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74 comments to “Kristen Stewart Doesn't Have Has ONE Friend In The World”

  1. 1

    didn't realize this was a kristin stewart anti-fan base website now.

  2. 2

    I hate cheating . It's not worth it. But when you are so close to somebody it may be hard. I don't thing what she did was right at all. But I hope they can workit out.

  3. gina says – reply to this


    Soooo he slept with her to. Good to know

  4. 4

    Kristen did Giovanni Agnelli too…..

  5. 5

    shes seems POPULAR with all the directors …

    her public flogging continues …

    i have to add shes 22 years old at 22 i cheated on a bunch of people and didnt care if ur not in love then ull cheat its that simple and at that age everyone wants u …

  6. 6

    I'm more tolerant of her behavior than this asshole director's. She's young. She made a stupid mistake. It's a pity that she has to fuck up so publicly when normal people do this BS every day and don't have to account to anyone but themselves.

  7. 7

    she has me! Go Kristen! I'm your fan since you graced the world with your presence in "Panic Room"!!! muah! and I know, I know… she'll never see this… anyway, who needs friends with 100 million dollars in the bank account????? lmao! FUCK FRIENDS!

  8. 8

    PEREZ Upload new avatar:
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    where is my avatar why doesnt it show ??

    Re: gina – lolol that was my first thought another one she had been ;friendly; with

  9. Kate says – reply to this



  10. Hard_Truth says – reply to this


    Perez just wants to bone Rob, that's the only reason he's raising a shit storm over this. Move onnn.

  11. 11

    This mess could work in KStew's favor. KStew is as bland as unflavored gelatin floating in a Styrofoam bowl full of lukewarm tap water, but this scandal has made her seem kind of interesting. Not only that, but now the Twihards are turning against her and are no longer trying to lick on her taint. So KStew comes off scandalous in a skanky way AND she's free of the Twihards. Win!
    Perez is so happy right now.
    Once a bully, always a bully. no matter how many times he goes on show after show telling everyone how much hes changed.

  12. Your better half says – reply to this


    Perez: It's 12:35 EST. Put on your jammies and give the make believe stories a rest. Lights out!

  13. Taylor says – reply to this


    OH… So this guy also knows Kristen intimately… it seems like she doesn't waste any time.

    Maybe that's how she get her roles, cause she is not very good.

  14. Lisbeth says – reply to this


    That dude also sleep with her then… jajajaja. If i were him, I'd stay quiet.

  15. anon says – reply to this


    He had posted a comment saying that Kristen Stewart didn't have any type of sex with Rupert Sanders. He deleted it this morning….

  16. andrea says – reply to this


    wow She is Soooo popular with filmmaker doesn't she? btw I watch Welcome to the Rileys I honestly think he didn't worship her because of her breathtaking acting maybe for her other talent, I hope he doesn't have a wife and kids

  17. 17

    I tend to agree with the Director. It is no body's business but theirs. And whilst I do not condone serial cheating, there are times when you make poor choices because you're not happy.

    That does not excuse the choice or the consequences of it, it's just that rarely are the actions we make just surface.

    At that age I cheated against my very nice outwardly but oppressive inwardly long term boyfriend, just as she has - who knows what the dynamics of their relationship truly are - the only people that will know are the two in the relationship.

    I hated myself for it. It was a 'cry for help' as I wasn't happy in the relationship. And doing something that went against my values was what I needed to wake up and decide to leave the relationship for both our sakes.

    I think people need to stop being so self righteous and mind their own business, just quietly. You have control of yourself, so you make sure you are the best person you can be. And let Kristen have and learn from her own experiences.

  18. Roman says – reply to this


    At this point, I'm over this. So what? She cheated on Rob but Rupert also cheated on his wife!! But where is his face at? Where is his constant hate at? Oh, no where because he isn't that big or famous and because he is a guy. Once again, this is just a double standard. The guy can fuck all he want and not get ridiculed but the woman can't because then she's a slut. Honestly, I am a Twilight fan and I liked Kristen and honestly, I don't hate her now that this happened. I'm disappointed, but I don't hate her. I just wish that everyone would cut her asshole a break and stop sticking their foot in it. It takes two people to cheat. So move on. New story.

  19. yesiam says – reply to this


    this dude sounds like a rabid person. I don't think this helps Kristen at all? Want to help, DON't EVEN ADDRESS THE MEDIA<, DOUCHEBAG!

  20. 20

    I like this chick she should of went to her dude before and let him know. If they do get it back he gets a pass fishow. He should bang the cute one from HP.

