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Bieber's Paparazzi Stalker Has Violent History With Heidi Klum

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Justin Bieber Paparazzo Stalker Violent In Heidi Klum Case Years Ago

And this is why Alec Baldwin doesn't respect them!

As it turns out, Paul Raef, the pushy paparazzo charged with four criminal counts after stalking Justin Bieber too closely, is a pathological provocateur!!

In 2010, he allegedly assaulted another paparazzo while they chased down Heidi Klum together.

A restraining order was filed against Paul after he allegedly blocked his competitor in with his vehicle and punched him in the face!

We love Heidi as much as the next guy, but that behavior is NOT acceptable!

The restraining order could possibly serve as evidence for the prosecution when they seek to punish Paul the pesky pap next month!

That's what you get for endangering The Great Bieberino!

Everyone knows that, when you're stalking a celebrity, you've gotta trail them from a minimum safe distance of twenty yards! LOLz!!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Bieber's Paparazzi Stalker Has Violent History With Heidi Klum”

  1. 1

    Ok, makes sense. So driving down the highway/street at 100 mph is totally fine when a over-zealous pap is after you? Now, if Hitler was behind you….it would make sense. But this just seems like excuses for him to act like a brat. Call the cops and drive smart.

  2. oliluzy says – reply to this



  3. dutchie says – reply to this


    he wants his pap smeared?

  4. MichJB says – reply to this


    Shouldn't matter. The twerp could have just as easily called 911 while driving 55mph and not endangered anyone. Nope - the little boy thought he could out drive the paps in his silver dildo mobile and when he couldn't , then he called for the cops. Stupid question - what punishment is he going to suffer? Oh yeah - none - because its Cali-fucked up-ia and celebrities do as they please.

  5. 5

    Re: blondly7 – Dude he was going 90mph get the facts. They most likey have video evendince againist the paparazzo from the police officer helment or a police in a police car. Yes when you are being follow it ok. When I was follow the police dispacter told me to floor it until I came to a town. The dude follow me 5 miles until i pull in to a high school and found the local deputy shief. they add the other counts from last time most likey. that what my girlfriends dad said that they the DA do they add counts if it their second time. JUSTIN BEIBER PULLED OVER THE PAPARAZZO DIDN'T HE LUCKY HE NOT GETING CHARGE WITH A FELONY FLEE THE POLICE IN ANY OTHER STATE THEY WOULD OF SLAP THAT ON TO. MY GIRLFRIENDS DAD WAS A FORMER DA AND NOW IS A LAWYER. HE HAD A CASE LIKE THIS IT WAS WITH NORMAL PEOPLE THOSE HE CAME TO FIND OUT THAT THIS GUY HE WAS LOOKING TO PROSECUTE DID IT EIGHT TIME BEFORE AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. HE DIDN'T THAT TIME MY GIRLFRIENDS DAD SAY HE ADD ALL THE A COUNTS FROM THE FIRST EIGHT TIMES. AND HE GOT FOUND GUTIY OF THE CHARGE HE WAS FACING. oh the nearest police officer was the one in that town.

  6. 6

    AT LESS JUSTIN PULLED OVER FOR THE OFFICER INSTEAD OF FLEEING THE POLICE. I Think if the paparazzo pulled over he would of got a ticket to. but he chose to flee instead of pulling over. they may have saw him doing something that could of cause bieber death the second time to. Hear what i think they will do they will call in the other paparazzo he hit in the face and the other one he block the car in then the witness saying that the was a chase on. that the prosecution case. Now the paparazzo will counter that which that one paparazzo that bieber lanedgely hit but the prosecution can you the you tube said that the witness to that crime should be vioden because he just did it for money. which incase means a gurity vedict oh by the way if their girls on the jury good luck on not geting a not gurtily verdicr and their well have to be girls on the jury of his age or the paparazzo ages.

  7. 7

    No You want them to be treat like normal person then get ride of the celeb wave their rights to privetecy. If not then get use to them geting off. remeber people let's said they punish bieber He rent out the the tucson az area two night LA will have to pay them all the money back and if he still in punishment when LA area is being rent out it will come out of the taxpayers paycheck. It happen hear in iowa when The AHL team left are taxes double. Would you rather have the taxes up or stay right were they are. Plus we havn't found any hockey team that want to be hear in des moines iowa. Let's say you 3.00 on a property and you have a 3,000 dollar house you will be paying 12,000.00 dollar you wil be paying now if it double to 6.00 you will be paying 21,000.00 dollar now what would you rather have.

  8. 8

    I am glad they are punishing the paparazzo. He need to be punish. He didn't learm his leason the first time. Now he will not to chase celeb down they all knew where Justin was going why did he need to chase him down. He was their now if the paparazzo was black you guy's will be all over him. Yes but bieber got a 100,000.00 dollar ticket for just speeding that a pettery good amount of money. It was either punish both or niether because it would of been saying the chase didn't happen and the speeding didn't happen and all the witness was confused. Yes I know what Justin did was wrong but that was his choice to speed a he got caught and so did the paparazzo. Now it make it hard for his lawyer to agrue against the ticket. all those his lawyer is micheal jackson and OJ simpson lawyer I think that petty good lawyers that will ripe this guy to thead.

  9. 9

    Re: blondly7 – What if the paparazzo was side swiping him try to cause a wreck we do not know what he did the first time or the second time. What if he did cause a wreck and fleed you guy's would be all over the pap @ss. I bet. You go a follow some one that doesn't know you a found out what happens. A lot of people speed up you will see that. I Bet you.

  10. 10

    Re: blondly7 – I get sick and tierd of people who doesn't understand the laws. cal has a ant-paparazzi law. If it wasn't going to be inforce why not let the celebs not the Sh-t out of people. What happen if he try to do the same thing that one pap did.

  11. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: bluejays – Wow! You certainly had a lot to say - wish I could figure out what. Girlfriends dad, jury girls, hockey teams in Iowa, $100,000 speeding ticket, what if being side swiped and people that don't understand the law. Up your meds, take a deep breath and try again. Oh yeah - and Bieber is still a spoiled little brat.

  12. 12

    Re: MichJB – My Girlfriend Dad is a Lawyer and a former DA. So I think He knows all of the states laws. all 50 of them. So that means, He knows a lot more of the laws then I . that side swipe was just a what if situration. We actly do not know how long the paparazzo was following him. the stuff about the prosecution was what My girlfriends Dad said How he think the case will play out. Sorry If I confused you. Oh by the way he told me to tell everyone that do not say any thing about a crime you did on youtube after ther fact because it can be used in a court of Law he want to pass that a long.

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    re: Bluejays: Thanks - that makes sense now. Sorry - didn't mean to rip on you a little bit, you seem very passionate about your comments.

  14. 14

    Re: MichJB – It happens do not worry about it. I am I just do not like people who say dumb @ss stuff about a person that they or I even know. All those my girlfriend dad left for cali today. so righht now it just me in the the office can of board every get that way. I'm a guy secutery. That is not a bad job answer the phone once and a while then files some paperwork for him. he pays me 200.00 dollar a month for just doing that but I would do it for free because it keep me out of trouble. I had a fight with some one early that day grumpy i was.