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137 comments to “Candace Cameron Loves Chikin Supporting Bigotry!”

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  1. 1

    your a idiot.

  2. 2

    Re: Michmasterflex – "your a idiot" hahah ironic stuff right there. Go back to 2nd grade you dumbass

  3. krtmom says – reply to this


    How come you're a bigot for having your own beliefs? How come your a racist if you disagree with our president? I just don't get the hypocrisy. People have the right to believe and say what they want. Or is it only liberals get to to do and say as they please? Hmmm…

  4. Ashley says – reply to this


    I support gay marriage, but I also support freedom of speech….get some! If you don't like what they stand for, don't eat there….but at this point even gay friends of mine are eating there in support of free speech! You don't want us to condemn you for your beliefs, so don't condemn others for theirs.

  5. J says – reply to this


    People have the right to an opinion just like your asking for acceptance on your beliefs, you somehow need to accept theirs. I think you need to learn to agree to disagree.

  6. 6

    What a way to pass on your bigoted ways to your children. What a great mom! I thought Christianity was all about love.

  7. 7

    Re: steviebeatie – HAHA!!! GOOD ONE and dead right!

  8. Marvin says – reply to this


    She probably isnt even aware of is actually going on, not everyone pays attention to the stories you rally behind. It's `Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day`, it has nothing to do with gay rights, its just a PR move to limit the damage of one statment by the boss, but end of the day, its about a chicken day, and she likes chicken…

  9. 9

    Nobody is paying attentions to your lectures, ass clown. You're not ASKING for anything. You're being a hater, a bigot, and a bully. I'm sure there are some in the gay movement who are capable of intelligent, rational dialogue about your issues, but YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THEM. People like you, Perez, have been using hate tactics, and everyone who went to Chick-fil-A yesterday were people tired of having your agenda shoved up their asses so they decided to shove back. It's that simple. You'd do your "gay community" a HUGE favor if you'd shut the fuck up about all of this because you're too stupid to know how to make friends and influence people. I will continue to support CFA and will applaud everyone else who does the same. And YOU will NEVER change that because YOU ARE A FAILURE.
    Re: steviebeatie – You need to go back too you dumbass, to learn proper punctuation. You should only criticize when you're right, and you are really no better than your target, ass clown.

  10. 10

    Well, people are so proud because of fuckers like you trying to strong arm people to stay away. It isn't about fast food you idiot, it's about unfair treatment by a section of the public that always cries about unfair treatment against them. That's why people are so pissed. And that is why they had a record setting day yesterday. The country has spoken, now shut the fuck up and quit trying to bully everyone that does not share the same opinion as you. And stop calling them bigots, as it is a religious based opinion, not bigotry. I don't see you calling muslims mysogonists or women haters, even though their religion places women as 2nd class citizens. You are a joke, so fuck off.

  11. Jackie says – reply to this


    Not EVERYONE who supports Chick is a "biggot". I do believe in the Bible but I also believe that it's for God to, in the end, carry out His judgements and standards. I don't think we as His followers have a place in that. God gave us a simple command to love one another. I hold up my Chrisitan integrity as best as I can. At the end of the day it's none of my business what people do. As long as they are loveable, in personality, I love them to pieces…no matter what.

  12. 12

    Re: steviebeatie – You are the fucking moron here. It is not ironic unless the ability to spell is considered a bench mark of intellect, which it is not, in any culture. So, as i've explained to many moron's that frequent this site, learn what the meaning of ironic is, before throwing the word around, it just makes you look dumber than usual.

  13. GE says – reply to this


    I'm in support of Gay Marriage and a 100% support the LGBT community. We don't have this exact food chain here in Canada but personally if McDonald's or Tim Horton's decided they didn't support gay marriage I don't know that I wouldn't go eat there. Just because I don't agree with the beliefs of the owner it doesn't mean I cant eat there if I like the food I'm going to eat where I want regardless.

