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Is Liberty Ross Prepared To Forgive Her Two-Timing Husband Over Kristen Stewart Affair?!

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We certainly hope not!

Especially given the recent revelation from her own brother!

But yes, according to new reports, director Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross - on whom he cheated with his Snow White starlet, Kristen Stewart - seems to have gotten all of her scorned rage out of her system, and is prepared to give her two-timing hubby a "get out of jail free" pass!

According to a source close to the model:

“She is prepared to give Rupert a second chance. She accepts that it was just one of those silly flirtations.”

Well, we don't know to whom she's talking, but it doesn't look "silly" or just "flirtatious" to us!

However, unlike Rob and Kristen, these two DO have children together, and we do not envy the situation she must be in trying to figure out what is best for her family right now!

Shame on him for being so reckless that he would even put his loved ones in jeopardy like this right now! Ugh!

All we'll say is this: if this report is, in fact, true, then he better be counting his lucky stars, because there are FEW women who would be as forgiving as his wife is right now.

[Image via WENN.]

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52 comments to “Is Liberty Ross Prepared To Forgive Her Two-Timing Husband Over Kristen Stewart Affair?!”

  1. 1

    Meh, I think this is just one huge ass publicity stunt. I saw the pictures, when you're a celebrity theres no way in hell you would do that in broad daylight..Hell just looking around and you could of spotted at least a half a dozen photogs. Not buying it at all. Either it really is legit which makes these two the dumbest people on earth, or it's fake. Time will tell, if this girl suddenly "forgives" her husband and Rob "forgives" kristen it'll be a clear indication it was all staged.

  2. 2

    If they do stay together… its gonna be one tough road! My mother cheated on my father 7 years ago and they are STILL having problems because of a one time thing. Its really hard on the children too!! Prayers for that family!

  3. 3

    Eh. It's hollywood, I wouldn't be surprise if this was all planned.

  4. jennelyn says – reply to this


    Re: LABunny – thats what i think it is!

  5. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    wow perez, now you dont think people should forgive and give second chances….isn't that what you are asking everyone to do of you??? see, this is why nobody believes your "ive changed" bs….your hypocrisy knows no limits

  6. 6

    I hope they do work it out. And I hope RPatz and KStew work it out too. Why don't you give this story a rest and let them figure it out without the glare of the spotlight recording and commenting on their every move?! Dome sites are reporting this wasn't a full blown affair ie. no sex just simple flirtations. Not the big deal that it is being made out here.

  7. Andrea says – reply to this


    Ugh, I start to think all of this just PR stunt, if that true than I have little respect for any of them, there is children involve! True or not kstew better pull angelina jolie so people can stop calling her "home wrecker" or "whore", the problem is she can't act as good as AJ and she seem doesn't give a rat ass about charity

  8. SaraJ says – reply to this


    I wouldn't be surprised if she forgave him. People cheat all the time. Other 'celebrities' have done way worse and been fogiven…

  9. UGH says – reply to this


    They have children together, it make sense if those two try to work things out, "Robsten" in the other hand, Ugh just dump her, she cheated with her old BF now with her current BF, she will cheat again

  10. juli says – reply to this


    <~ There were three photographers on her… I'm sure someone made a video

  11. 11

    He's scum and she deserves better. She's gorgeous and he looks like a piece of 4-week bologna.

  12. Anne says – reply to this


    They didn't even sleep together. I don't get what the big deal is over a few kisses.
    Man, people just make such big deals out of things.

  13. 13

    This. was. planned. When it comes to entertainment, government, 'reality' IT IS ALL PLANNED for us! Days of our Lives is really REAL. Get Educated. Stop drifting, stop being a slave and a zombie the way the gov't wants you to!

  14. rachel says – reply to this


    they werent having an affair during the shooting…. they never had sex, of course she will forgive him.

  15. Nina says – reply to this


    It´s just Hollywood….

  16. 16

    This whole story strikes me as fake as a two-dollar bill y'all!

  17. 17

    there is no way in hell they would break up look at their faces they are like twins ..its a directors job to fuc starlets sheesh

  18. kristine says – reply to this


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  19. 19

    This also explains why Rupert looked in the camera once or twice, publicity stunt I call.

  20. 20

    How do you guys know that Kristen and Rupert didn't sleep together? The diehard fans of robsten are in denial. They just can't accept that their fave loveteam has gone kaput. As for Liberty forgiving Rupert, sure that's possible but will be she really happy. I think she'll just be miserable because her cheating hubby will just cheat again. Once a cheater, always a cheater. But hey, it's her life, if she wants to be miserable, so be it. lol.

  21. Kaloyan says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,

    I wish I was like you: judgmental, hypocrite, unforgiving, hateful and pathetic.

    Your life must be awesome to live!

  22. Laura says – reply to this


    If she forgives him so soon then this whole thing was fake.

    I can't imagine any woman forgeting about this so fast, especially a married one. The cheating part is hard enough, plus he humiliated her and her kids.

  23. jurs says – reply to this


    i tthink liberty and rupert staged this all along to get PR in the expense of robert and kristens relationship

  24. Atp says – reply to this


    How can people be so ignorant to think she didnt f… Him? Of course she cheated, robsten fans wake up, shes a slut!

