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Where In The World Is Post Affair Robert Pattinson? We Know!

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Robert Pattinson alone

And we just wish we could say he was with US! We know how to tend to a broken heart!

How is Robert Pattinson coping with Kristen Stewart's very public affair?

According to British fan with the Twitter handle Aly Hazlewood, the heartbroken hawtie is trying to beat the blues in jolly old England!

She micro blogged the FIRST sighting of the actor since KStew's shocking admission, writing:

“Just seen Robert Pattinson on Brick Lane. Amusingly he was being ignored by all the hipsters."

After being bombarded by tweeters requesting pics of post break-up R-Patz, the Aly replied:

"To all the people asking me for a photo of Pattinson, I don’t make a habit of taking pictures of celebrities in the street, sorry. He had a bit of a beard, was with a couple of friends & looked perfectly cheery. And that’s all I have to say about it. He probably looked cheerful because he was being left alone to enjoy a wander down Brick Lane.”

There you have it!

R-Patz is NOT crying alone on the floor of a dark room! He's a surviver … like Beyonce!!!

Though we'd LOVE to see his beautiful face once again, we're glad to hear he is being left alone with his friends.

Gawd knows he needs to gather his strength before the dreaded Breaking Dawn promo tour!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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33 comments to “Where In The World Is Post Affair Robert Pattinson? We Know!”

  1. FromPhoenixAshes says – reply to this


    Maybe he look cheery coz nobody knew where he was and he didnt have to dodge paps at every turn, not anymore im sure he appreciates you outting his hiding place…

  2. Katie says – reply to this


    I KNEW IT! She didn't just kiss the director, she had an affair with him. Rupert's brother in-law confirmed the affair and said, "It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week." WHAT A SLUT.

  3. stephen.gleason@comcas says – reply to this


    She is not in love with Robert. He must be lacking in some way. Better for him that it ended.

  4. True says – reply to this


    - share this video to support Robert Pattinson…He deserves

  5. 5

    He got a tiny one. She wants to try a real man. So what ? Ask me if I care !

  6. gwendolyn says – reply to this


    man perez you are a kiss-ass! good lord! this is the longest i have been able to look at your site, its way too much ass-kissing.

  7. CandiceX says – reply to this


    Kristen really fucked up but it's not for anyone to judge. I hope she learns from her mistake and becomes a better person. She's still a human being and an incredible actress. Her actions are inexcusable but it's between robert and herself not anyone else. And perez I thought you were done bullying? you're better than that don't bully the girl.

  8. TEMPE says – reply to this


    He doesn't like to be called R-Patz.

  9. 9

    I actually find this very hard to believe, other sources says he is looked in a hotel room playing video games and is absolutely devastated, doubt he would go out outside in risk of paparazzi spotting him and jumping him with questions, at least not yet, not if he dreads facing Kristen that much let along the press, so highly doubt that he would show himself in public this early.

  10. x says – reply to this


    so perez left out that the psycho in question is a kristin fan and saying that rob is already hooking up and always was cheating on kristin,that she saw him in london with some girl…..wow perez u really do get your info from literally anywhere. this psycho been posting comments everywhere too.

  11. elizabeth says – reply to this


    solo publican basura….Dejar que se arreglen ellos solos,que se tomen su tiempo par pensar bien las cosas…..POrsupuesto si es verdad que KRISTEN quiere volver con el ,lo del comunicado no me lo creo,no creo nada ,todo basura….

  12. Catwoman says – reply to this


    Re: True – What an absolutely stupid comment. Why would he be lacking in some way - what about her. She's self-destructive, rude, crude, spoiled, feels entitled and thinks she can get away with everything and be forgiven. Seems to me like she needs some help - not him. She has to have chaos in her life - I have known people like her - she will be miserable all her life. To imply he must be lacking in something shows a complete misunderstanding of this entire tawdry situation.

  13. nicknames says – reply to this


    Kstewpid, kscrew or trampire, I just don't know which nickname is funnier, the twitards fans are hilarious

  14. pissedofffan says – reply to this


    So! You just tipped off all the IDIOT PAPS and or Gossips to where he is ! So much for letting him be to mourn his broken heart in peace! Good Job!

  15. Bethany says – reply to this


    Kristen did not have an "affair" with Rupert - it has been reported by others that nothing happened during the filming. His father reported it was a one time thing. She kissed him a few times (big deal!). What about Robert cheating on Kristen some time ago? Apparently that is ok with everyone, no one is calling him horrible names. Kristen made a mistake, she owned up and apologized. The blame should be on Rupert; he is the one who is married, he is the one who held power over her. This is the age old story of the powerful man who takes a young woman under his wing, grooms & praises her so he can have a little fun. If Robert can't man up and forgive her (especially since he did the same) then maybe it's best for her to move on and find a real man. Sorry Robert - time to grow up and deal with reality and not run away. Wimp.

