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Liberty Ross isn't the only wife dealing with a cheater right now, that's for sure! But she definitely has the shiniest spotlight for it at the moment. … Read more…

27 comments to “Liberty Ross Wades Through Rupert Sanders' Sweaty Storm Of Infidelity”

  1. 1

    If I was her and got an apology letter from Kristen, I wouldn't even bother opening it. What is the point? What could she possibly say that could make Liberty feel better and not worse?

  2. 2

    She's so pretty how could he cheat on her with Kristen?

  3. 3

    Re: Britney1113 – Pretty people get cheated on just as much if not more than not pretty people. I don't know what this situation is, but lots of people marry someone just because they are pretty. Then they find out they really have nothing to hold the relationship together.

  4. 4

    Shut up, Mario. You don't know shit about Liberty Ross, and you know even less about what she's thinking, feeling, and how she's handling this. Posting this tripe was just an excuse for you to be a preteen cat and take another swipe at Stewart. Here's the thing: At least someone WANTS Stewart. No one wants YOUR creepy pedo ass. You are one huge EW.

  5. 5

    i bet she will not leave Rupert, she looks like that kind of women that gets cheated on but stays with the guy no matter what, she never dated anyone else apparently and she is the mother of his children, im getting the impression that she will not leave his stupid cheating husband, too much codependency.

  6. Get's Stupier Everyda says – reply to this


    This is just getting ridiculous now.
    Oh I am sorry Captain Obvious…. I am glad that you realized she has family behind her through this situation and is trying to cope with it.
    I thought when she found out she would've had a huge celebration.
    Please do the world a favour….. When you get a comment from Robert Pattinson or know something for a fact put it on your site. Stop wasting useful space to try to make yourself seem more up to date and informative then any other site.
    We all no thats bullshit.

  7. Maeve says – reply to this


    I'm not an expert but I dont think anybody in a happy healthy relationship cheats. There is NO excuse for cheating but I'm sure there were problems in the marriage for long before this happened. Regardless of this, what a little prick-face shit….and Kirsten is worse because she knew what she was doing…WHY CAN'T GIRLS RESPECT EACH OTHER??????

  8. Get's Stupier Everyda says – reply to this


    Re: tutituti – I don't think there is a bigger tool on here then Perez Hilton. How can someone sit around and say that this woman "looks like she gets cheated on but stays with the guy?" You are an idiot…. and to be quite honest I REALLY hope that you get cheated on so you can get a taste of your own medicine.

  9. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this



    What are you doing commenting on a woman's ass anyways?
    Not only is it degrading but I thought you aren't attracted to women?

    Tell us more about how much Kristen Stewart appals you.
    We all care what you think…said nobody ever.

  10. Get's Stupier Everyda says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Thank you for being one of the most understanding people on this! You are awesome!

  11. naira says – reply to this


    Am i the only who thinks this Ross is not pretty? yes she's thin, but why wouldn't anybody cheat on her?? She's no special and she will be cheated on again. why? she's a loser and the kind that stays with the wrong guy and so is Robert P. Kstew was never happy with him but he thought being with an american actress made him hotter than dating a brit…

  12. marcela says – reply to this


    She'll still be hotter than KStew even when she's 90

  13. 13

    1. The only reason I'm going to see the last breaking dawn now is for Rob. 2. I can't stand a trifflin homewrecker. 3. Hundreds of dollars(magazines,posters,dolls,movies,books) of my "dream couple" (I'm a hardcore twilighter-well WAS) and now all I have is a lot of sexy pics of Rob and a hoe. 4. Liberty!!!!don't be a dumbass!!once a cheater always a cheater and u have more than enough evidence to get half of everything, kids, and alimony. I bet everyone who was originally involved on the first cast picks is mad at themselves….Ashley Greene shouldve been Bella and vice versa…(Bc remember the babes who play rosalie and alice both tried out for the part of bella)

  14. Louu Bee says – reply to this


    Liberty needs to not be flaring her anger at the other woman, the other woman was not the only participant in this. She needs to be more focussed on what her husband has done, and what she can do about it. Remember, Kristen is still just a young adult, just managing to experience life, just grasping at the fresh vines dangling from the trees. She is bount to want experience. Cut her some slack, we've all made mistakes.

