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Matchbox Twenty Is Back And They're Way Better Than Ever!

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Like 'em or hate 'em, there's no arguing that listening to Matchbox Twenty is way better than contracting syphilis!

The band is soooo close to releasing North, their first album in over a decade, that we can literally smell it!


It kind of smells like grape jelly!

The album's first single is She's So Mean. Ch-Ch-Check out the official video (above) — it's downright pop-tastic!!

Baby-faced Rob Thomas hasn't aged a day since the late '90s! We genuinely can't believe it's been so long since these guys were relevant!

Their new song isn't the most memorable track ever written but Rob's voice is so smooth he could sing us the first sixty pages of the Cleveland telephone directory and we'd still have multiple ear-orgasms!

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10 comments to “Matchbox Twenty Is Back And They're Way Better Than Ever!”

  1. 1

    "Like 'em or hate 'em, there's no arguing that listening to Matchbox Twenty is way better than contracting syphilis!" WTF? Why are you such a retarded asshole? Is this what passes in your teeny, diseased brain, for wit? You are a complete moron.
    "It kind of smells like grape jelly!" Better that than smelling of the desperation, dirty clothes, and sweaty feet that YOU surely smell like. You ALWAYS look like you stink.

  2. 2

    They have also been relevant for much of the 2000s too. I know it's your blog and your opinion but at least get your facts straight!

  3. ANGIE says – reply to this


    it looks like KSTEW the day she cheated with her white beater and yellow bra!! lol dedicate to KSTEW? :)

  4. 4

    Rob Thomas is fine as hell! Love these guys!

  5. debkz says – reply to this


    Matchbox Twenty have lots of fans that they have had for years and years Have you ever been to one of their shows? Thought not! You should go! you might be surprised at how much fun you will have and how good they Really are!~ They almost always sell out so they must be doing something right!

  6. david says – reply to this


    another scientoloTARD, and tom's bottom, or top, depending on what david miscarriage tells them to do.

    i bet tom loves being on bottom. he looks like a submissive. doh! well he is, he is a submissive. "does tom like david's dinky-winky? c;mon tom, you know you do…. it wont hurt you. ONLY i will, when you betray me, and go SP, which i suspect you will do one day. in the meantime, get back on your knees, and on davey's dinky-winky", miscarriage to tommy-wommy

  7. 7

    "Their new song isn't the most memorable track every written…" Really, Perez? What would you prefer? Kat Graham? One Direction? Justin Bieber? Some indie pop girl who won't shut up about how much she supports the LGBT community, but also sounds like a llama groaning into a pillow when she sings? In my opinion, most of the music you push on people sounds like it was written by some clueless high school students who decided to go hang out in the band room and jam after school. Your interest in music only further confirms your vapidity. Being a gay man in the Los Angeles area doesn't mean you have to be a bimbo. Please do us all a favor and spend a little more time improving your mind and a little less time trying to make yourself look like David Beckham.

  8. 8

    Perez, Perez, Perez… sigh, what are we going to do with you? First you write a bunch of columns about how glad you are that matchbox is back together and then you write this backhanded compliment of a column about their new video. Which is it, love them or hate them? I totally get that you think Rob Thomas is hot. Who doesn't? But they've been relevant for a long time, at least Thomas has, and he's the one that counts. I get the idea of your blog. I obviously read it. But isn't it time to grow up, just a little?

    This song is a great summer jam, nothing too serious or deep, sure, but a great tune to dance to around the pool or in the clubs. I imagine a lot of people relate to the idea of wanting someone that you know is bad for you but you go for it anyway. And thanks, matchbox 20, for putting it into a funky little number that makes me not feel so bad about thinking with my other head once in a while. Good to know you guys have done that, too.

    As to Thomas, good lord, the man is as foxy as ever. For that alone this video rocks!

  9. TheirFansRBack2Sadly says – reply to this


    Matchbox 20 fans. Unable to take any criticism of their band as ever. Which just reinforces the notion this band is for people who never grow up. This song sounds like a Maroon 5 cutting room floor b side. If that. The band should have hung it up after their greatest hits album and the debacle that it was giving them only 1 decent hit. The rest of the songs sounded awful. This album is shaping up to be even worse. The minute Thomas let the rest of the band write stuff the worse their sound got. On the other hand Thomas has been rehashing the same old trope since Mad Season. In love with a difficult woman who is awful to him. Rob is 2012. You covered this back in 2001 with "If You're Gone". "I think you're so mean". Maybe she is Rob but at least in this video she's come up with more original ideas than you have in the last decade. You have talent but you've wasted it. Time to hang it up and hit the 90's nostalgia circuit.

  10. 10

    Re: TheirFansRBack2Sadly – You write about Matchbox Twenty fans as if you know them all personally. You also write as if Rob Thomas reads Perez Hilton and would actually just quit being a musician because some anonymous person told him to do so. Furthermore, you seem to think you are some kind of appointed decider of quality music. Do you realize how narcissistic you seem? There would be no musicians in the world if they all quit whenever someone (in person or online) told them they weren't good enough. Also, the music landscape would be even more terrifyingly vapid today if every musician gave up on making music after their popularity started to fade. We need more artists to be fighters, if anything.