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Now THIS is the type of stuff we like to see young people doing! Youth Empowered to Act (YETA), a group of LGBT leaders between the ages of 14 and 24, pr… Read more…

68 comments to “Orange County Protestors Line Up Outside New Chic-Fil-A Franchise!”

  1. 1

    Just wait until August 1, and you will see that the majority of Americans support chickfila, we will go in great numbers to support Chickfila!!

  2. Minnie says – reply to this


    Why does having an opinion mean they are haters? They are supporting the Biblical definition of marriage. I think the same sex marriage cause would be more successful if they didn't pursue having it termed as marriage. Why can't it be civil union? Same rights, same insurance, etc.

  3. KERRY says – reply to this


    If ChickFilA doesnt support gay marriage they just fckn DONT!!! Who are you to push your GAY AGENDA on everyone else!! If you want to bend another man's back then do you, but dont try to make the rest of us conform or say its ok. How DISGUSTING that you gays try to protest everything & everyone who isn't drawing rainbow doodles on their notebooks!! Im sick of it! So what they DONT support gays! It's their prerogative! It shouldnt make a difference to you as Im sure no one gay is gonna turn straight because of it smh! #teamchickfila thanks for taking a stand & not conforming to the media & gay BULLIES!!

  4. 4

    Lmfao, what have you got there, about 7 people? Fucking impressive. Looks like the rejects of society have banded together for this massive turnout. You've given Chick-Fil-A more free advertising than they could ever have hoped for, you have created more support for them. As usual, your agenda has failed, you should have learned that from past experience. You preach about what's healthy then you do a promotion for Pringles. You're a real piece of shit. Team Chick-Fil-A forever.

  5. 5

    Isn’t this illegal?
    Isn't discriminating against people based on their religious views, against what this country was first founded upon: religious freedom?
    I think it is.
    The gay mafia are the big bullys with the loudest and powerful media nazis behind them.
    Shame on you, Mario. You are a full fledged Commie bastard.

  6. krkkrieger says – reply to this


    I only know a few gay people, they're aren't any I see every day & I think it's the same for most people so I can't understand how people can't be so angry about gays when they're not even around them. I don't care what other people do & I don't care if gay people kiss in the streets. It doesn't get in the way of me doing what I want & as long as the gov says you can't get married unless you pay them a fee, I say they have to let you so that you can enjoy the same gov perks hetros get.

  7. Bigots says – reply to this


    Do you people not realize that it's NOT about his opinion? It's the fact that the owner donated millions an anti-gay marriage group. Out of all the great charities out there, he chooses to give it to this organization?! Crazy. There IS a difference between having an opinion and donating to hate organizations. And the CFA people are idiots who created a fake FB account to calm the haters on their FB page. Didn't God say that lying was wrong too? Same with judging? These fake "christians" are so hypocritical. And I bet a lot of them are closeted homosexuals too - otherwise, why would someone 'straight' care so much if two guys or two girls want to have a damn marriage license?

  8. sandy says – reply to this


    Sorry to those who think otherwise, but no one should tolerate intolerance! Once an "opinion" starts affecting the lives of other people, it's no longer respectable. so basically what youre saying is if you don't love gays and support gays you're intolerant and disrespectful? seems rather hypocritical but then again thats gays all over isn't it HUGE hypocrites .

  9. anon says – reply to this


    They were not discriminating against you. Just because they don't agree with you doesn't mean they don't like/care about you, so shut up. I am a Christian and I think being gay is a sin, and I have several gay friends. MOST CHRISTIANS DONT HATE GAYS, THEY JUST DISAGREE WITH THEM. and by the way, you aren't respectfully disagreeing with us, you're being a bastard about it.

  10. sandy says – reply to this


    Re: Bigots – but its not a hate organisation theres nothing wrong with supporting same sex marriages just like theres nothing wrong with supporting gay marriages. I never even heard of this place before thsi story but now I like them

  11. Barbara says – reply to this


    I appreciate your position. That said, this is still a country of free speech. Tolerance works both ways and I know for a fact that Chick Fil A hires people from a wide variety of religions, orientations, etc.

