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Even Kristen Stewart's PARENTS Are Team Rob!

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Yeesh! We would NOT want to be Kristen Stewart right now!

The Twilight starlet already lost her boyfriend Robert Pattinson after cheating on him with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, is fighting with him over who gets to take their adopted dog Bear, and now, it's being reported that even her PARENTS are disappointed in her!

Sources close to John Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart reveal:

“[Her parents] feel Kristen has really embarrassed herself and don’t blame Rob for not calling her back. This is not the Kristen they know.”

We're not surprised!

It can't be easy to watch your child make mistakes - especially in the public eye!

Hopefully now, though, this will be a wake-up call for her, and she can try to learn and grow from this whole mess! And we're sure her folks will be there for her if she does!

[Image via WENN.]

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65 comments to “Even Kristen Stewart's PARENTS Are Team Rob!”

  1. Marie says – reply to this


    Ok Perez you really need to stop.

  2. August says – reply to this


    For ONCE I'd like you to post a story and list something more concrete than a "source". You are a joke. A giant joke, bully.

  3. -.- says – reply to this


    Thats a low-blow, Perez!!!!

  4. Enough Already says – reply to this


    Stop already. You are harassing at this point. Move on most your stories are false. Ever hear of the ten folds rule. One day this will all come back on you. But who will be there for you if you are so cold hearted.

  5. Tammy says – reply to this


    You truly hate and loath this girl don`t you - you should be ashamed of yourself. What is it going to take for you to stop. News of her doing something harmful to herself - back off Perez - I thought you were better than this. Obviously I was wrong.

  6. 6


  7. say what now says – reply to this


    Wow Perez. Talk about adding to the hate in this world. I've been a long time reader but I've never commented. I was so proud of your decision to stop being a bully after Aniston cornered you, but this 'scandal' has put you right back in 'Mean Girl' status.

    Every other post is about how horrible Kristen is. Regardless of how anyone feels on the subject you are crossing the line, and not even reporting verified information. You don't get to pick and choose who you attack for certain things, either. Your page is full of people who have made mistakes, infidelity, or otherwise. I see posts on here every single day about LeAnn Rimes as well as Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, who started their relationship, very publically, when he was still married. Please stop, It's gone too far.

  8. 8

    First of all…of course her parents are going to be like "Yay for our daughter for doing something dumb!"…that is if this "source" is even true. Perez you are really entering pathetic territory here. I have never seen someone so giddy over lives being destroyed. Like most people are saying here, you are bullying this girl. The coverage has been so sexist and one sided that it is ridiculous. It takes two to tango and usually cheating is a symptom of other stuff going on in relationships. Doesn't mean it is right or acceptable but relationships are complicated. You need to get off of your high horse because I doubt that you are without bad choices.

  9. 9

    Re: say what now – He has never liked her, which is pretty obvious. He is very choosy about who he attacks and it makes him pathetic.

  10. xoxoj says – reply to this


    I don't like Kristen, but please, leave her alone. Every person has a breaking point and I'm afraid you're pushing her towards it.

  11. v says – reply to this


    Perez, i thought you had turned over a new leaf and were being a better person/media person? Why then are you spending so much of your energy blaming a 22 year old for a situation orchestrated by a middle aged, powerful man? Why are you not placing blame on him? He has two kids, a long-term MARRIAGE and was this young woman's DIRECTOR/BOSS? His responsibility to NOT pursue the young women in his movies surely must trump any blame that could be applied to this young woman. Sure, she made a mistake. He's in full throttle, embarrassing, middle aged crisis and used his position of power to take advantage of a very young women working on his movie. Give the girl a break; place the responsibility where it really lies.

  12. Lauren says – reply to this


    Bullshit whose parents wou
    Don't support their child

  13. 13

    That Chick-fil-A was fucking PACKED. Not an empty seat inside, and the line for the drive-thru went all the way around the building. If you were thinking, Perez, that no one supports them, I can tell you that you've lost your teeny mind. Spin it any way you want, I saw the crowd with my own eyes, and the employees were EXTREMELY cheerful about today. And not one protester in sight, pansy. I had a delicious meal, and will be going back soon to enjoy another one. That company has a shitload more support than you and your gays do.
    Re: say what now – You're the type of reader I feel sorry for; you bought into his lies about changing his ways. You believed his propaganda. But here he is, the same old, ugly, hateful, bigoted, bullying Mario he always has been. Come to the dark side, hun, because we're right.

  14. 14

    Please stop saying "close sources" are saying this without names. It's tacky! Please stop bullying this girl now.

