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Rupert Sanders' Dad Claims Scandal Is 'A Lot Of Fuss About Nothing'

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Rupert Sanders Statement Dad

Hmm…what could’ve went on here?

While some reports are saying Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders began their affair on the set of Snow White And The Huntsman, others say that it only started during the flick’s promo tour!

So was it a full-on affair or just a lustful kiss that went on for far too long?

What exactly constitutes a "momentary indiscretion," anyway?! So many questions to be answered!!!

One source recently stated:

"She wasn't having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn't have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She's a good person who just made a bad choice."

As for Rupert’s father, Michael? He explained:

"From what I gather nothing really happened and it is all a lot of fuss about nothing. I should imagine it was something very brief. She is a very pretty girl and when you work that closely with someone for so long, sometimes things happen."

Michael then stood up for his son some more, saying:

"He is very honorable, hardworking and [a] dedicated father and filmmaker."

Well of COURSE he’d say that…it’s his own son, LOLz!

Rupert’s father also seems to think that Rupert and his wife’s relationship "will survive this" and that the whole scandal is really just "nothing!"

Hmm…full-on affair or not, cheating is STILL cheating! No need to be rationalizing things here, people!!!

Who knows how deep Kristen and Rupert’s relationship actually got…although, a picture IS worth a thousand words!!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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36 comments to “Rupert Sanders' Dad Claims Scandal Is 'A Lot Of Fuss About Nothing'”

  1. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    shut up perez, what the fudge do you know…..nothing about what actually happened has even been said…..they both said sorry, but neither said what exactly happen….you're just panting all over this shit and as always…..blow everything so far out of proportion that its laughable….like their lust for each other while having dinner with charlize….you're just an idiot

  2. 2

    I have to agree with the father, magazines and you are making this into SUCH a big deal, and as always it's the girl who ends up being the whore not the married guy with children, anyway that's not the point of my comment, they probably didn't fuck although kissing is still cheating, people should get over it.

  3. 3

    There are no photos that are worth a thousand words. One snapshot only. Geez !

  4. 4

    Perez you seem genuinely HAPPY about the whole thing!

  5. Wub wub wub says – reply to this


    Re: Haileyx – I agree! Sometimes people get caught up in a moment of lust and realize what mistake they've done. Yes they're capable of it at the time but from situations like this people learn and grow from it. It's not always "Once a cheater always a cheater."
    And Perez is just wanting Kirsten & Robert to break up so badly which is why he's guilt tripping her like crazy and milking the story as much as he can.
    He's always been a hater when it comes to Kirsten to I understand why he would milk the f out of this story. It's getting old :/

  6. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    re: overthere….that's cause he revels in the misery of others….he lives for the humiliation of others….he giggles with glee over the stumbling of others……….no wait, he changed…no wait….he's the same disgusting hypocritical douche he's always been……i'd have a lot more respect for him if he was the same as he always was an didnt bullshit about his supposed "change" cause any idiot can see it's not true, thats why his comment areas are over run with people who can't stand him…his sheer excitement over this story proves that he's a lying hypocrite

  7. 7

    i do not understand what is so exciting about a single woman who was fucking a single guy decided to fuck a married guy. Other than married guy's wife who and why would ANYONE give a shit?

  8. 8

    Hmm… a dedicated filmmaker and father, but obviously not so great a husband. Don't care what they did… bottom line they did something. Hoping this is just what it takes for Kristen Stewarts career to do a nosedive and end. She has always seemed so pained and put out by fame. Reality check…

  9. Kaitlin says – reply to this


    I agree with Mr. Sanders' Dad. The affair happened. At least Kristen and Mr. Sanders are admitting that they had one instead of denying it like other celebrities and people tend to do. That to me shows that Kristen and Mr. Sanders are mature enough to deal with the consequences.

    Besides and let's be honest, affairs are nothing new in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world. I mean there are websites now that cater to people looking to have an affair. So I don't understand what the big deal is. People need to grow up and move on.

  10. 10

    How peculiar, that his father is making a comment on this. Isn't Sanders a grown man? Weird dynamic going on…

  11. 11

    What a piece of shit the father is too!! no wonder his son fucked a 22 year old or however old she is. If anyone here thinks those two didn't sleep together they are delusional and in denial. And what kind of society are we becoming when anyone other than your spouse is excusable??? wtf is going on!!!

  12. 12

    Wow if this wasn't enough to leave ur husband the farther in law did it for me "she's a very pretty girl and things happen"!?!? yeah… that's enough to neglect ur wife and two young kids!

  13. Katie says – reply to this


    Both Kristen and Rupert are pieces of shit and now everyone knows it. Case closed.

  14. 14

    I love how the dad conveniently left out FAITHFUL HUSBAND. He was all over K and had no shame when he was grinding all over her and sucking her face. The guy is an idiot.

