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Robert Pattinson 'Horrified' By Kristen Stewart's Public Apology!

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robert pattinson horrified by kristen stewarts public apology affair cheating

She's dug her relationship into the grave, that Kristen Stewart!

As you know, Robert Pattinson is just sick to his stomach over the whole Rupert Sanders mess. He packed his bags and got the eff outta El Lay as soon as he could!

Cutting off all contact with lil' miss cheater, Robert has placed himself in seclusion. Only his best friends know what's going on with him, it seems.

And one of those friends has all the deets on his current state of mind, revealing:

"As Rob told me, 'She only had to call two people: me and Liberty.'

He is still in total shock, but Rob is a very, very proud man. And Kristen knew how he feels about remaining faithful, loyalty and commitment. He also was horrified that she issued a public apology to him.

It was even more surprising because the two of them had this very specific personal agreement about not 'going public' with their relationship, until they both agreed it was the right time. To do it this way — apologizing for cheating on him — ended up being totally unacceptable."


Oooh, Robberz. Our heart hurts so much for you.

We hope you can find solace in knowing you're one of the grandest human beings to ever walk the planet. And if you can't find rest in that thought, well, you're always invited over here! Ha! ;)

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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96 comments to “Robert Pattinson 'Horrified' By Kristen Stewart's Public Apology!”

  1. 1

    Honestly… i couldn't give a rats ass. There are so many more important things going on in the world to garner my attention. But once again your fucking freak, you take a sad story and throw your fucking gay agenda into it. Grow the fuck up already!

  2. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    He'd be "horrifed" by YOUR much public lusting of him.
    No wonder your single.

  3. demode says – reply to this


    That would be shocking. I feel bad for him. Chances are, her PR team wrote it for her anyway.

  4. 4

    The way you perv on heterosexual men is absolutely disgusting and completely creepy. It's not NORMAL, it's not ACCEPTABLE, and all you accomplish is presenting yourself as a desperate homo who can't get any. And though it's not — at the moment — for celebs to say it, I'm willing to bet the hetero objects of your lust are nauseous about it if they're aware of it. Your day is coming, pansy.

  5. 5

    Kristen's public apology sounded more like the work of her publicist than her. But, yes, it was icky. And I don't think Kristen has to apologize to Liberty - her husband does. Why do we not hear that the director should apologize to Rob? If my husband fooled around on me I would not want an apology or anything else from the other woman - it would be all about me and my husband.

  6. 6

    If Rob is in seclusion and if he is with his best friends I can guarantee you that none of them made any comment about how he is feeling or doing. Best friends just don't do that.

  7. 4lyfe says – reply to this


    OH COME ON, Enough!!!!!! She cheated let's get over, why is perez beating a dead horse, it's funny how when a female cheats she's a whore and a homewrecker but when a man does it, you barely hear anyone call him a whore. Any ways i will see her movies she's a good actor, because her personal life is effed up doesn't mean i have to not see her movies, everyone is taking this thing to seriously, MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS!

  8. S. Dalfalano says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but Pattinson is the idiot in all of this because as some of us remember, she cheated on the boyfriend she had before Rob, with him, in the same way. "If she did it with me she can do it to me" he should have told himself and not trusted her. Idiot. How can you be so arrogant to think that pattern like that will not happen with you. Now he should learn from that.

  9. 9

    i do agree that it perhaps doesnt need 7 articles but then, i think "well, at least someones covering the story!" also i think really he just needs time to calm down over the whole big mess, maybe chew a few headboards, do a bit of hunting, that sort of thing (twilight joke no. 1)

  10. May says – reply to this


    Ho god people… If you don't care about all of this, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON PEREZHITON.COM?
    You can also keep your homophobic comments… Did you know it's against the law?

  11. Katie says – reply to this


    Well, it's going to be a rather awkward BDP2 premiere if Rob stays in "seclusion"…

  12. Gigi says – reply to this


    Re: demode – She needs to hire a new PR team if that's the case cause that letter and apology sounded so lame.