  15. Louu Bee says – reply to this


    Re: marcela – Kristen is hotter.

  16. 16

    Re: naira – Why a loser?. She was one of the main models for Legerfield and other very well known designers. She only took a step back when she married with the guy to dedicate the time to her children. She is a good mom, she could just simply throw the kids to nannies and keep on with her career, instead she stayed home.

  17. Get's Stupier Everyda says – reply to this


    Hey everyone….
    i have come to realize HOW SHALLOW MOST OF YOU ARE.
    This has nothing to do with whose hotter and who isn't. If she cheated on him with Chris Hemsworth that is the only acceptable action.
    Clearly some people were not raised properly…. i didn't no that it mattered who is better looking.
    Because I guarantee that who ever is writing this shit looks like they were hit by a car and run over twice.
    Have a little respect….. You people make me sick.
    Clearly the world is ending because you people need to take a look back at what your writing and come back down to reality….

  18. sarah says – reply to this


    shes cheated on rupert plenty of times. lets get real.

  19. Cristina says – reply to this


    Why does Kristen have to apologize to Liberty Ross? She didn't do anything to her, her husband did! He is the one who has to apologize to his wife! I see very unfair that everybody is blaming Kristen for this. She has done a bad thing, because she was in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, but I think it's worst to cheat to the person you are married with and the one you have children with, than cheat on a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  20. kem says – reply to this


    i do not condone cheating in any form but people make mistakes. kristen and rupert made a terrible mistake but it doesn't help anyone if the media keeps talking about it. there are tons of celebrities that cheat on a day to day basis but kristen is one of the scape goat because she was caught. No one knows why she did it and no one is in any position to judge or cast stones. kristen is a beautiful and talented actress and it is unfair for her to be labelled a cheater for the rest of her life just because of one mistake. deep down, we have all done something we are not proud of, we all fall a little short sometimes.

  21. Lyndal says – reply to this


    Who knows what head space Kristen was in when she made the choice to cheat on Rob, and Rupert on his wife. Usually when you cheat it's because your bored. Kristen and Rob had been together for 3 years. Kristen is only 22 and probably not ready to settle down. She's had a boyfriend since she was 15. She doesn't know what it's like to be single. She def needs some time out from relationships and just be single and have the freedom do see who you want. I don't condone what she did, but you do stupid things at that age, but she still should know better than to shag a married man. If she cheated with someone who was single and around her age fair enough. Shit happens in relationships. It's not a bloody fairytale. They are hardwork. Rupert has no excuse. Complete sleazebag chasing after someone half his age. Puke.

  22. Wow. says – reply to this


    Re: naira – That's a really bitchy thing to say. What makes you think Ross is a loser? Do you know her personally? What did she do to personally wrong you? Oh that's right, she happened to be married to the man that Kstew was having an affair with. Your whole comment speaks volumes about your character and maturity level. Have fun with that.

  23. 23

    He should of known better! He was the one who was MARRIED and almost twice her age. I don't see why Kristen Stewart, the one who has apologised, is getting all the grieve. She is saying sorry to Liberty, where's Rupert's apology to Robert?

  24. Whatever says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Seems Robert Pattinson wanted and got 17 year old Kristen's ass and more.

  25. Edina says – reply to this


    OMG! I hate Kristens guts at the moment and I think you (perez) should throw in you opinion more like when you said you dont get why Rupert cheated on his wife with THAT referring to Kristen. I love you> I hope that Liberty and Rob get through this okay but I hope Kristen and Rupert ROT in hell

  26. Cocoabear says – reply to this


    He's been with her since she was 18? This guy obviously likes em real YOUNG. Kristen is still a kid but this "man", who is old enough to be her father is the married one. Liberty's anger should be directed solely on her husband.

  27. Joanne Mercer says – reply to this


    Re: marcela – I agree, she is not pretty but ugly and clueless!