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Kristen Stewart Secures Jodie Foster's Favor!

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And another one bites the dust boards the Kristen Stewart support bus!

Since news broke that KStew so cruelly crushed the nonstill-beating heart of Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson by letting SWATH Director Rupert Sanders get publicly handsy with her ladylumps, it seemed the obviously confused girl had not a friend in the world!

Well, except for Italian filmaker Giovanni Agnelli, and… oh hey Jodie Foster!

Did seeing Jodie's fake daughter f*cking up her lovelife - and, possibly, her career - kickstart Jodie's on-screen motherly instincts?

A KStew insider reveals:

"As soon as she heard the news, Jodie contacted Kristen to offer her support. They have been close friends since they starred opposite each other in the 2002 movie Panic Room, and Jodie is a mother-like figure to her. Jodie told Kristen to take no notice of the media bashing and said if she wanted to cry her heart out to her she’s always available. Jodie loved Rob and is disappointed with Kristen for cheating on him. However, she knows at 22, she’s still very young and unfortunately people make mistakes in life. She thinks Kristen will learn from this and will only grow into a more mature person because of it. She certainly has no intention of turning her back on Kristen during such a difficult period in her life."

Awww, how adorably maternal!

Poor KStew, she IS so young! And to be seen as such a hot Hollywood tottie SO quickly must have gone to that pretty, pale head of hers…

Girl should go take some time, travel around the world or something, sort out her muddled brainz and maybe THEN R-Patz will have closed the gaping wound currently splitting his heart in dos.

Is there still hope for the greatest love story of our time? We dare to dream!

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15 comments to “Kristen Stewart Secures Jodie Foster's Favor!”

  1. 1


    There are NEVER real insiders.

  2. rox says – reply to this


    how are you suddenly compassionate towards kristen?

  3. 3

    Who the hell are all of these people who are releasing statements to 'the press'? Ridiculous. Jodie Foster cheated on her long time partner and that ended their relationship too. Of course Jodie will be supportive, she understands life is complicated. What's with all of this public vilifying of that girl? No one knows what that director and his wife's relationship was like. His wife can speak out all she wants, but it's still only her side. Yes he should have ended things with her before going about looking for another. Same with Kristin. But they didn't. Life is messy. Mistakes are made. Pick up and move on. I can't imagine if every mistake anyone made was blown up in the media for months on end, how anyone could function as a normal healthy person. That IS what we all want for people isn't it? Healthy choices and life? So, let them grow and heal and move on already. Chr!st it's like everyone is stuck in junior high school!

  4. Katie says – reply to this


    "..she’s still very young and unfortunately people make mistakes in life."

    Only the morally bankrupt make "mistakes" like that.

  5. syrope says – reply to this


    Why are you focused on giving Kristen crap? It takes TWO to have an affair, stop blaming this all on her and focus on the male. Oh wait, you won't because you're just feeding into patriarchal ideas that its 'okay' for a man to cheat but not a woman.

  6. 6

    Re: Katie – The cleaner called - your halo's ready for pickup.

  7. Zena says – reply to this


    What Perez should post next for the next week ;) watch on youtube: feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=3hcJtrIPa0E

  8. Karin4 says – reply to this


    Re: syrope – Thank you!!! The reporting on this from many outlets has been so misogynistic. We love to plant the scarlet letter on the girl.

  9. Zena says – reply to this


    Re: syrope – Well spoken.

  10. Jham says – reply to this


    Enough of this, enough. It's REDICULOUS. She's 22 and made out with a dude that was pursuing her for months. WTH? Ruin her career? Leave her alone. She's a great actress.

  11. 11

    Who are this sources, but let's say they are true, love Jodie for this, she is totally right.

  12. piacci says – reply to this


    So; "HairLez". Let me get this straight. If Kristen was gay I bet you wouldn't be going after her like you would a teenage boy at a soccer game? When you measure your morals, your merrit. What side of the line are you?

    You either swim in the deep end or the shallow end. Which is it lady?

  13. Stacy says – reply to this


    Hehe! It´s so funny that a lot of people we doné even know if they actually exist are telling gossip magazines all the supossed intimate details of the breakup and such, and these guys have yet to make a public appearance to tell what´s really going on, which I don´t think will happen soon. Let´s jsut see what happens when it happens and if it all of this speculations end up being a little akin to the truth.

  14. ashley says – reply to this


    How did they not notice them before going somewhere to be alone. And if Kristen is so famous how did the papazzi not follow them

  15. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    THIS was the "greatest love story of all time?!?

    No thanks. I'll take celebrities Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward who fell in love & have been married forever faithfully. <3