  13. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this



    You HATED Kristen Stewart before you had this whole "I'm going to be nice" bullshit makeover…so now you can finally devote very waking moment of your pathetic life trying to tear her apart.

    Or anyone in the media for that matter.
    Inside sources are bullshit. We all know that.

    Your website is becoming the biggest piece of bullshit on the internet as well.

  14. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    Re: May – against the law ? huh ? what is ? Homophobic comments-such as what ????
    what are you ? The thought police ?
    get over it

  15. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: nverforgetsept11


  16. Mel says – reply to this


    Jeeze why is everyone hating on Perez? If you don't like him then stop going to his website. He doesn't give a fuck what nobodies says about him.

  17. gross says – reply to this


    I heard that the photographer actually saw him go down on her and having sex, but did not publish those photos. Any truth to that, and has the issue of us magazine hit the stands yet? i couldn't find it , and i'm really in the mood for Porn.

  18. Rosie says – reply to this


    Perez the public hate comments against you are immature and ridiculous. I hope you keep your head up and ignore them.

  19. Geoffrey Altrocchi says – reply to this


    Girls, look at the bright spot, he's single!

  20. 20

    ANOTHER made up story copied from God knows where.

    Perez, we all know that no "friend", having "all the deets on his current state of mind", talked to the press. That was all invented.

  21. samiam619 says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – if he is such a perv, and it bothers you so much, dont come to his page!

  22. 22

    if u dont care, miss neverforget, why are you logging onto this site? why are you clicking on the article? why are you reading it? why are you responding? apparently, you care ALOT! a whole, whole lot.
    maybe you need to grow up. unlike you i don't use the f word. i don't, because i'm a christian.

  23. Carol says – reply to this


    Rob, you need to choose better who you date and who you are friends with…seriously, if a really close friend tells something so personal like that to a gossip blog, imagine what he or she says about you behind your back!

    Anyway, you are a terrific actor and special person! You will find a good girl for you someday!

  24. 24

    hehehe, i predict she will cry a bunch of crocodile tears, he'll forgive her, they'll get married, they'll sell the photo rights to us mag, she'll dump him after 6 months, and she'll marry the director (who already got divorced).
    i'm really not sure str8 peeps should be allowed to get married, sinced most of them seem to do it 4 or 5 times….each time promising to the lord jesus christ that this is a sacred vow and bond, forever and ever. amen : )

  25. Stay Strong Rob says – reply to this


    Robert is such a amazing men and actor, I hope he is ok.
    Robert stay strong! You are fantastic!

    People are so anoying , GOD!! He is a person, a person betrayed , have feelings, this moment is dificult for he. People homofobic and without feelings get a life!

  26. 26

    Two words Robert Pattinson: she's young. She doesn't know what the hell she wants.

  27. 27

    She wanted to enjoy a real Man … tired of the same little thing! So what!

  28. Victoria says – reply to this


    Other sources says that it was Rob that wanted her to apologize in public

  29. jessica0313 says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I couldn't agree more. I don't understand why people always blame the women and never the husband in my opinion what they did is worse.

  30. 30

    …hmmm…should be a cakewalk to replace that skank……..

  31. 31

    Kristen is an idiot for issuing a public apology to Rob. This isn't the public's business, but between her and Rob and she didn't need to spill their business to the whole world. I cannot understand why the hell anyone would publicly admit this before they spoke to their boyfriend and told him everything.

    I agree that Kristen doesn't need to apologize to Liberty, because that's Liberty's husband's job. He is the one who opened his pants, despite having a wife and kids and he is the one responsible for putting his marriage in jeopardy.

  32. ha! says – reply to this


    er… i thought he was the one who made her do a public apology. proves you mags and sites are making up sh*t

  33. MARISSA says – reply to this



  34. Damage control says – reply to this


    Twilight fans are ridiculous, they go to a gossip site to bash the site because it is gossip. Plus they keep defending this girl saying how young she is, she is 22 not 5 people. And her " sorry" was to save her ass, damage control and it is working because her fans really feel sorry for her.