  14. Real Talk says – reply to this


    If someone eats at Chick-Fil-A they support bigotry and homophobia? Most of your career was built on being a rude, offensive, and hateful jerk. You say you've change but arguing others freedom of speech to argue a point that you think is right. If she, or anyone else, wants to support Chich-Fil-A they have that right and it doesn't make them homophobic, but arguing that they are makes you look like a self-righteous ass.

  15. 15

    Being in favor of traditional marriage does not make you a bigot. There is a consitutional right to free speech….that protects free speech even if you don't like the speech and that applies universally, not just to leftist speech/causes. She has a right to raise her son as she deems fit. This argument is old and tiresome.

  16. 16

    In addition, the last 3 paragraphs of your story are telling and reveal the hypocrisy of your argument.

  17. miss_emm says – reply to this


    You use your public website to spread your thoughts and beliefs. Whether it be a yumm yumm sign on someones private areas (even extremely young male stars) or publicly mocking and bullying people. I don't think that bashing someone for posting a picture while creating speculation as to what her true intentions are. Why cause needless drama. We get it you don't like Chik-fil-a. But I don't give a f*** if she likes or dislikes chik-fil-a. Don't make up stories just to possibly get more hits on your website. It's tacky as hell.

  18. 18

    This is exactly how rumours get started. She might not even be aware of what's going on with the company. Maybe she just really likes their food! Just because she's Kirk's sister doesn't automatically mean she shares his beliefs. Get your facts straight before throwing her under the bus.

  19. 19

    And another thing, i noticed you mentioned "a particular religion". Are you serious, i know you hate christians, but muslims will kill you for being a homo, jews find it to be a sin as well. So quite with this bullshit misinformation you like to put out. And people went to this place to speak out against the PC brigade trying to kill this family business. The sad fact is, YOU DON'T GET IT. Preach tolerance, then the very next sentence call for intolerance due to this man's opinion. Yes, opinion, not policy. This makes you a fucking bully, and all you fuckers that are the same as gayboy perez, maybe you should think of the thousands of people that depend on that place for a paycheck, gay and straight alike.

  20. chlo111 says – reply to this


    who cares, it's chicken!! People are going to eat chick-fil-A if they like it, regardless of what the companies beliefs are. Get over it!

  21. 21

    Re: krtmom – You are not a bigot for having your own beliefs. But when you try and enforce your beliefs on others, then it is more than just an opinion. This company supports groups that lobby to make marriage laws discriminatory. That is bigotry. By all means have your own opinion, but please, don't try and enforce it on others.

  22. 22

    CFA broke WORLD record sales yesterday.
    Liberty. It tastes kinda like chicken!
    Suck it, Lefty “tolerance” hacks!
    That sick empty feeling in your gut… it’s what bone-crushing defeat feels like.
    TEAnami is coming in November.

  23. 23

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Agreed, on every fucking point. Well said.

  24. Doitright17 says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – hey! How much do you know about real Muslims??? Teach yourself first before spreading the knowledge!!! You are no different than Perez here!

  25. 25

    It's called supporting people's right to an opinion

  26. 26

    I'm all for making statements but so many people are taking the whole Chickfila deal on 8/1 as a chance to show off. For some reason people think that going to eat a chicken sandwich on a particular day makes them look good. Too bad people don't flock out to help others.

  27. 27

    Re: truthgal – You are right, being in favor on traditional marriage does not make you a bigot. But when you try to prevent non-traditional marriage through discriminatory legislation, then you are a bigot. Gays getting married does not affect traditional marriage.

  28. 28

    It’s quite sad really that those who scream for tolerance seem to be intolerant of anyone who does not hold to their particular view

  29. 29

    What a great mom, feeding her kids cancer food!! Thank GOD we don't have those in Canada, we do follow health regulations in our food!!!!

  30. RC says – reply to this


    I believe in gay marriage. To each his own. But it seems to be that the gays have become the bullies now. Live and let live. Fight for your cause but don't hypocritically condemn another person for their own beliefs. You sure as heck don't want to be condemned for yours. Get over it, people are different.