    This is a Christian company, a private company, and a good company that provides natural products for a reasonable price.

    You may not agree but you're typical "if it makes you happy…say it and/or do it" needs to include people you don't agree with….otherwise you look like the bigot.

  12. 12

    Chick Filet has every right to state what they feel. If you dont like it go somewhere else. They're biblical NOT hateful. So what.

  13. 13

    Re: luvs2hustle – You need a basic civics lesson. THis is not illegal, but a time-honored All-American tradition. The government is banned from acknowledging religion. Individuals can say what they want. It is called freedom of speech (which, again, only the government may not restrict.) What they are doing is perfectly legal and appropriate.

  14. 14

    Re: KERRY – Well, why are the pushing their right wing neo-Christian agenda on us? They want to make the US a theocracy where religion gets to make the rules. You assholes and your "gay agenda" comments are just stupid. Maybe we should start talking about the christian theocracy agenda. And protest the attempts to require adherence to religious beliefs.

  15. 15

    I have nothing against anyone gay nor do I mind gay marriage. But to not eat somewhere based on the CEO's religious beliefs, is a bit crazy. He has a right to believe the way he wants, just as gays should have the right to be gay. It was his choice to donate the money to whatever organization he wanted to, just like it would be yours to donate yours any way you saw fit. If he just so happen to support gay marriage, then these people would be praising him. So basically we should be able to have our own opinions and beliefs, as long as they suit certain people? I eat at places for their food not their CEO's opinions, therefore his opinion will not affect me in anyway, nor should it anyone else, since it is JUST HIS opinion. His opinion is not going to help/hurt gay marriage, so why bother? Certain people believe you should be able to have your own beliefs or opinions, that is unless it is against something they believe.

  16. 16

    Wow. What a pathetic protest. You couldn't scrape up anymore pond scum to go protest a chain that actually has a lot of support, pansy? I can't wait to go buy my next chicken sandwich from there, and when I do, I'm going to let them know that YOU, Perez, are the reason I'm there. YOU and your militant, hypocritical gay agenda. You know what I think? I think YOU are the HATER. YOU are a BULLY. And the fact that I'm going to support that chain with my money is YOUR fault. Chew on that, gay boy. :D

  17. krkkrieger says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – Have you ever been beaten for holding hands w/ your man/woman walking down the street? Gay people have to fear this happening to them. In Germany, if you give a nazi salute in public, you are arrested. Their press is just as free as ours, but they understand from 1st hand experience what hate speech can do. There comes a point when you are no longer voicing an opinion, you're giving people permission do harm & kill. That's the line the CEO crossed. By the way, it's not just gay bashing that makes them bad, they also pay thier employees less than natl fast food average.

  18. kandycane says – reply to this


    I read today that BC chick fil a is a Christian based family chain the sales have went up though the past few years. America was found and led through out history on biblical grounds. You don't like it? THEN LEAVE! We don't ask you to stop being gay, but the marriage code is based on a holy ceremony
    And I will add… Ahhhhh, are you not just tired Perez? We by gas from ppl that believe gays should die. But you don't believe a clean fast food chain should speak his mind about a marriage that is under a God that claims you're sinning????? Does anyone not see what a crazy fake u are? You have more hate and mental problems than a bully from any school I've heard of. You're mad BC chicken guy is winning. They have their God, their religion and most ppl feel the same way about gay marriage. But nobody needs to stop buying gas from muslims???? FREEDOM of religion , sorry it's not your moral code…but it seems to be the rest of America…BC chick fil sales are not hurting. Hell, I think you're giving them free advertising!!!!!! LMAO :)

  19. 19

    Re: Snookietoes – Slave ownership, polygamy, selling daughters into slavery, and killing daughters for not honoring her parents are all biblically acceptable too. Not to mention all those pesky rules about what not to eat and how foods are to be properly prepared or grown. But then, let's not quibble about which religious rules you may wish to glorify and others which you simply and conveniently ignore.

  20. 20

    Funny , you bad mouth CFA as anti gay, and yet all day today you had an ad for them for a free coupon, apparently your ethics ARE FOR SALE. hypocrit cocksucker.

