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Beyoncé Knowles To Direct Doc Film Starring… Beyoncé Knowles!

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Talk about your irreplaceable Renaissance gurl!!

Sing, dance, give birth, stay classy AND beautiful… Beyoncé does it all!

And soon the woman for all seasons could add directing film to her impressive repertoire!!

Apparently Jay-Z's better half has new ambitions to make an autobiographical documentary about her double-cray life!!

She shopped her story all week to Hollywood's biggest movers and shakers!

That's an amazeballs idea for a film!!

We like it so much we think we might actually put a ring on it, LOLz!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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15 comments to “Beyoncé Knowles To Direct Doc Film Starring… Beyoncé Knowles!”

  1. Claudia says – reply to this


    Everything this woman does is literally AMAZING! don't know how impressive her "directing" skills are, but i'm sure she will put her all into it like always!

  2. 2

    And the baby gets back burnered again. If she paid someone to carry the kid for her, she might as well pay someone to raise it for her as well.

  3. 3

    Without Autotune, she can't sing and if flapping your big, fat thighs is considered dancing, oh well.

  4. 4

    Re: CaliCoyote – Beyonce doesn't use autotune dumbass! she's one of the very few popular singers of this generation who sound great live.

  5. 5

    wait is this going to be one of those Justin Bieber/Katy Perry type films… or like a tv special?

  6. 6

    Of course she is… she's so self absorbed, who else could do it.

  7. 7

    Singers have to stop with these movies! Katy is awesome and yet her movie totally flopped…only really hardcore fans are interested in paying money for this kind of thing. Just make it a tv special.

  8. 8

    God, could she be any more full of herself. To me she's like a Kardashian the media protects.

  9. 9

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is one sextape i wouldnt wanna see

  10. 10

    I really do like Beyonce. She's a great singer and seems to have a nice disposition. I'm not sure that this is a great move, though. I don't think that a documentary would be that interesting or necessary. The "mini documentary" she released to coincide with her last album's release was great, but it sounds like this is a full-fledged documentary…and that could very well be a little much. If she's planning on a theatrical release, that will actually tarnish my opinion of her. I'd rather that she let the young pop stars make fools of themselves while they let business people exploit them and just concentrate on putting out music. It's best to wait to put out a documentary until you are older and have *really* acquired some wisdom.

  11. 11

    oh so BORING.

  12. Virginia says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    Right on!~ It's like… does she need any more validation? does she actually need the money? does she need to exploit herself or her kid any more than she already has? ugh. what is it with these celebrities thinking that we really need to know any more about them than we've already been blasted with. Beyonce has a baby! (wow, so do millions of other women on the planet.) Beyonce has a rich husband! (wow, so she's married to a money-greedy douche, just like a whole bunch of other dumb chicks.) Beyonce has the perfect life! Beyonce is the shit! Beyonce really wants to know what you think of her…! Beyonce doesn't care about anyone other than herself! Beyonce is the… blahblahblahblahblahblahb…
    Just go away and raise your family!

  13. 13

    everytime i google beyonce kim ks name comes up and stuff about sex and all this

    oh dear i guess that is what u get when u befriend scum

    beyonce is not better than jhud but still too good to be hanging out with trash

  14. xsad fan says – reply to this


    When Beyonce first came out I LOVED HER MUSIC AND BELIEVED SHE WAS A BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED individual. I purchased her first CD 5 times but after hearing all the nonsense about her and husband involved in that satanic stuff (illumanti) I will NEVER purchase anything that has to do with her or her husband. I am a very disappointed cause I truly believed she was a natural.

  15. 2BEYONCEPLEASEREAD says – reply to this