  16. 16

    I cant imagine living life looking over my shoulder fearing a well deserved beat down is coming any minute. And you FatHead definitely deserve any thing that happens to you.
    Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully

  17. David G. says – reply to this


    I normally don't like to post and answer comments, however, in this case I feel I must. I worked in the production of SWATH and I know for a fact that nothing and I mean nothing went on during the filming of the movie. She was very professional and surprisingly pleasant but a bit shy. Unfortunately the situation she is currently under is dire to see a young woman go through. As for Mr. Pattinson, I met you on set and you seemed to be very in love with this young woman; it was enjoyable to see you both together talking and laughing, she was always more mellow when you were visiting the set. For now you have every right to be broken hearted, angry and perhaps in disbelieve but please also remember everything you guys have gone through together. Talk it out and decide if you can forgive her or not. Only you can decide this. P.S. I apologize for accidentally dropping your cap on the floor and getting some mug on it…remember.

  18. 18

    PLEZZZ someone tell me: yes Rob is in a Contract but Would'nt Summitt/Lionsgate people 'look bad' by MAKING Rob Promote BD2 WITH HER, -Reporters are going to ask Qs about it & thats bad enough, There are ALOT of New Vamps that Rob can Promote with. Sadly that would mean Poor Taylor having to Tote, Ms. HotBritches around. I am SICK over this, Kristen We thought you HAD way more CLASS, Rob—I KNOW there is someone WAY MORE AWESOME for you! No not me, I hv Babies your age plus I'm Bitter, Just Be Happy!

  19. Edwards Baby Mamma says – reply to this


    Yeah because some random person no one knows would never lie…SAID NO ONE EVER!

  20. 20

    Re: Katie – That was a false story. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  21. levi says – reply to this


    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Away from the BITCH!!!

  22. brooke says – reply to this


    Re: Bethany – Cheating is cheating. Whether its fucking or kissing or just flirting. It's cheating. Noone is saying anything about Rob because it has never been confirmed that he cheated.. that would be gossip. Kristen has confirmed it. It's not the physical act of cheating the makes people upset, its why or how they do it in the first place, Don't try to justify what she did, because if she did not want to be in a monogamous relationship, she should have broken up with him a long time ago. He was being strung along the whole time.

  23. belly says – reply to this


    Kristen and Rob were NEVER together all of that was only for promotion they are good friends but Rob has his secret lady

  24. 24

    hes smiling because her cheating just guaranteed his next movie is a block buster,,,

  25. kate says – reply to this


    Re: David G. – Yeah right David G, millions wouldn't believe you but not me. Delusional!!

  26. 26

    …continued…. Dear people, I strongly suggest you find something worthwhile and tangible to focus your interest on. Go help a neighbour, volunteer, do a good deed for someone, ANYTHING, because this chap is just a FELLOW HUMAN BEING and obsessing over his movements/state of mind/beard is just plain deranged. Seriously, if you all bothered to care about the people in your own neighbourhood as much as some random actor YOU WILL NEVER MEET, then maybe the world would be a nicer place. Now, please stop tweeting me about all this nonsense, it's very boring. Sincerely, Aly Hazlewood

  27. mary says – reply to this


    Re: DSummerfan – you are so stupid, she was with him for 3 years, so she obviously liked it with him. But this girl likes cheating, it gives her a thrill. She is cheap.

  28. fifi says – reply to this


    She sleeps with her directors to get roles.

  29. YOUR A TOOL PEREZ says – reply to this


    Here we go again… people just stay on track!
    First of all this page is about where RPats is LOCATED not "that kristen stewart sleeps with her directors to get roles"
    Secondly…. I will believe this when i SEE a photo of him out and about… but as of right now this is complete bullshit!
    This was just another way for Perez Hilton to put new information on his website. He does not care if it is true or not. Believe it when you see it folks

  30. YOUR A TOOL PEREZ says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – You are probably more of a slut than she is! You can have your opinion but wash your mouth out before you start calling women sluts! … SLUT (hope that feels great)

  31. VSM says – reply to this


    He was not at the club. A false story!

  32. RobWe says – reply to this


    He'll move on and Kristen has a rep of a cheater - she's gonna be single for a long time

  33. 4feicsake says – reply to this


    Re: CandiceX – Incredible actress? …… really?