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Captain Obvious Jermaine Says Jackson Family Dramz Is 'Complicated'

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Jacksons Perform Jermaine Can't We All Get Along

Jermaine Jackson took the stage with his brother Tito, Marlon, and Jackie this weekend and he was more message than music!

Which makes sense, because the audience included just about as many Jackson family members as it did legit fans!

Jermaine stated:

"We are a family … sometimes it seems to get complicated."

Complicated? Really??

When a mother dies and her two daughters fight over a strand of pearls, that's complicated!

When the King of Pop dies, his doctor is convicted of manslaughter, his siblings are left penniless, and his underage children are left to run a billion dollar empire per the terms of a heavily contested will, that's BEYOND complicated!!

When the kids are left to fend for themselves after their guardian/Grandmother is abducted whisked away by her own children in an effort to brainwash her into helping seize control of the deceased pop icon's empire from his rightful heirs, well that's BEYOND beyond complicated!

It's an eight-part HBO miniseries on the most historically significant dysfunctional American family in several generations!!

After accepting the award for Brazen Understatement of the Decade, Jermaine continued:

"We're ONE … the Jackson family is one. We are one family and we WILL heal, I promise you."

For the sakes of Prince, Paris, and especially young Blanket, we hope you are right!

[Image via DJDM/WENN.]

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7 comments to “Captain Obvious Jermaine Says Jackson Family Dramz Is 'Complicated'”

  1. 1

    i hope the kids get the hell outta there as soon as they can before we got anna nicole 2

    one family one big pay day/…

    save the kids

  2. 2

    I say let the brothers and Janet have a share, of course setting aside sizable $$ for the kids. They will be broke in record time! They all such know it alls- with all the body guards and doctors and hangers on- how could this tragedy have happened?
    (After all) it was them that made Michael famous, he couldn't have got there without "them". If anyone of them had truly cared for him- which is why he wrote them out of his will- they would have intervened.

  3. 3

    Perez, once again you are sticking your nose where it is none of your business. So it was Michael's responsibility to take care of his siblings when he did the Victory tour, in order for them to make money. And just because they blew through their millions from that tour, he was now expected to leave money in his will for them? I think NOT. Michael was always their for his siblings. The fact that they mismanaged their money is not his responsibility. Michael's responsibility was to his children, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. 4

    did people actually pay to see the talentless ones? what a joke! bunch of money grubbing losers …

  5. 5

    Re: Pumpkin John – "they" didn't make Michael famous. He could have had any group of kids in the background and the result would have been the same. the cream floats to the top.

  6. jk says – reply to this


    MJ left the mooches out of his will because he was sick of paying thier way. Tired if paying for his father who damn near ruinede his life and as it was made him act like a fruit cake. His mother should have gotten nothing too for not protecting her children from that idiot Joe, JaNet is a has been and so are the rest of them. He left his money to his kids adopted or not they are his and I see racial discrimination by Janet and her so called family friends another has been, that want knock out a kids teeth for telling the truth. Grand ma has no business raising the kids ,she is irresponsible just as she was with he own kids. Michale didn't want his "family" to have his money, he knew there would be millions made after his death and wanted his kids to have it. I hope the courts step in again and finds someone capeable of raising those kids and handling that money and NOT any of the Jacksons especially Janet thise kids don't like her. Get rid of the friends that want harm them by knocking their teeth out and family that only want the money and are racist…you can see they hate those kids the way they treat them.

  7. 7

    I liked the part when he announced that the whole family (with the exception of those 3 whitey's) are now eligible for AARP membership.
    Why was it that during his lifetime, MJ was always running out on his creditors, losing "ownership" on his homes, paying enormous amounts for semi-illegal life-style, privacy? Finely-honed drug free management of the MJ brand by Sony lawyers has brought more wealth into sight for his no-talent siblings. They can look but they can't touch. They are squabbling over the $70,000. monthly fee allotted to Katherine, claiming she is incompetent in her old age. They probably wouldn't resent her so much if she had shown some love and kindness when Joe was abusing the kids. It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven.