to her. Robert we're all here for you with our arms wide open.

  39. Maggie M says – reply to this


    Seriously shes going to have to deal with the fact thats shes going to be blacklisted. Same thing happened to jessie james when he cheated on Sandra Bullock. You took America's hottest male celeb and cheat on him. You ruined someone elses marriage and it just dawns on you now that it was a bad idea. That poor woman and her children. You are pathetic Kristen. You dont deserve everything you get because your a terrible person and a terrible actress. I hope this is the beginning of the end of your career so i can forget you were ever famous.

  40. Annoyed says – reply to this


    you know what pisses me of about you perez is that you root on people like Angelina and Brad Pitt , who he cheated with on Jennifer Aniston, and who you used to call a man .. but now because its your beloved robert you think its wrong

  41. 41

    As a married wife and mother of two kids myself, I feel like Kristen Stewart is getting a bad rap. She is a young woman, who has no real life experience and has been dating her costar who is older then her almost since she was old enough to date. I am not excusing her behavior but I do think that Rupert is the man that has taken vows and chosen to have kids and is truly responsible for stepping out on his wife. Honestly it is none of our business but as for an apology it seems that Rupert owes one to his wife for stepping out and to Kristen for taking advantage of her!

  42. 42

    Re: Maggie M – Wow! I am kind of shocked by the hate! I do not condone cheating, but why are we acting like she is the devil incarnate. I really think that people like to see others fail and get joy from that. I hope that everyone in this situation bounces back in whatever way is best for them, that they learn from these horrible mistakes and move on. I hope that you are perfect because your judgement will come back on you.

  43. jules says – reply to this


    Shouldn't she have had the courtesy to give Rob a private apology too?

  44. 44

    shes 22 i could write a shopping list of things i did at that age but kissing a married man no

    thing is the wife doesnt need her apology look at the wife shes got the guy by the balls and prob doesnt care he did this just annoyed it got out in public.. he prob does it all the time the two of them together look like vamp and shewolf they match kristen isnt going to mess that up..

    move on kristen ur the only one that cares here …everyone else is laughing at u for being so naieve

  45. 45

    dear lady im sorry i took the liberty to suck ur husbands c*ck signed snow black

  46. bella says – reply to this


    I think people should stop the hate on Kristen . She has fellings to . Imagine how much pain she is shes all alone with no shoulder to cry on no one to talk too, to help her with the situation she our help.

  47. 47

    Hey she has enough hate.Kristen has feelings too.She made a mistake i know.But sometimes people make mistake and need to be forgiven. Kristen is a good person. She is all alone with no shoulder to cry on, no one to tell her she will be alright.Imagine how she feels. She already lost her boyfriend now shes losing fans . I cant believe it.

  48. Truth says – reply to this


    So where is the director's apology to Rob? Or is Kristen the only that has to because she's a woman?

  49. gio88 says – reply to this


    she is too pathetic

  50. Rose says – reply to this


    Affair is wrong but sometimes these things happen when chemistry hits 2 people and they get into it without really thinking about the consequences. Sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and then when you snap out of it, its all just too late already. These things do happen. Kristen made a mistake and so did zillions of other people too. She's human and so are you. Forgive then forget.

  51. Gab says – reply to this


    She's not sorry for what she did. She's sorry for getting caught!!!

  52. Steph says – reply to this


    I personally think ppl shud mind there own business
    It has nothin to do with any1 bt them

  53. 53


  54. sami says – reply to this


    sure K-stew had a lapse in good judgement (since no one else in the world ever has made a bad decision before) and had a fling with a married man twice her age with 2 kids (since he was totally not at fault because he didn't know he had a wife and kids) …..

    we all make mistakes, people fuck up all the time get over it and move on, there are way more important things in life to do than to dwell on the negatives.

  55. 55

    Leave Kristen alone and mind your own fucking business!

  56. IsaMarieSwan says – reply to this


    Gosh, I feel so awful for them…I mean Kris and Rob have always been portrayed in a bad light and people have always been nagging on them about how they don't fit into the Cliché of a Hollywood Couple and especially Kris has always been citicized…This is so not gonna help them…

    I hope they make it..Yes, she did cheat…but don't other people cheat as well? They belong together - no matter what. I don't know how I'd react in Rob's situation, but I wish them the Best and hope they get through this. <3

  57. dalaurya says – reply to this


    The fact that she issued an incredibly revealing apology already seemed like a bad idea in the first place. I like celebrity gossip, but I honestly don't even feel right hearing it from the horse's mouth. I think it was a bad call to put this on proverbial paper for everyone to see, as it really is a private matter. The best thing she can do now is keep everything between her and the involved parties. I honestly don't want to read any statements from her about it. It's none of my business.

  58. marvin30 says – reply to this


    "… Instead, she's going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter…" the DECENT thing would be NOT to sleep with a married father. Also… whomever thought that Kirsten Stewart is more pretty than Charlize Theron OR their own gorgeos wife is seriously messed up.

  59. 59

    Why is she the only one giving apologies all the cráp is only on her the director is as guilty as her the media should tell moré things about him too

  60. Strong for Rob says – reply to this


    “I can’t even imagine the devastation and anger Liberty and ROBERT must be going through. She and HE deserves better, as would anyone in her situation, especially when it’s being publicized like mad. Those poor children too.”
    “To address it as a ‘mistake’ or a ‘momentary indiscretion’ makes you look even worse in my opinion. The both of them are disgusting and should feel absolutely ashamed.”
    “Kristen is trying to save her career, and in the process is killing Rob. Open apology to Rob, public crying, leaks about a private letter to the wife. Kristens building a campaign of public sympathy.
    “she has publicly humiliated him 3 times. she openly cheats on him a couple days before going to his friends concert with him acting like a loving gf, then she only tells him when the mag contacts her team about the pics, then she issues a public apology to him where she says she loves him, repects him, and cheated on him all in the paragraph. her team is painting her as the victim. no she is NOT a victim. the victims are rob, liberty, and her 2 kids. ” I couldn´t agree more . Kristen and Ruper are idiots and selfish people!! Strong Robert , you are amazing!

  61. True says – reply to this


    True is Kristen and Rupert are such an idiots, selfish and cheaters. I hate both!!! Strong for Robert, Robert´s family, Liberty and Kids. I hope they are ok.

  62. karina says – reply to this


    i get that what kristen did was horrible, but how come people keep saying that shes a whore or a tramp. remember there was TWO people involved Rupert and Kristen. How come the girl is always the one who gets named call and treated worse then the man? i just dont get it ! and P.S. Rupert didnt appologize to robert and no one is talk *hit about him !

  63. 63

    Hey, stop pointing the finger at Kristen. What her parents, friends, and robert should be doing is making sure she's not being taken advantage of. It has happened to many famous singers and actors. She has worked so hard and gone through much to earn her money, to let a sleaze ball like that Rupert director ruin it! The truth of this is Rupert is trying to get famous by tearing her down. He doesn't care about her or anybody else except himself. Friends should protect each other not ruin them. Love you Perez and we over here love Robert and Kristen. Love and protect each other. There are wolves out there.