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Lana Del Rey Wails Into Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box

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And our ears shall never be the same again!

The bambi-eyed singer who wants to be EVERYONE's national anthem — aka Lana Del Rey — decided to take on one of music's most talented and tragic icons at a recent show in Sydney, lending her breathy, pitch-challenged voice to Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box.

Let Lana pierce your brainz with those weighted, breathy vocals of hers (above)!

We wonder, would Kurt Cobain have appreciated this interesting homage?

Well, he DID date Courtney Love so…


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30 comments to “Lana Del Rey Wails Into Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box

  1. 1

    you are prick perez!! she was good..love lana!!

  2. Alan Brickman says – reply to this


    Stop being jealous Perez!!

  3. caleb says – reply to this


    she is amazingly talented, and you're not… jealous

  4. Nanc says – reply to this


    she sounds awful…

  5. bubbles says – reply to this


    Is she singing in French?

  6. Red says – reply to this


    I hate when singers mutiliate my favorite songs. She cannot sing live.

  7. 7

    She isnt good. Shes overrated to be honest, daddy bought her everything shes got. Her smoker voice wont last long.

  8. 8

    Maybe Perez needs to be picketed for his hate filled intolerance

  9. 9

    go fuck urself perez. im so sick of ur shit. dont down play her talent bc ur a jealous pig.

  10. gfbgb says – reply to this


    kurt will be turning in his grave, what a shit cover.

  11. Perez=piglet says – reply to this


    Perez your useless.. Lana has millions of fans in America and Europe and you're a sweaty little talentless pig.. If your going write hatefull articles due to jealousy at least try and be a bit more whitty this is just sad.

  12. Leo says – reply to this


    Oh goodness, she is just…awful.

  13. wentodom says – reply to this


    Kurt was MARRIED to Courtney. They didn't just date.

  14. 14

    wow truly dreadful. and she claims to have a great voice? haha sorry but she clearly cant hold a note and covers up the fact by singing in these weird voices that jsut sound so phoney and unnatural.

    and well done for destroying the tune of this song too. mess.

  15. 15

    I like her voice.

  16. 16

    maybe i need to listen to this again because i thought it sounded great.. love lana she is so talented. and its not a voice thing.. no artist should be doing nirvana songs

  17. amanda says – reply to this


    this is fucking horrendous and i hate her.

  18. mm says – reply to this



  19. 19

    I've started to notice that when Lana sings in venues like this, she sounds good. But when she sings on live television, it really doesn't sound too great . Obviously, you really can't hear half of what she's singing because of the video I guess. But, with the type of voice she has, I don't think covering Nirvana was such a great idea. She's a good recording artist, but she needs to work on projecting her voice so that everyone else can hear. I actually like her music, not that bad to be quite honest. But I don't know how long she's going to last in the music industry.

  20. 20

    That was Eargasmic! I love Lana Del Rey and Kurt Cobain!

  21. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Perez you are out of your mind, she was BRILLIANT. Her and this song were a match made in heaven.

  22. habkbfaffgjkbf says – reply to this


    She was amazing at the concert and was pitch-perfect. SNL probably woke her up and she's been improving ever since then (even then, she wasn't bad. She changes the way she sings from her recordings which is perf for concerts obviously). She sounds perfect and just because you don't like her style, it doesn't mean she's bad at all. Fuck off mate and shut your goddamn mouth. LANA IS PERFECT.

  23. dark troll says – reply to this


    oh just fuck off perez and get back on gagas dick! john lennon began rolling in his grave when SHE performed his imagine and u jacking off to her. lana can sing and get hated for it she doesnt post retarded poled photos and nude pics in remembrance of her godfather.wtf?

  24. Matt says – reply to this


    Yeah, Lana did miss notes in her performances that i have seen, her David Letterman performance was okay. She also gets those Ricky Bobby hands in front of an audience, but that doesn't mean I can't love her song "Blue Jeans" which is freaking awesome. Some lyrics should have been changed to better represent her feelings without using cliches which didn't have much depth in the song. But still love her.

  25. Cairo says – reply to this


    You're more positive about chris brown's career than Lana Del Rey's….come on now.

  26. cin says – reply to this


    this was a truly terrible cover, not that she's a bad singer, I litterally have never heard her sing before, but Her voice obviously isn't meant for a song like heart shaped box. I wish people would think before they did covers. D:

  27. 27

    This chick can not sing. Period.

  28. Jeeremy says – reply to this


    Wow that was amazing, I thought you just liked bland pop tarts like gag gag and boring old bland Katy perry ugh. Thanks for turning me on to someone who seems like she has real talent. Awesome Perez.

  29. esther says – reply to this


    I think she was great, she sings with a lot a soul. Kurt would be proud , he wasn't about having a pitch perfect voice , he was about loving the music ! they both RULE.. so suck it!

  30. halequin says – reply to this


    oh my God. we r jealous? stop it.
    may be lana has talented, but she does not compare Kurt.
    cover is awful. and your "stop being jealous" HA. nobody likes her cover, but her fans are going crazy over it