  31. K says – reply to this


    Re: Ripp52 – I don't think the Christian concept of love is to support everyone doing as they please. Like, for example, Christ loved the people selling livestock in the temple too, even though he took to them with a bull whip. His love manifests in his efforts to point out their sins and to lead them to heaven. And she is a great mom, for teaching her children what a normal, functional family looks like instead of letting them be brainwashed by leftist nonsense.

  32. 32

    Enough with the gay gestapo. You give gays a bad name. Even white trash deserves freedom of speech. Let them eat chicken and marry their cousins.

  33. 33

    Re: Michmasterflex – ahem….it's "you're an idiot"….LOLOLOLOLOLOL
    Sum1's bin eatin chikin!! LOLOLOLOL

  34. er says – reply to this


    Not everybody who likes Chick Fil A is a bigot, much like people who like Sesame Street are puppets or people who like shopping at Wal Mart all have big yellow happy faces. I understand not liking the politics, but to bash every person who eats Chick Fil A regardless of whether they are behind the politics or not is going to be a energy draining waste of time. I am all for gay marriage, but like Chick Fil A and don't see a reason to stop eating it because the owner has diffrent beliefs than me.

  35. 35

    Re: rosebud99 – Based on what you just said, Perez is a bigot.

  36. 36

    I want gays to get married, but I fucking love me some Chick-Fil-A. It's MY RIGHT as an American citizen to go and eat it. If you don't like it, I don't fucking care. I don't think about intolerance when I EAT SOMEWHERE.

  37. TeeNa says – reply to this


    Re: Ashley – I completely agree with Ashley, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. You said exactly what I was thinking.

  38. Rachel says – reply to this


    This is ALL because of one old piece of shit's opinion, you know that right?

    It's an effing shitty fast food joint, GET A LIFE & GET THE EFF OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39

    Re: Mad Dog – Perez does not want to make it illegal for anyone to get married. So how is he a bigot? There is only one item on the 'gay agenda'. Equality and an end to discrimination. Why do people feel so threatened by that?

  40. Gonzo says – reply to this


    I love how conservatives are flocking to that obesity lab Chick-fil-A. Keep your bigotry and your shit chicken.

  41. 41

    It's all about freedom. Freedom to have your own beliefs and express them, just like you do. You have a right to believe in gay marriage and everyone doesn't have to agree with you.

  42. 42

    YOU ARE AN IDIOT. People are making way too much of one company when in fact there are probably many many many that feel the same. It's stupid. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I personally disagree with their stance, but that won't stop me from eating there if I WANT TO. I'm quite sure the company wouldn't agree with all of my choices and ideas either, but they aren't going to stop me eating there. JUST STFU about this. It's the media and people like you blowing this all out of proportion.

  43. 43

    I saw that hundreds of thousands supported Chic-fil-A yesterday. There were lines out the door and cars backed up waiting to get into the parking lot. Like it or not, the vast majority support traditional marriage.

  44. 44

    I support same sex marriage, I'm fortunate to live in a country where it has been legal for almost 10 years, but I also support people to have the right to their own opinion. What I don't support is using a company to try to put across the message. The owner could have spoke out as himself but chose to do it as the owner of a company.

  45. 45

    Re: rosebud99 – Because he's attempting to force his views on others. And we're not threatened by gay marriage, we just view it as wrong.

  46. 46

    Re: rosebud99 – fear that is why. It is fear of the unknown nothing more. In Toronto it is legal, since 2003…. I have not noticed that it has created any negative issues.

  47. 47

    Re: Doitright17 – Ummm, alot, i have read the Koran(English version), and it is very clear. Make no mistake, I am posiive. But by your post, it's obvious that you do not.

  48. Brit says – reply to this


    Who cares? We're all entitled to our own opinion.. We as humans, can do whatever we want..I really do not see the big deal.

  49. 49

    You're an asshole Perez!! I support gay marriage and even though I may disagree with the CEO of Chik fil A's beliefs, I respect his right to his opinion and free speech. Just like we are entitled to believe that gay marriage should exist he is entitled to believe that it should not. Grow the fuck up!!