  15. LL says – reply to this


    Perez you are a ass . You need to stop and leave her , her family and friends alone.
    You are the bigs bully out there. Growe up this is not high school . Ass

  16. Jesira says – reply to this


    TEAM KRISTEN!!! Come ON. This has gone too far. The girl was stuck in prewritten fairy tail and decided to brake loose. I salute u gal.

  17. Zena says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – you're so right. Perez wake up. Even if this was a PR-Stunt for whomever - this is character assasination what you are doing and not a good example for any of your young readers.

  18. 18

    Wait a minute, these are the same parents that raised her, allowed her to enter the film industry as a CHILD, and allowed her to leave school and a formal education in grade 7! What do they expect? This comes back to them as parents!

  19. Sam says – reply to this


    To be honest the only reason people are making such a huge deal of this is because they are celebrities if it was any other person in the world no one would give a s**t and they would either work it out like Sanders and his wife did or they go seperate ways however i hope KStew and RPatz can work it out seeing as the other couple did, if not that will suck for KStew

  20. 20

    Re: Lady Who?Re: Yes You Bore Me – Why do you two come to this site? There are other gossip sites if you hate PH so much! Give it a break!

  21. 21

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I thought Perez was taking the award for supreme idiot today but you have swooped in and taken it! I hope your bigoted chicken is undercooked. You must really be a homophobic a-hole if you bring the whole chik-fil-a thing into a discussion that has NOTHING to do with that story.

  22. myamaj11 says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton you are pathetic !! stop it with Kristen you are a horrible men !!

  23. lauren says – reply to this


    Honestly, i used to think that u have really changed after the whole Aniston issue. But with this whole drama behind KS, u are showing your real face. A hypocritical pathetic person who thinks that by owing a web page on the internet and being famous because of it has the right to bully and talk horribly about celebrities who after all are HUMAN BEINGS!!!. Just remember the song WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, and if u keep this attitude , you will lose at the end Perez.

  24. WAHHHHHHHH! says – reply to this


    im starting to wish Rob would say something homophobic to the media just so Perez shuts the fuck up about this already, just because someone did wrong does not give anyone the right to bash her continually, she cheated on her boyfriend, she's not the devil incarnate you freaking idiot….shit youve done is a million times worse, making people people feel like shit is your specialty…..slutty cyrus, mushy farton….i could go on with all the hurtful things you have spewed to people…..im so over you and this site….im done here, you are in serious need of some help, and the fact that the so called chopra or whatever the fuck his name is can sit there and talk to you and think you have actually changed, shows also what a moron and phony he is too!

  25. Triz says – reply to this


    Perez keep on bullying this girl. Your continued hatred and atleast 2 hate related articles per day with your "sources" is making you look like an idiot and Kirsten as a human being prone to mistake. You have pushed beyond the point and perhaps sane readers have developed some sympathy for Kristen because of your foolish tactics. One thing is for sure that you are a dirtbag…personally i think prostitutes have a more honorable profession then low life, bully, bigoted type gossip journalist. What do other people on this board think about that?

  26. lynda says – reply to this


    Kristen's fans need to stop acting like Kristen is the victim here, it's embarrassing. The victims are Liberty, the 2 kids and Rob. Her fans are showing how they have no morals, acting like a woman who cheats on her live-in boyfriend with a married father is okay and acting like she's the victim. Her fans are embarrassing.

  27. 27


  28. sonia says – reply to this


    KRISTEN IS NOT THE VICTIM HERE! Liberty and Rob and the 2 children are the victims. Her fans need to stop enabling a woman who cheats with married men who have kids.

  29. REALLY??? says – reply to this


    you know Perez if I knew you were going to send me updates every 5 minutes to my email, which goes to my phone, which I get about kristen stewart and the millions of lies that you can come up with and all your sources that dont exist, I would have never joined this site! NO, Im not happy about what she did but enoughs enough! Do you not understand that she has the world against her right now and a lot of young people will go to extremes to get away from it… so I feel you are one of millions who in the end will wish you kept your big mouth shut!!!!

  30. say what says – reply to this


    Perez why are you such a fucking bully, just because you have been teased for being fat and gay all your life perhaps? You being gay should make you know what its feels like to be pushed to the edge first of all and you being a once fat ass should really make you know what its like to be on the other end of the stick. Youre freaking heartless,i would be ashamed to have you as part of the gay comunity.

  31. piacci says – reply to this


    Best lunch I've had in years at Chick Fill A. Looks like the "homo" movement is taking a bath. Not as supported as you thought are you you "hetrophobic" racist.

