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Madonna Stands Behind Paris 'Club' Show!

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The scandalous Queen of our heart has spoken!

And girl is NOT apologizing for Thursday evening's 45 minute-long Paris show that angered more than a few Madge fanatics!

Earlier, we reported how Madonna's live-stream, last-minute addition to her MDNA tour, which took place at Paris' famed l'Olympia last night, disappointed concert goers to SUCH an extent they began slinging obscenities and booing!

Well, Her Madgesty's press rep has released the following response, stating:

"Madonna's Paris club show was planned as her heartfelt thank you to France which she expressed at the start of her show. Despite a grueling concert tour, she desperately wanted to perform for her fans in an intimate setting at the historic Olympia as a means to honor her love for French artists, French cinema and a tribute to France's long history of welcoming and inspiring artists, authors, painters, poets and minorities from other countries over the years. The show was not billed as her full MDNA concert and tremendous effort was made to keep the ticket prices reasonable ($100 for 2000 floor seats) and keep them strictly for her fans. The show cost Madonna close to a million dollars to produce. She has done a handful of club dates in the past and they were never more than 45 minutes. And by the way, she put on a fabulous show which was streamed for millions of fans around the world."

That's a satisfying excuse, right guys?!

And at least Madonna even deigned to perform at the 'club' venue in the first place after SUCH an excessive, global tour.

Really, those naysayers should be kissing her beautiful bottom in thanks…


[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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58 comments to “Madonna Stands Behind Paris 'Club' Show!”

  1. 1

    Granny has turned into the queen of plastic surgery. She needs to stop touring and head to vegas. She can do shows there. Free tickets for watching time share presentations.

  2. idontknow says – reply to this


    well said publicist. edith paif would faint and sing for twenty minutes and people would thank her for even singing one song. these "fans' arent fans anyways they are press designed to specifically fuck with Madonna since people have been jealous of her 30 plus career. her tour is number one and shes not even selling nostalgia shes singing new songs- no other artists can do that. its pretty amazing.

  3. 3

    Re: idontknow – Oh Please!

  4. Furious (ex) fan says – reply to this


    OMG, are these Madonna "representatives" actually living in a parallel universe ? Or maybe are they over reacting because Madge's wrath could cause their firing ? First of all, this show was NEVER EVER billed as a "modest club performance" as they seem to imply. It was just billed as a concert at the Olympia venue, period. In light of that, thousand of fans paid between 65 to 270 US dollars (and not just 100 $ as incorrectly mentioned in this press release) Second point, the Olympia venue could hardly (and laughably) be labeled as a "club date" or its equivalent as it is implied here. Some ridicously mediocre small town acts (well, at least compared to her Madgesty) have played there such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Amy Winehouse, Celine Dion, Adele, David Bowie (among so many amateurs) and no one, absolutely on one, EVER exited these people shows at the same Olympia venue shouting "Reinburse, reinburse" or even "Slut" because, guess what, fans were respected by those stars. I was at the Olympia yesterday (among not only french but also US, italian, spanish fans) and, believe me, was not the only one entering the venue as a fan and leaving it absolutely furious.

  5. 5

    Well F…K you and F..K her! That was not worse 165€. This was not even GOOD!!!! Trust me I feel cheated and I am NOT alone!

  6. 6

    Re: Furious (ex) fan – Well F…K you and F..K her! That was not worse 165€. This was not even GOOD!!!! Trust me I feel cheated and I am NOT alone!

  7. 7

    Re: Furious (ex) fan – Amen to that! I was there and I fell out of love. She screwed up to may times! I feel quite sad actually… Sometimes you need to let your youth go away…

  8. 8

    needs to change her diaper…

  9. Vas Rad says – reply to this


    Clearly everybody missed the whole meaning of the concert!
    The political message that she delivered was the whole point of her showing up at the Olympia.

  10. 10

    Re: idontknow – Oohh hi there..PR-Whore.

  11. Ariel says – reply to this


    it was a great show and left everyone wanting more. AND if i you paid less than what should you normally pay for a normal madonna concert then i guess that's where you should know that it would be a short concert. and plus she gave you 2 new acts. … and a long speach :P

  12. dd says – reply to this


    I ALWAYS support Madonna! But i think she's not right this time!! If it was a "heartfelt thank you" then it should have been free!! I love her and everything she does but she left most of us waiting for more this time!!

  13. Furious (ex) fan says – reply to this


    Re: Ariel
    Yeah, right, how un-Madonnish of me not mentioning Madge's opening speech, when she rambled about Greece (and greek people) being kind of ripped of. Was she secretely thinking about her audience at that very specific moment ? And, yeah, how stupid of me not to include that ten-minutes comic standup number (welcome to Madge Comedy Club ) among the reason we, stupid people, bought and paid our tickets in the first place. How dare we !!!!

