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Katy Perry & John Mayer Dine & Ditch Kiss At Chateau Marmont!

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katy perry john mayer dinner date chateau marmont

Smiiiile! You've been snapped!

For all you skeptics, here's the evidence! Photogs caught Katy Perry and John Mayer out on one of their dates Wednesday night.

And what a date it was! Taking our favorite California Gurl out to Chateau Marmont, John was seen holding hands and sneaking some kisses in with KtP all throughout dinner!

So maybe they were "only hooking up" before… but from the sound of last night's date, it seems like this blossom of love is in full bloom!

Some reports even say they spent the night!! Ooh la la!

Hotel sex! Hotel sex! NOTHING beats hotel sex! You can be as loud as you want and you'll never have to meet your neighbors!

[Image via RACHPOOT-BRETT/XposurePhotos.com.]

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27 comments to “Katy Perry & John Mayer Dine & Ditch Kiss At Chateau Marmont!”

  1. 1

    Her taste in men is horrid. It keeps going downhill.

  2. jd says – reply to this


    She has the worst taste in men no wonder her and RiRi are friends.

  3. Jac says – reply to this


    Watch your heart KPer, this man has a REP!

  4. 4

    "Hotel sex! Hotel sex! NOTHING beats hotel sex! You can be as loud as you want and you'll never have to meet your neighbors!" If by "nothing beats hotel sex" you mean that you're free to masturbate as loudly as you like, then I guess you'd be an expert on that. As for sex with another person, I'm going to call BS on that one. Nobody wants you. I doubt you could even pay for it. How does it feel to be bullied, Mario? This is you experiencing "do unto others" firsthand.

  5. Mary says – reply to this


    He looks like a fat version of Russell Brand.
    Mayer is a GIANT douche. He will end up cheating on her, writing some lame song about it or dumping her in front of cameras on a New York sidewalk somewhere like he did to Aniston. Total douche.

  6. Kate! says – reply to this


    Come on, Katy! You're waaaay too good for that bad boy John! He is using you just like what he did with the famous girls he dated. He is such a bad boy USER. His career is going down and he needs someone as popular as Katy Perry.

  7. 7

    I just realized how much Mayer looks like Brand. Wonder how her parents feel about their daughter shacking up with a nice, Jewish boy…

  8. Lily says – reply to this


    e out Katy. This guy will hurt you like he does with everyone else! He uses high profile women just to boost his ego.
    Good luck with dating that womanizer! You're wasting your time, energy and heart with 'dear John.'

  9. lori says – reply to this


    he does like to move in after a divorce doesn't he

  10. 10


  11. 11

    At least her "DATES" aren't married & cheating on their families….

  12. 12

    She sure does have a 'type', doesn't she?

  13. 13

    Strange, but more serious sites state that nobody knows what exaxtly happened at that "date".

    Another fabricated story.

  14. bobo99 says – reply to this


    and she lets herself be another notch on some players belt. this is the real katy perry. from a hairy dirty disgusting america hater, to a guy who has banged ever chick that moves in hollywood. oh and lets not forget the first urchin with the neck tatoos and all that talent. yeeks. enjoy all that soft mushy attitude. knock it out for the books jon boy

  15. Chitta says – reply to this


    This man has something special. Imagine J Aniston fell for him TWICE repeat TWICE before he finally dumped her for ever! This must be too hard for Jen to swallow-Get some glass of hot soup dear J.

  16. 16

    Re: Kate! – she's actually not. plus john has a HUGE FAT COCK TOOL!!!!

  17. 17

    Re: Chitta – he has HUGE COCK!!!! ALMSOST 12 INCHES!!!!

  18. 18


  19. 19

    God, I hope she sees him as nothing more than a hump-and-dump, because this girl could do multiple times better! Hell, even I think Russel Brand is an Adonis compared to this narcissistic D-bag!

  20. 20

    and now she's just another name on that list, but she shoulda thought of that before they kissed( or hookup or whatever).

  21. 21

    PUBLICITY STUNT FAIL!!! Next time, Katy and John should find someone to date whom the public doesn't find nauseating… on the plus side, if they procreate, it'll be the most colorful, douchiest kid ever!

  22. 22

    i love johns soft singing voice but hes gotten homeless looking these past couple years he used to be quite hot but i dont get how he gets all the starlets interested in him…

  23. This could Be Serious says – reply to this


    What get's me is on up until yesterday she was in Brazil for a few days promoting her movie, and before that Florida. My hunch is he couldn't wait for her to get back so he could take he out. Ooh, la,la!

  24. needsnews says – reply to this


    why requrier kitty party?

  25. honey says – reply to this


    WHy katy? Did you run out of options in men? look at John Mayer's face???? seriously katy, you are better than that!

  26. Ceee says – reply to this


    Re: KIKA01 – Have you seen her father? He kinda seems to have the same sorta look…

  27. Ceee says – reply to this


    Re: Kikikiwi – perfect comment! :)