  21. 21

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – You Bore me — you bore me. How you spend your $5 is your business and YOUR fault. You're probably like Jerry Sandusky and like your chicken young. LOL. Chew on that, asswipe

  22. 22

    Re: sandy – "seems rather hypocritical but then again thats gays all over isn't it HUGE hypocrites ." no i don't think ist is a gay thing , just a PEREEX thing. he's doing all this hating, but most of the day he was paid for an ad for a coupon at CFA.

  23. 23

    apparently ethics are for sale. bitch them out then take their money for an ad.

  24. Mike says – reply to this


    I will be eating at chick-fil-a as much as i possibly can to show my support for the franchise and for free speech …. Mmmmmm. Good !

  25. 25

    These aren't religious views. They are views based in HATE and you know it. Hidden behind religion, call it what you want, everyone sees the truth. The same was said about inter-racial marriage. God wants it this way, god wants it that way, oh please. It's just too bad some of you can't handle being challenged.

  26. 26

    Re: Mike – hunny, their free speech isn't under scrutiny. They were not censored. You do realize you can say whatever you want, but that doesn't mean there cannot be a backlash.

  27. tadge says – reply to this


    You do realise that you reactionary right wing bible bashers are a laughing stock outside the US? You want liberty and freedom but only when it suits you. People are protesting as is their right, as is yours to eat white trash chicken all you like. Shame as i always found americans to be friendly and really a nce crowd. Tadge, scotland

  28. tadge says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – You do realise that you reactionary right wing bible bashers are a laughing stock outside the US? You want liberty and freedom but only when it suits you. People are protesting as is their right, as is yours to eat white trash chicken all you like. Shame as i always found americans to be friendly and really a nce crowd. Tadge, scotland

  29. 29

    Liberals are THE MOST INTOLERANT GROUP of all. They are absolute hypocrits and are intent on destroying those who have opinions that differ from the political correctness. When people cease to have free speech, we have turned into a fascist state, a dictatorship.

  30. 30

    Re: tadge – white trash chicken? So how is the chicken white trash? You are as bad as the drones who run their mouths without a clue. Fact is, neither I nor you, have a right to decide what anyone believes. Based on your comments, I would assume everyone in Scotland is a fucking idiot. Luckily, I have a relative who is from Scotland and he proved great people are everywhere.

  31. bTeri says – reply to this


    There has never, ever been a discrimination accusation agains Chicka fil A regarding the gay community or any other discriminated group. This is a privately owned company - and Perez in this country this man has the right to his own beliefs just as you have the right not to buy food at his restaurant- what you dont have the right to do, what those narrow minded mayors dont have the right to do is tel lthis man his business doesnt have a right to exist. THAT is not a value on which this country is based.

  32. bTeri says – reply to this


    Re: anon – They are not intolerant of gay people - they believe in the tradtional defination of marriage– you dont agree-dont buy food there– but this business has as right to exist according to the laws of this country. Ifwe start creating these types of tests for businesses if you say goodbye to Chicka Fil A in progressive cities then say goodbye to gay businesses in traditional parts of the country - is that really the direction you want this country to go in?

  33. tara says – reply to this


    The owner of this restaurant never said he hated gays… he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.. and never said anything about hating gays. I would fully support you guys if Chic-fil-A was not hiring gay people or worse, not even serving them. Get your facts straight. And the owner of this company has every right to voice his personal opinion. It is ridiculous that a man can't speak his own mind without everyone hating on him.

  34. la la says – reply to this


    They don't HATE you freaking idiot!!!!! They simply do as a Christian is suppose to do, which is NOT TO SIN by standing for things AGAINST CHRIST. Do you even know what the word SIN is??? Nope, you don't. I forgot. you're a homo. barf

  35. tadge says – reply to this


    Re: byte me – you really highlighted my initIal point. You eat where you want to, let people demonstatenifbthey wantnti. Do yourself a favour and spend some extended time outside the US.

  36. 36

    Owners of OPEC put homosexuals to death. Are they going to stop buying gas as well? I say good…more Chick Fil A chicken for the rest of us!