  21. Kiri says – reply to this


    I have no idea why people keep going on about her age. At 22 you are more than old enough to be responsible for your actions. In fact, I would have assumed she was more mature than most girls her age, simply because she has had to juggle alot of responsibility for someone in their early twenties. Obviously the guy is equally responsible, and considering he has a family his actions should be condemed more, however the reality is that Kristin is a Hollywood power player so the spotlight will burn more brightly on her indescretions. It might not be fair she has to take more slack for the affair, but her hurtful actions were still that-hurtful, and she does deserve some of the backlash she's getting (though some of Perez's harsh comments rub me the wrong way). Youth does not absolve her of responsiblity, though her fame and gender shouldn't come into the equation as much as they are.

  22. 22

    Re: Jyces_Campeau – it seems like it..perez is a fucking douche!! why has he never talk trash about Brad and Angelina right…

  23. 23

    ENOUGH!!! perez you are a moron who needs to STFU!! even though Robert is single or not he would never bone you..piece of shit like you deserves only but pity…

  24. 24

    How about fuck off Perez. Seriously, leave the girl alone and get a life. YEAH REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL FEELINGS, like you would know anything about REAL anything, you're so fake and hypocritical. And at least she has friends who still believe in her and stick up for her like real friends should do when shit for brains people like you make a living off slandering and bullying.

  25. Amber says – reply to this


    Perez, half the sh*t that comes out of your mouth is a mistake (not to mention your fashion choices) so you should be a little more forgiving about the mistakes of others. Gotta love D-listers that hate on real celebrities. I don't even like KS and I have better things to do. I just find it odd that someone who belongs to a marginalized and disenfranchised group would show so little empathy and compassion. You don't have to be a bit*h all the time. Why don't you surprise us?

  26. Amber says – reply to this


    I think what she did is horrible and unforgivable to the people she hurt (her BF and the mans wife and kids) it is nice that she has such a GOOD friend in this man to stick up for her like he is

  27. shutyourface says – reply to this


    look @ all these ppl defending kristen… why dont u guys click that ' X ' @ the top right corner of your browser. u can't stand reading about the her whorish act then go visit other site. she wanted this thing, something that would fuck her over.. she said so on elle mag

  28. bitchsquad says – reply to this


    perez when did you become so fit to judge others? your blogs about kristen are so redic. i cannot read them any longer this was my last one.. your judgement of her is appalling you should be totally ashamed to be human.. you are gay for god sake and yet you judge others lol wow.. wtg buddy

  29. 29

    her legs open easily , she always find a friend

  30. 30

    did he do her too

  31. 31

    Well, it showed that she f*** him too!!!!!!!!! Does that whore sleep with all her directors?????

  32. 32

    wasn't that the movie in which she played a hooker?
    i bet there's a reason the two of the are soooo close
    real classy kristen

  33. leah says – reply to this


    As an actor I hate that she slept with her boss. Today women really have to fight for respect in the entertainment world and she just knocked that to pieces. Just another actress who slept with the director. Even if it was a fling and it just happened, still she comes off like she got the role because of that regardless of the truth. ugh what a shame..

  34. P Fitzpatrick says – reply to this


    Seriously the vitriol coming from Perez Hiltom towards Kristen Stewart is appalling. What exactly is your beef with her? She doesn't like tabloid media? Neither would if they printed lies and invaded my privacy. She is all of 22, give the girl a break. At 22, I made mistakes as I'm sure you did. Really, you are doing yourself no favours PH, your dislike appears oh too personal.

  35. 35

    You know Perez, I've been through this in real life….here in that place you don't live called the real world…..and let me tell you, it is more complicated than your poor, shallow, self involved brain can even begin to comprehend. Stop cutting every word up into sensational BS and plastering it all over the place. It makes you look even more insensitive than we already know to be true — if that's possible.

  36. 36

    I think she's self-destructive. Some people don't feel that they deserve the fame and money they have, and find a way to "give it back". Mediocre actress, uneducated screw up, didn't deserve a guy like RPattinson.

  37. Angie says – reply to this


    At 22 I was an absolute fuckwit. At 22 you're meant to be. The real enemy here is that fucking director. Crying like a little bitch when he's caught out and it's alright. A shitload of male celebs cheat on their partners every day. Sexism at it's worst.

  38. 38

    Give the girl a break would ya she is 22 years old and made a mistake. We've all made stupid mistakes so stop being so hateful. Its becoming annoying.

  39. 39

    It's kinda harsh to say she only has 1 friend! Ya, girl messed up but that cuts deep when your lonely. She's atoned in front of the world, remember.