  50. ameriCAN says – reply to this


    Not supporting gay marriage is not anti-gay. Last time I checked, Chik Fil A does NOT have a sign on the door excluding people based on sex, race or sexual orientation.

  51. 51

    What a defiant asshole. It's sad to see she is NOTHING like her sweet brother Kirk. He doesn't believe in gay marriage but he's diplomatic about it, not all redneck like his sister.

  52. 52

    So know we as americans can't have our own beliefs, shame on you Perez. I love your website but when I see certain things you say I cringe. There are alot of things that you say that I agree with but condemning someone for having their own set of values and beliefs is wrong. The mayors of these cities that are punishing Dan Cathy are abusing their office power. If you don't believe what I believe then you can't come to my city, what are we in gradeschool. I feel whether you believe in same sex marriage or you don't that is your right and a person should not be punished for that….

  53. MichJB says – reply to this


    Get over your gay self Perez. I don't expect everyone to believe what I believe, but I support freedom of speech and thought - even if its ugly and nasty. If you don't like the views of the Chicken man, then don't spend your money there.

  54. 54

    Re: hoochpit – LOL wtf? Someone's spelling AND grammar ability is ABSOLUTELY a telling of their intelligence, especially when they are a grown adult! I mean are you JOKING!? After reading that I can safely diagnose you with down syndrome…Love when people try and act smart and get it thrown back in their arrogant face.

  55. Courtney says – reply to this


    Re: Ashley – 100% agree!

  56. 56

    Re: hoochpit – They had a "record breaking day" because they threw some huge event together prompting people to come in; that's it. Their approval ratings dropped 20 percent…so yea the country has spoken.

  57. 57

    Perez, I'm gay and let me say this - - YOU are dangerous to the rights of gay people. Why? Because you shove it down on people. This is a free country. If she want to support them, that's her right. Does NOT make her a bigot. Do I like their stance? No. I'm a proud American and I love my country and wish I had full equal rights. But, if the majority feels one way…then that's how it is! May not like it, but there are so many more important issues.'

    Get over Chick-Fil- A or what ever their name is and just don't eat there… I won't. But, I also won't hate on people who do.

  58. 58

    NO ONE FROM THIS COMPANY EVER SAID THEY HATE GAY PEOPLE OR GAY MARRIAGE. Geez, when won't a group of people play victim? They said they are Christian based and support traditional marriage. BIG DEAL. Christians are JUST as entitled to their opinion. They can believe whatever they want. How is hating on another group of people for believing in the BIBLE any different in bigotry? Pretty hypocritical.

  59. 59

    Re: krtmom – TOTALLY TRUE

  60. Debra says – reply to this


    Perez, aren't you ashamed of yourself!!! You complain all of the time about bigotry yet whenever the opportunity avails itself for you to show your character, you always choose your own path of bigotry. The hypocrisy you display depicts you as s sanctimonious zealot. Your intolerant behavior gives ammunition to those who deploy the gay lifestyle. You provide them with a great NEGATIVE example for reference. Are you proud of yourself!!

  61. 61

    some of you guys act like just because thousands of white trash, over weight sheeple showed up at a fast food chain with unhealthy food it was some kind of victory for america. more like an embarrassment for our country. i mean look at who started this stupid "appreciation" day, mike huckabee. LOL! and look who supported it. sarah palin and rick santorum. that pretty much says it all. just because you can get lots of uneducated and hateful people to show up for something doesn't mean it's something to be proud of. remember thousands also agreed with slavery and hitler.

  62. D says – reply to this


    Get over yourself. Not everybody agrees with you nor do they have to - it doesn't make them hateful biggots. Eat there, don't eat there - its your choice. Quit whining. The owner has a personal opinion. So what. The restaurant itself isn't asking people if they are gay and refusing service.

  63. 63

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – There is a reason why your post is the longest on this entire message board, because Perez Hilton is the only place you can give your worthless, insignificant opinions without getting something thrown at you…Calling Perez Hilton a failure when you are on his website, ranting, with your own account, just makes you the perfect example or a friendless troll with too many mental disabilities to count.