  32. 32

    This is kinda low…

  33. Jessie says – reply to this


    Even though I'm a hater of hers,I think you are getting annoying,perez.

  34. Stacy says – reply to this


    Relax, people, this is what he does for a living. I am not defendin PH here, heck, I hate paparazzi and all gossip TV shows, but we are all reading these, even if we care for them or not, one one or another everyone gets morbid with gossip sometime, you know this when you read these sites. We are all adults, we know 90% of what is published here is false, but we do it to kill time, to feed this morbid nature, beacuse we are curios, to know the enemy better, whatever your reason. It´s all part of being famous. Sadly.

  35. 35

    Now, this is what's wrong with America…with all of these forgiveness and shit. It's so cliche. People just have to accept that there are things that you can never forgive. What's worst is that people are excusing her because she's young and she's supposed to make mistakes. That's an insult to young people everywhere. How can we expect adults respect us if they expected us to mess up? And she's 22. She's hardly young. She's already an adult in the eyes of the law so she should be treated as one and with the full consequences of her actions. In Japan, she would have been given a dagger and assisted with suicide.

  36. 36

    Well it was good while it lasted. Now she's like the rest of those Whore actresses. Maybe in a few weeks she'll start dating Ashton.

  37. Marianne says – reply to this


    Perez, you idiot leave her alone. if she kills herself over this dumb scandal/kiss your gonna be sorry. Bullying is not right, she's a kid for gods sake.

  38. 38

    Re: Lady Who? – That's smart, with every comment you make you are giving his site "hits" which count towards his success not failure. You're the one who should leave!
    And by the way, I think your comments are total BS! Don't know who you are, but no one is as openly homophobic as you are, could be a fake poster to generate controversy.

  39. aleja says – reply to this


    i'm so tired of perez writing this fake's stories about kristen….. she made a mistake and it was bad ,we were all in shock but this has gone too far, it was interestin and everything but move on and stop makin this stuff up she doesn't even know who you are so why you waste your time hatin so much? rob is never going to be with u ok??

  40. 40

    I hope someone beats the shit out of you real soon

  41. Andelca says – reply to this


    Really stop it perez, after reading all the shit this "sources" say i am actually team kristen now, dont be a bully or dont be a hypocrite!

  42. Pippin says – reply to this


    ough! Kristen … why did you have to go cheating on your steady?! why? why?! . . .

  43. andrea says – reply to this


    So,you hate her, because she is all you will never be,talented,beautyfull,and….a woman!!

  44. lolipop22 says – reply to this


    stop the bullying perez. he's made a mistake, she's sorry, just move on. why can't u just leave her alone? ur nothing but a hypocrite and a sad bitch.

  45. CanadianEH says – reply to this


    Re: lynda – Everybody knows what she did is wrong. They are just sticking up for her because they are her fans. Just because she cheated doesn't mean she is a horrible person.

  46. Amanda says – reply to this


    Maybe Rob wasn't giving her what she wanted. HOT passionate make out sessions. What she did is wrong. Everybody knows this. I was never a die hard fan of twilight but I've seen the movies. This won't stop me from watching any of her other movies. Just like when Angelina Jolie was moving in on brad pitt when he was married. It's not going to stop people from going to see her movies even though shes an old homewrecker who makes out with her brother and wears vials of blood around her neck.

  47. 47

    shes done rob a favor two of his movies lately have bombed badly this has guaranteed his next one is a block buster …Re: Yes You Bore Me – yes all the fat asses are at chicka fil then they go home to their big screen tvs and couches eat frozen pizza and go to bed send their deformed or overweight kids to school till they get brain washed as well pay their over priced homes off if they dont lose their jobs and look for someone to blame … the world needs to change having a huge mortgage is not superior to renting .. they can sit there till a tornadoe rips their over priced homes out of the roots then look for someone to blame or until they die of a disease from eating junk food…

    brain washed to hate

  48. Ohshutup says – reply to this


    I don't know why everyone is flipping out on Perez. Lol EVERY gossip site/show is following this story. How could they not?? Its the biggest story of the YEAR. Relax, if you don't wanna read it then don't visit the site.

  49. loveu1432 says – reply to this


    I feel bad for robert because he's heartbroke and I know hat that feels like, but try being heartbroken on top of feeling SUPER guilty and knowing that almost evryone in the world hates you. I know what she did is wrong but we REALLY need to back off now!!! she ALREADY feels like shit and has none of her friends coming to console her at least rob has all his friends helping him get through this

  50. 50

    That's just sad lol. Even her parents are against her, they knew that was wrong.