  35. 35

    Look, even though this very unnatractive no acting wench is a nasty whore, let's not put this dude on a "no cheating" pedestal. How easily every one has forgotten that he was fucking her when she was with another man. You see, cheating is just defined as someone stepping out on their significant other, it's participating in that activity, either way, the cheeter, or the partner of the cheater. It's all the same, so he helped cheat on her previous boyfreind, but he is so against that. What a fucking joke. What the hell did you expect.

  36. jamie22 says – reply to this


    All you idiots who keep trying to deflect the situation off of Kristen by saying oh but the man made the vowd! Shut up. Seriously. No one is defending the guy. Everyone thinks hes a sleazeball but guess what? Hes not one of the most famous young stars out there. No one knows who he is. Kristen however is one of the most famous people on the Planet. So OF COURSE shes the one who is going to be talked about. I never realized how psychotic Kristen fans were. They have literally tried to put blame on everyone for Kristens actions. Kristen hung around the guys WIFE AND KIDS on set. SMILED in her face on numerous red carpets. Shes 22..I'm her age and guess what? I keep my legs closed to married men! Kristen is a SNAKE.

  37. 37

    All you idiots who keep trying to deflect the situation off of Kristen by saying oh but the man made the vowd! Shut up. Seriously. No one is defending the guy. Everyone thinks hes a sleazeball but guess what? Hes not one of the most famous young stars out there. No one knows who he is. Kristen however is one of the most famous people on the Planet. So OF COURSE shes the one who is going to be talked about. I never realized how psychotic Kristen fans were. They have literally tried to put blame on everyone for Kristens actions. Kristen hung around the guys WIFE AND KIDS on set. SMILED in her face on numerous red carpets. Shes 22..I'm her age and guess what? I keep my legs closed to married men! Kristen is a SNAKE.

  38. Helen says – reply to this


    Hey cheat with nikk reed and she forgive him so cant he forgive her. He did too

  39. 39

    The victims of the colorado shooting should really put things in perspective and realise that what they're going through pales in comparison to what poor Rob is going through.I lost my mother to cancer but seeing what rob has to deal with makes my issue seem small and petty in the grand scheme of things. Chin up Rob. Thanks for all your posts on this Perez! It's truly the most heartbreaking story I've ever heard:(

  40. Prisha says – reply to this


    Rob I <3 U….I understand how u r feeling…it's upto u that what u want now…I will remain always ur big fan..there r few awsm celebs in HW n u r ome of them..just want to say dnt take a wrong decision <3

  41. ange says – reply to this


    Blame it on the media rob!

  42. Twilightloveryes says – reply to this



  43. Twilightloveryes says – reply to this


    I can't believe all the people I have seen saying that Rupert is the one who committed adultery because Kristin & Rob aren't married……ummmm hello, it is adultery when u mess with a married person. Adultery is committed on both sides. Also I bet Kristin& Rupert are/will be a couple when this blows over. All the pics I saw look more like 2 people "in love" or falling in love rather than lusting for each other, I bet it's been going on a long time. I think Kristin & Rupert didn't have the balls to dump their significant other so they set it up to have these pics taken plus it creates attention to both of the just in time for SWATH DVD release. This is coming from a huge Robsten,Rob,Kristin fan but now I can't stand to look at her. I used to think she was so pretty & now she just looks dirty,ugly,& kinda skanky too. I honk she was also tired of the fans and paps

  44. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: Rosie

    Yup, just as pathetic and immature as you.
    Only someone pathetic would think Perez Hilton is a decent human being.

  45. hasnone says – reply to this


    Re: ha! – Did anyone actually see or hear the voices of Kristen or Rupert announcing these apologies or were they submitted by *someone else*?

  46. Twilightloveryes says – reply to this


    Why didn't perez post all 49 pics anyway? Has anyone seen the us weekly mag today yet? Just wondering how many pics are in there.

  47. hasnone says – reply to this


    Re: gross – I wouldn't believe a papz as far as I could throw "it". That's what I think of them.

  48. Twilightloveryes says – reply to this


    Also Rupert seems way too handsy in some of those swath promo and premiere pics, he looks possessive of Kristin and way too comfortable….definitely think she's been cheating for a long time, no doubt in my mind that they have had lots of sex:-(

  49. 49

    don't you just love haters who want to get shots in on your successful blog….i do, it just makes you that much MORE popular, kudos everyone!

