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30 comments to “Brandi Glanville: Kristen Stewart Is A Homewrecker Just Like LeAnn Rimes”

  1. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    You know what I think is worse?
    The fact that you think any of those housewives have a legitimate opinion. Pretty sure all of them have cheated and more than likely with their pool boys.
    It takes a real piece of dirt to be one of those housewife bitches.

    I also love that you are okay with Leann Rimes and whatever his name is because they both had affairs but then they got married…so it's okay then. So if Kristen Stewart married Rupert what's his face then you would be okay with that.

    Your morals are so fucked up.
    This is just ANOTHER hate article proving how much of an ass clown you really are.

  2. 2

    LeAnn is obviously worse; she cheated on her high school sweetheart to whom she was MARRIED. Also I'm sick of people talking about Stewart! Focus on the scumbag that cheated on his longtime wife. Not only did his infidelity humiliate her, she had to find out from the media! According to what I've read the guy is the biggest asshole known to mankind. There's plenty of sluts out there but he was the one that made a decision that would ultimately ruin his family. His wife shouldn't take him back. She deserves better.

  3. 3

    Are you serious perez? Fuck you. I hope someone "in love" wrecks your family. Oh wait…

  4. 4

    Every time Brandi Glanville opens her mouth, I understand more why Cibrian left her. She's a stupid, big-mouthed whore. And YOU, Perez, are a hater and a bully. It's time you STFU and leave Stewart alone.

  5. 5

    Gee Brandi, maybe you wrecked your own home with your drinking and bizarre behaviour.

  6. 6

    How else is Kristen going to get work in Hollywood without the Casting Couch; it's not like she has any talent….

  7. 7

    Re: Lady Who? – "You'll only be happy if she kills herself." Yes. At which point he'll make all kinds of fake posts about how much he loved and admired her, and how great she was. He'll do to her what he did to Amy Winehouse and others he hated on and bullied until they died. Perez is a total piece of shit.

  8. 8

    You. You are worse than all of them. Truly.

  9. Tommy says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I agree with you. Stop being a Bully. Like Perez Hilton hasn't made a mistake. Given the chance and R-patz would sleep with him he wouldn't think twice about Kristen's feelings.

  10. 10

    Perez, Brandi never said what you wrote in your headline. She just made the point that it hits close to home to her and that both of the cheaters are responsible for this situation.

  11. 11

    yeah Id be bitter if I were no longer getting Eddies peen too. though what he see's in that mutt Leanne Ill never get.

  12. 12

    Fuck you perez. You are a heartless bully. Leave her alone already. Why not go after the guy? Oh, that's right, you have a make believe relationship with Rob, and have probably been counting he days til something like this would happen. You think he's gomna suddenly be gay? And worst yet, be attracted to a FUCKING ASSHOLE LIKE YOU! Highly unlikely loser.

  13. 13

    Who the hell gives a shit about Brandi Glanville and her never ending pity party? Who? Girl just can't shut the fuck up about this topic. I would have cheated on her, too, with her obsessive ME, ME, ME personality! Shut up already, stupid whore!

  14. 14

    KStew is still, IMO, a better human being than LeAnn Rimes. The latter has no real remorse for breaking up a family and exploiting another woman's children in order to boost her own popularity. Cheating is wrong, but every circumstance is different, and I can still excuse K.S. for being young, naive and irresponsible…what's LeAnn's excuse?

  15. ForGodSakes!!! says – reply to this


    I am an avid fan of the twilight books. I thought the movies were rubbish however, have watched them all. It's really great for us to throw stones at glass houses! Is it really fun to watch Bella and Edward in real life self combust? They now have this cheating scandal where everyone hates Kstew.

    I feel really sorry for her. Like something really major must of upset the relationship between her an Rob for her to cheat on him. Women rarely cheat because they just want sex. It's usually an emotional lapse in judgement with alcohol involved.

    I'm sure she is utterly devastated and would do anything to save her relationship. A public apology is not as tragic, maybe it was some poor advice from her people. We would be pointing fingers if she didn't apologize!

    My advice is Robert Pattison would be as clear as this! Relationships take work! People mess things up! Sometimes trust is broken! However if you love that person give them a chance. Love is all about chances and mistakes! If you don't love her anymore or can't deal with it then man up! The problem, I think is you do love her and society wants you to break up with her. Go somewhere secluded as a couple for a weekend and talk it out!