  15. Raven says – reply to this


    let them be! jeez (ps. he's hot)

  16. Katie says – reply to this


    Re: Wub wub wub

    I'm calling bullshit. "Once a cheater, always a cheater" is correct ALMOST EVERY TIME. Sure, there will be a few that never do it again but the vast majority will.

  17. Katie says – reply to this


    The father's a dumbass. So by his reasoning, if I come across an attractive man, I'm allowed to fuck him even though I'm married because "things happen"? LMAO. We live in a society that is now morally bankrupt. You cheaters are inferior to me. Bow down to me, scum.

  18. 18

    "The fuss is about nothing?" Rupert is a Married man with children and she is in a HIGHLY publicized relationship with one of Americas top actors… Kristen & Rupert were practically swapping bodily fluids in broad daylight!!! how isn't that a big deal?

  19. Rsadri says – reply to this


    Robert pattison crybaby !! Was unfaIthful first him? Right?

  20. grrr says – reply to this


    ok first of all who the fukk are the sources? and why would his dad be talking for him?!?

  21. 21

    Leave them alone.

  22. 22

    Re: bonga chik – agreed. i dont even know why she has a career. she has no personality and sucks as an actress. she ruined the twilight movies! they should remake them and put someone who has a personality!

  23. AgeNmaturity says – reply to this


    Downplaying completely inappropriate actions this 41 yr old man has chosen to partake in, is just WRONG! Both are at fault. However, at 22, she’s more of a victim. Grown men (age 41) are completely aware of their actions. She’s barely left the nest and is learning a hard lesson. At the age of 22 it is easy to get caught up in a moment, become infatuated with those they look up too, make stupid decisions, etc!. She’s guilty of being young, stupid & foolish; he is a mature man that has used his influences to seduce this young woman. He was her director for goodness sake. He has broken many ethical boundaries here. SO NO, “Its NOT nothing”. He needs to grow up and realize his position of power also comes with the ability to recognize and avoid these types of situations. I say his lack of discretion speaks volumes to his character. I place him in the same category as our former Pres. Clinton. Wouldn’t want my young 20 to 25 year old daughter working with either one of them!

  24. tree says – reply to this


    why are you people on perez's website if you don't like him or his stories? this is what he does and he is just reporting what is already out there….Kristen and this guy are only sorry they got caught, end of story.

  25. MARIE says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – RIGHT EVERYONE ACTING LIKE THEIR THE VICTIMS, NO ONE GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ROB,LIBERTY OR CHILDREN, IT ALWAYS POOR KRISTEN. Kristen and Rupert both are adult and knew what they were doing. I not the biggest fan of perez either but in this case he right no matter how you put it no matter what you wanna call it it still cheating POINT BLANK!

  26. TheDJ says – reply to this


    What a whore bag. Messing with someone else s husband is a no brainer. Nuff said … Don't make excuses for her actions.

  27. 27

    Re: AgeNmaturity – Could not have said it better! Why is it always the woman who gets screwed (no pun intended). This forty-something asswipe will be taken back by his gorgeous wife and will leave the twenty-something girl with a broken relationship and a bunch of people calling her ridiculous names. John Lennon was right - woman is the ni**er of the world!

  28. 28

    Re: ntjohnston – Finally! I couldn't have said it better… I don't understand the fascination with this girl.

  29. ooppss says – reply to this


    Dear dad, we saw their infidelity pictures..from dry humping to car making out scenes!!!

  30. ohlala says – reply to this


    well like father, like son…

  31. 31

    The pictures are worth a thousand words. The pictures say there has been an affair going on and was abruptly stopped because they were caught! Whether it was a fleeting moment or lapse in judgement, the fact is, Kristen cheated Rob by having an affair with a married man. Likewise, Rupert cheated on his wife and kids. FACT.

  32. 32

    She's a bitch…….

  33. 33

    Ok so she did a mistake, Now shas an ángel…. What a happy end of story .. Shes a hore …. Like or not……she F.. Cked that Guy Like it ir not….end of story…… NEXT…….

  34. 34

    Why did they HAVE to tell?? Somebody had to bust somebody. Usually people just don't come out and confuse; especially if they feel they made a big mistake. They want to forget about it! And move on. Carry on and learn from the mistake. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED to make it all come forward??? Someone found someone's undies, etc…someone saw and had pix's???!!! Come on Perez…you must know.

  35. 35

    Look at their faces in the pictures… it shows they had something beyond the "fleeting moment" that Stewart wants to minimize it to. The "affair" was clearly "of the heart" even if not for long. It still matters. Rob Pattinson has some serious debating to do with himself about whether his dignity can take a hit like that. I wouldn't be able to forgive and forget. That's a lot to ask when the "affair" was so out in the open… didn't look to me like they cared about hiding anything. Lots of arrogance and lack of compassion for the people they claim to love. Ick!

  36. 36

    Re: sage1949 – The pictures were what exposed them. Someone secretly took the pics and sold them to the mag that initially printed them (wasn't it Us Weekly??? Can't remember). So… that's the ONLY reason they confessed.