    Onward, a public apology was a bit extreme, if she didn't want attention for this matter and wanted it resolved she should've done exactly what was stated in the article called him and liberty and apologized. Things could've probably been worked out. she choice to act like a drama queen and not she's all alone. HA!

  50. Cynnamon says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez for the updates on Hollywood's favorite former twosome. Lot's of haters here I see, heck both of 'em are still "youngsters" in the grand scheme of things.

  51. barb says – reply to this


    "being faithful, loyalty, and commitment"…yes, let's ask him how he feels about those things, since he was the "other man" when Kristen was with her ex boyfriend. He's as pathetic as she is.

  52. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    lmao @ these comments…..you have….if you hate perez why are you here…..ummm cause they hate him and want to bash him, duh……then you have the so called supporters of perez, who clearly are paid by him cause if they can't see through his BS then they must be getting paid…..and everyone who comes here does like the stories, but wtf…..over 20 posts about a cheating scandel..at some point people are just like…who the fuck cares already, move on!

  53. KCHEY says – reply to this


    I think it's funny that people comment how much they dislike you and your website - so why are they here reading it?? just an observation.
    Some people said it wasn't appropriate for Kristen to apologize to Liberty, but you gotta remember they were in the movie together and may have gottten close also.
    Maybe it's all a big publicity stunt for the new Twilight movie….?
    Maybe kristen and rob were never really together and the whole thing is for publicity… you never know. It does seem odd to make a public apology……… especially for someone like her who is so awkward in public and has always kept to herself. Makes you (or at least me) think..

  54. jackie says – reply to this


    he seems to be a coy and introverted person…it´s likely that he feels much more terrible after that confession in public..poor Mr Pattinson! She´s so young, in some years she might worship a good relationsship and think twice about risk it…

  55. Brittany says – reply to this


    Since she can't treat him right I will gladly take her place. : ) I hope it makes him feel better to know that there are plenty of other women who would treat him well.

  56. Brittany says – reply to this


    Re: May – Well said May! I don't understand people who comment on things they "don't care" about. Why even look at the article then?

  57. 57

    Re: Chicken fillet – One of the best comments Ive read so far.

  58. dark troll says – reply to this


    Perez stfu already this is a personal issue im sure u love to put ppl down and taunt them over their troubling and stressful issues u know like when u got punched by will.i.am but just stop it shes just a stupid girl kid for gods sake.as an adult the perv flirted with her and she made a mistake shes already being stoned by all u righteous god fearing ppl.jeez get over urselves this is private matter and ppl here r in pain and u wanna be the judge in this?

  59. Phdmoma says – reply to this


    I hope he has the good sence to think this out. He should work at keeping her. If he really loves her he will work on this.

  60. dark troll says – reply to this


    u know i never hated kristen even though i loathe the twilight saga passionately.she went ahead for more movies i liked her in runaways.i liked that she wasnt out to make the girly girly god forsaken high school movies.she was quiet person and seldom ever bragged and was basically modest meaning being herself.i get why rob fell for her.im personally devastated she wud do this.i respect both these actors.the vicious comments here r lik shes fucking kardashian or teen mom or making a sex tape.shes quiet and is still going to be hated for just being silent in this.pity

  61. Jules says – reply to this


    Kristian is a "potty mouth". She has lived with a male since she was 15!!!! She is not educated. I have always thought Rob was too good for her. She really showed her real colors July 17th. I deplore those that say " She is soooo young" that excuses her from being loyal, enables her to be a cheat???? Not in my world!! She is irresponsible to the nines.Miss Potty Mouth should clean up her act!!! So happy Rob is rid of her.


  62. 62

    Think Robert!
    Kristen should be given a chance..If you love her you will give her.. her chance

  63. Nicole says – reply to this


    Hahahah chill you homophobic fucks. Perez is an entertainer, he does things to entertain. To someone who is not a piece of shit homophobe, they would be flattered and it even may very well cheer him up. Forgive Perez for saying something outlandish on a celebrity blog…. I forgot how conservative those things are supposed to be!
    You're all morons and I hate you.