  16. 16

    Brandi Glanville should mind her own damn business. Kristen did something wrong to break Rob's heart and she is taking responsibility for that. Having miss Whats her face crucifying her is uncalled for. I felt sorry for Brandi for what LeAnn did but NOW the Hussy deserved it

  17. Rayann Bryan says – reply to this


    first why is this bitch comparing it ain't the same thing. Second, someone tell me how to get in touch with perez because all he talks about is kristen like he knows any better. When will he ever shut the fuck up about her? All he does is bitch! He's a bully and he's bullying her, like she doesn't have it hard enough and from all the posts that I'm seeing I'm not the only one who thinks that.

  18. Daily says – reply to this


    Pictures showing Kristen is a homewrecking ho.

  19. CTx3 says – reply to this


    Yes, Kristen did wrong and yes she has a lot to work out with Robert. But I'm tired of hearing everything coming down on her as a homewrecker. Rupert is the homewrecker!! It was HIS OWN HOME that he wrecked. He was also older and I'm sure the maturity of his age came into play with manipulation. Yes, Kristen is wrong but I think what he did was much worse. He went after a younger girl, probably manipulated, made her feel special or sexy and then ultimately cheated on his wife and kids.

  20. 20

    At least LeAnn has classy, which this lady, oh, sorry, she's no lady, does not! Brandi is crass.
    And what about the director? He's the one who is married, not Kristin. He should have kept his pants on - his fault for sure!

  21. Blah blah blah says – reply to this


    Wow a lot of krisbians on here or something, she is not that young, she knew better. Amazing all the excuses her fans make up for her, poor thing she was manipulated by an older man blah blah why does everyone blame her for being a home wrecker …. No one talks about Rupert because no one gives a crap about him, Kristin is the popular other half of robsten. Some of you obviously don't know what adultery really is, whoever the married person cheats with is also an adulterer/home wrecker….google it! I still think there is something up with this scandal though…why would she publicly humiliate rob like this, I don't get it. It looks like to me that they both knew they were being papped. Idk Maybe Robsten broke up but no one knew,maybe they really never were a couple, maybe Rob is really the worlds biggest douche, idk it's all just so crazy!! I just don't see how she could do that in public especially after all her no PDA baloney with Rob.

  22. 22

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – YES. exactly.

  23. 23

    yuck! LeAnn is WAY worse, I'll never understand what Eddie sees in her.

    You know who else is WAY WORSE? TORI SPELLING!!!!

  24. Danielle says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Youre just drinking whatever Leann tells you! The fact is YOU know nothing about Ed & B's marriage! Leann created lies to justify her slutty behavior!

    Funny because we KNOW Ed is cheating already & has been since the beginning! You didn't think LR was going to keep him away from his love of hooking up with waitresses & for playmates! I can't wait until Leann's world is rocked by the front page covers of Ed & his new piece! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Oh, did Ed stay home with her this weekend? Rumor has it he was out on the town! Poor wewe canceled her shows to make sure he didn't screw around & he still found a way! This year is going to be fabulous for B, career wise, & LR will be 5150'd once her reality hits her square in the eyes!!!

  25. bb says – reply to this


    They both knew what they were doing , they can just go to hell for being a pair of liars.

  26. 26

    kristen isnt technically a homewrecker because the home isnt wrecked as such but yes shes a nasty slutty whore as for leeanne karma will get her

    team brandi

  27. Kay says – reply to this


    Don't forget Rupert was also Kristen's BOSS. Wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the first time he put moves on a younger woman, and perhaps some sexual harassment suits that miraculously were "settled". I bet in the weeks head the dirt on this guy will be quite interesting.

  28. 28

    They were "in love?" LOL, need I remind you that Eddie issued a public statement calling Leann a "mistake," and a "bump in the road?" They weren't "in love" until Brandi Glanville threw his ass out.

  29. prg says – reply to this


    i read this few weeks back at dailymail late again i see

  30. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this



    "Every time Brandi Glanville opens her mouth, I understand more why Cibrian left her. She's a stupid, big-mouthed whore. And YOU, Perez, are a hater and a bully. It's time you STFU and leave Stewart alone"…

    The hateful, hypocritical, bully is YOU cry-bitch. Th lengths you go to defend an immoral TRAMPIRE - calling a married mother a "stupid big-mouthed whore" - WOW.

    Cheat much???