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Robert Pattinson Goes Drinking With ANOTHER Woman!? And So It Begins…

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robert pattinson goes out for drinks with another woman post affair

Our beloved sparkle child has walked into the beginning stages of moving on.

We're so proud.

According to reports, Robert Pattinson's current company includes random strangers, but specifically — a lady friend from his hotel in London!!

A source confirms:

"He went out for drinks with a woman staying in his hotel and he told her it was 'ridiculous' he had nobody to talk to. He's been spending most of his days off playing computer games."

Sorry, Robsten-thumpers… we know this must be a difficult time.

But unlike Robert, we heard Liberty Ross wants to give her cheater a second chance. As we discussed yesterday, she loves Rupert Sanders and "accepts it was just one of those silly flirtations."

Riiight… a silly flirtation whose lips landed all over the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

But good for her for taking the high road! And better yet… good for the children!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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47 comments to “Robert Pattinson Goes Drinking With ANOTHER Woman!? And So It Begins…”

  1. 1

    I cant imagine living life looking over my shoulder fearing a well deserved beat down is coming any minute. And you FatHead definitely deserve any thing that happens to you.
    Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully Bully

  2. boston61 says – reply to this


    He is just a dummy who got lucky because he looks like a vampire. Actors are just paid clowns.

  3. 3

    I call BS on the source. Rob doesn't play computer games. He is probably reading a lot and playing his guitar.

  4. 4

    A source confrims? Anyone who wants to make money off of something can be a source . . . c'mon . . . just saying "a source" is bad journalism and looks unreliable as hell. If the story is indeed true the woman is just being used as a rebound. Although I know if you have been cheated on (from experience), it is easier to move on!

  5. 5

    yes im not sure why shes the highest paid actress shes tearfully plain…pretty with make up yes and the right camera angle but lifeless no less…

    this guy was a model and now a actor i beleive im sure he can find some chicks to hang out with…

  6. guest says – reply to this


    You know what I find funny. Sites like Gossipcop and other sites with better reputations that has disputed and proven nearly everyone of your stories the past few days as false.
    How do you not get in trouble for slander?

  7. 7

    Re: perez WHERES MY AVATAR – I've been trying to get an avatar for weeks!

  8. 8

    Re: perez WHERES MY AVATAR – Scratch that, got one! yay!

  9. 9

    We should all console ourselves by going to Chick-fil-A tomorrow and treating ourselves to a delicious meal. I know I'll be going there to support the owner's right to free speech and to make his own moral decisions, regardless of the vindictiveness and bullying of the gays.

  10. SPENCERSMOM14 says – reply to this


    I don't get it….he supposedly had drinks with someone so that means what…..they're romantically involved? Wow. Jump to conclusions much.
    Could you image how aggravating it would be if every time you were seen out with someone people said it meant you were doing more. So wrong.
    Reporting is one thing, defining it by your own slant is another entirely. But what do I know, I'm just a normal human being who's made mistakes and is very glad I don't get so judged for it.
    I'm new here, and actually really surprised at how harshly you do judge….I didn't think you were like that. Now I know I guess. :(

  11. 11

    Re: Nolan Ross – ur AVATAR ISNT SHOWING EITHER my pic is uploaded if u click my name u see its there but its not showing here i dont know why its annoying

  12. 12

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – as much as ur posts are amusing i think perez wins the GUY IS DEAD FROM HEART FAILURE NOT THE FIRST one to die from reading this site i imagine

    so ull be eating alone

    perez wins the guy is dead ……

  13. 13

    I spoke too soon, wtf perez, my avatars are legal!

  14. 14

    Re: Nolan Ross – i know mines of my cat swimming he was taking a bath for having fleas and then he started to swim so i took a picture but the avatars are loaded but they dont show here i dont know why


  15. 15

    Dont believe this for a second, al you write is bullshit. And you rewritting yourself, in another story you wrote, you said he was with friends. And this woman said he had knowone to talk to. Thats kind of odd, (if he now is in London), because he has both friends and family there. Dont belive this woman for a second. And if its true, when what a great date she was, going right to press after there date.

    I dont belive in this. But Rob will probably date some girl in the future, guess we have al have to except that now.

  16. 16

    meanwhile kim k i bet is speed dialing perez obsessively trying to get her fat ass back on the site but there is no room because the REAL stars are on there…

  17. Aditi says – reply to this


    Contradicting much? Perez Last time you said that Rob was WITH HIS FAMILY AND PALS in London so he obviously has someone to talk to.Stop publishing each and every gossip piece that you find and then MAYBE something on this site will make sense.I highly doubt that Rob is going on dates right now.He knows the pap and media are looking out for him to make money,he is not dumb plus I'm sure he is heartbroken right now.It takes time to heal.

  18. 18

    So he was supposedly having drinks with someone….so that means what…that he's automatically romantically involved with her? Wow. Jump to conclusions much?
    I'm new here, and I'd obviously heard negative things about PH.com but I thought I'd give it a chance….I'm actually surprised at how judgmental you are. I thought you were about giving information with some opinion here and there, but not slamming people or saying this is what happened and THIS is what it means. I couldn't imagine how aggravating it would be if someone would say that stuff just because I was seen with a person having drinks. That's not cool. Really takes away from your credibility when you make it more about YOUR opinion and not the truth. Truth is…..if he was having drinks with a lady talking……it COULD of been more, it COULD of been just having drinks and talking.