  14. 14

    I hope for the money those poor rubes paid, that GrandMadonna at least brought along that elaborate commode thingy (pictured). She could take a sh!t in it and MadDonna apologists would be hailing it as art.

  15. MarleneD says – reply to this


    Was this statement put out by Liz Rosenberg or not? Where is Liz? She seems to have disappeared. Liz Rosenberg built Madonna and La Ciccone is ripping Madonna to shreds. Guy Oseary is a glorified Court Photographer. The team around her is not being honest with her - or she is overriding good advice. Either of which are leading to a downward spiral. And there is no reason for it to get better - there's another 6 months of promoting a dad album and nothing the other side of that. To say she doesn't take her audience for granted while taking them for granted is alientating what's left of the core audience. Playing the role of a wise world leader when we haven't forgotten about Malawi is offensive. Talking about tolerance and highlighting bullying and teen-suicide in her show while knowingly fostering negativity about a 20-something girl (Lady Gaga) is hypocritical. Either she is blind to these things (and others) or she genuinely believes us all to be too stupid to notice, and that her media-profile will carry her through regardless.

  16. ConservtivesMakeMeSick says – reply to this


    There's something wrong… I feel an intervention coming on

  17. Gay says – reply to this


    Re: Vas Rad
    Yeah, because she's just like, so deep!

  18. Gay says – reply to this


    Re: MarleneD
    Yes, Liz has always been Madonna's biggest protector. I've also noticed she's been MIA. Madonna has always surrounded herself with the best PR people who fiercely guard her privacy. Watch how Perez posts an unflattering intrusive story on her, and see how quickly it's taken down. It's happened several times on here.
    Her fans always like to say stuff like, "Madonna has never had any breakdowns like other singers" or some other crap, like she's so invincible. Only because with those people she has on her team, you'll never know it.

  19. Not You says – reply to this


    The 'point' of the show was to promote her new single. She then charged her audience tour-prices to pay for the promotion of her single. And bullshit it cost $1million to put on an 8-song show. Only if she was paying herself $800,000 to do the gig. It was promoted as MDNA, the name of her tour. People thought they were getting the tour show. If you don't understand why people are livid you've missed the point.

  20. MarleneD says – reply to this


    Re: Gay

    Sure, her career has had more to do with a positive relationship with the media than with the public but she has been carried through by a strong core audience of mainly gay men, now 35+, who in the past 12 months she seems to have kept finding new ways to alienate.

    I'm wondering if perhaps she's unhappy and sabotaging herself? You could argue she almost killed her career, and brought a load of negativity on herself at least once before: Erotica/Sex, even to a lesser degree with American Life.

  21. HERA says – reply to this



  22. 22

    i cant complain i saw some of it for free via web streaming she was rabbiting on about deprived people blah blah…sang a few tunes ..

  23. andouille says – reply to this


    Re: idontknow – it's edith piaf moron and really? you really wanna go there and compare piaf to madonna? piaf had a voice!!

  24. .................. says – reply to this


    Re: idontknow
    " these "fans' arent fans anyways they are press designed to specifically fuck with Madonna since people have been jealous of her 30 plus career. "
    Right..it's all a conspiracy. Lord forbid someone actually thinks she sucks.

  25. GC says – reply to this


    Re: Ariel
    How were they supposed to know it would be a short concert? Did it say so on the ticket they purchased? If it was supposed to be an intimate show, the least she could have done was show up on time. She didn't even do that. Barbra Streisand, whose live performances are almost once in a lifetime for her fans, played at the Village Vanguard in NYC, a way much smaller venue, to a way much smaller crowd who were lucky enough to win tickets to her FREE show, and her show lasted longer than 45 minutes, and she was much more engaging and intimate with her audience. Madonna gets away with the stuff she does because the pissed off fans are usually the minority, and she knows that her rabid fanbase who thinks she invented air and water will defend her for any of her mistakes.

  26. isak says – reply to this


    i was there and it was a great show most of te people which were probably 30 or so out of a few tousand were drunk , most people including myself wanted the show to go on , only because wht was shown was amzing one of the best performances of her IN A WHILE , TH YOU MADONNA ND KEEP ON GOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Alex4444 says – reply to this


    The show was excellent, after all Madonna is the best world entertainer but the chaos was intitated by far right sympathisers of Le Pen as this fan report:

  28. NotYou says – reply to this


    Re: Alex4444

    Don't believe that bullshit. It wasn't far-right sympathisers. It was disgruntled fans. And if Madonna's camp try to pass it off as anything other than that then they're going to drive a further wedge between M and her audience who are genuinely pissed off about just about everything that's happened in the past 12 months. If you're in a hole, acknowledge it, and ffs stop digging…

  29. 29

    Wolfy GaGA smells blood.