  64. 64

    The issue isn't so black and white. While I don't condone the owner's beliefs, attitudes and his bigotry, Chick-fil-A does employ a lot of people, many of whom probably don't agree with Cathy, either. Those people need jobs too and they can't control what Dan Cathy says or believes.

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Her spelling explains it all, she's a moron.

  67. 67

    Re: D – Holy crap!! People are so uniformed about this story it is incredible! Chick-Fil-A did not just speak out against gay marriage! They have donated close to $3 million to anti-gay groups, not just against gay-marriage, but homosexuality in general. Almost half a mil they gave to a group that tries to change gay people straight…Sorry I love free speech but that's ridiculous

  68. Jeff says – reply to this


    Although it may not be the right thing to do people have a religious right in this country. I don't believe in any religion as they are all man made, but people have a right to choose.

  69. Stacie says – reply to this


    Maybe if you stepped outside of YOUR little world for one second you would realize that this whole ordeal isn't an issue of gay marriage. It is one of freedom of speech. Can people no longer voice their beliefs anymore without people demonizing them? I understand this is your site and therefore your freedom of speech, so by all means exercise it BUT please at least try to extend the same tolerance for the other side that YOU always preach. Also, please get your facts straight before speaking hate…no where did Mr. Cathey say that he hated gays. He just said that he supported marriage between a man and a woman. So he believes different than you? Oh my gosh! Be an adult and embrace our differences rather than hate people for them. Walk what you talk.

  70. 70

    Re: Mad Dog – If you gay marriage as wrong, then don't marry a gay person. But what gives you the right to deny marriage to a couple just because you think it is wrong?

  71. 71

    Re: Paulie – People also complained when the suffragettes 'shoved it down people's throats'. People complained that the black activists in the 60's were too pushy. If they weren't pushy, nothing would have changed. If everyone just sits back and waits for discrimination to end without making a fuss - guess what? Nothing will change.

  72. Stephanie says – reply to this


    GET OVER IT! Chicken is chicken. You are digging in your heels for a lost cause. You think because you are gay, the world owes you something. It does not. I'm a black woman that has been through some racial hardships, but I don't cry. It's because we live in the USA that we are FREE to make the choices we do. Perez, you are creating an atmosphere of reverse bigotry. WAKE UP!

  73. melanie says – reply to this


    You have much personal growth to do my friend…. open your eyes, you insult people for not being "open" and yet you're just as closed….. YOU are discriminating!! you want respect for your life choices, but show none to others?? really?? look in the mirror, live your life and stop telling people how to live theirs! to each there own.

  74. 74

    Why does a fast food chain have a stance on *anything*?

  75. Alex says – reply to this


    Re: Mahldoll

    It's really quite sad that retards like you think the only thing we should tolerate is your intolerance.

  76. 76

    their donations to anti gay groups is much more than being against same sex marriage.
    Chick-fil-A has donated at least $5 million to organizations (including a certified hate group) that, among other things, depict gay people as pedophiles, want to make "gay behavior" illegal, and even say gay people should be "exported" out of America.

    Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy didn't merely say he supports traditional marriage. Dan Cathy said if you support gay marriage, you "are inviting God's judgment on our nation," and that we "shake our fist at Him" when we do. Dan Cathy also said same-sex marriage is the result of a "deprived" mind and called it "twisted up kind of stuff."

    Chick-fil-A supports organizations that have claimed they can change gay people into straight people — "pray away the gay" — despite the fact that practically every major medical organization has stated that this is not only impossible but dangerous and harmful.

  77. 77

    Re: rosebud99
    One other thing. I say he shoves it down on people because he does. Contrary to popular belief, most gay people are not out there parading around. Sure, I support they do that, but some make being gay their whole lives. Me and most of my gay make friends? We're just guys who happen to be gay… believe it or not, we don't talk about it every minute of every day, nor do we make every issue about being gay. Perez does. Why? Because he can only have an identity through being…gay.