  64. Elle says – reply to this


    Kick her to the white trash curb she belongs on. Its obvious their relationship was for the Twilight saga movies…Pump viewers into spending more money into the played out two years ago twilight saga…This is another Hollywood plan…Never was a real realationship, and all the fans were duped to believe there was…Its fake just like the movies…Get over it, and get back t o all your boring lives..

  65. 65

    shes hurled the whole thing public and now all of them are under scrutiny .

  66. vallybutterfly says – reply to this


    Re: Victoria – I feel exactely the same. I know women who cheated on their spouse, boyfriends, all because the men didn't give" cookies." Just like Chelsi Handler said, lol, funny." I hear Kristen Stewart was having and affair with her director, and he's married, that's horrible, I hear Kristen Stewart was living with Robert Pattinson, that must have been horrible to." So true. Sometimes a woman needs to be man handled. He was the aggressor, in every photo he's the aggressor, at times it seems she's refusing his advances.

  67. Rita says – reply to this


    What a cheat she is., rob should go out with that singer Nichole S, she knows what if feels like to be cheated on. They would make a good couple.

  68. Anna says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, let's hook rob up with Nicole Scherzinger. She would definately understand what rob is going thru…….

  69. Gm2191 says – reply to this


    Re: nverforgetsept11 – Why are you reading articles from the Perez Hilton website if you are only concerned with more important world issues? This website is clearly a celeb gossip website, not CNN.

  70. 70

    Re: ashley116 – I agree. However I just have this hunch that this is all a sham. I've been trying to except it to be legit…but regardless, if KS did in fact cheat… I bet this new film of Robert's will be amazing! I'm almost certain we will see a side of Robert no one has ever seen. I know when my ex cheated on me and after I cried, pigged out and almost drank myself to an oblivion…. something changed inside me. I became strong. I got all this ambition and I totally reinvented myself….I became SoulGlo. So yea, this may be a GOOD thing for him, and maybe for her as well…and perhaps for the whole fkn posse. Anyway, I'm not condoning adultery, I'm really not… but sometimes we need to be shook up a bit…otherwise things become stagnant. Soul

  71. Real says – reply to this


    I think you are all pathetic. You don't have enough going on in your own lives so you feel the need to comment on someone else's life. How about you stfu and leave them alone. This situation doesn't make you any better or any more righteous.

  72. Stephanie says – reply to this


    My gosh Perez is beyone a bully! Let it go already…you really expect anyone to believe that Rob would dish to any friend that would run off and blab to any reporter about it. He has said so himself that he reads all the time that he "supposedly" told someone this or that…it is never true!! Move onto something else Perez….no one is buying this crap! Trust me…no one who truly cares about Rob is giong to run and tell anyone his true feelings and emotions on the situation…especiallly a scumbag like Perez!

  73. Renota Johns says – reply to this


    To Robert Pattinson wherever you are know that you have millions on your side. Inthis day and age with all the infidelity of hollywood and the temptations of females throwing them selves at everything to get ahead. You've proven to the world you have class and dignity. I love you for that. Everyone in that pit called hollywood seen to can't be faithful it took someone of your nature to prove it can be done. Thank you you'll always have my support.

  74. Sri Lanka says – reply to this


    Great work! That is the type of info that should be shared around the web. Shame on Google for no longer positioning this post higher! Come on over and talk over with my site . Thanks =)

  75. linda b says – reply to this


    I think people are taking it this too far, rob and kristen need to just kiss and make up, no one is perfect and does no one believe in another chance or forgiveness? Besides that this publicity is sure to be making them more popular and more money and besides all that and the pics being photo shopped and blah blah don't believe everything unless you heard it directly from the horses mouth hollywood stories get turned around and altered so much that tmrw kristen will be pregnate and engaged to taylor one lil flaw and the whole world explodes figurativly speaking I still like them both they'll get over it and move on with or without eachother oh and another thing why would kristen go after an old guy when she could have almost anyone I need that explained lol

  76. Ciara says – reply to this


    Dear neverforgetsept11,

    Maybe you should visit other websites

    Concerned by your rage

  77. toenail Fungus Treatme says – reply to this


    I was suggested this website via my cousin. I am now not certain whether this put up is written through him as nobody else know such targeted about my difficulty. You're amazing! Thanks!

