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Ann Curry 'Feels Vindicated' After The Today Show's Ratings Continue To Decline

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Ann Curry may have gotten the boot from The Today Show a little over a year after replacing Meredith Vieira, but she's getting the last laugh.

Not only is she still making the $10 million a year that the network promised her for anchoring the show, but the ratings continue to decline after her departure!

As a result, a source close to her revealed that she feels "vindicated" and proceeded to explain:

"Ann feels completely vindicated by The Today Show's poor ratings since she left. She feels she was fired completely unfairly and wasn't given a fair shot at the gig."

In fact, the real problem may not have been Ann at all! The program's content may be to blame as the source added:

"Ann feels she was made a scapegoat by the network and that it's the whole show that needed an overhaul, not her replacing. She feels they should have booked better guests and had a more exciting line-up and better stories to cover and better writing. Ann believes that point has been proved by the show's ratings declining even further since she left."

Since GMA managed to beat out Today last Thursday — even as the NBC correspondents reported from the Olympics in London — Ann may have a point!

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22 comments to “Ann Curry 'Feels Vindicated' After The Today Show's Ratings Continue To Decline”

  1. 1

    I like Ann, and was pissed she was let go. Toward the end of Katie's career on that show, she was so loopy. Does anyone remember her doing the Olympics, and flirting with the Greek Gods during a fashion show?

  2. 2

    Good for NBC and their stupid show. I actually refuse to watch the show now. It left such a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. Katy says – reply to this


    NBC needs to get rid of Matt. He's not fresh and new anymore. Whoever he interviews feels like everyone of his other interviews. He's become annoying, boring, and cocky.

  4. 4

    I used to watch the Today Show every morning. I have refused to turn it on since they ditched Ann Curry. She was the only one on the show to show any true care and concern for those she interviewed. She was calm and sweet and I really enjoyed watching her. Matt is an arrogant jerk. He is rude and condescending. Savannah and Natalie are boring. I don't care for Hoda and cannot stand Kathie Lee. Since Ann is no longer anchoring, I watch Robin Meade on CNN. "Good morning sunshine!"

  5. Mulan says – reply to this


    Tom Cruise was right about Lauer. He's glib. Also very irritating.

  6. D says – reply to this


    Matt is the one that needs to go. He has become old, balding, and boring. With the amount of talent out there why stick with him?

  7. Miss My Curry Dish! says – reply to this


    Revenge is a dish best served cold. And in THIS case..that dish is CURRY B*TCHES! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Enjoy that money Ann..I'll see ya at the Hermes boutique..lol! =)

  8. ANNA HULTIN says – reply to this



  9. Susan S. says – reply to this


    I agree with the other comments. I too promised that I would no longer watch The Today Show, and I am proud to say I have not. I now turn on GMA. GMA is a bit giggly for my taste, but I still feel strongly that we individuals can do nothing more than express our opinions, be they positive or negative, with our viewership. Ann Curry is a bright, bold, seemingly fearless yet compassionate journalist and she deserved SO much better than she received. Perhaps the ratings have continued to decline precisely BECAUSE of NBC's treatment of Ann!!!

  10. asmiralda says – reply to this


    I watched Today Show because of Ann Curry. Now I kissed good bye and never watched it anymore. Watching Matt Lauer with his boring face, is unbearable. Bye, bye.

  11. 11

    I loved Ann Curry! NBC made a BIG mistake!!!!

  12. 12

    Re: Susan S. – I loved every ones comments, but you said it best! xo
    I think the USA as a whole, has stopped watching The Today Show, after the broke Ann Curry's heart! I know I will never watch that show, EVER again!

  13. 13

    Ann Curry is a class act. I have switched to GMA.

  14. Steve R says – reply to this


    NBC is feeling the pressure, the execs there are doing about as good as a job as Reed Hastings did for Netflix (Qwikster!) last year! What a bunch of idiots. And telling us all about the gold medal right before showing the race, how stupid!