  40. 40

    …and that takes ALOT of balls.

  41. Gabby says – reply to this


    Whoa, what's with all the hate against Perez? It's a gossip site. It's his job to report goss. All sides. That said, what K did was wrong. But the hate is unnecessary. She's not the only one that cheated. She's not the only one that fucked up. Her age is no excuse, it's true. But the world needs a new story. It's time to leave them alone to deal with this fucked up situation away from the spotlight.

  42. rina says – reply to this


    So she slept with this director too…..I guess we know how she gets her roles…..

  43. lana says – reply to this


    I always knew she was miscast in SWATH, now we all know how she got the role. She probably slept with this director too.

  44. Heath says – reply to this


    Oh, they slept together too then.

    What a slut!

  45. 45

    You do realize he's basically talking about the crap YOU post on your site right? How can you not see the irony?

  46. 46

    Really? If this guy is not gay, the he has slept with KStew before. I mean, seriously. For KStew to easily bare her body in movies, i doubt that she's having a difficult time to have sex with flings or loved ones. Does this guy think that we're born yesterday??? No sex while cheating??? People have sex with strangers even, moron. How can you not have sex with someone who's emotionally close to you like this producer guy to KStew is? Are you saying that all they did was talk about feelings? Sorry. But that doesnt seem like the KStew we know. She's a slut. Get over it. Stop defending her and think about the wife and kids who are hurt by their unselfishness. Who cares if Robert was hurt. He took up with KStw so the blame is with him too for being with a girl like that. I swear, that girl is like a succubus or a sex maniac

  47. 47

    Guys, who cares if you cheated at 22 too? Dont compare yourself to KStew. We are nobody and nobody cares that we cheated. I do not care that she cheated because i dont care about Pattinson either. WHat i hate most about this mess is the fact that she's a public figure and she has money so she should have conduct herself a little responsibly. Nobody really cares who she fucked. Goodness! I care about the money that she didnt deserve. I mean, why can she have a cake and eat it too? She should be made to pay for her indescrition. She has a responsibility to the people to appear "clean" because that's how she portrayed herself to be. I hope she will be ruined after this so she wont get more money. It's really the money that is paining me as she doesnt deserve it. She cant act…goodness!!!

  48. Gabby says – reply to this


    Re: Venus914 – Ummm…she never portrayed herself as clean. She was always herself, giving the bird to the paps, etc. I think you're confusing Kristen with her character, Bella. Someone who says she can't wait for life to fuck her over is not someone who is portraying herself as sweet and innocent.

  49. jc_hub says – reply to this


    BREAKING NEWS: Perez caught boning RPatz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Jham says – reply to this


    I think everybody needs to leave this girl alone. What she did (if she did - it's called gossip for a reason) is HER business and the business of the other people involved. They will suffer the consequences, but it's not like she killed anybody. I mean, cheating is very bad, but she's 22 . . . people in glass houses really . . .

  51. 51

    PANIC ROOM? she lay on the floor groaning and looking ill somewhat prob what shes doing now…

    usually she just has a blank look on her face shes not a great actress always sulky and just blank as someone said boring as paint drying..

    22 i was drunk and falling over this hot hot guy called jamie…
    celebrated my 22 bday plastered and drinking till i fell down

  52. 52

    TRAMPIRE lolololololhaha

  53. 53

    Perez reminds me of Peter Pettigrew. Although, I think he must be related to Rita Skeeter.

  54. Zena says – reply to this


    Are you realising that you are actually mobbing someone? No one deserves to be publicly disgraced like you do it. And I am really getting pissed of now. People should get together and offer support and love for Kristen and other women you have been following like a troll! As a gay person you should be aware of being bullied. Its envy and hatered that rule your mind and heart. Now you are doing the same from a position of a publisher with a world wide scope. Please anyone who reads this comment, do sth to give Perez a wake up call. He should stop this terrible behavior, apologize and should learn to understand people who commit even big mistakes in life. No one is perfect. Who knows, maybe Kristen was well aware of her being the one who can never live up to the publics expectations concerning the girl on Robs side.

  55. just me says – reply to this


    if she doesn't i am willing to be her friend. damn this storm, i will become her fan if i see any more bul* going on on the sites. besides i am sure she is doing just fine having family, friends to support her and Robert who hasn't completely moved over yet, no doubt here. what she did is horrible but there are much worse crimes happening in this world right now. stop spread the lies, stop bullying!
    coming from a loyal fan of Robert.

