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Well HELLO Zac Efron! See How Much He Takes Off In The Paperboy Trailer HERE!

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you!

That IS, in fact, the absolutely DELECTABLE Zac Efron's even MORE delectable booty in soaking wet tightie whiteys as he dances with Nicole Kidman in the frame (above)!

THAT and more is featured in the theatrical trailer for the Lee Daniels-directed The Paperboy, which stars the pair alongside Matthew McConaughey as a pair of reporters and a woman with questionable motives who investigate the events surrounding a murder to exonerate a man on death row, played by John Cusack!

It looks super good!

And NO, we're not just saying that over the man candy factor OR the level of undress our future husband is featured in!

Okay, it helps a little! But can U blame us?!

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15 comments to “Well HELLO Zac Efron! See How Much He Takes Off In The Paperboy Trailer HERE!”

  1. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Well written synopsis of a movie. Pulitzer prize worthy. I always come here to read your deep insightful commentaries.
    Wouldn't a column in the NY Times , LA Times, The Source or even Rolling Stone be a stepping stone for your entertainment career ? Such a waste of talent. You need a wider audience to appreciate you, a bigger platform !
    That really hurt to type that.

  2. 2

    "Our" future husband? Who is "our"?

  3. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Re: Nolan Ross – The "our" would be R. Pattinson, Tom Daley, Tatum Channing and Zac to complete Perez's Twinky Boy fantasy Line-up.

    I'm not SUGGESTING that he is but I wonder if Perez has joined NAMBLA. I'm not SUGGESTING that he should join them. I would never SUGGEST that !

  4. 4

    Does this mean we get to see Zac's teeny weeny in his tightie whiteys? Or did they make him wear an "anti-gravity" strap to enhance the little package?

  5. 5

    Like Efron would let a diseased pansy like you anywhere near him. I don't think anyone could get him drunk or high enough; the minute he'd lay eyes on that over-sized, ugly face of yours and caught a whiff of your disgusting aroma (nobody likes the smell of desperation, B.O., crusted shit, stale clothes, and sweaty feet), he'd run for the hills or kill himself if he couldn't run fast enough. Nobody likes it when you perv on heteros, you scumbag creep. Give it a rest. And go get some Chick-fil-A.

  6. Mark says – reply to this


    It is not a Teeny Weeny. Enough said

  7. Jeff says – reply to this


    Can't wait for this movie!

  8. 8

    Sounds like a good cast and interesting plot, might go see it, thanks Perez

  9. 9

    It's complete harassment to comment about a straight man the way you do about Zac Efron, Perez. He's not gay, so quit talking like that to him! I can't imagine having some girl insist I'm her girlfriend the way you insist Zac is your boyfriend. So uncalled for. On another note, it finally looks like he's getting big boy roles. He's finally breaking into better movies. It's taken him a while, but hopefully this builds momentum and he can have an interesting career.

  10. Wadj says – reply to this


    Re: futuremrslabeouf – I apologise if you find this rude, but have you taken the irony on board of you having a go at Perez and his harmless crush (obviously deluded, since Zac will marry me, just as soon as I can find a way to close our 25 year age difference…) when your name is futuremrslabeouf? I'm just sayin'.

    I agree totally about his role choices though. The movies I've enjoyed most have been those with less public acclaim, Me and Orson Welles for example. It's going to be difficult and take time for him to grow into his talent and to be offered roles that stretch him. Fortunately or unfortunately, he's stupidly attractive and I wonder sometimes if that might be as much of a hinderance as a help.

    You go on drooling Perez my love. They can't touch you for it! ;o)

  11. Wadj says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – True dat. Can't deny it.

  12. 12

    Re: Wadj – I don't understand what irony you're talking about. Shia Labeouf is straight, thus into girls (I'm a girl). That name is also just an avatar; I don't dedicate half a blog to just gushing about the man's physical features, and let's face it, Shia's no tall, dark, and handsome. Perez bombards Efron with gay enuendos and that's where I think he crosses the line, because Zac isn't gay.

  13. Wadj says – reply to this


    Re: futuremrslabeouf – I know he is, but with no disrespect intended to Perez, he has about as much chance with Zac as I do (I'm female, so at least *somewhere* in the running lol) and as much chance as you do with Shia. What on earth is the difference between me (or you) putting on your blog/LJ/FB/insert social network here, 'OMG did you see the state of *insert crush here* I'd marry him in a heartbeat. What a package! That's not lunch, it's a three course a la carte' or other equivalent peon to their hotness?

    If Zac minded that much, he could issue a cease and desist and jump up and down, stamping his foot saying 'But I'm NOT gay, I'm NOT, I'm NOT, I'm NOT. He obviously doesn't pay it no never mind, why can't you? That's all I'm saying, and even if he was, none of us would have a chance! But it's nice to fantasise. They can't get you for that.

  14. 14

    He is indeed the most beautiful boy on the planet.

  15. SophiaJedd says – reply to this


    I for one love Perez' as much ( Perhaps even more) as i love zac. Hoping i and Perez' Will hang out if i make it to LA .bissou darling