  30. 30

    i'm in ny and knew it was a ”showcase” of a few songs. the french are cute!!!! lmfaooooooo queen bitch is really pissing sheeple off this year!!!!

  31. 31

    Re: isak – madonna was kinda brilliant and really raw-ish in that performance!! the fans wanted more!! keep your fans wanting more is how you have a 30 year career!! viva queen bitch madonna!!!! :-)

  32. 32

    Re: CHOLAREAL – everyone knows that you were not there! lol! u haven't left your bedroom in 5 years! lolllllllllllllllll #fact

  33. 33

    Re: MarleneD – little turds are NOT all fat!! :-)

  34. jim says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit, arrogant Europeans, she needs to come home to America, the center of the universe, and culture, hail to the queen madonna,

  35. Xanadu says – reply to this


    Re: jim

    The Yanks gave up on her in 1995. Her celebrity may be intact there but she has no career of any note in the US. She'd never have survived this long without the UK, France and Italy. So, in short, your point sucks… and as the only market she still has any real footing in now is Italy, who like their phallic mothers, we seem to have finally reached the end of the ride, ladies and gentlemen…

  36. 36

    Re: Xanadu – i think u just proved u need to get sum dick, asap. lolllllll

  37. 37

    If they didn't know anything about the show being shorter can you please explain why these people were holding up A4 printouts with insults on which they clearly brought into the venue with them!!!! So…. I would suggest this was a Pre-planned attack on Madonna by whoever was responsible! My friend was there and was texting me how fantastic it was. He said it was a handful of maybe approx. 30 people who remained at the end holding up the notices, encouraging booing, taking photos of themselves with notices and also making sure someone was videoing the incident. It was certainly billed as an intimate event and Tge last ones I attended including promos have been a hell of a lot shorter! I know what to expect. These people had a hidden agenda. Most fans I have spoken to obviously wanted it to continue as long as possible but were very happy with the show as it was. It only takes a few to start a riot. Wake up sheep!

  38. 38

    Scandal, her official site also states, MDNA tour adds a special performance with tickets starting at 80 euros. Time to fire some management…

  39. kiki2u says – reply to this


    Since the video/images from people leaving the concert had pre-printed "protest" flyers, you had paid protesters in there. Because you know, I always carry pre-printed flyers to an event on the off-chance that a I'm not happy–they are printed with messages for anything that might go wrong. Brought some to the county fair today. I wasn't at the show and watched it on youtube…what idiot thinks she is going to broadcast the entire show before the concert has even moved out of the the eastern hemisphere? Seriously? How brain dead does one have to be to not figure that out? Grab a clue. Oh and the price, $65-$300…that was way less than the concert I'm attending when she comes to the states by about half. Cry me a river. She didn't hold you to your computer and force you to purchase the tickets now did she? I thought it was a great show and would have been glad to have paid to see her. And the ones that complained about her walking off at the end. Um, I've seen every tour since Blond Ambition and she has done that at pretty much EVERY tour, and you are surprised how?

  40. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: Phibes – Yes I would.

  41. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: GC – Woah woah woah. Are you saying she didn't invent air and water. Who the fuck do you think you are!!!! Basically, if you are going to a building that holds 2000 people and think you are getting a full concert for stadiums and arena's….a full MADONNA concert with all those props you must be so freaking stupid. If you are that freaking stupid then you deserve to lose the money and should feel angry…but that your stupid. I mean seriously. I would easily pay 100$ or more to be in an intimate setting with her for just 5 fucking minutes. These 'fans' are just little whiners. Those few hundred complainers should go see Celine or someone, I'm sure they would be grateful for the hand me downs.

  42. fufu says – reply to this


    Re: NotYou – Speak for yourself. She isn't pissing me off and I'm a fan. Actually she is amusing me like she always does by pissing people like you off to the point you have to hate spew fourth your hate for her on websites. Fuck she is awesome.

  43. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: FatAzzPooHeadDoodle – Viva la bitch Madonna indeed!!!! What these monkeys don't realise is that there hate just fuels her and makes her more powerful. I love how she can still work people into a frenzy even 30 years later. That woman has got talent!!!!! And yeah it was an amazing show.