  56. Daily says – reply to this


    Another douche bag producer she screwed for a roll. The movies are going to line up now.

  57. 57

    Perez you nasty pig-hole, how the F*CK do you know how many friends she has? She's got more than you, that's for sure. She earned what…like $40 million last year alone? She's an A-list celeb… what are you? A toad.

  58. 58

    Re: Jyces_Campeau
    Oh, didn't you know? Perez hates ALL wealthy, successful white women… look how he used to attack the Olsen's? He's a hater. Maybe he wishes HE was a succssful, A-list, rich FEMALE celebrity?

  59. 59

    "Actually, he's gone on the offense against the tabloids and gossip sites (uh oh…) for even reporting on the shocking scandal."

    You didn't report Sh*t tubs — you C&P'd it. Copy and paste…wow, what talent!

  60. David, Glasgow says – reply to this


    I'm sure that Kristen still has plenty of friends - and I am just one of them. Poor Kristen won't be the first - or the last - young Hollywood starlet to be seduced by a decadent debauched director nearly twice her age. As for Rob, I don't have any sympathy for him. If he'd loved her he'd have forgiven her - and it's lucky she found out now. Looking back on this in 20 or 20 years time, KKristen will see it as a minor blip. But for Rob it's more serious. He used gthe whole Robsten thing to keep his flagging career alive. Ahe had the talent in that partnerzship. He didn't.

  61. Bates says – reply to this


    I guess the moral of this for Kristin is don't fool around if you're shacked up with a serious monogamist.

  62. IHateKristen says – reply to this



  63. janel says – reply to this


    perez i love your site but can we have something else to read everything is kristen rob kristen rob.. ur better than that

  64. kathy says – reply to this


    Perez is such a terrible person, such a hypocrite. So pathetic. Losing weight didn't make you a better soul and neither did your "change of heart" BS. You still make your living off of other people's misery. Justify it how you want, you are a bad bad person.

  65. Ciera says – reply to this


    Perez (or perez hiltons website) if the two are seperate entities from time to time, i think it has to be said that you are being a huge SHITBAG with this whole infidelity thing. its really interesting that you have proceeded to daily, sometimes hourly rip kristen stewert to shreds while leaving the adulterous director that cheated on his WIFE and KIDS pretty much out of it.

    i agree with the below comment. this has turned into a kristen stewart anti fan base website.

    so interesting how no one is holding the guy accountable and kstew is now the biggest tramp in hollywood. thought you were done bullying perez? generally i like you , but lately go fuck yourself.

  66. ciera says – reply to this


    Re: kathy

    i agree. so much for that 'new leaf' he turned over. i think it was all a sham. perez hilton would never turn over a new leaf. not unless there was a donut hiding underneath it.

  67. Jessie says – reply to this


    Her next boyfriend,he wants to get cheated on too.

  68. rose says – reply to this


    did she fuck him too or what ?

  69. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    How could that Italian director possibly know what happened on a set that wasn't even his? Talk about stupid! Further, KStew IS a TRAMPIRE you crazy cry-whiner.

    Don't like it? Too f**king bad.

    Haha! He needs to take his own advice. :)

  70. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Alexima – LOL! I agree (about the $$ & the bank acct)

  71. CeCe says – reply to this


    Americans are a bit hypocrite when it comes to this type of situation. They are ready to throw stones and relish other people's misfortunes until it happens to one of their loved ones. Agenelli appears to be Italian and he may have a better understanding of human emotions, frailties and bonds. I am by no means insulting the Italians. What I am saying is that Europeans and Latins in particular are more understanding and tolerant. I am also of Latin descend and this type of situation happens often in families but we do not rip people apart nor do the bonds break or dissapear especially when it involves someone so young. Life goes on and the poeple involved usually turn into better individuals. If Agnelli is helping Kristen during this crisis I think it is very caring and loving of him. I am already liking him.

  72. thecookie says – reply to this


    Maybe she spread her legs for him too?

  73. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Do you not realize she is a real person too? You think you're doing the right thing by posting her personal business, but you're sick. You have no life. Calling yourself a writer? You're a joke. Your life is too dull that you have to go and harass people who are richer than you will EVER be. Grow up. You have no shame. People make mistakes. We are not perfect.

  74. 74

    no one's a fan of a cheater but honestly, people make mistakes! and she's really YOUNG - shit happens. it's not fair to rob or rupert's wife and kids, hell no, but it's over and done with and i think people should cut this girl some fucking slack. no one knows the entire story other than her and rupert, and poor rob now. ugh, totally sucks. but MOVE ON people. leave her the fuck alone.