  19. 19

    you see moron!! I bet you´re all disappointed..stupid douche!!

  20. 20

    Think it's a setup from Rupert and his wife sides, no one would take back someone that has cheated on them that fast, children or no children.
    He is more well known now as well as his wife the jobs will be purring in.

  21. December Moon says – reply to this


    This is getting blown up to be a bigger thing that what it really is.
    People/tabloids are just adding fuel to the fire.

    I HIGHLY doubt that he has NO ONE to talk to. (From other tabloids all his friends are there for him.)
    I don't think he is going to tell some stranger woman (Or man.) that he JUST met at a club/bar his issues!!

  22. December Moon says – reply to this


    Just cause someone has kids with someone is no reason to keep them around if they do you wrong.
    "For the kids sake." Come on!
    So, it would be healthy for the kids to see all the fighting, and how much mom and dad don't like each other?!?!

  23. December Moon says – reply to this



    CHECK GossipCop, and a few other well trusted sites.

    Also it was on our entertainment show here. They said it was "SO FALSE."

  24. Club Owner said.... says – reply to this


    Club owner just stated Rob was NOT NOT NOT there!

  25. jane says – reply to this


    lets see, rob has been in seclusion for over a week–NO ONE knows where he is but all of a sudden he is out at bars with strangers????? give me a break—–

  26. Amy says – reply to this


    GossipCop site. That site proves a lot I mean A LOT of what is on this Perez Hilton site false.
    I try coming here thinking maybe just maybe something is new, and actually right.

  27. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Now your bullshit stories are starting to contradict each other.

    I don't even know why you bother commenting on what people should do in relationships - WHO THE FUCK WOULD EVER BE IN ONE WITH YOU??

    One day, you will grow up and start to understand how ADULTS interact with eachother.
    You're such an ass hat.

  28. 28

    why do i even come to this site, every post i read pisses me the fuck off.

    i think i just come on here to read the comments of people cussing you out aha

  29. Nikki says – reply to this


    Except…he's not in London, he's in CA and this has been proven to be a false rumor. Besides, the rumor stated he was hanging out with his sister! Perez, get a grip and verify your sources before you post nonsense!

  30. 30

    and sources are saying it was his sister.

  31. 31

    wow it even looks like he showered finally, he must be serious

  32. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Bagman – Well she was getting him to be more like her. Now that hes away from her, he is showering more. He will be with someone who deserves him.

  33. Daily says – reply to this


    Hope it true. Hope he had sex with this lady.

  34. anna says – reply to this


    He is not even in London. It has been reported EVERYWHERE today like on People and Gossip Cop, that he is at Reese Witherspoon's in Ojai, California. Why would he go to London in the middle of the Olympics…That would be the last place to go when avoiding paps and reporters!!

  35. jennie xx says – reply to this


    i feel so so sorry for robert really my heart goes out to him even though its probably the last thing he would want everyone making a fuss as he hates being in the spot light but i also feel for kristen aswel because shes only young and us non celebritys make mistakes and dont always make the right choices but when someone like her does its right out there for everyone to see you have to learn lessons in life and i think the one thing she will learn is that shes lost the best thing that ever happened to her but shel just have to deal with that and learn from it all i will say is never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love anyway chin up to robert and if he chooses to get back with her i wouldnt shun him at the end of the day these things happen all the time in the real world its just amazing to me how the people who arnt celebs absolutely slate them when they do something wrong or get back together please ppl dont try to act whiter than white when your really not i guess its the fact they feel superior to a great star like kristen well i say good look kristen and robert hope you two work it out xxxxxxx

  36. Rade says – reply to this


    I love how he's coping. It's the nerdy way.

  37. nivea says – reply to this


    How is that 'good for the children?' She's probably in denial that what he did was beyond hurtful and cruel. So he's probably done something like this in the past, and definitely will in the future because he slipped by so easily. This is how abuse starts, and how kids don't learn that their momma deserves better.

  38. SG1 says – reply to this


    Re: Nolan Ross – I'm a source and I'm telling you Rob is with me on a deserted tropical island. He's doing fine. We're working through all of his sexual inhibitions so that when he does forgive KScrew, he'll be a better lover. And to think, I taught him everything he knows!

  39. Jordan. says – reply to this


    Liess. ._. You Know He Aint Doing That. He's Most Likely Doing Something, Productive… Other Than Drinking..?

  40. Raine says – reply to this


    If Rupert can't make it through his first time directing a movie without screwing around on his wife then she should just cut him loose .. because one day he will work with an actress who is woth a crap and then his wife will be in the same situation!

  41. opchick says – reply to this


    Rob has been seen drinking, partying etc with many women, even before Kristens supposed cheating. He's a nice guy, and believe it or not, she's a nice chick…it just wasn't meant to be. Oh and Kristen HAS been showering, eating, spending time with family and friends, just living her life, just like Rob is.

  42. Brittany buck says – reply to this


    You say you're lonely Rob… You could do me all night long… Opps well we could sit and talk play games etc. I love u so much!!!

  43. 43

    U say your lonely Rob… Well we could sit talk drink play games or whatever u like. I lOve u!!!

  44. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: SPENCERSMOM14 – It's a GOSSIP SITE dummy. If you want FACTS go pick up the New York Times. Good grief! I feel sorry for Spencer.

  45. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    lOlz! He wasn't even in London… Whoopsie!

  46. frank the tank says – reply to this


    Hes been playing League of Legends with me.

  47. apartamenti varna says – reply to this


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