  44. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: Xanadu – yeah that makes sense actually. That's why she has the biggest tour of all time by a solo artist of which half of the dates were in the States. Somewhat of a paradox we have here. According to you she isn't popular but according to actual stats and figures she seems to be. I don't know I'm just gonna put this down to you been a fucking moron.

  45. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: kiki2u – Yeah I agree that it was a handful of people. Certainly most of them looked to be having a good time. I would find it very hard to believe that any Madonna fan would be ungrateful to be in the same fucking room as her for 45 mins. The show was great.

  46. 46

    …dressing up in rediculous outfits ,….posing on big chair,…..boy, now thats talent !…

  47. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: KEEFER – I know she is great!

  48. GC says – reply to this


    Re: Fufu
    "but that your stupid. "
    Thanks for the pseudo-intellectual retort, but I think that would be, " but that YOU'RE stupid." Reading your posts, I don't think you're qualified to discuss intelligence on here when your IQ sounds like it falls left of the bell curve. But hey, if you yourself would pay $100 or whatever to see 5 minutes of this non-singing bitch, then I really don't need to further comment on your stupidity, Fufs! Happy trolling!

  49. FuFu says – reply to this


    Re: GCRe: GC – Hey look you were smart enough to actually detect the difference between your and you're. I'm slightly impressed that your not as dumb as I thought. Now you can put your gold star on the fridge for the week and show your friends (oops), I mean Mum. But then it comes back to the fact that you still didn't manage to figure out that Madonna wouldn't be doing a major stadium type show in a room that only holds 2000 people which brings me back to you being an idiot again. I do love to troll, thank you. To add to your ever increasing stupidity you actually thought that Barbara Streisand doing a free concert to less people is a good thing. Could it be that no one wants to see her so she can't charge. No that wouldn't have crossed your few brain cells because they were so busy trying to concentrate on your and you're. So I think we can safely assume your not even in the bell shaped curve, no you're many standard deviations off to the left as an outlier. Ok dummy anymore insightful comments. (I have added some grammatical mistakes this is a game like wheres wolly, but you need to find them ok…I believe you can do it and it means more gold stars!!! Go on you can do it dummy).

  50. GC says – reply to this


    Re: FuFu
    Wow, you're rather long-winded! How can someone say so much yet say absolutely little? Do you just lurk here on PH, waiting for someone to respond to you? Thanks for using every internet argument cliche in your attempt to read me. You must keep those zingers saved on your computer, ready to use at moment's notice. I'm only slightly impressed that you're slightly knowledgeable in Statistics or the Bell Curve theory. I see your community college education is paying off. All that rhetoric still doesn't explain away your stupidity.
    BTW, FUFU, Barbra Streisand's tours have been consistent in being sellouts and grossing millions of dollars, which negates your dumb no-one-wants-to-see-her theory, and if you had any knowledge of pop culture, you have known that.
    Reading comprehension also isn't your forte, because never did I mention anything about Madonna playing a stadium type show in a small room. The issue here was time, not grandiosity. So it seems to me your little "safe" assumptions about me are nothing more than your typical knee-jerk reactions. And if you really would like to continue discussing grey matter, by all means, let's do so. But I don't expect you be engaging or intelligent. You're a Madonna fan, after all.

  51. FuFu says – reply to this


    Re: GCRe: GC – Hey stupid. I am long winded, just like you are an idiot. I know that it probably seems like I am not saying much, but it brings me back to your lack of intelligence and inability to grasp detailed concepts. I noticed you responded pretty fast there too, so back at you. I'm sorry that my comments sound cliche to you. Do you hear people telling you that your stupid a lot do you? Your only slightly impressed about my knowledge…hmmm where did I hear that before…..so your a parrot. Great! Maybe you like sounding like a parrot because you like big noses, which brings me to Barbra Streisand. Lets talk sell-outs then. Madonna's last tour grossed $162 million, while parrot head's only grossed 76 million, both according to billboard. Madonna's was the biggest grossing tour all time for an artist, while I noticed a lot of cancelled dates, and singing at school halls, I mean, centres for big nose. Does that explain to you why Madonna can charge and Babs can't? Probably not…back to you being a moron again. I'm happy to discuss grey matter, but I am pretty sure you run off your amygdala, and your cerebal cortex was lost in some tragic accident involving a parrot, a Barbra Streisand video, some lube, a dildo, and your ear. I know it hurts that your idol is insignificant but, at least, you can rest easy knowing there is at least five other people out there that like her too.

  52. Fufu says – reply to this


    Re: GC – ps - I didn't go to a community college such as yourself, I am an astronaut. And I'll let you in on a little secret that you will like. We use Barbra Streisands nose as a landmark to navigate ourselves to the moon. Isn't that great!! See so maybe she isn't insignificant after all! Ohhh I can hear your amygdala little brain cells firing off in excitement. So sweet. Did you put that goldstar on your fridge by the way?

