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Riot At Madonna's Paris Club Show Not Over Length, But Protest Over Marine Le Pen!

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If it's not one thing getting everyone's panties in a twist over Madonna, it's something else!

The pop icon apparently caused quite a ruckus at her last-minute, 45-minute live-streamed MDNA show at Paris' famed l'Olympia, and while early reports suggested it was due to disgruntled fans being furious with how short her performance was, many have now come forward to assert that the contention was instead due to protestors, yelling about Marine Le Pen!

Watch footage of the disgruntled audience members (above)!

If you recall, Madge has been including projections of the French right-wing leader's face with a swastika super-imposed over it during the tour, which has already incited threats of a lawsuit!

Guess a few angry people decided to take their anger to her directly, though, as members of the crew later revealed that the authorities informed them that the riot was pre-planned by locals and most audience members in attendence knew that most of her club shows run on the short side!

So there you have it!

Oh, gurl!

We can only happily wonder what you'll do next that will cause this kind of uproar!

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25 comments to “Riot At Madonna's Paris Club Show Not Over Length, But Protest Over Marine Le Pen!”

  1. 1

    I wasn't there so I can't say if they made a ruckus about the short performance or about the whole marine thing, but they're yelling "refund" many times, and then someone said "we saw the "pre-show" (-meaning what was before the show, just the begining, something that can't be called a whole performance-), now we want to see the show" so it would appear that it's duration of the performance wich unnerved them.

  2. Magnowska says – reply to this


    Either she knows what's going on or she doesn't. If she really doesn't know what's going on around her, with her own multi-million dollar business and really doesn't read papers or watch tv etc then why would anybody be interested in her uninformed ramblings on any subject? If she is actually aware of what's going on then now is the time to drop the act, stop chatting shit and speak up.

  3. Frank Ozon says – reply to this


    She will not be seen sympathetically for being bullied by a fascist mob because that is NOT what happened and it is widely recognised that that is not what happened. There are enough of us on the outside who know why we reacted that way and we will keep countering those claims.

  4. 4

    Remember back in Madonna's heyday of the 80's when she screamed to the top of the charts for her dancing & singing? Since then she's had to resort to flashing her boobs, making a SEX book, playing with guns on stage, painting profanity on herself, superimposing swastikas on political figures, etc. Pretty pathetic that she's so desperate to do anything for attention and tries to pass it off as performance art. She obviously didn't have enough talent to hang onto her fame for the long run so she resorted to hot button gimmicks to try and stay relevant.

  5. cedr says – reply to this


    They're clearly mad because the show was a steal, not because of Marine Le Pen. They're screaming "remboursez" (get our money back), "salope" (whore), and even at 3.38 "vive lady gaga" LOL.
    BTW whatever you think about Lady gaga she's always faithful to her fans and treat them with respect. This old hag is so full of herself, she thinks she's still relevant - but we're not in the 80's anymore. She hasn't release a decent album in 10 years - and no one in her entourage has the guts to tell her she's destroying her carrier.

  6. Facts, just facts! says – reply to this


    Part 1) I'm french, posting from Paris. I attended Madonna's gig at the Stade de France weeks ago and wanted to attend the Olympia concert but could not since the concert was quickly sold out.After all the comments posted recently, let me point out some things: the Olympia concert was NEVER, EVER billed and presented (to the public, in the ads or anywhere) as a shorter or different kind of performance. It was only presented as an additional concert. No one ever thought this could be an enhanced-like showcase since years ago, Madonna had already performed at the same Olympia venue in a showcase sponsored by her record company and a FM Radio. Fans, must I add, were let in FOR FREE and the audience didn't have to pay anything. So, this time in 2012, noboby in their right mind thought that a concert whose tickets were sold from 65 to 270 US $ was going to turn out less than a regular performance. An "intimate" concert at the Olympia does not equate, by any means, to a 40 minutes (including a 10 minutes speech) performance. Noboby in their right mind,had they known the outcome, would have paid such an outrageous sum.

  7. Facts, just facts says – reply to this


    Part 2)
    Implying that the angry reactions (heard by everyone at the end of the show and filmed & posted later) have anything to do with Marine Le Pen or a devilish rightist plot or whatever is ludicrous and simply not true. Fans were really angry, period. By the way, that anger was correctly explained in ALL the newpapers relating the incident yesterday (and that includes Le Parisien, Libération, Le Monde, Le Journal du dimanche). Noboby hinted at a so-called anti-Madonna bias or plot or whatever. Let me add, finally, that contrary to some, I liked this Olympia "intimate" concert which seemed more genuine than the MDNA show presented at the Stade de France. I simply deplore that unjustified greed and, later, dishonest exlanations hampered what could have been a noteworthy and bold performance.

  8. Izzie says – reply to this


    She should have made it clear from before those people bought their tickets that it would only be a short show. You know it, I know it. She's so full of herself that she doesn't give a shit about any fan out there anymore.