  78. 78

    Re: steviebeatie – Fuck your stupid as hell. The event was "show support for someone who is against gay marriage". You act like it was free chicken day you idiot. It says alot, and approval rating down 20 percent, they are not fucking politicians. You need to get your head out of your ass. And let's be clear, you look like the fool. Spelling and puncuation have never been attributed to intelect. Nothing in the litterary realm has. It is math and science. Numbers, logic, these are the benchmarks. If it were not true, all those little wierd home schoold kids in the scripts spelling be would be the cream of the crop. Don't think so. How stressful it must be to be so ignorant. Do some research before spouting out bullshit and making yourself look fucking retarded. I'll help you find your way. Spelling is a memory based function, where as math and science are logic based. that is the connection to intellect you fucking pole smoker.

  79. V says – reply to this


    It is absolutely ridiculous that you can argue that this is not about free speech. In the United States, the First Amendment is the most significant catalyst for change because without it you wouldn't be able to stand up for what you believe in in the first place! So to try and chip away at that to make your point does you no good. What makes this country so great is the fact that people have the freedom to believe and say whatever they want. Spending his hard earned money to support conservative groups actually constitutes free speech as well, its what gives you the freedom to donate to Obama and LGBT organizations. And just because people do not believe in gay marriage does not make them a bigot or a hate monger. I am sick and tired of the left and you Perez labeling people because they don't agree with your stance. Forcing everyone to agree is absolutely facist and trying to economically sabotage a business because of their belief system is discrimination in the clearest most obvious form. If they treat all employees and customers equally then you have nothing to bitch about. And by the way President Obama's belief on gay marriage was similar to Cathy's before he came out in support of it, was he a bigot back then? I didn't hear you mention that! Stay out of politics because you are ignorant and clearly do not understand the core of this argument.

  80. 80

    Re: steviebeatie – Wow, you never stop looking like a fucking retard. When you have no clue, you make yourself the joke. For god sakes, the company never came out against gay marriage, the founder did when posed with "personal question", not a business one. Also, they never gave a dime. The mans philanthropic organization did, not the store, it's 2 different things. You should just shut the fuck up as ever time you post something, you make yourself even more of a laughing stock. No go back to sucking your dads dick.

  81. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    Re: K – Your kids are going to hate you one day.

  82. 82

    Re: Paulie – i don't usually say this but after reading your two comments i feel sorry for you. you don't hate people who are trying to keep you as a second class citizen and keep you from having the same rights as any other tax paying american. how can you not? what if you were in a long term relationship with your partner and they happen to pass away. because you do not have the same rights as straight people you wouldn't be able to collect their pension or social security. you are fine with this? these are just a few RIGHTS that straight people have that gays don't. educate yourself. stop being so passive and letting the far right religious people say what you deserved and earned in life. and if perez happens to have his identity thru being gay what's wrong with that? there is nothing wrong with being gay and maybe you should be a little more proud of who you actually are.

  83. piacci says – reply to this


    I tell you I've never craved chicken so much in my life. Chick Fil A broke a world record yesterday there Mario. It seems there is a backlash against what you say is a growing movement. Your pendelum is starting to swing back against you.

    So let me gdet this straight. If you are against homosexuality, (a life choice, not genetic) you are a bigot. Only your opinion is right?

  84. 84

    I called this last week, Perez. I knew you were going to start targeting celebs who decided to eat a Chic-Fil-A. It's her right if she wants to support them, just like it's your right not to. Just stop with this bullying already!

  85. 85

    Re: rosebud99 – The ethics of societies have always been governed by what the majority believe. Why should the majority have to change to accommodate what a small minority wants?

  86. jett7060 says – reply to this


    You do realize that, in your gay hissy fit anger, every time you post something regarding this restaurant, you're giving them free advertising??
    By the way, still waiting for you to print a retraction for your irresponsible post on what the head of the restaurant did NOT say…but you're obviously too dumb to know what being a professional is all about. This whole website's a joke. Keep putting up pics of Elton John and Doogie Howser skipping through the surf and leave important matters to those with enough brains to handle them properly.