  53. WHORE says – reply to this






  54. GC says – reply to this


    Re: FuFu
    Aww..Fufu sounds angwwey. Did I touch a nerve?
    "I noticed you responded pretty fast there too."
    Oh, I'm pretty sure you did. You don't have much of a life, do you?
    " Do you hear people telling you that your stupid a lot do you? "
    Actually I don't. I happen to have a high IQ. Would you like to compare scores? I'm pretty sure I can beat you on an IQ test just signing my name.
    " Your only slightly impressed about my knowledge…hmmm where did I hear that before…"
    See, that's the problem, dear. You haven't! :)
    "Madonna's last tour grossed $162 million, while parrot head's only grossed 76 million"
    Actually Barbra's last tour grossed 119.5 million, and she played less dates. But answer me this: When's the last time anything you ever did made millions? Yeah, I thought so, too.
    "I'm happy to discuss grey matter, but I am pretty sure you run off your amygdala, and your cerebal cortex was lost in some tragic accident involving a parrot,"
    How cute! Someone looked up some big words in an encyclopedia. Very impressive! Except nothing you said made any sense!
    "I am an astronaut."
    Oh, I see you're delusional, too. That's nice to know. Good to see that all that training that you received at NASA is being put to good use: defending Madonna on a gossip blog.

  55. GC says – reply to this


    Re: Fufu
    " I know it hurts that your idol is insignificant but, at least, you can rest easy knowing there is at least five other people out there that like her too"
    And who would be my idol? You don't even know who I like. And unlike you, I don't idolize celebrities. Oh, were you talking about Babs? Oh, yes, I admire some of her work, but I never said she was my idol. But if she's so insignificant, why is she still having #1 albums 50 years after her first? As much you want to scoff at her accomplishments, she does have something Madonna has always wanted and will never have: an Oscar!
    " I didn't go to a community college such as yourself."
    Uh, if you're going to try to reuse my own insults, you could have at least taken it much further than I did. That one just kind of laid there.

  56. FuFu says – reply to this


    Re: GC – GC I am currently in space travelling to the moon. But when I noticed you had replied I, of course, asked NASA if we could go into orbit so I could get an internet connection and reply. Normally this is more difficult, but luckily we were hovering over Barbra Streisand's area of location, and her nose creates a gravitational sweet spot that just sucked us right in there. When it was time to go we simply asked her to blow her nose and off we went. We have actually made up time because instead of blowing her nose she sneezed and boy I havn't felt such G-Force in all of my training missions. Amazing. Both me and the boys feel that you are telling little white lies about Babs, and the fact you keep defending her obviously means you are a) fond of her, and b) a typical narcissistic baby boomer. Anyway in order to try to mend bridges I do want to say that my great great great great great great grandmother used to really like Barbra Streisand during her later career so we have that in common. Bye friend.

  57. Fufs-Astronaut/Genius says – reply to this


    Re: GC – GC says – reply to this OH you responded TWICE how cool. Lucky I noticed before we exited internet range. Wow you really do love spending time chatting with me. How could I be angry with that? I love trolling you, I am just amused at how you keep biting. Once again your baby boomer bias is showing…..barbs sold $76 million according to billboard, I could come up with a bigger figure for Madonna too, but the figures were from the same source and thus more consistent. Bab's couldn't do more dates because no one wanted to see her, hence the cancellations. I think your dementia is kicking in again too. When I say IQ I'm talking about an intelligence test, but I can only assume you are talking about interquartile range and bell curve theory again - in regards to the deviation in the size of the turds planted into your incontinence pad as you get trolled in this conversation, since no one would believe you have a high IQ (intelligence test). Just ask anyone at the resthome they can explain everything to you. By the way I am a 15 yr old supergenius, which is how I got onto the NASA training program so my IQ is about 4500 I think?

  58. GC says – reply to this


    Re: Fufs-Astronaut/Genius
    ".barbs sold $76 million according to billboard,"
    That was for the first leg of the tour in 2006, idiot box. She made another 43 million on her second leg in Europe. But at least I made you look it up. :) Again, when's the last time you made millions? And do we really want to talk about cancellations? The rest of your comments are too idiotic to warrant any further comments from me, and frankly, they're disappointing. I was expecting more from the astronaut; what a let down! I do believe, however, you're actually 15 years old, although I know plenty of 15 year olds that are much more witty than you seem to think you are. Now why don't you go and download some more copies of MDNA.