  78. MBD441 says – reply to this


    Geez, what's with the Perez haters. If you don't like Perez or the site, go somewhere else. If you visit a gossip website, you have to assume that it is just that, gossip. Hello? I love reading this page for the fun of it. Go team Perez. In terms of this whole Kristen debacle, the dude who chested is a total moron. She is follwed constantly. Photogs all the time are on her tail. I do believe that they both wanted to be caught. And for those who think that they haven't had sex, you should stop taking drugs, because there is no way in hell these two have just be "smooching".

  79. Gaby Vazquez says – reply to this


    Well…do you remember her ex Michael Arangano??

  80. just me says – reply to this


    Re: ashley116 – right on!

  81. just me says – reply to this


    Re: Chicken filletRe: ashley116 – u a so right.. some say this is no news, usual Hollywood cr*, there are more important things happen in the world. sure they do!.. but so-called Robsten has affected millions people while exploding like a huge bubble with oxygen. because it is not about celebrities right now it is more about eternal values such as love, dignity, loyalty, friendship and family. those two just didn't realize they cheated on so many people they had no freaking idea, i just don't know why. only two suicide people could do something like that and that's what makes the whole thing gut-wrenching and unfathomable

  82. Mimi says – reply to this


    What's up with you gay bashers who use this site to attack Perez Hilton? If you are a homophobe, just stay off the site and leave the comments to people who want to discuss current events. GAY HATERS, JUST GO AWAY!!!

  83. LadyMina says – reply to this


    Hey you beautiful Mr. Pattinson, the woman you gets you will be lucky. You are such a wonderful person and it breaks my heart for you hon but keep your spirits good and head held high mister valent. You are so handsome and that "girl" is stupid for doing this to you sir. <3 for you to get thru this

  84. oxycontin says – reply to this


    Terrific paintings! That is the type of info that are meant to be shared across the web. Shame on Google for now not positioning this post higher! Come on over and talk over with my website . Thank you =)

  85. admin says – reply to this


    women always cheat.. even the good bf get cheated by their women.. its never enough.. stay single and frosty my friend… you can't freaking trust a woman.!! if it was my girl.. that director would have got chopped

  86. Discover the truth! Di says – reply to this


    Hello very nice website!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I'll bookmark your web site and take the feeds also?I am happy to find so many useful info right here in the submit, we need develop more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  87. RockOmaticKat says – reply to this


    Re: nverforgetsept11 – …and yet you took the time not only to read the article but to comment on it also LOL. and what does this have to do with him being gay?? just secretly admit your a big homophobe and move on please.

  88. RockOmaticKat says – reply to this


    Re: May – Thank you!!

  89. Heather says – reply to this


    Stop Criticizing and taking sides already this is so irrelevant grow up.

  90. skittlestastemyainbow says – reply to this


    Re: nverforgetsept11 – Why the fuck do you waste your time by looking at this website then, what did you expect. This isn't a global news website its a celebrity gossip website, if can posted this then sure complain all you want. It's like going to a water park and then bitching about all the water. Just an idiot, seriously.

  91. article builder says – reply to this


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  92. martha baca says – reply to this


    The only thing that is in my mind is The breaking dawn saga part 2 premier. Its going to be awkward, because they have to go. That's going to be interesting to see.

  93. Whitewave31 says – reply to this


    [re=6133733]Re: Yes You Bore Me
    Yor day is coming pansy? Your creepy homophobic threats are disgusting. I doubt celebrities out there will feel you making anonymous internet threats that stem from your own sexual issues is charming. If you don't want to read something outside your own ideas of male sexual desire, don't.

  94. Housewife xxx pictures says – reply to this


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  96. naemi varna says – reply to this


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