  37. 37

    Re: FrankieLA – Whatever. Gays have it extremely good in the US as compared to the rest pof the world. Your example is way extreme and like comparing apples and oranges. Gays would easily have this marriage problem solved by calling it something else and they would have all the equal rights they want. But to redefine traditional marriage is watering down the nuclear family originally designed as one can and one woman. BTW that is what I hear from others and their main beef. They fully support equality but not changing the traditional meaning of the word marriage. No more than if demands came in trying to rename the United States of America. And no matter how equal either is, they are still different. Not better. Not less just there IS a difference.

  38. 38

    Re: tara – Exactly.

  39. tadge says – reply to this


    Re: Snookietoes – Im not sure why all yiu small town rednecks would even want to hang around this website! Liberty equality and freedom are not just to be used when it suits yiur rather narrow view.

  40. That's Embarassing says – reply to this


    Correction: not ages 12-24. Those people in the chicken and cow suit are between 45-60. Oops.

  41. ger says – reply to this


    They weren't protesting the establishment itself. They were trying to raise awareness of the fact that the franchise funds anti gay orgs. When you open a business in a communityand use their money to hurt them, the community has the right to protest it…

    Also, brown peeps representing!

  42. 42

    I believe the nearest Chick-Fil-A restaurant is a couple of states away from me. Several hundred miles. I would gladly make a road trip to just buy a soda from them and thank them for standing up for what is right!

  43. 43

    Bunch of damn idiots. One guy shares his views, people at establishments do not even share his views. Since its a franchise anybody can go into partnership with them and rent a space out..I know TWO gay people that work at chic-fil-a and could give a rats ass

  44. T-wack says – reply to this


    Re: sandy – "Sorry to those who think otherwise, but no one should tolerate intolerance! Once an "opinion" starts affecting the lives of other people, it's no longer respectable."
    But we're all supposed to jump on the band wagon of being intolerant of the Chik-Fil-A prez 's opinion on marriage and affect HIS life and the lives of everyone who works there. The hypocrisy is astounding, but not surprising.

  45. 45

    Let people ask a business that they know is own and ran by Christians, and be angry and shocked when they say they are for tradtional marriage! The gays act like spoiled 2 year old brats when they have their toy taken away. Y'all throw tantrums because people don't agree with you and have a different opinon than you. You are tolerant of people, until they disagree with you, then you are vicious and hateful. If you want people to be tolerant of you, you better be tolerant of them! You don't like people pushing their beliefs down your throat, but you think it is all hunky-dory for you to cram your beliefs down theirs. Tolerance is a 2 way street. NEWSFLASH: You can never make people put a stamp of approval on y'all's lifestyle. That is all y'all want….approval from society! You guys want approval of your lifestyle because you know deep down it isn't normal, so in order for you to drown out that knowing, you want approval so you will feel okay about it. You can say that isn't it and lie to yourself, but you know it is true. You guys are the minority, not the majority. You act like yall are some type of race, you aren't! Chick-fil-a will now get more business than ever. The more people come against them and speak evil of them, the more they will be blessed. So go ahead. Because you are just helping their business. I went to eat there yesterday, and it was PACKED! :)

  46. renie says – reply to this


    perez. intoralrence is a two way street buddy just because you do agree with what the Chick a fil folks beleive doesnt mean you or rahmn hater and these other mayors and so called washed up hollywood hasbeen roseanne barr ect…. you and the other gays types shuld understand that the matter of freespeech should also be tolerated by you folks . dont go intotheir establishments and do kiss ins and crap like that . how would you all like it if some folks fo into your vars and beginto have church. so cut it out enoughthreats is enough just live your ungodly lives anf thatthatyou will answer to theGod of theworld in the end of your days. Just as I do. so live and let live, tell roseann her nuts are gross.

  47. Betty says – reply to this


    Antigay Agenda? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The man has an opinion, its not an agenda, this is a stupid article, im sorry, I am in support of chick fil A and biblical marriage all the way!!! Come on Christians! lets rise for our brother in Christ! Cathy we support you!!!! More importantly, God supports you and if HE is with you, who can be against you?

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  53. tadge says – reply to this


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