    I also refuse to watch the Today Show after they fired Ann. I won't even give it a try until Matt has been fired for pushing Ann out. It's too bad the Olympics are giving them a ratings boost. I only watch GMA now. And in case anyone missed it, even Lenny was in the audience at GMA!

    Ann was awesome, a truly caring person. Meridith was just plain stupid, I don't get why anyone liked her. Twat anyone recently Meridith? haha! That's something she actually said she did right on the show, so don't blame me for repeating it.

    You wonder how far NBC will let the Today Show fall before fixing it, I guess it's going to have to start with firing some of the people in charge of the show, then getting rid of Matt Lauer for having Ann fired. Maybe at that point I'll try the show again.

    Good luck Ann!

  15. MiaVAl says – reply to this


    Count me in as a new GMA watcher too; after years and years of TODAY. I'll admit; it took some adjustment from silly Meradith to serious Ann but she earned my respect and admiration. I can't even LOOK at Lauer, and won't be back unless Ann return on the Anchor Desk…hell is probably freeze over first… GMA is starting to grow on me.

  16. Geo says – reply to this


    The show is over. It's fun to control the show's inability to succeed by simply not tuning in.

  17. Geo says – reply to this


    …and, by not tuning in, I find myself watching less and less of that network in general. The only solution to their problem is to hire Ann back as the lead, and fire Lauer. His face has become synonymous with everything people hate about the show.

  18. Patti says – reply to this


    Has anyone ever thought the problem might be Matt Lauer and not his co-hosts. Maybe the public has just become tired of him and his demanding demeanor. It seems it is "his way or the highway".

  19. 19

    Matt Lauer is the problem…He is so unlikeable. A few years ago I watched to Today Show for 5 days in a row as it was recorded live at the winter olympics in torino italy. Katy and Al were very warm and friendly to the crowd during the breaks. Matt was cold as ice. Rather than engage the crowd he would wander off and acted completely aloof; above it all. He was so annoying. He acts like a princess…very femmy as well.

  20. Disgusted Mrs.Williams says – reply to this


    I have watched the Today Show since Dave Garroway anchored the first show in 1952.
    I am disgusted and appauled at the mistreatment of Ann Curry by NBC. I can not believe that NBC let Ann Curry go. By now Mr. Bell, you and the rest of the corporate "know it alls" at NBC have realized Ann is not the fault or reason for your ratings slip and continuous decline. For the record, Savannah Guthrie can not hold a candle to Ann Curry. Intelligent, gorgeously beautiful and a consumate professional. Ann has always shown real compassion with a believable engaging connection to people during her interviews. Since 1952 I have been a fan of the Today Show and thought I would never stop watching. After 60 years and "Ann Curry", I have moved to ABC. I am now watching Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and the GMA team. This has been a refreshing and uplifting move. Like Ann, the GMA Team of Robin, Sam, Josh and Lauren are great at spreading "goodness" in the morning. Watching the GMA T-E-A-M also reminds me of how wonderful it will be to see Ann Curry rise where she will be appreciated. I hope we will see her soon. What happened to Ann Curry for the Olympics NBC… ?

  21. snoopytwo says – reply to this


    Re: plumcocco – the Today show is becoming another entertainment tonight put some real news stories on. Who cares about octo mom and the Royal Family we are americans not brits.

  22. katie says – reply to this


    i was so glad to read all these wonderful comments in support of ann. i'm canadian but always tuned in for world news, lately it's been less about news more about gossip, shopping, yada yada…boring! it had nothing to do with ann, she was the most intelligent person there. they said "her heart wasn't in the cooking segments" DUH!!
    she's a journalist, she was probably as bored as we were, so now i have discovered jon stewart and stephen colbert at 7am and i get a great laugh and more news! by the way ann was lenny's favorite, he told me when i was there so indeed i hope he went to GMA!