  25. 25

    Mario, stop acting like you have a clue what went down. You know the gossip end of it, which is what you should be reporting. Instead, you are just nasty about it, take sides (this isn't going to get you into RPats pants BTW) and you make crap up to further your own agenda. These are real people that you are fucking with. I hope you are good at dodging Kara. At the very least, I hope KSTEW beats your ass.

  26. 26

    Like, OMG, wouldn't it be AMAZING if the got back together RIGHT BEFORE Breaking Dawn 2 is released. FOREVER indeed! /gag

  27. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: jurs – What kind of mother would do that to their kids? Those two are going to grow up with the pictures of their father cheating with a 22 year old. It woul be very cruel do that just for fame.

    Besides, I don't thin he needs it, he is (or was) going to direct SWATH 2…

  28. 28

    Will Liberty forgive her husband was the question and you respond, "We certainly hope not"?

    There are small children involved here and this is their family you're so glibly dismissing. If there's any chance for this couple to work on their marriage through counselling, etc. and keep it healthfully in tact, they need to take it.

  29. marcella says – reply to this



  30. 30

    No one knows any details. What happens between them is none of our business. If they split up or work it out, they'll do what's best for them and their children. As for you, Perez, you're a hypocritical asshole, and nobody cares what YOU think they should do. The only close relationship you have is with your mommy, and I suspect it's close because she likes your bank balance. So shut up.

  31. 31

    Of course they slept together. It's coming out now that it went on for six months. A one time mistake well things happen but six months? The wife should kick this cheater to the curb. He can't be trusted. He's only sorry because he got caught. Otherwise they'd probably still be having the affair.

  32. Amanda says – reply to this


    At least kristen doesn't kiss her brother like Angelina jolie does. AJ is disgusting compared to Kristen. People will forget about this soon but nobody will forget about AJ because shes been a whore her whole life.

  33. Sofia says – reply to this


    Perez, it's very easy to say that she should not forgive him when you are not married with kids. When there are kids involved, you try to give it another chance for their sake. Even if the person does something like this, you don't stop loving them. Hopefully they will take some time to figure it out together without listening to the outside world.

  34. 34

    You KNOW, Perez that the brother thing is bogus. How could he have known if the wife didn't.

    And who are YOU to decide what she should or should not do ?
    Ever heard about the word "forgiveness" ? Aren't you a christian ?

  35. 35

    Re: overthere – No, silly. He's a lying, stealing, lazy, judgmental hypocrite.

  36. meltat says – reply to this


    Please TRY to be a bit positive like you have been trying with all your other posts in recent months. Marriage is huge and takes so much work the EASY thing to do is to throw your hands up and leave, but for what?? more issues with some other guy and a new influence on your children??? Nobody is perfect and no relationship is perfect but don't ruin a lifetime of family of an "action" if you cannot understand this then shut up Perez. it's not about the ego there is a bigger picture here that you are missing. If you can get past your ego then life opens up all sorts of wonderful things. PS andplease stop with the shirtless pics, you are making the Situation look classier these days UGH

  37. 37

    Hey Mrs Sanders, that dress makes your ass look huge!

  38. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – Angelina is a woman who acctualy uses her power to help another people, and an amazing actres.

    Stewart can't even change her stupid face when she acts. And all the critics agree with me.

  39. 39

    How is this a publicity stunt? don't you think that's a lot to pay for publicity. We're talking about peoples careers and reputation. Publicity would be allegations, not actual cheating. You think a wife would accept being humiliated for the sake of publicity? what about the kids lives?? I mean c'mon. it seems so idiotic to yell "Publicity stunt!".

  40. 40

    Re: WAHHHHHHHH! – second chances to cheating, moron? God, stfu.

  41. 41

    Re: Meggie246524 – thank you… someone with common sense!

  42. 30ishmom says – reply to this


    REally? What they decide to do between themselves is no one elses business. The real question here is….what the hell is going on with Liberty's ass in this picture? If I were her I would be going after the guy who photoshoped this picture!

  43. bbv says – reply to this


    Flirting is a single person's way of saying "I'm free!" but for those in relationships, it's their way of saying "I'm bored."

  44. Toni says – reply to this


    If Liberty forgive Rupert and KS/RP get back together then this was all a big azz publicity stunt and each douche bag involved agreed to it.

  45. nomerz says – reply to this


    Re: MK Ultra-Fierce Illuminati Puppet – Hate to break it to you, but $2 bills are real and they exist… lol

  46. 46

    nice to know that he just wanted to fu..that litte girl. Looks like her father anyway. Hey Ksrew..cry me a river

  47. Cherry says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Thank You!!!!!!! I've been saying this all along!

  48. karpet permadani says – reply to this


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  49. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: cruhhjackus – HAHAHAHAHA! I called this days ago when I said you DELUSIONAL, STUPID, TWI-TWITS are the future TEABAGGERS of America - lOlz! Thanks for posting & making my case Teatard. PS - the "government" isn't the problem, it's stupid morans like you talking trash that you pull out of your ignorant ass.

  50. 50

    Re: nomerz – Ok so it's as fake as Coco's a$$ I stand corrected!

  51. pairs nude stuff says – reply to this


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