  87. 87

    if you have the right to believe in marriage for same sex couples, she has the right to believe in traditional marriage between a man and a woman. You are so hateful and intolerant Perez. I support traditional marriage without hating those who believe otherwise. YOu should try it, it's a very loving attitude that you need to adapt.

  88. 88

    Oh great, now there are going to be tons of posts shaming celebs who eat at Chick-Fil-A. Who cares what other people do. This goes for both sides. People can believe what they want, everyone is always trying to change the other person. It's stupid to me, live your own life and stay out of others. Legalize gay marriage already. Don't like it? Too bad, you don't have to get married to the same sex. Focus on your own love life. Why is it anyones business that someone is gay? And why is it anyones business what other people believe in. It's not.

  89. AJ says – reply to this


    Perezhilton.com you're making yourself look really bad with all your chik-fil-a hate. If they were truly a bigoted company they would not hire gay people or even let them in the restaurant. It's okay for the owner of a company to express a belief that the definition of marriage be a biblical one. That doesn't mean they hate gay people. Nor does it mean a celebrity eating there hates gay people. Overreact much? It's not something I personally believe but am I going to stop eating there? No. It's a fast food restaurant not a political party. You're unnecessary bashing makes the operators of this site look hypocritical and petty. You should stick with the positive stories of people supporting gay marriage, not bashing people who don't. They are allowed their belief system too, narrow-minded as it may be and you're not converting anybody to your side by spouting mean-spirited words.

  90. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – If they didn't, we'd still have slavery.

  91. Nic says – reply to this


    OH FF Sakes! Can't we all just get along??? What is the big F'N deal about same sex marriage? Just get with the program and ACCEPT because folks, THIS IS LIFE!

  92. 92

    Re: Mad Dog – Basic civil rights. The majority cannot and should not interfere with the civil rights of a minority. It is a simple matter of discrimination. It is sad to see so many people who want to live in a society that discriminates.

  93. LizVicious says – reply to this


    Looks like DJ Tanner's kid shouldn't be eating fast food..

  94. James says – reply to this


    Whats sad is that your letting "personal beliefs" bother you so much. I support Dan Cathy and his decision to speak freely. He isn't hurting anyone, he isn't bashing gays; he just standing firm in what he believes in.

  95. Kay says – reply to this


    For the people that are taking pics of them eating like Candace and alot of other people I have seen on other sights…..I think they are trying to prove something to everyone else. Like hey I just ate at Chick-fil-a so I am straight!!! Hey everybody see me I have to post it on social media to prove something to someone else!!! oh and by the way I am a straight woman but Perez Hilton I love you and thanks for everything you do!!!! I am a christian and I love gay/lesbians!!!! :)

  96. 96

    It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!! You say what you want on your blog (because you have the right to), so does that mean other people have to keep their opinions to them self?? Get off your high horse. I have many gay friends and i support everyone on their sexual preferences. But what did you expect when you asked the owner of a company who are CLOSED ON SUNDAYS and a known church going Christian what his opinion is. If you don't like the answer given, don't ask the question!!!!!!

  97. 97

    Re: Alex – how am i insisting that everyone agree with my "intolerance". I did not even say if I was for or against gay marriage. You just assumed. My message was not filled with hate or intolerance. However, yours was. You used a hateful word for mentally disabled individuals.

  98. 98

    No, she's supporting the 1st Amendment. Apparently the 1st Amendment only applies to those who agree with your own personal beliefs.

  99. 99

    Moron!!! I support it too. Does it make me a bigot oir just someone who loves chicken? Stop trying to oppress people, fugly. We can eat what we want and do what we want. Its the price of democracy. If you disagree, go back to CUBA!!!

  100. ali says – reply to this


    The good news is that no one has cared about JD Tanner since circa 1990. Further "your a idiot" is the most hilarious thing I've seen all day. Sweet girl, it is "you're an idiot."

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