  9. nelanasto says – reply to this


    What you are saying in this article is totally NO TRUE : I went to the concert in Paris and Madonna preformed a wonderful show case at Olympia. The best show ever! We were fortunate to be there during this magical moment. Unfortunately ( because there is unfortunately after all ) there are people who have used her talent to sell tickets without indicating that this show has nothing to do with the other concerts of the MDNA tour. It is still displayed on the tour page that the olympia show is a part of the MDNA tour. Instead of that she performed only 8 songs, displayed 2 videos and made a very long speech (around 50 minutes). People were upset because nobody expected the concert to be a Showcase. If the organizers would have announced a showcase she would have sold all tickets anyway but this information was not communicated.
    We need to understand who is responsible of organizing this misleading promotion !
    Why they indicated is it a MDNA concert instead of saying a showcase or mini-show? We need to understand who is responsible of this !
    People came from other countries : Hungary, Spain, Germany, Italy … They bought air tickets, made hotel reservations for what it was supposed to be a MDNA concert.

    We all have the same feeling : we were fooled !!
    It is time for the organizer to take responsibility!

  10. 10

    Yes, because "fans" always show up with pre-made heckling signs, like that smug douche who can be seen smiling away, while getting the crowd worked up then walking away with that douche-bag look on his face.

  11. 11

    she needs to just sing and shut up…i am tired of these idiots talking politics…what a fucktard

  12. 12

    Re: Meggie246524 – sounds like you figured out the secret sauce to become a legend and the biggest selling female artist of all time!! good for you!! i'm sure you could make a mint selling your secret wisdom to all the talent scouts, movie executives, and regular hollywood folk!! hell, maybe use it and become a legend yourself!!!! lolllllllllllllllllllllllll :-) xo

  13. 13

    This looks like a set-up! What kind of fan(s) pay and show up at her concert with derogatory signs?!

  14. Felix says – reply to this


    Re: MikelJoshua

    Exactly what i thought! BIG SET-UP

  15. Daniel says – reply to this


    It was sold as an MDNA world tour date with the same pre sale routine, the same level of pricing, the same promise of several classics and the same merchandise and tour programme made available at the venue. She has historically not charged for short shows, and indeed did not charge last time she played at that venue. It was only a day before the show that there were signals that it was about to go wrong, and those signals were through fan channels rather than officially. Even then, i'd swear it was an hour that was mentioned. In the event, it was close to half even of that when speech plus interlude are taken into account.

    They say truth is the first casualty in war, and in this PR war the truth is that fans, people who lay on a foul sidewalk for 12, 24, 48 hours, travelled across time zones, sewed their own fabulous costumes in some cases, found the time from jobs and families and commitments, got the money from somewhere… we got less than half the show that all the evidence pointed to. Some are happy with that, I personally have an issue that it was missold. I can't imagine many saying "i thought she'd only do 8 songs" if she'd done a longer show, yet this is now the apparent expectation some people had.

  16. Nilson Sweden says – reply to this


    Re: Facts, just facts! – I am in Sweden and I went to see her in London Hyde Park, I think she should fire her PR and Manager, they are destroying her career and Madonna REALLY thinks she is a Queen. Time to show more respect to the Fans and not only think abt being the Highest grossing Tour…She does need to focus on her music, not on films, clothes…I love Madonna, but I am going Gaga…

  17. Nilson Sweden says – reply to this


    Guys I am in Europe, and I can tell to all US Madonna Fans.

    The problem with this show WAS Time, NOT Marine Le Pen. Of course there was some ads to protest abt Marina, but people payed 250 Euros for 30m, and if the show was good would not happen that… the fans in front of stage, camped days b4 concert…
    French people are very well know to show their approval or disapproval which is the case here…
    Of course her PR is saying is otherwise, She need to wake up and stoop being so greedy…

    Madonna fans are behaving like Fanatic Muslins, NO ONE can critizise their Prophet….

  18. prg says – reply to this


    why is there so many middle aged men in the audience?

  19. Madonna says – reply to this


    Re: Meggie246524 – you are just ignorant and braindead , get a life !!

  20. NG says – reply to this


    it was a trap…anyone can see that…a true, fanatic or just normal fan dont go to any show with so well done signs… im not a idiot…it was a trap from Le Penn and someone else…

  21. Madonna says – reply to this


    Re: cedr – Lady Gaga is just a stupid bimbo who has no talent a can only copycat Madonna, no get a life and go to your monster site to spread hate.

  22. Dean Ismail says – reply to this


    It is so obvious some people turned up at this mini-show intent in causing trouble.

    1. What fans go to a show, bringing with them "protest cards" such as: Addicted to $$$ / Sheila Forever (meaning slut?) / You're the "couine" (a swear word in French, i think) / and some other negative comments.

    2. I heard some people shouting: OFF THE STAGE. How bizarre is THAT? I mean, if they are fans who want more, surely they would have shouted "more, more, more"???
    The way interpret this is: some of Madonna-haters (perhaps from the far-right party?) wanted to give the impression that the audience "booed Madonna off the stage". Which was what the general press and media outlets have fallen for. Journalism is, nowadays a lazy profession - and they only tell what they think is what people want to hear.

  23. JCC says – reply to this


    Re: Dean Ismail
    Oh, I suppose the "haters" had some foreseen insight too that she was going to arrive on stage late and leave abruptly after 45 minutes. You know, that way, it could be blamed on that rather a bunch of Le Pen supporters inciting the crowd.

  24. Minnie says – reply to this



  25. apartamenti varna says – reply to this


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