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Octo-Mom Strips Begs For Fans To Give Her Ca$h!

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Octo-Mom sad

Apparently porn doesn't pay as well as you'd think!

Octo-Mom is done touching herself for cameras, and is now getting a real job begging for help to pay rent.

The mother of 14 has set up an account on a website where fans can donate to her and the family.

Her profile says:

“I am having to move out of my home soon and I’m very close to being able to buy a home for my kids. Your support is appreciated."

Our source says Octo (aka Nadya Suleman) used all the money from stripping and "acting" gigs to get off welfare, and she is trying her best to get more.

Until she gets more XXX jobs, she is relying on her fans to come through.

Sure, it is a little unorthodox … but she gets some points for not taking our tax dollars!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Octo-Mom Strips Begs For Fans To Give Her Ca$h!”

  1. Shelley says – reply to this


    This chick needs to go away and quit begging. She should have listened to her mom and never had all of those children. What she did was irresponsiblie and bording on just plain negligent. If she cannot afford to take care of the kids and her parents can't take care of them, maybe she consider putting them with other families who can afford to take care of them. Her expecting others to pay for her stupidity is just plain lunacy. She needs to go ahead on and stop begging folks. Has she not read the news, it is a tough economy and people just don't have it like that anymore. Maybe some of the celebs can help her out because us average folks would rather give any spare money away to some one who really needs it.

  2. jett7060 says – reply to this


    Yo, Nadya; I have a son with special needs, the company I'm working for is constantly downsizing, and I'm living paycheque to paycheque…yet never would I consider begging for money. You chose to treat your womb like a clown car, now find a way to deal with it. Your shameless false sense of entitlement is disgusting.

  3. 3

    The crazy bitch should have thought about this prior to having 14 kids.
    What an idiot!
    I am glad her fertility doctor lost his license. He needs to go to jail or pay
    support for the kids.

  4. 4

    Perez can you stop posting about her PLEASE - I hate even seeing photos of her, I hate hearing about her or accidentally reading any tidbit……. She is an awful human being.

  5. 5

    shes such a waste of space, and why the fuck is she "famous" or even talked about. she should deal with her STUPID mistake of having that many kids herself and stop trying to make the public pay for her shit

  6. 6

    ..man, thats one ugly dood….

  7. 7

    Please send money to me. One - I would like a new car. Two - I would like a new house with a pool. Three - I would like a minimum of two acres. Four - I would like an ocean view. Five - I would like at least 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Five - I would like a five car garage. That should do it for now.

  8. 8

    She needs to be committed to an insane asylum….

  9. 9

    Yes, please, I would like some money too. I would like a house with an indoor pool. And certainly the servants should have a place to live also. Please send funds.

  10. 10

    FANS??? really? she has fans? she couldn't take care of the first six so she went and had eight more. somehow that's just not evoking any sympathy with me. all those kids should be placed with families that can take care of them. what can that idiot possibly teach them?

  11. barny says – reply to this


    I.' pay her $50..00 to bend over and let me do her in the ASS while I squeeze her big Titis

  12. 12

    I've reconsidered. I now would like an indoor pool also. I have the Carrara Marble picked out for the pool surround and I'm going to add lots of palm trees in big ceramic pots. The pool will have lots of whirlpool jets. I probably should do a sauna while I'm at it. Stop buying all those expensive Starbucks drinks and send the money to me. No more eating out at restaurants. You people should be budgeting better and sending the money to me.

  13. Jtexas says – reply to this


    This chick is pathetic and the fact that people have donated money is amazing. Apparently people have too much money and just want to give it away. I have worked my whole life and have not had kids yet because I want to make sure I can afford them before I do! So if people just want to give money away I set up my own donation site for a trip to Europe. Let's see what happens!

  14. 14

    I only give to needy causes like local shelters and Habitat for Humanity. It is tough because I am now retired

  15. 15

    She's totally busted after that OctoPorno.com movie and stripping she did a while ago

  16. J* says – reply to this


    I do feel bad for the kids, however this woman intentionally had 8 children AFTER she was unable to support her first 6.. Just so she could become "famous" like Jon and Kate.. Why anyone would give her a dime is beyond me! Her family should take the kids and let her get on with her porn "career." It says a lot when so many hardworking people have been chewed up and spit out by our shitty economy but morons like this have "almost enough to buy a house!" just by begging and reproducing in litters.. Disgusting!

  17. Bevi says – reply to this