  51. .. says – reply to this


    2 words:
    Bull Shit

  52. lalala says – reply to this


    Re: lynda – Yea but now its getting just ridiculous. She knows she was wrong and it is probably eating her up. You try being heartbroken,super gulity and on top of that knowing that everybody hates you, thats enough to push a person to their breaking point, when they just can't take it anymore. Rob has friends that is visting him, taking him out supposely and hiding him. But kristen has no one and to feel like NOBODY wants to be near you hurts even worse than a brokenheart. She needs somebody even though she doesnt deserve it.

  53. A PERSON. says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – Exactly, what a fog.

  54. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – Reporting what a source said is "BULLYING"…???

    How exactly would the mistakes SHE made be the media's fault? Twi-twits are too much.

  55. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    "WAAAH!" - Twi-twits

    Can you cry-whiners give it a fu@king rest already? The media covers current gossip & news stories - if you don't like it do everyone a favor, STFU & THROW AWAY YOUR PC's.

  56. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – How EXACTLY is a media vehicle reporting on the current events of a cheating TRAMPIRE "bigotry"?

    A Republican racist, TeaBagger bigot who literally just finished making an anti-gay rant calling this fluff-piece "bigotry" is the epitome of STUPID.

  57. 57

    Even when I think she is the crappiest overpaid actress out there and I think what she did was very wrong , you should start leaving her alone Perez. She has already killed her career herself and you have made more than sure that her already known reputation gets hear everywhere in the world. Time for a break.

  58. automotive leak locato says – reply to this


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  59. Melody says – reply to this


    Okay, I was never a fan of Kristen Stewart until I saw her in Eclispe and I started to like her after that. People who say she deserves all the hatred and bullying she is getting, how about you try being her right now. Hiding out, no one supporting you, even your own parents aren't even comforting you!! And to top it all of, gossip magazines and blogs are probably now making some information up while none of it is true. She did something very wrong, WE GET IT. But this constant bullying and teasing are now driving her to her breaking point!! She needs people, especially her truly loyal fans and HER PARENTS (sorry idk if that part is actually true), to help her in this situation. And if you want to go ahead and say her fans are blind and should be ashamed of defending her, how about you try being her at this very moment and see how it feels to be the most hated person right now, no one wanting to do anything with you, not one single person supporting you. Not such a good feeling isn't it!!

  60. Richmond Truck Repair says – reply to this


    You're in reality a just right webmaster. The site loading velocity is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any unique trick. Also, The contents are masterwork. you have performed a fantastic process in this topic!

  61. 61

    Lynda If you actually read most of the comments you would realize NO ONE was actually condoning what Kristen did but they were pointing out that Perez is being a bully regarding her. Even before this he didn't like her and to be honest I don't think he will be anything but a pompous, self righteous asshole!!!!! He won't change he likes the attention too much even if it's negative, Enough is enough.

  62. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Melody – Media reporting is NOT "BULLYING" you cry-whining TWI-TWIT. STFU & stop repeating the SAME ANNOYING BS UNDER EVERY SINGLE STORY!

  63. We See You PSYCHO says – reply to this


    YES YOU BORE ME = AUSSIEGIRL71 = LADY WHO How many fake profiles does this nut have?

  64. bailey says – reply to this


    Why are the only comments ever on this site about any fucking story specifically about their absolute hate for Perez Hilton? Get over yourselves, JFC. If you don't like Perez, if you don't like how he writes stories, if you dont trust his sources, if you think hes a 'big mean bully' than just stop coming on here! Stop posting shit! I don't mean to sound like some asshole defending Perez, i'm not his #1 fan, but I get sick of people pissing on him for just writing an article about what's going on with Kirsten Stewart. And listen, if Stewart should ever read this and get so sad she's pushed to her breaking point (???) I'm sure she can dry her tears with one of her millions of dollars. Or Rupert Sanders can wipe it dry. Seriously, it's just annoying to continuously read comment after comment about how loathsome Perez Hilton is. Just comment about the story or don't comment at all. It'd save a lot of space.

  65. SweetJ says – reply to this


    I just wish all the LIES would stop….These kids are probably reading some of this. If they were out drinking or to the gym….Don't you think someone would have taken a picture…My god, they dog both of them wherever they go….I am fearful if Rob does not give Kristen a second chance she may go off the deep end. She is a sweet person and does not deserve all that is thrown at her. I love Rob and am hoping he will work with her on their relationship…Just prayers will help….